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Of course, at this stage, it’s only a semi-finished product. The sound was definitely a very important part of the animation. A bad voice actor sometimes ruined a character, and conversely, a good voice actor might save an animation.

The sounds collected in the audio plugins had tens of thousands in the young man category alone. With so many sounds, of course, Yi Ti couldn’t choose by listening to it one by one. She could only filter it. In other words, imagine Ling Yu’s voice in her head and the plug-in would automatically select the sounds closest to it for her to choose.

“Ling Yu’s voice……” Yi Ti whispered.

Ling Yu with a Luck E.

In his 25 years of life, the word “lucky” was farther from him than the sun was from the Earth. But even so, he never resigned to it and repeatedly tried to fight his “cruel fate”. Although every time he would be swept into the dustbin of life, he always stood up strong and “fought again!”. That’s why even when a problem occurred during his job choice because of the helmet failure, he still refused to give in, so he became the brutal priest who insisted on beating boars with a staff.

Ling Yu later protested to the game company. The whole company was shocked, because, after testing, the probability of a helmet malfunctioning was only one in a million. They didn’t expect that someone would really win it. At that time, Ling Yu’s request was to change jobs, but because the game had been entrusted to the smart computer operation, this was impossible. Changing accounts was even more impossible because each citizen could only have one account, so the company offered to give him a certain amount of monetary compensation or virtual compensation in the game.

Of course, having a gold finger was impossible because that would affect the game balance and the smart computer would not pass such instructions.

And Ling Yu’s request was also very strange, he said——we priests should have strength!

The so-called strength, intelligence, physical fitness, and agility were all settings in the game, and the talent attributes of each character were not the same. For example, archers were naturally agile, warriors focused on strength and physical fitness, thieves value agility and strength and many more. Every character got a certain amount of points after upgrading, and the points were added at the player’s discretion.

A role like a priest generally preferred to add points to intelligence or physical fitness, because according to the currently announced skill tree, the priest’s blood-recovery skills had something to do with both.

And Ling Yu, as a priest, actually wanted “strength”.

The designer of the game company said it was unbearable! This was simply an insult to the character!

But Ling Yu had already decided. No matter what conditions the other party put forward, he just wanted to be powerful! Although his Luck E disqualified him from becoming a true warrior, he said he wouldn’t give up. Okay, in short, he was fighting again.

At first, the designer still thought that he just wanted to sit and negotiate the price, but then they realized——this guy really loved the role of the warrior!

Then, Ling Yu became the only priest in the game that had a constant fixed amount of points added to his strength at every level.

As said before, the skills of the priest character had nothing to do with strength, and none of the skills attached to his special weapons had anything to do with strength. In short, a priest and the strength stat wouldn’t make this character even stronger, because that’s a waste of attribute for him! Not to mention it could affect the game balance.

But Ling Yu was satisfied.

As a priest, his hobby was not to babysit his teammates but to rush out……and use a magical staff with exactly the same amount of physical and magic attack to slam monsters.

“Are you really a priest?!”

“I’m not a priest, I’m a warrior in priest skin!”

“Hey! ! !”

Such a conversation happened every day in his gaming career. That’s why he became known as the “Shameful Priest”.

And so, this person’s voice……should be full of energy, a little impatient, but you could also hear a little helplessness after calming down.

Yi Ti finally chose a sound that she thought was appropriate.

But, she didn’t immediately release the animation made of Chapter 1. Instead, she wanted to make a trailer first. Before a TV show or movie or something aired, wouldn’t they release such a thing first?

Unlike the animation and comics, she would like to use her own idea this time.

“Hmm……” Yi Ti thought for a long time but couldn’t think of one. However, this was not something that could happen overnight, she had to think about it carefully. Right, “Cecil, do you have any good ideas?”

After thinking seriously, he gave a suggestion: “How about Star Wars? The protagonist swept all evil on planet Yavin. Ultimately, the peace of the universe was protected.”

“……Goodbye.” Isn’t the style completely wrong?!

Soon after, she had no mood to worry about such things.

Because Xue Ye, who disappeared after “that day”, appeared again. It was when Yi Ti was about to close the store.

“Miss Yi.”

“……ah, it’s just you.” Yi Ti glanced at the other, slightly hesitant but still said, “You look a lot thinner.”

Xue Ye: “……” Who does she think was to blame?

Because of her, he was completely despised by that stinky dog. Previously, when they encountered each other, they’d jabber insults. But when he ran into him this time, that guy didn’t fight with him either. Instead, he retreated three feet as if avoiding germs. It looked like he won, but in fact, didn’t he completely lose? And every time……every single damn time! He tried to explain the previous misunderstanding, but that guy would run faster than a rabbit, and at the door, there’d be a sign saying “Some individuals with abnormal hobbies are not allowed to enter”, it’s really…! ! !

If this was not the place of a Spiritual Plant Cultivator, they would have been at war with each other for a long time!

That stinky dog better not run into him outside! ! !

“Anyway, come in first.” Yi Ti took two steps back and opened the door. Her hand casually entered a pocket and a potion immediately appeared. Although she didn’t think that the other party would attack her, how to say it……he looked very upset. And Cecil was not in the shop but in the back of the house.

“Sit down.”

“Thank you.”

“Any drinks?”

“……do you have water today?”

Cough, yes.” Yi Ti was stunned, how good was this guy’s memory?

She poured a glass of water in front of Xue Ye: “What do you want from me?” After the other party left last time, she thought about it, and finally came to the conclusion——it seemed that the banished vampire came to her for other things.

“I want to seek medical treatment from you.”

“Treatment?” Yi Ti was stunned, “Are you sick?”

Xue Ye shook his head: “Not me, it’s my grandfather.”

Yi Ti: “……” The vampire also had a grandpa. How to say it? Like a super incredible feeling. She asked again, “What happened to your grandfather?”

“It’s like this.” Xue Ye explained carefully, “He used to live abroad, and only recently came back.”

“Ah? Abroad? Which country?”

“I heard it was originally in Rome, later, after the Odoacer Rebellion, he moved……”

“Wait!” Yi Ti made a pause gesture, “Odoacer Rebellion? The one that deposed the last emperor of the Western Roman Empire?” She’s a liberal arts student and coupled with a period of time being interested in the Roman Empire, she naturally has an impression on it.


“……” Yi Ti held her forehead, “That should be very early, right?”

“476 AD.”

Yi Ti: “……” How old was his grandpa?!

“After that, my grandfather moved……”

“Let’s change the subject.” Yi Ti wanted to burst into tears. This was 476 AD, how long would it take until 2000 AD? She didn’t want to listen to a history lesson, “Cough, what’s wrong with your grandpa?” Speaking of an old vampire who had lived at least a thousand years, would his body still be good?

“Rheumatoid arthritis.”

“……what?” She didn’t care about this problem!

“That’s basically it.” Xue Ye explained, “When my grandfather was young, he was……cough, young and frivolous. Do you know the Pope’s hat?”

“Is it that little white round cap that’s always blown away by the wind?”

Xue Ye nodded: “Yes. In the past, the hair above the Pope’s head would be shaved, then they’d put on the hat. My grandfather came up with an interesting idea, that was when the Pope preached publicly, he would blow his hat away, and let everyone see……you understand.”

Yi Ti: “……” Serves him right for doing something so stupid, why do some people just don’t understand? But, “What does this have to do with rheumatoid arthritis?”

“My grandfather’s actions were soon revealed, then ushered in the hunt of the Paladins. He underestimated the capabilities of this group, and so……he got a sword to his knee.”

Yi Ti: “……” She always felt that this was totally different!

“Fortunately, my grandfather was not injured in any other way, and smoothly escaped from the siege of the Paladins. But, as a dark creature, the wound left by the sword illuminated by the Holy Light has never healed. From time to time, blood will flow out. You understand, for the blood race, blood is very precious. Fortunately, grandfather did not lack a blood supply, so he learned to live with his injuries.” Xue Ye said up to here, then paused and once again started, “But, since then, every rainy and frosty day, his knees would be very painful. Although many methods had been tried, it was without success and so……I want to ask Miss Yi for your help.”

“I see.” Yi Ti nodded, she understood, but at the same time felt it strange, “Have you ever asked my Master for help before?”

“My grandfather and I have lost contact for more than two hundred years. We only met again recently.”

“……” This time, she really understood.

So, should she call the young man in front of him “Grandpa Xue”?

Thinking so, her brother’s taste was quite heavy!

Alien 37: The So-called Animation
Alien 39: This Must Be Love

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