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Although buying a machine for 500 points seemed a bit wasteful, thanks to the recent “swipe” to buy genetic potions, Yi Ti’s heart ached a little, cough, just a little bit!

After the general medicinal materials sketchbook was obtained, she turned it into Chinese characters mode. She then decisively scanned the text and pictures of the medicinal materials on the ancient books. After a while, the result came out——Grimace Grass and Three Layered Lotus.

How to say it?

Kind of like how a proud dragon had a doggie nickname.

The feeling of coolness instantly disappeared.

Immediately, Yi Ti picked up the trader and searched again. She found all intermediate herbs and although the price of seeds was a bit expensive, it’s not that outrageous, so she decisively bought a few.

Then she searched the whole universe and after looking around for a moment, gritted her teeth and went to the wooden shelves containing her potions. There was finally a little space to sprinkle the bought seeds and she just had to use the spiritual water to irrigate.

“Cecil, can you help me put these things in your space?” She knew that the potions wouldn’t go bad when stored at room temperature, but in comparison, it’s more secure in the space.

“Of course you can.”

After that, she became busy in the space for a long time and only when she saw the seeds germinate smoothly did she feel relieved. Compared to other herbs, these two little guys were obviously much harder to serve. It’s just as horrible as seeing a beauty not gain weight no matter how much they eat. Even with a large amount of spiritual water to irrigate, growth was not that fast but Yi Ti didn’t force it. When she felt like they’ve reached their limit, she decisively exited the space. She also had to rest!

Before going to bed, Yi Ti always felt that she had forgotten something important, but she couldn’t remember anyway, so she forgot about it.

She got up the next day with difficulty and seized the time before and after sunrise to cultivate. After that, she took care of the things in the space, then the flowers in the house and the courtyard. Although people would become very energetic after cultivating so there should be no drowsiness, as a standard “late bloomer” , Yi Ti thought that it would take some time for her to fully adapt to this life. When she opened the store, time passed unknowingly and it was already ten o’clock.

Exactly the same as usual!

  Why, then, did she get up so early?

This was a standard case of the “late-stage procrastination” symptom.

……forget it, this wasn’t the point.

As a shop owner, her business attitude of “not engaging in honest work” was like asking for bankruptcy.

When she saw Xue Ye after opening the store doors, she suddenly remembered that he seemed to have something to say to her yesterday.

“Sorry, have you waited long?”

“No,” Xue Ye pushed open the glass doors and walked in, “I thought it’s almost the opening time, so I just arrived.”

Yi Ti: “……” There’s always the subtle feeling of “being looked down on”. The corners of her mouth twitched as she asked, “Do you want any drinks? Tea? Coffee? Or something else?”

“Black tea.”

“……I only have green tea here.”

“Then coffee.”

“Is instant coffee okay?”

“……a glass of water, thank you.”

“Oh,” Yi Ti looked at him then averted her eyes, “The water here was from last night.” While talking, she turned on the electric kettle, “You’ll have to wait a little longer, are you in a hurry to drink?”

Xue Ye: “……no hurry.” What she said just now was just casual talk, right?

“That’s good.”

The relieved Yi Ti made a “please” gesture to Xue Ye: “Sit.”

So the two sat silently opposite each other.

Xue Ye was thinking about how to open the conversation while Yi Ti…… was thinking about what to say, maybe something like——

“Hello, sister-in-law!”

——obviously not, right? !

Not to mention how Xue Ye would react, she’d be disgusted first.

“Actually,” Finally, it was Xue Ye who spoke first, “I came today because there’s something I want to discuss with you.”

Yi Ti nodded.

“This might be presumptuous, but, I hope……you’ll consider it carefully.”

Seeing that the other person used the word “hope”, Yi Ti didn’t feel well at pretending to know nothing. After all, the situation was very clear that day. She took a deep breath: “Actually, I know everything.”

“What?” Xue Ye looked surprised, “You know everything?”

“Yes.” Yi Ti nodded again and firmly said, “I know everything.”

The vampire stared at the determined look of the woman in front of him then lightly sighed: “Should it be worthy of a Spiritual Plant Master? Even these secret things are……”

“It has nothing to do with being a Spiritual Plant Cultivator.” Yi Ti shook her head, “Your things are secret, but even so……it’s not a bad thing. Although many people don’t understand, many people would also support it.”

“……ah?” Xue Ye froze, why was this logic a bit……specious?

“At least I’m on your side,” Yi Ti said seriously, “Whatever happens to you and my brother, I also……”

“Wait a minute,” Xue Ye felt unwell, “Your brother?” What does this have to do with her scary brother? !

“You don’t have to be so shy.” Yi Ti coughed softly, “Isn’t this about the relationship between you and my brother? That day in the bathroom……I……in short, regarding this matter……”

“What kind of relationship?”

“What kind of relationship?”

Two voices overlapped.

One was naturally Xue Ye.

And the other was……Liang Chen.

He was holding little Hong Ye and she didn’t know when he stood outside the shop. It’s just that among the two people in the store, one was too focused while the other was shocked, so they didn’t notice the others’ arrival.

Because they said the same thing, the two young men naturally locked eyes.

After a brief look, Liang Chen’s face turned black as he took a few steps back: “You are……”

“I’m not!” Xue Ye stood up.

“Why are you hiding at this point?” Liang Chen’s expression started to become strange, “No wonder I thought you were weird before, it turns out……”

“I told you I’m not!” Xue Ye simply wanted to vomit blood!

Why did the topic became like this?

  What did he do? !

“You were in the bathroom with her brother……” Liang Chen wasn’t finished yet when he suddenly put down small Hong Ye then covered the puppy’s ears firmly with both hands, “What else can it be? !”

“Who would have that relationship with her brother?” He’s still not tired with it!

“Shameless bat, you did this and that in the bathroom, but still have the audacity to say that?”

“Who did this and that?” Xue Ye, who had always been calm and self-righteous, encountered a big move released by two people in succession and finally rambled, “If I’m really interested in men, do you think you can run away?”

As soon as the words came out, the world became silent.

Yi Ti felt unwell: Bro-brother, did this mean you got dumped? Sure enough, having a one night stand with a rival only made the quarreling but loving couple develop their tyrannical romantic love……poor brother, how sad he would be. QAQ

Xue Ye didn’t feel good at all: What did I just say!

Liang Chen also felt unwell——


“No, listen to me……”

“Perverted bat, stay away from me!”

Xue Ye couldn’t figure out how the situation became like this, but he also knew that it wouldn’t be right to stay any longer because he was afraid he would “murder someone”!

“Miss Yi, let’s talk later. I’ll leave first.”

After hurriedly leaving, the young slender figure turned directly into a bunch of black bats and flew out of the half-open glass doors.

One man and one woman remained, then big and small eyes met.

En, there’s also little Hong Ye who had his ears covered and standing obediently.

After a while, both sides turned their heads at the same time, fist in mouth and coughing. They just felt the situation was very embarrassing and abnormal. At the same time, the minds of the two frantically whirled.

Liang Chen: Damn it! What should I say now? “Excuse me, what kind of relationship does your brother have with that asshole Xue Ye?” ——how could I say that!

Yi Ti: What to do? I have no idea what to say. “It turns out that Mr. Xue Ye has been on to you……ahahaha, my brother was dumped!” ——how could I say that!

Liang Chen: Why won’t she look at me? Is she wondering about my orientation? Is that my fault? But the more I explain, the more the misunderstanding will get deeper!

Yi Ti: Why won’t he look at me? Is he guilty that he won? What should I say at this time that won’t sound accusatory?

Liang Chen: Don’t you usually talk a lot, stupid woman? Just say something! Isn’t the atmosphere getting more awkward? ! Even if I want to leave, I can’t find a good excuse!

Yi Ti: Brother werewolf, aren’t you shameless? Just say something! Isn’t the atmosphere getting more awkward? ! Even if I want to invite him in, I can’t find a good excuse!

Liang Chen: Talk!

Yi Ti: Talk!

Liang Chen: Hurry up!

Yi Ti: Hurry up!

Liang Chen: Please!

Yi Ti: Please!

At this moment——

“Brother, I still can’t listen?”

With little Hong Ye’s milky voice, the atmosphere of extreme embarrassment was broken in an instant.

They were both relieved.

“It’s okay.” Liang Chen let go of his hand with a gentle expression and hugged the little dog demon again.

And Yi Ti smiled as she opened the door: “Why did you come find me?”

At the same time, the two who laughed brightly tacitly decided to take what happened with Xue Ye here just now as something.that.didn’t.happen!

Cecil silently stretched out his tentacles and poured the hot water into cups, feeling in his heart: The thinking behavior of the Earth race is too complicated.

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