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Yi Ti was stunned but immediately reacted. She should have taken into account the force value of Liang Chen.

She quickly said: “You can tie my hands together, look,” She looked at her two associates, “They have a rope in their hands. Let them tie my hands. This way, I can’t do anything to you. What do you think?”

The young woman was still thinking but then answered decisively: “Just you!” After that, the young man glanced at Liang Chen with a smirk, which seemed to say, “You did that to me just now, who would’ve thought it would come to this?”

Liang Chen lowered his eyelids, covering the emotions in his eyes at this moment.

The rest were unaware, only little Hong Ye at the back trembled violently.

The pair of young people thought they were “victorious.” After taking off the rope, he tied Yi Ti’s hands firmly, then said to the middle-aged man: “You go down first.” Then he took the knife from the hands of the young woman and put it on Yi Ti’s neck.

The woman was relieved, pushed away from the girl, and also ran off the bus.

The young man put a hand around Yi Ti’s neck and held the knife with the other hand while following. Extremely nervous, he didn’t notice that several blue tentacles slid along his clothes.

Three steps, two steps, one step.

The two finally stepped out of the bus, and the tense nerves of the young man suddenly loosened. Just then, he felt a sharp pain in his chest!

This pain came so fiercely and so much that he had no room to react. His mind subconsciously focused on his body.

At that moment, Yi Ti moved!

She spread her tied hands a little bit and broke the ropes easily. Then she stepped on someone’s instep with the heel of her shoe. This was summer time, so the consequences of being stepped on could be imagined; it must be a tragedy! At the same time, she grabbed the knife in one hand, while one elbow severely hit the young man’s belly.

A series of actions were executed in one go.

While the people on board and the two associates hadn’t responded yet, the young man had fallen to the ground, groaning. Of course, Yi Ti stayed her hand; otherwise, this guy would have become tofu dregs.

And the blue tentacles that attacked first retracted from the young man’s clothes.

The two associates looked at Yi Ti in horror. The latter slowly released the hand holding the knife and exposed her unscathed palms. In front of the two of them, she folded the blade in half.

“You wanna try running?”



Kneel to you sister!

The young man lamented: “I knew you were family; why did I fell for it!”

Yi Ti: “……” At this time, shouldn’t you think along the lines of “I will never do it again”?

But, criticism and education was not her specialty. Let the police comrades “teach” these guys. Conspiracy theft and also public hijacking, the charge would not be trivial, she thought. In the future, they would no longer dare ride a bus.

Under everyone’s applause, Yi Ti fled, but before she left, she didn’t forget to take away the knife and rope that she broke. Although it wasn’t the right thing, it’s better not to leave such things. Anyway, the people on the bus only saw her break the rope. They didn’t see Cecil’s tentacles, how the rope broke, and how the knife folded in half. As for those people……would the police even believe them?

This was why she and Cecil had to get out of the bus before they attacked.

She had the same concerns as Liang Chen——she didn’t want to show ability beyond human understanding in front of ordinary people.

Because it might cause trouble.

Because she had good physical fitness, after running for a little while, Yi Ti successfully escaped from the sight of her “bus acquaintances.” Liang Chen, who was holding little Hong Ye, also followed. Like her, there was no sweat.

This would have been an incredible thing in the past.

At first, she asked Cecil anxiously: “Wouldn’t I become less human if I continue like this?”

Then Cecil relieved her worries: “Don’t worry, genetic modification potions don’t really change your genetic makeup, but more like your cultivation, it further develops a human body’s limit.”

“Human body’s limit?”

“Earth human bodies are very interesting.”

“……where is it interesting?”

“Although it’s very fragile and had many unnecessary parts, it also has the potential to surpass most races in the universe. However, throughout your history, although your lifespan is generally increasing, your physical fitness has been receding.”

“……” Would you get sick if you don’t blacken Earth for even one day? But, she roughly understood, “It’s like in novels——uncover the gene chain or something?”

After that, Cecil gave her more than half an hour of lecture, but she……couldn’t remember a single thing!

In short, she’s still in the human category right now, just that her physical fitness was much stronger than ordinary people——knowing this was enough!

Others……ahahahaha, science can go away! Don’t bother liberal arts students!

“Go to Computer City now?”

“Let’s have a meal first.” Liang Chen looked at the time on his watch.

Yi Ti looked at him doubtfully: “You use a watch……is there no problem?”

The young man’s face went black: “It’s mechanical.”

Then, several people casually looked for a fast-food restaurant.

Yi Ti opened the door, but a person rushed out and hit her.


“Sorry! ”

“No……” Before she finished speaking, the other party was gone.

Is there anything urgent?

Yi Ti, thinking so, looked at the young man beside him and found that he was frowning slightly: “That person……”

“What happened?” She looked surprised as she whispered, “Are you saying……he’s not human?” Help! Has she reached the point where she could bump into non-human species on the road?

Liang Chen shook his head: “He’s really a human, just that he smelled strange.”


“No, he shouldn’t be.”

“Is it……” Yi Ti, who’s still a novice, didn’t have the intuitive feeling with regards to the so-called “aura.” She asked Liang Chen, but in the end, the other person answered that there was “a nasty smell.” However, for her, it should be easier to make a good impression? But then again, if you wanted to practice discrimination, she had to find someone to discriminate with her, right?

Sorry, she felt that her “dullness” might be in the same vein because the method left by her master was obviously more intuitive.

To start with, make sure they’re obviously a human being at a glance. Then if you beat them a few times, it’ll become evident if it’s a real human or a monster.

After reading that, she was deeply skeptical, what did master do when she was young……

To just sum it up like this, it must be a heroic experience.

However, for Yi Ti, this method wouldn’t work well.


“Xiao Ti, what’s the matter?”

After entering the store, Yi Ti realized that the man had accidentally left an oil stain on her blouse, so she went to the bathroom to clean up. She was alone by the sink, and the doors to the cubicles were wide open, showing that no one was there, so Cecil could speak with confidence.

She stared through the mirror at the blue jelly alien that emerged from her bag, then shook her head: “No, it’s nothing.” She was worried that if she expressed her doubts, Cecil would carry a pile of loose bricks, ready to hand it to her at a critical moment.

But obviously, the jelly alien understood her struggles in another direction.

“Xiao Ti is very beautiful.”

Yi Ti: “……” After a while, she coughed softly and stuttered a little, “C-Cecil, why are you suddenly……,” saying this, it’s very embarrassing!

“So, don’t be frustrated by what happened before.”

“? ? ?” What happened before?

Yi Ti thought about it carefully, then suddenly realized, he’s referring to what happened on the bus. They said she looked the most ordinary among the siblings……she had forgotten, but it turned out he always remembered.

“I don’t care about that.” She said as she rubbed the stain, “I’ve heard many words like that since childhood, and I’ve long been used to it, so you don’t need to comfort me.” Saying so, the movement of her hand stopped, and she carefully glanced at her clothes, “Clean.”

The jelly alien stretched out his tentacles and helped Yi Ti open the faucet while answering thoughtfully: “I am telling the truth, Xiao Ti is the most beautiful Earth human in my eyes.”

Yi Ti coughed again: “Th-thank you.” Help, this guy could sometimes be frank and occasionally shy. Her eyes shifted a little bit, “Speaking of which, what would be Cecil’s most beautiful alien in your heart?”

“Well,” Cecil thought about it seriously, then said, “Dark blue, transparent, no less than a hundred tentacles, and also……”

Yi Ti burst into tears; she didn’t want to listen anymore! Praised by this guy who said she was “beautiful,” ……how ugly does she look? She’s really sorry for this society!

“? ? ?”

“No, nothing.” She weakly waved her hands. While using a handkerchief to wipe the wet spots on her clothes, she suddenly remembered something, “Say, Cecil, is there any good way for me to quickly distinguish between normal humans and monsters?”

“After going back, buy a plugin for the trader, and I’ll add it to the sketchbook for you.”


“En, to scan the physical data.” Cecil explained, “The physical fitness of normal humans is generally within a certain range.”

“So, that’s why you’ll know it’s a monster if it exceeds that limit.” Yi Ti understood, “This is really good, do you use it often?”

“Less often, because after this plugin was invented, someone immediately invented a plugin that can block the scan, so it had little effect. But, the Earth race should have no such thing, so you could use it with confidence.”

“……” What’s with this guilty feeling of bullying her own race?

Alien 34: Thieves Are Getting Smarter
Alien 36: Tyrants Will Pull Hatred

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