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Because of this “nightmare”, Yi Ti’s whole body was unwell when she woke up the next day. Fortunately, there were no dark circles, but with her current constitution, this thing wouldn’t appear at all.

After doing her routine of cultivation and other things, she “floated” to the living room, and heard Cecil say to her: “Xiao Ti, you don’t look well.”

“Is it so obvious?” Yi Ti patted her face.

“You’re slightly different from yesterday morning.”

“Really……” She walked to the bathroom, looked at herself, and really didn’t find the difference. But this was also a matter of course, after all, her observation skills were not as strong as that of an alien.

While washing, the domesticated jelly alien was already waving his tentacles to make fried eggs in the kitchen. Don’t know since when he managed breakfast, and it even tasted better than what she made. After tasting the difference, Yi Ti pondered for some time before leaving this heavy task to him!

Almost as soon as she sat at the table, bread, fried eggs, fruit, and yogurt were placed before her.

“Thank you.”

“Xiao Ti.”


“I finished the energy blocks.”

“So it’s already time to buy more.” Yi Ti let the bread dangle from her mouth then vaguely said, “Wait for me.” After talking, she took out the trader from her space and opened it skillfully, “Which one to buy this time?”

“Intermediate level, two sets.”

“Intermediate, let me see……”

The bread fell from her mouth.

Yi Ti turned her head silently, tears at the corner of her eyes.

Yes, she saw that familiar number again——thirty thousand……thirty thousand……thirty thousand!

This was like a magic curse!

But, the main reason for using the trader was to help Cecil gain energy, so she took two sets worth 60,000 points without hesitation, and gave these black energy blocks to the jelly alien.

However, three thousand……thirty thousand……wasn’t that much……

That thought process was too beautiful, she dared not think!

Cough, a-anyways, she already bought it.

Yi Ti’s ability was that she never worried about one thing for too long, so she soon asked with interest: “Cecil, after absorbing these energy blocks, would you have a new mimic?”

“It should be similar to the other two.”

“What kind of mimic would it be?”

“It can simulate the appearance of all the races I have seen.”

“This, then……” Yi Ti was stunned, “Shouldn’t I have seen it once before? Cough, you should have shown me all the blue transparent ones.”

“That was not a successful simulation.” As Cecil talked, his body melted and converged again, then a “Yi Ti” appeared in front of her. If last time there was a deviation in height, then this time the height was exactly the same as hers.

Just that……

Blue face, blue body, blue clothes……

“Don’t do that……” Yi Ti covered her eyes, “It’ll hurt our friendship.” She didn’t want to see herself like this at all!

Cecil restored his normal shape then summarized: “With this simulation, you can see the difference between me and humans at a glance.”

“Isn’t that normal?” Even the blue-blooded man written by Wesley had an appearance that was not different from normal people, right? Wait, that means, “The next mimicry will really make you look like a human?”

“En.” The alien nodded its softer head, “and the appearance of this mimicry is fixed.” That meant when he became human, he could only have one appearance.

“So that’s how it is.” Yi Ti licked the yogurt at the corner of her mouth with a smile, “I’m suddenly looking forward to it.” The human form of Cecil, what will it be like? But, according to his previously exposed aesthetics, she always felt super worried. Normal humans should not have a hundred hands, unless……Avalokitesvara?

“Pfft! ” Thinking about it, she couldn’t help laughing out loud.

“? ? ?”

“Cough, it’s nothing.” Such things can’t be said or he would drill under the table again!

There was no business in the morning, but Yi Ti was obviously accustomed to this kind of thing. At this point, she’d known this in advance so she moved the laptop directly to the store to play.

Also on this day, she inadvertently saw a message.


Uncle Le (XXOOXXOO) 10:35:01

Have you heard? 《Fantasy World》 will open a new area during the eleventh!

Water Reflection (XXOOXXOO) 10:35:09

Really? ? ?

Sylvia (XXOOXXOO) 10:35:15

Really, I’ve also heard about it.

Zhu Jin Dumpling (XXOOXXOO) 10:35:19

That’s great!

Wonton (XXOOXXOO) 10:35:21

That’s great!


Uncle Le and Sylvia seemed to be working in the gaming industry, so the news that came from them had high credibility.

But, the eleventh……

Yi Ti glanced at the date in the lower right corner of the computer and found that time flew fast. In the blink of an eye, it was already the 20th of September. It’s been almost two months since she moved here, and she’d gradually become used to this kind of idle life.

Subsequent developments proved that what the two netizens said were true.


It’s Okay Now (XXOOXXOO) 11:05:21

《Fantasy World》’s official website just posted a message, did you see it?

Zhu Jin Dumpling (XXOOXXOO) 11:05:25

Seeking connections!

Delicate Yang (XXOOXXOO) 11:05:28

Seeking connections+1

Abby (XXOOXXOO) 11:05:34

Seeking connections+2

Potato Beans (XXOOXXOO) 11:05:42

Seeking connections+10086


After scrolling through the chats, Yi Ti very decisively opened the connection sent by XXX girl and took a closer look.《Fantasy World》really planned to open a new area called “Raging Flames” at the eleventh. She vaguely remembered that the last time a new district opened seemed to be around the college entrance examination, so she played once at that time. The result was……forget it, no need to talk about this anymore.

So for this, she……

Just then, the icon in the lower right corner suddenly flashed. Yi Ti opened it, and saw——


Aggregate 11:06:23

Will they be together then?

Long Xiao Tian 11:06:27


Aggregate 11:06:31

Watch the group chat.


Yi Ti minimized the official website and took a closer look at the chats. She found that the girls who always had a fast hand when chatting actually decided to move into the new district as a whole, and established the “King Aggregate and Madam Shou Long XiaoTian’s Great Guild”.

Yi Ti: “……” Who is Madam Shou!


Aggregate 11:07:09

Did you see it, charming XiaoTian? (wretched laugh)

Long XiaoTian 11:07:17

……friendship over!

Aggregate 11:07:25

Blue child paper, don’t be so stingy. (eating cucumbers)Will they be together then?

Long XiaoTian 11:07:35

Sounds interesting, but……

 Aggregate 11:07:40

You’re not going to say you’re bad at it, are you?


Yi Ti: “……” She just felt a pain in her knee. Did this guy want to empty her blood tank? !


Aggregate 11:08:05

Hahahaha, sure enough, I was wondering why I never heard you play games. It’s okay, I’ll carry you.

Long XiaoTian 11:08:11


Aggregate 11:08:18

Look at how active these sisters are, guys can’t just say they can’t do it. (picks nose)


Yi Ti: “……” I’m so sorry, I’m not a man!

But having said that, she became really interested. Why did she give up gaming before? On the one hand, it’s really because of her hand disability. On the other hand, she regarded online games as stand-alone games. What made this large online game attractive was not only the game itself but also the players you meet. That’s why Aggregate’s novel was so popular.

If you were with other people, it seemed good to play. Anyway, she’s free right now.

“Cecil, want to play together?” Yi Ti asked the jelly alien on her knee, “It looks interesting.”

“Is it online gaming?” After Cecil thought for a moment then said, “Based on the information I extracted, the resulting evaluation on Earth didn’t seem to be very high.”

“……what information did you extract?”

“Innocent and ignorant teenagers yo, what makes you addicted to games……”

“……” I-is this real information?

“Professor Yang told everyone, the best way to treat Internet addiction is an electric shock! ”

“……” Hey! You’ll die!

“Experts remind that online games are like a big puddle; some people went around carefully, some people struggled to get out after falling in, while others……drown in it just like that, which one are you?”

“……” Suddenly it became poetic……

She had to say, listening to Cecil seriously reading this kind of deceptive messages one by one was really interesting for Yi Ti. On the one hand, she felt astonished; on the other hand, she wanted to laugh. After listening for a while, she interrupted him: “Ignore all these! Cecil, don’t you want to play with me?”

“Of course I do.” Cecil’s voice dropped as he whispered, “I want to play with Xiao Ti.”

“Isn’t that enough?” Yi Ti said with a smile.

“Let me look at the information first.” Saying so, Cecil turned a tentacle into a USB stick again, and directly inserted into the edge of the computer.

Yi Ti asked in surprise: “Is this okay?” Before, he was directly impacted by the information flow.

“It’s okay, this time I will only extract information from the official website, so nothing will happen.”

She was relieved: “That’s good.” Incidentally, “En, I’ll trouble Cecil to help me choose a suitable job, and the follow-up settings are also left to you.” This kind of thing was too difficult for her, it’s better to leave it to professionals!

When Cecil was extracting information, Yi Ti browsed the Internet as usual. There’s no effect between the two.

She opened the novel page, and read Aggregate’s update today as usual. His updates were generally fixed to two chapters a day, once between 10am and 12am, once after 6pm. Occasionally there’d be three chapters, but it was almost all in the middle of the night such as one or two in the morning.

Wei Feng website had always aimed “to provide readers with the best reading experience”. The web server was of good quality with both computer and mobile web pages opening very fast. The mobile app was also well maintained, so the readership never fell. It has been almost ten years since the website was established, and some old bookworms were still active until now. Once the “solitary version” they used appeared, it inevitably caused a burst of exclamation.

The reason for this was because when Wei Feng website was founded, digital accounts were almost always five digits. Later, because of good development momentum, the account number became ten digits. Therefore, early account numbers were particularly precious.

Yi Ti didn’t have that good luck. She came to this site when she was in college. Although the account she owned was the highest level premium VIP, it’s not uncommon.

For easy reading, she placed a link to Aggregate’s novel directly on the homepage.

When she opened with a click, Yi Ti unexpectedly found that he actually opened a rare chapter called “Important Notice”.

Alien 39: This Must Be Love
Alien 41: He Became Addicted To Games

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