Alien 44: Don’t Look Back At Night

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After listening patiently to her brother and guaranteeing that she’d contact him before bed, Yi Ti hung up (She did this every time because once she forgot to hang up, her brother would keep talking until the next morning, and then happily say, “You talked last night!” Since then she had never given him that chance.), and stuck the phone back in the bag.

Probably because of her proximity to a school, there were many street lights on nearby alleys, so it was quite bright. There was no stress while walking at night since you could see your surroundings clearly……this was overkill, right?

Yi Ti stared suspiciously at a snow-white back not far from a street lamp. It was clear that was a female. She wore a long white dress with the skirt all the way to the ankle. And because of the shadows, she could not see her clearly. If that’s just the case, she wouldn’t be scared. The problem was that the other person had long dark hair split over her shoulders, and from a distance……it subtly coincided with the scene from a movie.

“Xiao Ti, what happened to you?”

Probably because of letting her imagination ran wild, she suddenly stopped and when the jelly alien saw that no one was around, he quietly poked his head out of the bag and whispered.

Yi Ti subconsciously grabbed Cecil, like grabbing a life-saving straw. The latter returned to his slime shape to better embrace the former.

She was holding the cold and slippery slime but felt relieved. Although she had entered the unscientific world, and also saw a lot of unscientific things, seeing an actual “ghost” would always give people a shock, even so for Yi Ti who’s still not used to the concept. But then again, ghosts shouldn’t be easily encountered, right?

Besides, there were so many women in white skirts in the summer. She even had several white dresses herself. Because of this, she felt that thinking of the other party as a ghost was a bit rude. Maybe the other party was just dazed thinking about their life? The reason for her gaffe was probably because her brother talked about a similar topic.

After thinking so, Yi Ti took a deep breath and kept going forward.

Ten meters……five meters……one meter……

Three steps……two steps……one step……

After passing by without incident, Yi Ti was secretly relieved, and then felt it was funny. She just told Liang Chen that she was absolutely fine on her own, but ended up scaring herself.

And in this sudden relaxed mood, she glanced unconsciously at the other.

At the same time, the other party also slowly raised their head.

Their line of sight matched.

Yi Ti found that this was a pretty girl and even more beautiful than the two sisters Pei Ling and Pei Xue that she saw tonight. Beautiful things were always easier to like, and coupled with her guilty misunderstanding of taking the other side as a ghost, she nodded subconsciously at the other and smiled.

Who knew——

“You can see me?” The other side actually exclaimed.

Yi Ti: “……” This was simply a death flag ah.

Seeing that Yi Ti didn’t reply, the girl in white actually rushed towards her: “Hey! You can see me, right?”

Yi Ti, frightened by her sudden movement, stepped back subconsciously. Just then, the Cecil in her arms actually took a brick from his space, and handed it to her: “Xiao Ti!”

Yi Ti picked up the brick and pushed it forward without mercy!

“Ah! ! !”

A scream of pain rang through the alley.

Yi Ti stared at the woman in white who fell on her feet (a person or a ghost?). She looked again at the brick in her hand. She could actually take down the other party? But ghosts couldn’t be touched by this kind of thing, right? So, the other person was actually human?

Just then, the woman in white, who fell to the ground, suddenly looked up, revealing a blood-stained face, and then at an incredibly fast rate, suddenly grabbed Yi Ti’s ankle with a cold hand!

“Ya!” Yi Ti whispered softly, raising her feet to quickly shake off the other party’s hand. At the same time, the brick in her hand accidentally slipped.

Soon after, a weird thing happened.

The brick actually passed through the woman in white, and fell straight to the ground, creating a muffled noise.

Yi Ti decisively stepped back, she had just made sure——that the other side was indeed a ghost. Previously, the brick hitting the white woman was probably because it was held by her. Since a cultivator could use a peach sword to destroy ghosts that could not have been touched, well, she just attacked the other with a brick……was this normal?


Thinking of something, she opened her bag, and took out the two pouches from Pei Ling: “Don’t come! Come over and I warn you……” The warning seemed useless ah. Yi Ti changed her mind, “I’ll beat you up when you come over!” Anyway, that’s what they say in movies, so it shouldn’t be that harsh, right?

The talisman that Liang Chen rated as useful was really useful. Because once she took it out, the female ghost moved not far away while crawling, then……

“Wu……wu……wu wahhh! ! !”

Yi Ti: “……” Is she crying?

While she was surprised, the female ghost actually rolled back and forth on the ground, crying and shouting: “Dad! Mom! It hurts, ah! Wuwuwu……waaaaaahhh! Wu wahhhhh! ! !”

Yi Ti: “……” She couldn’t help covering her ears because the other party’s voice clearly constitutes as noise pollution.

It wasn’t until then that she could see that the other person really had no feet, or rather, it’s blurred from below the calf, as if smoke-like.

This strange thing was better to leave it alone, right?

Yi Ti thought so and re-embarked on her journey home.



“Wuwaaa! ! !”

Yi Ti: = =+

Alright, if she could ignore this at will, then it wouldn’t be her. And, considering the difference in force values, the other party should not be her opponent, not to mention that she had a defense pouch.

She sighed, turned her head and asked: “Why are you crying?”

The female ghost, with snot and blood dripping from her face, raised her head, looked at her then replied: “My life……is so hard……”


“I was just going out for a meal. As a result, I actually stepped on a banana peel in front of the store. I just slipped on the ground, but then rolled down the ramp at the door and all the way to the sidewalk. I finally managed to get up, but, a car……as soon as I opened my eyes, I found myself as a ghost. No one can see me or hear my voice. I finally found one who could see. I just wanted to ask for help but was actually attacked like this, wuwuwu……I’ll never trust in society again!”

Yi Ti: “……” Is this the so-called “being unlucky can’t be blamed on society”? She sighed, “What do you want me to do?” Probably because no hostility was felt from the other person, her tone softened.

The female ghost sniffed loudly, then said: “I……I want to ask you to bring a message to my parents. Tell them I have been reborn, and that I got the VIP treatment booked for the next life. I can eat and drink anything I want, and they shouldn’t worry about me. And tell my brother, after I died, don’t be so naughty anymore. Our parents……wu……” After talking up to here, she cried again.

Yi Ti was helpless: “Where do you live?”

“……I don’t know.”

“What’s your parent’s name?”

“……don’t know.”

“What about your own name?”

“……don’t know ah.” The female ghost burst into tears again, “When I realized that I had become a ghost, I just remembered how I became a ghost, as well as my mom and dad and brother at home. Everything else……wuuuu!”

Yi Ti held her forehead and subconsciously looked at Cecil in her arms: “What to do?”

He seemed to have read the anxiety in her voice as he answered: “Xiao Ti just had to do what she thinks is right.” No matter what she does, he’d stay with her.


Feeling that she got some kind of affirmation, Yi Ti took her phone out of the bag and dialed the number of the werewolf.

“Liang Chen, can I trouble you?”


“En, I met something on the road……”


“I’m here at……”

Boom! ! !”

There was a loud sound from the phone, making Yi Ti yank it away from her ear. She thought for a moment in wonder, then had a stunned expression——it couldn’t be……his cellphone just burst? I-it’s just a coincidence, right?

Fortunately, he had a phone in his shop, so Yi Ti called again.

The call was quickly connected.

Listening to the voice, the caller seemed to be the waiter who said a few words to her today: “Hello, this is Very Delicious Fried Restaurant, how may I help you?”

“Is Liang Chen there?”

“Miss Yi?”


“Boss……” The other person seemed to look for a moment, then answered, “After his phone burst, he ran out in a hurry, so I don’t know where he went……”


Just then, a shout came from behind Yi Ti. She subconsciously turned back and found the main character standing behind her while panting slightly. One side of his face was a bit black. There was also a little scar, but it healed very quickly.

Yi Ti quickly hung up the phone, and sincerely said: “You’re fast.” What responded to her was a storm-like rage——

“It’s so late but you’re still not back! Why are you still hanging out on the road? Do you think you’ve lived enough?”

“……” This guy was the same as usual. The speechless Yi Ti stretched out her finger and pointed at the crying female ghost who shrank in the corner while trembling, “Actually, I met that.”

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