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After Liang Chen sat and got a cup of water, Yi Ti habitually held Cecil and sat opposite him, then asked: “What did you find me for?”

“It’s for this kid.” The baby faced young man reached out and tipped the little guy’s chin.

She turned to look at little Hong Ye and found out that his long silky hair had been cut into refreshing short hair, but even so, it’s still easy to confuse him to a girl. Although the boy’s face and body were still thin, once he put on clean and beautiful children’s clothing and wore brand new shoes, he also looked cute.

Probably because she helped him get dressed yesterday, the little boy just flinched under her gaze. After calming down, his eyes secretly looked at the blue jelly alien sitting on her knee. His fingers trembled slightly as if he wanted to play the game of “scratching tentacles” again.

“What happened to little Hong Ye?”

Children and small animals were the same, taking the initiative to make them talk sometimes made them frazzled; and on the contrary, once they felt enough goodwill, they would approach things that made them feel at ease.

So Yi Ti didn’t act intimately and just tried to soften her eyes and voice to not make him feel scared.

The little demon subconsciously looked toward Liang Chen.

The latter “ruthlessly” said: “Speak your own thing.”

“……” Looked at the other.

“……” The other turned his head.

Yi Ti watched the big and small one interact, finding it quite interesting.

After “asking for help” failed, little Hong Ye didn’t cry like some children, probably because he had been used to the fact that “no one will come to help him even if he cried”. He pursed his lips as if gathering his courage, then whispered: “I want to……contact Xiaofeng……”

Although she didn’t hear it that well, Yi Ti felt that at this time, rather than asking, it’s better to encourage him first: “You wanted to contact your friend.”


“Do you want to write him a letter?”

Shakes head.

“You want to call him?”

Shakes head again.

“Then what?”

“Gave me……QQ number.”

Yi Ti: “……” Should it be said that they’re entering a new era? Children this year were really precocious. But she understood, after going through that kind of thing, whether writing or calling, it’d be easy for the family members to suspect. As for web chat……normal people wouldn’t think that monsters could do this, right? She clapped her hands, “Alright, then, what do you want me to help with?”

“It’s brother who wanted to find you.” The little dog demon’s speech gradually became smoother.

Yi Ti intently looked at Liang Chen. The latter anxiously said: “That is, if you’re free, just accompany me to buy a computer.”

“Of course, I……”

“There’s no business in your store anyway; it could go out of business at any time.”

“……” This guy’s mouth was really annoying! Even if it’s true, you can’t just say it directly, okay? ! A slightly unhappy Yi Ti asked, “Don’t you have a computer at home?” These years, laptops were almost the standard though.

“I don’t need that kind of thing!”

“Oh?” someone’s desperate expression made Yi Ti doubtful, “really?”


“It’s suspicious.” Squints.

“Shut up! Go or not go, which one will it be!”

“Don’t you……”

“……I don’t use pinyin!”

Yi Ti: “……” Do you know what “300 silver taels are not hidden here (idiom, to reveal what one intends to hide)” mean? This was that situation, but, “no, can you even use the Wubi (five stroke input method for Chinese characters by numbered strokes)?”

“Who has the mood to remember that troublesome thing! What’s with that look? If I get serious, computers and things like that are completely out of the question!”

“……” Ahahaha, he can’t type at all.

Yi Ti thought she knew the truth, but she didn’t expect little Hong Ye to have a doubtful expression before saying——

“Brother, why do the uncles in that shop say you’re an 『electronics killer』?”

Liang Chen: “! ! !” Boom.

Yi Ti: “Electronics Killer?” She suddenly realized that the truth seemed to far exceed her imagination. The truth that this guy was desperately covering up turned out to be……

“Don’t laugh!” Liang Chen slapped the table while shouting in anger, “So what if the phone often blows up on its own? What’s so amazing about that! ! !”

Yi Ti: “……” It’s “very amazing” all right? Say, if this guy wasn’t a strong werewolf, maybe he would’ve died a long time ago? Wait, “Then how did you open a restaurant? I remember you have a rice cooker, TV, and air conditioner in your shop?”

“Moron.” Liang Chen coldly snorted, “I won’t do such a small thing, why would I have recruited those guys for? Just to sponge off on me?”

Her mouth twitched a few times. Being called “electronics killer” by others, she could imagine just how much damage he had done before. She became more confident thanks to that. So he’s asking her to buy a computer? In this way, at least he wouldn’t blow up the other merchandise.

“Then how did you spend your summer nights? Without the air conditioner……”

“Enough!” Liang Chen stood up, gritted his teeth then said, “Do you agree or……I’ll only give you vegetarian dishes in the future!”

Yi Ti: “……” It’s a simple and rude threat, but still, it worked. She carefully poked the jelly alien, “Cecil, want to go together?”

“You want to bring it?”

Facing Liang Chen’s aversion, Yi Ti proudly said: “My Cecil is amazing especially regarding electronics and the like.” Not the same as some werewolf!


Hu Xiu Hu Xiu——”

“……” Did she say anything else that would make him shy?

So, a group of four people  (In fact, only one is human, right?) embarked on a journey called shopping.

Yi Ti, who’d been a shut-in for over a month since she moved in, was no stranger to the city center. For no other reason than because when she used to work in the school, she often went out shopping with her female colleagues. Well, women were born with the racial advantage of “not getting tired” while shopping, so she was quite familiar with the place.

“Go straight to Computer City? Or go to a specialty store?”

“Go to Computer City.” Liang Chen decisively said, “It’s too much trouble to go to the specialty store.”

“I think so too.” Yi Ti nodded, “How to go there?”

“There’s a bus stop near the alley.”


Yi Ti had no opinion on this. Actually, she had mild motion sickness, so it’s a bit uncomfortable to take a car or taxi. However, riding buses, tricycles, and others were fine, so Liang Chen’s proposal was just right for her.

Because it’s a stop near the school, there were always a lot of people waiting. Fortunately, the students hadn’t finished their class yet. Otherwise, it’d really be like being packed like a can of sardines.

After the few people went up and looked at the few empty seats left, they went straight to the back.

Yi Ti and Liang Chen sat on each side while little Hong Ye sat in the middle. Cecil stayed in the small bag slung across her shoulder.

“What brand of computer do you want to buy?”

“I’ll look at that time.”

“Desktop or laptop?”

“The latter.”


While talking, the car was soon filled.

Liang Chen glanced at the people who came towards them, held little Hong Ye, and sat next to Yi Ti with the child placed on his knees. Although he lost his seat, the little dog demon didn’t show any dissatisfaction, or rather, compared to sitting alone, he actually preferred to stay in his brother’s arms.

After a few more stops, the closer they were to the city center, the more people there were.

Although it’s September, the weather was still very hot and with a crowd of people inside the bus, even if the windows were open, the smell was still too strong.

Yi Ti clearly noticed that Liang Chen and little Hong Ye didn’t look very good. She quietly lowered her head and opened the bag, looking at Cecil inside. The latter was very empathetic and used his tentacles to give her an “OK” gesture. She was relieved. When she was bored before, she made some scent pouches from the flowers in the store. The house was filled with it, and the carry-on bag was no exception. This seemed to be “idly poking a stick in the mud and it’ll grow into a tree to shade you (idiom, unintentional actions may bring unexpected success)”.

Thinking so, she took out a scented handkerchief from the bag and handed it to Liang Chen next to her: “If you want……”

She had thought that this proud man would hesitate, but he took it very decisively, and covered……little Hong Ye’s nose. When the little dog demon realized this, he suddenly jumped from Liang Chen’s knee, then “huffed and puffed” towards his “protector’s” face.

“Don’t mess around, I won’t care if you fall!”

Having said that, the baby faced youth still protected him from behind.

After a while, little Hong Ye finally managed to climb up. Then she saw him kneel on Liang Chen’s knee, raise his hand and used the other side of the handkerchief to cover the latter’s nose: “Brother, together……”

Liang Chen was stunned by the words and actions of the boy, then lowered his eyes. Although he didn’t talk, he held the boy closer to him.

Yi Ti thought that this guy must be shy because his eyes were obviously moving around.

“What’s with that look? !”

See, sure enough, he became angry.

“No, nothing.”

“You’re peeping at me!”

“If you’re not peeping at me, how did you know I peeked at you?”

“……” su.per.ang.ry!

Before Yi Ti made him explode, she coughed softly then said: “Speaking of which, you really look like brothers.”

It’s okay when its not said, but once said, Liang Chen’s face became even darker.

Originally at his age, he could be called the little kid’s uncle, but the kid called him “brother” and against those animals in the store, he called them “uncle” one by one!

Hate it!

Did this woman do it intentionally?!

“I say you……”

Just then, a soft cry came from the front.

Yi Ti subconsciously looked and found a girl of about 13 or 14 years old clutching the railing in the bus tightly with both hands while trembling slightly.

Alien 32: This Is True Love
Alien 34: Thieves Are Getting Smarter

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