Alien 37: The So-called Animation

Alien 36: Tyrants Will Pull Hatred
Alien 38: Hit With A Sword To The Knee

When Yi Ti returned home, she bought a plugin for the trader as Cecil said. Probably because it didn’t do much, the price was quite cheap.

After being modified by his clever hands, the original sketchbook became dual-use which could identify medicinal materials and humans.

Of course, according to Cecil, before the plugin was used, you first needed to gather enough information. This was because the level of Earth civilization was too low, therefore, it did not include relevant information.

Fortunately, Cecil also transformed the sketchbook into a watch, so that Yi Ti could wear it to scan ordinary humans and monsters unobtrusively. After the preliminary analysis, the plugin was ready to use. With the continuous collection of information, the database would gradually be completed.

Yi Ti fiddled with the sketchbook on her left wrist then asked Cecil: “Do you need me to buy one for you?”

“No need,” Cecil shook his head as he replied, “I can distinguish humans and other races since the smell is very different.” At first, he categorized them into the Earth race, but because of Xiao Ti, he decided to subdivide the archives as well.

“……why didn’t you say so earlier?” Vomits blood! Why would she buy it then?!

The jelly alien actually replied: “Because Xiao Ti, you asked me 『Is there any good way for me to quickly distinguish between normal humans and monsters?』, so I thought you wanted this ability.”

Yi Ti: “……” Blame her?

“Xiao Ti……did I do something wrong?” Realizing that he seemed to have made some kind of mistake, the tool on Cecil’s tentacles dropped to the ground with a “ding ding dong dong”. He looked downcast and discouraged, “Sorry……”

“I didn’t mean it like that. I don’t blame you!”


Yi Ti: “……” How to say it? He looked at her with such a cautious teary look that she really……really want to pinch him! She even had an illusion that no matter what he did, she could be completely unconcerned!

This is a foul!

After a while, in addition to her daily routine, Yi Ti also collected information when she had the chance.

At the same time, the two herbs in the space also matured one after the other. Although her time as a Spiritual Plant Cultivator was not long, when it came to refining primary potions, Yi Ti was no longer a novice. It did not take much time before she successfully crafted a magic potion that improved the effect of cultivation and used it all up. She had to say, the effect was quite remarkable.

Also, information from the editor Formaldehyde also came in the afternoon.


Formaldehyde (XXOOXXOO) 15:21:25

My two great ancestors, publishing and marketing had been initially negotiated. I’ll send it to you now. If you have any opinions, I’ll convey it.

Aggregate (XXOOXXOO) 15:21:30


Long XiaoTian (XXOOXXOO) 15:21:32



Regarding the contract terms, she couldn’t understand it. Fortunately, Cecil collected a lot of relevant information. The conclusion was that, as a newcomer, this contract was already quite favorable. Aggregate’s side also said there was no problem, so it was given the green light.

Shortly after, Formaldehyde sent the formal contract over. This time, the three parties were required to sign a contract.

Because “it’s inconvenient since Long XiaoTian was abroad” issue, it was delivered to her side first. After downloading and printing the contract, Cecil signed for Yi Ti and copied the “ID card” as always with information such as the current address showing.

Considering the problem of “time difference”, Yi Ti finally chose Russia. This country has a wide time zone with areas that were close to or even completely coincided with the mainland’s time. For example, the time zone of the Irkutsk region was only one hour faster than Beijing. Also, compared to other places like Japan and South Korea where people often go back, few people use this country as a tourist spot. Cough, so the possibility of goofing around was relatively low.


Formaldehyde (XXOOXXOO) 17:12:23

Ya, so Long was in Russia.

Long XiaoTian (XXOOXXOO) 17:12:30


Aggregate (XXOOXXOO) 17:12:35

I heard bears would wander the streets, have you encountered one?

Long XiaoTian (XXOOXXOO) 17:12:40


Aggregate(XXOOXXOO) 17:12:55

Remember to take a picture and show me next time!


After a few chats, Yi Ti had a cold sweat. She had to say, lying was a really nasty thing. Because to make a lie, it’s often necessary to tell more lies.

Although she didn’t like such things, nothing else seemed to work.


Formaldehyde (XXOOXXOO) 17:12:23

Right, before the comics are officially launched, you definitely have to publicize it. You also help think about the publicity method, well, let’s brainstorm, hahaha.


After a few more words, the “mentally exhausted” Yi Ti logged out of Long XiaoTian’s account then thoughtfully said: “Promotion huh……” and then subconsciously asked, “Cecil, do you have any good ideas?”

Cecil rummaged in his repository for a moment before answering: “How about animation?”

“Animation?” Yi Ti was stunned, then waved, “This is unlikely.” Not every country that has made a comic related industry chain like a certain island country would receive a steady stream of gold. Although she always believed that her country would be better someday, for now, it’s unlikely to do so in a short time.

“Xiao Ti, you can do it yourself.”

“Me?” Yi Ti’s heart thumped. Indeed, she remembered Cecil saying that there were machines in the universe that could turn the scenes in your brain into movies. It’s actually the upgraded version of the mind converter.

“You should be able to buy relevant upgrade plugins in the trader.” Cecil said, “There are also related audio plugins.”


Cecil replied: “Movies need sound and there are countless different sounds collected there, so feel free to choose.”

Yi Ti’s shameless heart moved.

Although her heart was screaming “Buy Buy Buy!”, she still suppressed the urge as she asked: “Will it be expensive?”

“The two should add up to around three thousand.”

“……three thousand?” It’s within the range that can be tolerated, but, “If it’s so convenient, shouldn’t there be a lot of movies in the universe?”

“Yes, the total number is large, but good films are fewer.”

Yi Ti was a little puzzled at first, but then she understood. Because of these convenient machines, everyone stood on the same starting line. That’s why, when all good themes had been used, if you want to attract your audience again, it’d be undoubtedly hard. Just like some novel sites, even as more and more people write novels, for the readers, there are fewer and fewer interesting books.

“So tangled.”


“If I continue with this, I can’t make ends meet.”

“Isn’t there a lot of balance left?”

Yi Ti said with a serious face: “This is called identity crisis!”

“……but Xiao Ti, don’t you want it?”

“That is true, but……”

“There’s a sentence on Earth, it’s called 『Old men’s fondness can’t be bought for a thousand gold』.”

“I’m not an 『old man』.”

Cecil thought about it, the relative female title should be—— “Mother’s affection can’t be bought for a thousand gold.”

Yi Ti: “……why is this conversation method not quite right”


Immediately after, she explained to Cecil in detail that there can be several ways to interpret “old man, 爺” depending on the dynasty. After understanding, the latter sincerely lamented: “Indeed, this is a serious identity crisis.”

“……” Behave you, blasphemer!

But in the end, Yi Ti still bought it.

Although she really wanted to chop her hands……cough, well, women inherently had difficulty restraining their desire to shop. It’s said that they would rather cry and regret afterward than worry about it all the time.

After getting his hands on it, as usual, Cecil helped her get the upgrade. Immediately after, Yi Ti couldn’t wait to use it.

After putting the headband shaped machine on her head, Yi Ti found a light screen in front of her with two options above——normal mode and movie mode. Unlike a trader, she now only has to “think” to make a choice.

After setting up a few more general options, the highlight finally came.

“Character setting?”

“Yes.” Cecil turned back into a sphere and said on her shoulder, “the more specific the better.”

Name, gender, height, weight……all relevant information must be entered. Fortunately, there was such a thing called the “Baidu Encyclopedia” in the world, otherwise, she’d really go crazy.

Ling Yu.


1.75 meters.


After setting things up, the basic information of the male lead was finally set. Yi Ti thought it was over, but found that the highlight was still behind it——the appearance.

“You can import pictures from your computer”

“I see.” Yi Ti took a closer look, sure enough, she found the import option on the right side of the light screen. She chose two pictures from her computer, one was a man in casual wear in the real world while the other was his character in the game.

At this point, the most basic preparation seemed to be over.

Then Yi Ti chose “Next”, and entered the so-called “behavior setting”.

These were the so-called behavioral patterns. It’s to make the creator imagine how this character made various actions. These actions would then be archived. Although seemingly troublesome, in fact, this was “to hone the ax before chopping the tree”. It also substantially saves time when making the movie. Because without this, every detail in the animation needed Yi Ti to think which was really too laborious. Moreover, it was very likely that the protagonists in the first episode and the second episode would have completely different walking postures. In contrast, after setting the basic actions, the production of animation was simplified.

Of course, if you were not satisfied with some details, it could also be modified later.

And when all relevant character settings had been completed, Yi Ti didn’t even need to imagine it anymore. She just had to import the novel or the comics she’s made before, and the animation would naturally be generated.

Alien 36: Tyrants Will Pull Hatred
Alien 38: Hit With A Sword To The Knee

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