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Like A’Jiang said, Lu Kong quickly returned to normal. After wiping his tears and saliva, he coughed softly: “Yi Ti, aren’t we old classmates?” Should it be said that she’s worthy of the heritage of a Spiritual Plant Cultivator? There’s actually a way to keep aura from her body, otherwise, he would have noticed such a person.


“Shouldn’t our relationship be iron clad?”

Yi Ti twitched the corners of her mouth. Strictly speaking, they only interacted twice in their lives; once when he stopped her to give the love letter after school, the second one was right now. Even if she didn’t want to say “yes”, the pressure was a bit too high.

“Cough, well,” Lu Kong continued to draw closer, “So, if I want to buy potions from you, is that alright?” Leaving aside everything else, his first love……wrong, his old classmate was a spiritual plant cultivator! A precious spiritual plant cultivator! He had to make a connection! Cough, of course, as just friends.

“No problem.” Yi Ti answered very simply.


“But, do you have money?”

“……” The smiling young man turned pale in an instant.

No doubt, Yi Ti poked his Achilles heel.

The words “poor ghost” were like two giant bricks, hitting him hard on the head, and making him bleed all over the floor.

Yi Ti: “……” She would like to say “I’ll give it for free”, but she knew in her heart, this would not work. If nothing else, some potions were very valuable. If she gave it freely, it’d cause suspicion on the contrary. In addition, her master also specifically ordered her to treat her friends well, but she must not be too partial. Spiritual Plant Cultivators were too precious and too easy to break the balance, that’s why there’s a need to exercise caution.

She looked at Lu Kong’s pitiful appearance. After thinking about it, she said: “How much money do you have? Let me see if there’s a potion for you.”

Lu Kong instantly regained his spirit. He quickly pulled out his purse from his pocket, opened it and after tipping it, they heard a bunch of “ding ding dang dang” crisp sounds. He reached out his hand to line up the metal avalanche on the table: “Seven dollars and thirty cents.” Then he looked at Yi Ti with star-filled eyes, “So? What can I buy?”

Yi Ti: “……” He could buy several bags of Maltesers with it.

A’Jiang covered his face again, it’s impossible to look directly at this shameful scene.

Yi Ti thought about it again, then said: “If you have no money, it’s better to……”

“I won’t sell myself!” Lu Kong hugged his chest vigilantly, “I only sell my skills, not myself.” If he sold it to her, his lives wouldn’t be enough! Not to mention there’s a big devil behind her!

Yi Ti: “……” Ironic, right? Also……who would want his body! ! !

“Moron.” Liang Chen laughed loudly.

“What did you say, you dog?” Lu Kong banged on the table, “Look at you acting like an elder, posing like a grandma all day, don’t you feel ashamed?”

“What did you say? !” The werewolf’s Achilles heel was undoubtedly also poked.

“Or rather, you’re jealous that I have this sunny face, tall physique, shapely figure, and handsome appearance, right?”


“Enough!” Yi Ti shouted again, then helped, “I mean, if you have no money, can you provide herbs.”


“En, if you provide the raw materials, I’d only charge you with a little processing fee or you can use the medicinal materials as a deposit.”

“So there’s this way!” Lu Kong’s eyes brightened and he immediately stood up, “I’ll call the old man now to discuss it.” He touched his body, “Where’s my phone?”

A’Jiang helplessly said: “When you were hungry yesterday, didn’t you sell it cheaply?”

“That’s right.” Lu Kong suddenly realized, then asked Yi Ti again, “Can I borrow your phone?”

“……okay.” For this guy who seemed to be isolated from fortune, what else could she say?

Lu Kong took her cell phone happily, but the hand on the keypad stopped as if thinking about what he’d say. Everyone present could feel his dignity at this moment. Immediately after, he……

“A’Jiang, do you remember my old man’s number?”

“How can I remember? !”

Yi Ti: “……”

Liang Chen: “……”

“Crap.” Lu Kong grabbed his hair, “I also forgot, what to do?”

A’Jiang: “……”

“It seems like I could only go back in person by car.” Lu Kong returned Yi Ti’s phone, “I will contact you again at that time.”


And then, Lu Kong carried his black backpack and wooden box, picked up the yellow and white cat, then rushed out as if to kill someone. Just like when he came, he suddenly disappeared.

Silence returned to the shop.

Yi Ti looked at the thoughtful werewolf young man and asked: “What are you thinking?”

“I’m thinking……” Liang Chen’s face actually had a “mischievous” smile, “He only had seven dollars, how could he go home?”


“Also, he didn’t ask for your number, so how could he contact you at that time?”


Is this guy really a werewolf?

Didn’t they say that the overall IQ of their race was low……

“What’s with that expression? !”

“Cough, nothing.”

Shortly after, someone proudly left.

Yi Ti looked at the empty flower shop, poked the jelly alien shaped like a ball on the table, and asked: “Cecil, what do you think?”

“I thought of a very popular sentence on Earth.”


“Life is so difficult, why hurt each other?”


The chaos of this day seemed to be over, and nothing strange happened after that. Considering that Liang Chen would be taking care of Hong Ye, Yi Ti chose to take care of her own lunch and dinner today.

At night, she refined a bottle of primary potion again, then opened the trader and put it in. She was a little upset in her heart, since depending on the type of remaining herbs, she could only make two or three more.

The uniqueness of her refined potions was its purity. It could be used as research materials for pharmacists in the universe, so when the pharmacists united, only one or two bottles of potion could be sold. After the second and third bottle was hung up, what should she get in exchange for the points? As a female cultivator and for the possible arrival of her “hermit” life……that’s not it!

“Ay!” Thinking of this, she couldn’t help sighing.

A tentacle touched between her forehead, gently poked and smoothened the light wrinkles. Yi Ti reached out and grabbed the tentacles: “Cecil.”

“Don’t worry, didn’t Earth have a saying?”

“When we get to the mountain, there’ll be a way through (idiom, everything will turn out for the best)?”

“No, its 『If there’s a difficulty, you could only go up. If there’s no difficulty, then create some』.” With a very serious face.

“Pfft!” Where did he learn that from?

Cecil listened to Yi Ti’s laughter and somehow felt relieved. She always rated him as having “no common sense”, but on how to make her feel better and smile, he seemed to be getting more and more skilled.

Is this a good or a bad thing?

After Yi Ti bought the basic genetic modification potion to be used in accordance with Cecil’s plan, she looked at the considerable amount of points left in the trader. It was enough to last for a long time, so she thought about it.

She felt like she could only prioritize what she could do first. For example, her “cultivation”. The letter left by her master mentioned that even if she had the space, because of insufficient qualification and lack of medicinal material, she could only be a primary spiritual plant cultivator all her life. However, she also wrote that Yi Ti was very talented. Maybe after becoming an intermediate spiritual plant cultivator, something would change. So the days of “three days fishing and two days drying the net” were almost over. Every day at sunrise was a good time to cultivate; it must not be wasted anymore.

Speaking of which, ancient books seemed to record potions that could increase the efficiency and quality of cultivation……

When she thought about it, Yi Ti immediately took out the ancient books left by her master. She glanced at it a little and found that there’s really a kind of potion suitable for primary spiritual plant cultivators called “Ju Ling”. There were also notes left by her master on this page since she also wanted to make this potion very much and found most of the herbs. However, pity that she couldn’t find the two most critical herbs from beginning to end——one was called “Ghost Grass” and the other was “Nine Leaf Red Lotus”.

She immediately searched for these two names in the trader; the first item got her a “No such item found” while the second one had results. It’s just that the shape was completely different from the one recorded in the book.

“Sure enough, this is not it, right?” This did not surprise her. She also searched for some precious herbs before, but only a tiny fraction could be found. However, just looking for it made her become addicted.

“No, it might be there, just that the name had changed.”

“What should I do?”

Cecil made recommendations: “If you really want to search for your herbs, then buy a general medicinal materials sketchbook sold by the Pharmacists Association.”

“A book?”

“No, it’s a machine.” Unlike prescriptions, regarding the information on medicinal materials, the Pharmacists Association wouldn’t hide it. After all, pharmacists didn’t have time to collect medicinal materials in person, so to prevent some precious herbs from being destroyed because of ignorance, they specifically made this machine. In this way, when people all over the universe took part in any kind of expedition, they could pick these herbs on the way, and bring it back to sell.

“Let me see.” Yi Ti searched for it. The general medicinal material sketchbook was a bit like the 《house pet elf》 book in Pokemon. In short, it could be used to scan real herbs or pictures or text descriptions, then it’ll automatically search for the closest one. She hissed softly, “It’s really expensive.”

500 points for something like this? It’s much more expensive than the mind converter, no wonder Cecil didn’t recommend it to her before. She definitely couldn’t afford it at the beginning, but she could afford it now. It’s just that she didn’t really want to buy medicinal herbs she wouldn’t be able to use. If it’s not useful to buy this, it’ll only be wasted.

Anyway, the Pharmacists Association would be rich just by selling this alone, however……

“Aren’t you afraid of piracy?” They’ll sell it at a low price to grab the market or something.

Facing her doubts, Cecil answered decisively: “There’s no such Earth-like tradition in the universe.”

“……” Really, as always, he spared no effort to blacken her Earth.

“Once someone is found doing this, they’ll become the public enemy of the Pharmacist Association. And, every year, the Pharmacist Association updates the medicinal material information, so anyone who bought the guide can get free updates.”

Yi Ti nodded, indicating that she understood: “One purchase, good for a lifetime, got it.”

“It can be said like this.”

What are you waiting for?

“Buy, buy, buy!”

  It felt so good to be a local tyrant!

Alien 30: Death Of First Love
Alien 32: This Is True Love

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