Alien 36: Tyrants Will Pull Hatred

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After lunch, several people went to the nearby Computer City.

Little Hong Ye was flushed, grasping the corners of Liang Chen’s clothes with one hand while holding an ice cream in the other hand. This cute appearance made him attract the attention of many women along the way.

“Which brand do you want to see first?”

“What brand did you buy?”

“Me?” Yi Ti said a domestic brand. Although the appearance of this brand was not that good, domestic products at the same price has a higher configuration and it’s easier to find repair shops. However, she didn’t really care about her own stuff. After all, the laptop she bought had been used for two or three years and has never broken once.

“Then that brand!” Liang Chen immediately decided.

“……aren’t you too casual?”

“Less talk, let’s go.”

He who has the money was the master and since he already made up his mind, Yi Ti wouldn’t refuse. Several people soon arrived near the counter of said brand and were greeted by a male salesperson: “What do you want to buy?”


“Then please come this way.” The salesman pointed to the right, “All our laptops are here. What kind of requirements do you have for configuration, size, and prize?”

While talking, he looked subconsciously at Yi Ti.

Because among the three people present  (Cecil:QAQ I’m here!), only she was the adult (Liang Chen:=皿= who is a minor!).

Facing this silent scorn, Liang Tyrant Chen cleanly picked up little Hong Ye, and said in a very hateful but grandiose tone: “Which one do you like?”

Little Hong Ye glanced around, then his hand pointed at a red laptop. On the lower right corner of its lid were a few maple leaf patterns.

“Red maple leaves……” Yi Ti originally thought that Liang Chen was being too casual, now it seemed, maybe it’s a coincidence or fate. Red maple leaves, isn’t it exactly Hong Ye (red leaves) + Xiao Feng (little maple)? The names of the two friends were shown, no wonder little Hong Ye chose this one.

The salesman continuously introduced: “This is our latest notebook, in addition to this series, there are several other colors, such as……”

Liang Chen’s response was to take out a card directly: “This is my card, help me get a brand new one. Can I swipe here?”

“……you can”

Yi Ti: “……” So, what’s the significance of her company?

“This customer, do you need our help to install various programs?” The salesman asked as he quickly invoiced, “It just so happens that we have that service.”

“How much is it?”

“It’s free. But if you need to install anti-virus software, I have genuine software here, it just happened to be discounted……”

“Place it.”

“Okay, do you need an external keyboard? Just add another 30 yuan and we will get one. Because some customers think that the keyboard of the laptop is not very easy to use, so……”

“Buy it.”

“We also have other services. For just 20 yuan, you can upgrade your mouse to……”


“Also, we……”

“Say it all at once!” Liang Chen’s forehead popped a few blue tendons as he slammed the card on the counter, “Get me all the necessary ones.”

“Okay, okay.” The salesman laughed with a wide smile.

Yi Ti: “……”

Liang Chen glared at her: “What kind of look is that?”

“I think,” Yi Ti sincerely suggested, “You’d better not shop where there are many people in the future.”


“I’m afraid you’ll be strangled to death.” Death to local tyrants! But, was it that profitable to open a shop near a school? Why was her business so bad…… this was definitely not a matter of character!

“……Hmph!” Liang Chen wanted to flay this woman, but considering something, he had to suppress his temper temporarily as he whispered, “Help me key in the password.”

“Why not do it yourself?”


“Ah.” Yi Ti realized that it was because that thing seemed to be an electrical appliance. She couldn’t help but want to laugh, “Then how do you usually buy things?”

“I usually just buy food. The water and electricity people would come to the door automatically.” Liang Chen replied impatiently, “No card needed.”

“……” In every sense, it’s a dull life. Wait a minute, Yi Ti realized something and asked with incredulity, “Is this……the first time you swiped your card?” He was so excited that he just remembered to say “buy buy buy”.

“Shut up! ! !”

The salesman was so scared that the pen on his hand fell to the ground. He looked in horror at the two he suspected to be fighting.

Yi Ti quickly smiled at him apologetically while one hand pulled Liang Chen to the other side: “You should whisper.”

“……what did I say wrong?”

Yi Ti held her forehead. She didn’t expect that incredible thing was the truth. This guy……were you forced to live in primitive society? Of course, considering someone’s mood, she didn’t continue this topic and just asked: “What’s the password?”

“Six sixes.”


After that, because it took time to install various software, Liang Chen became impatient after waiting for a while. He then found a chair and sat down, even picking up a magazine and flipping through it. Instead, it’s little Hong Ye who lied down on the table and stared at the computer with interest. The salesman was kind and said something to him from time to time.

Yi Ti glanced around and found that the shop next door seemed to be doing a sale so she went over. No way around it, women were inherently attracted to words like “discount”.

After walking by, Yi Ti found out that the discounted item was a keyboard. She was just watching casually when suddenly, she heard two male voices around the corner——

“You deliberately pulled me out just to buy a keyboard?”


“Can’t you do this kind of thing yourself?”

“But I have no money.”

“……does my existence equal to your cash machine?”

“Aren’t you? You’re also my babysitter.”


Listening to this interesting conversation, Yi Ti couldn’t help bending the corner of her mouth, but no other sound was heard after that. She went to the corner, pretended to look there inadvertently and saw two men standing.

They looked the same age with one wearing a burgundy shirt and black casual trousers, while the other wore a middle-aged uncle style T-shirt, shorts, and slippers. The former seemed to be an elite while the latter looked like a NEET. There was still stubble on his mouth along with a lit cigarette. Two people who didn’t seem to match at all looked like very good friends.

After a glance, she immediately turned her head away. After all, she didn’t know them. It’s rude to look so blatantly and they’ll easily notice.

Suddenly, the moment she turned around, the lazy man glanced in her direction.

The friend beside him asked strangely: “What’s wrong?”

“That girl seemed to peek at me just now.”

Yi Ti: “……” Big brother, can your voice be any louder?

“You think too much.” The burgundy shirt man rolled his eyes, “No woman will peek at you these days.”

“Okay, I was wrong, she’s actually peeking at you.”


“Because you are wearing such a stuffy red shirt that you looked like a homosexual.”

“I’m going back!” He was so busy that he could die, so why was he here with this guy?

“Don’t go!” The die-hard otaku man sincerely stretched his hand, “Little buddy, even if you have to leave, you need to at least leave the money for the keyboard, my lunch money, and my fare to go home.”


Yi Ti watched the back of the two leaving and always felt like there’s a subtle familiarity, an illusion?

“Xiao Ti, what happened?” Cecil asked softly.

“No, nothing.”

After that, Yi Ti stayed with the “brothers” for more than an hour. Before the floor was almost scratched by Liang Chen, everything was finally settled. Yi Ti felt, at that moment, someone almost cried—— he had never thought that pretending to read computer magazines was actually pretty hard.

This time, the bus was calm and no accidents occurred.

Liang Chen pretended to look at the scenery outside with several people and awkwardly said: “After going back, you teach this little ghost to use a computer.”

“Can’t the people in your store do it?”

“Those guys would only teach him bad things.” Spreading “seeds” secretly all day, don’t think he didn’t know even if he couldn’t use a computer!

“It’s fine with me, but,” Yi Ti thought of a serious matter, “Is little Hong Ye literate?”

“……kid, do you read?”

Little Hong Ye strongly nodded.

He was relieved.

“Xiao Feng taught me. I can also write my own name, some Chinese characters and Arabic numerals from one to ten.”

“……” The young man went stiff, “What else?”

“I (wo), you (ni), he (ta)……” the little dog monster counted with his fingers the words he knew one by one.

Liang Chen: “……wait,” He tried a final struggle, “You are illiterate, so how do you know he left you a QQ number?”

“Because he drew a penguin in front of the numbers!” Little Hong Ye replied, “Xiao Feng said that the name of this penguin is QQ.”

Liang Chen: “……”

Yi Ti was speechless. This guy cared about buying a phone but didn’t realize the basic situation?

Although things seemed extremely troublesome now, it was solved in an extremely easy way. After little Hong Ye applied for QQ number with Yi Ti’s help, he learned to log in and turn on video mode.

His little friend Xiao Feng promised to teach him how to read characters in this way. To this end, Yi Ti bought a tablet and gave it to little Hong Ye. This way, he could practice while learning.

By the way, Xiao Feng was two years older than Hong Ye, who was six years old this year, and had become a glorious elementary school student a few days ago.

Since then, the bright and lovely voice of the little boy could be heard in a corner of Liang Chen’s restaurant, repeating over and over words like, “Apple, 苹果, Píngguǒ! 潑英蘋, Pō Yīng Píng, 歌屋窩果, Gē wū wō guǒ! 一一得一, Yī Yī Dé Yī, 一二得二, Yī’èr dé èr……” which became an iconic scene in his shop.

Alien 35: I Think You're Beautiful
Alien 37: The So-called Animation

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