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Is she sick?

This was Yi Ti’s first thought.

Because the girl’s cheeks looked a sickly red.

But then, she overturned this conclusion.

Because she clearly saw that a big hand was resting on the girl’s thigh, and even sliding all the way up.

This pervert!

She was instantly angry. For most women, such people were more hateful than murderers!

Yi Ti wanted to stand up, but she was one step too late because a young man next to the girl had already said: “What are you doing?”

Although the car was crowded, a small vacant space was suddenly given up around the girl.

Because the last row was higher, if Yi Ti slightly stood up, she could see the culprit. He’s actually a middle-aged man in his thirties, wearing a white shirt and black trousers, also a pair of spectacles, while carrying a briefcase. If you passed by him on the road, no one would believe that he would do such a thing.

Under the eyes of the crowd, he yanked his hand and laughed twice: “Misunderstanding, misunderstanding. There are too many people on the bus that I accidentally touched her.”

Almost as soon as he let go of his hand, the girl released the railing and ran towards the crowd. Several aunts caught her and whispered comforting words. She was frightened and then suddenly felt secure, so she burst into tears.

“What’s wrong?” A middle-aged woman couldn’t stand it and accused, “You clearly meant to take advantage of the little girl!”

“That’s right, shameless!”

“Driver, turn around, send him to the Public Security Bureau!”

“Yes, send him to the police station! I don’t know how many little girls would be harmed otherwise!”


Sometimes, the onlookers were not indifferent but just lacked a leader. This was probably because there’s a saying in their society that everyone learned from an early age, “the shot hits the bird that pokes its head out (idiom, nonconformity gets punished)”. But once someone really stood up, there’s bound to be people following up one after another. Like at this moment. With the crowd’s passionate appeal, they anxiously wanted to immediately put this middle-aged man to justice.

Just then, someone shouted: “Driver, there are still people who have something to do. Just stop here first, and those with urgent business should get off. The ones left will accompany you to the police station.”

Saying this, many people nodded.

The driver really stopped the car at the nearest bus stop while the crowd eyed the middle-aged man, making sure that he wouldn’t slip away. At the same time, some people went out through the back door.

Just then——

“Wait a minute.”

Suddenly Yi Ti, who had little Hong Ye stuffed into her arms, blinked, watching Liang Chen as he grabbed the wrist of a young man.

“What are you doing?” The young man was about twenty-three or four years old. Although he didn’t look that handsome, he had a sunny appearance, a type that made people feel good at first sight.

In contrast, Liang Chen, who caught the person, looked more like a teenager with chuunibyou disease.

Yi Ti silently compared them then lit a candle for Liang Chen.

“You just want to leave like this?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean,” Liang Chen laughed then pulled the youth’s sports shoulder bag directly from the other’s hand and dumped the contents, “You should at least leave these things?”

A pile of wallets fell at their feet.

The people watching the scene were stunned.

“That’s my wallet!”

“And mine!”

“Mine too!”

“Since when?”


The youth was stunned for a second. He then threw the bag strap and wanted to run away. How could the well-prepared Liang Chen allow it? He kicked him out of the bus, and stepped on his back while pointing at the middle-aged man: “These two are in a group.”

The middle-aged man’s face greatly changed.

Until this point, no one knew what’s going on.

In short, one person would make a disturbance while the other took the opportunity to steal.

The people who thought of watching the “the savage pervert” show looked at each other. These years, the thieves have begun watching Conan. Their IQs were going up so they easily got scammed.

Fortunately, there’s that boy……

He was then thanked by everyone.

“Which school are you in?”

“Are you going to a high school nearby?”

“So smart.”


Liang Chen: “……” If I knew this would happen, I wouldn’t care about these idiots!!!

Yi Ti: “……pfft!” Covers mouth.

She smiled but acted like she’d been bitten by a bee. Someone immediately turned and shouted at her: “Don’t laugh! ! !”

Then someone whispered again.

“Is that his sister and brother?”

“They don’t look alike that much.”

“Yes, the two younger brothers look better.”


Yi Ti: “……” Don’t say that, isn’t that too cruel?

Liang Chen’s complexion changed from overcast to clear, Yi Ti thought she could understand his childish temper; he probably thought “if you’re suffering, then I’ll be fine.” He stomped the person at his feet then asked the crowd: “Is there a rope? Tie them up.”

“I do, but not long enough.”

“I also have one here, so let’s do it together.”

Seeing that the two were about to be tied, Yi Ti suddenly noticed something wrong, so she quickly observed her surroundings. Then she saw a young woman take the victimized girl aside and put a knife on her neck: “Don’t move! Let them go!”

Although she’s already a cultivator, Yi Ti’s experience was undoubtedly insufficient.

Just like before, Liang Chen quickly discovered the young man’s small movements while only then did Yi Ti discover him.

Like at this moment, although she had a little hunch, she didn’t find the target immediately. If it’s normal, Liang Chen might have, but there were too many people on the bus and the scents were too many, greatly confusing his sense of smell so that the scent from the three people could not be discerned.

No doubt, this woman was also an accomplice.

But this way, it made sense.

The plans of these people should be like this——the middle-aged man would first attract the crowd, then the young man would steal their wallets and get out of the bus. Lastly, the woman would actively shout “I lost my wallet!”, and initiate a chain reaction. Their possessions were lost, so people’s attention would naturally turn to the ones who could have stolen their wallets. This way, the middle-aged man could escape. If not, the girl could also feign illness because of her “lost wallet” or something of the like. There were many similar methods.

If something was lost, some people on the bus might also get hysterical, so who’d have the mood to watch over the pervert?

This method was undoubtedly very safe because the young man who tried to get off the bus just now had such a refreshing appearance that normal people wouldn’t think he was the thief. Even if they became doubtful later, he already got out and found a place to dump the wallets, so who could find the evidence?

The woman would also have “medicine” in her bag. Once she took two tablets, she could leave. Who would suspect a patient?

And even if the plan failed and the middle-aged man would eventually be sent to the police station, but so what? Just look at how he’s dressed. Those who do this kind of thing were usually vagrants. Moreover, the crime he committed was not that great, and at most, he’d be detained for a few days. After paying the fine, it wouldn’t hurt or itch for someone like him.

Their plan wasn’t completed yet, but unfortunately, Liang Chen came in the middle.

Watching her two associates about to be arrested for their “planned crime”, the young woman was stunned and panicked, so she took a hostage.

The girl who had stopped crying under the care of the sisters, aunts, and grandmas, subconsciously cried again. She’s really unlucky. Because of physical discomfort, she left school early but encountered such a thing on the way home which led to this kind of situation.

The little girl’s heart became even more fragile as this happened one after the other with the latter more severe than the former.

“Don’t cry!” The young woman was also anxious to jump over the wall. She subconsciously clenched her knife, and a stream of blood flowed down the girl’s neck, “Cry again and I’ll kill you!” Then she shouted at the crowd, “Let both of them go!”

Liang Chen, as the “focused target”, can’t move at all, because a slight move would cause the other party’s strong vigilance. Of course, he’s not without other options, just that, he didn’t want to show his beyond human understanding ability in public.

Yi Ti felt that she should be able to do something by herself.

She picked up her bag and whispered: “Cecil, I’m going, I’ll trouble you to cooperate with me later.”

A tentacle protruded from the inside. After tangling with her fingers, a soft and gentle voice came out: “Xiao Ti, be careful.”


“Don’t worry, I will never let others hurt you.” Although the sound was small, it was very firm.

Yi Ti naturally smiled: “I know.” That’s why she’s not afraid at all.

She made the decision and let go of little Hong Ye before whispering: “Can you take care of yourself?”

Little Hong Ye pursed his lips while nodding strongly.

“Good boy.” Yi Ti reached out her hand subconsciously and rubbed his head. His hair was smooth and felt very comfortable.

Unexpectedly, she wasn’t rejected.

After that, she took a deep breath and went over there.

“Don’t come over!” The young woman became alert when she saw her.

Yi Ti raised her hands: “Don’t be so nervous. I won’t move. I just want to say——can I exchange with her?” Saying so, she pointed to the girl, “Look, even if you get off the bus, you will be caught, so you need a hostage who’s willing to go with you. She’s still sick, and her neck was also injured. She would definitely drag you down. I’m different, I’m healthy.”


“See, she had a lot of blood on her neck, what if something went wrong? I know, you just want to run away, and don’t really want to hurt people, right?” Yi Ti softened her tone, trying to make her words sound like what the other person was thinking, “It’s just stealing, it’s not a big deal if you get caught, but if you hurt people, it’s different.”

The young woman subconsciously looked at the collar of the girl which had been wet with blood, seeming a little emotional.

“And look,” Yi Ti pointed at Liang Chen, “I’m his sister. If I were the hostage, he wouldn’t dare act.”

Liang Chen: “……” While gritting his teeth, he silently gave Yi Ti a vicious look——I’ll settle this with you later!

The young woman, who became more interested as she talked, suddenly became alert again: “You’re his sister?! Get back! ! !”

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