Alien 45: Going To The Men’s Restroom

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Liang Chen looked over there, but with one glance, he turned his head indifferently and said: “You can kill ten such weak ghosts, and you also have a special aura in your store; this kind of weak monster can’t enter at all, so just ignore it.”

“But……” Yi Ti laughed twice then told him about the previous matter, “And so, is there any way for you?”

“Is there no business in your store that you’re free to this point?”

“……” Will you die if you’re not being sarcastic? Will you?

“But……” The werewolf looked back at the female ghost in white. This time, he looked more carefully, “The smell on her……” Saying so, he approached.

The female ghost saw Liang Chen approach. Terrified, she worked harder to shrink herself into a ball.

Yi Ti thought that this was probably instinct. Out of the bondage of the flesh, repressed human instincts would also return to a certain level. If you could more sharply distinguish various smells, it’s not surprising to show such a scared appearance toward a werewolf like Liang Chen.

The young man’s nose trembled, then he said something that surprised Yi Ti: “She’s not dead.”

“Ah?” She said in surprise, “But, hasn’t she become a soul?”

“It’s a living soul, not a dead soul.” Liang Chen replied, “Her body is still alive, and it shouldn’t be too long before the accident.” Once the time for the soul leaving the body reached a certain limit, the flesh would lose its vitality. Soon after, it’d completely lose the ability to return and completely turn into a dead soul.

“So to say……” Yi Ti’s eyes brightened, taking out her phone and searching, “recent news……car accidents……woman……white clothes……there it is!” She handed her cell phone to the young man, “Look!”

“……” Black face.

“Sorry, I forgot.” She reoriented her phone awkwardly, then showed it to the other, “It should be this, right?”

“Young female in white skirt stepped on a banana peel and was hit by a car……”

“Don’t read it out loud ahhhhh!” The ghost, who had shrunk into a ball, called out with tears in her face, “It’s shameful!”

Yi Ti side-eyed her: You didn’t feel embarrassed when you cried about it.

She looked at the phone, then read: “After the incident, the woman was immediately rushed to the City Center Hospital. It’s reported that she’s not out of danger yet.” The place was finally found, “City Center Hospital, it should be in the ICU?”

The location was found, but then……

“What to do now?”

“So troublesome.” Liang Chen frowned, “Shouldn’t your cultivator friend know more about this kind of thing?”

“That’s true, but……” Yi Ti said helplessly, “I don’t have his number ah.” Lu Kong ran away with more than seven dollars in his pocket and never came back, so she had no chance to ask.

“Go ask her.”


“The woman who ate with us tonight.”

“Ah!” Yi Ti suddenly realized, Pei Ling ah. Indeed, since she owned a magic store, she should be quite familiar with the operation process of this kind of thing, right?

She immediately pulled out her business card, dialed the phone number, and was quickly connected.

Listening to the sounds, Pei Ling should have arrived home.

Immediately, Yi Ti said “I heard that a relative of a classmate lost his soul, I’m just calling to ask what to do”, then asked what to do next.

Losing the soul was a very serious matter, so the most important part was to call back the lost soul. Of course, this most difficult thing was not a problem for Yi Ti. She didn’t even know when the lost soul squatted by her feet.

After that, to return the soul, you need to prepare chicken’s blood. A rooster that can’t cry definitely wouldn’t work. It must be a lively adult rooster in its prime, not old or tender. In addition, although there were no special requirements for the coat color, the color of the cockscomb should be exquisite.

Li Shizhen once said: “Cockscomb blood of a three-year-old male, full of yang vitality……red is yang, meant to ward off evil, cure evil, and startle various diseases. Black is yin, with yang and yin in harmony, it can treat various diseases.” (T/N: Please pardon this translator for being too lazy to understand this passage.)

From this, the cockscomb color chosen for this kind of thing was best to be black.

In addition, you also need glutinous rice, mirrors, and other things, but these things were relatively easy to find, so it’s not that troublesome.

As for the time, it’s better to choose the early morning where “Yin and Yang” were at its best.

“Morning ah……” Yi Ti said thoughtfully, “But, the chicken……”

“4:30 tomorrow morning, I’ll look for you.”

“Ah?” She froze, but then said, “Chicken……”

“Talk less, just go home.”

“……oh.” Yi Ti nodded, then pointed at the female ghost by her feet, “What about her?”

“She already squatted by the roadside for so long, it’s okay to keep squatting.”


“Don’t do that! So ruthless!” The female ghost burst into tears again, “Let me at least enter a room, I promise I won’t bother you!” She looked at Yi Ti with starry eyes.

Liang Chen murmured softly, grabbed the girl’s collar, and dragged her straight away.

“Yi? No! I don’t want to follow him!”

Yi Ti: “……” She silently waved to the girl, and silently lit another candle.

After all, the girl probably couldn’t get inside her house.

After that, she didn’t encounter anything strange on the road, but this was a matter of course.

After safely entering the house, she said emotionally: “Fortunately there’s Liang Chen, otherwise I really won’t know what to do.” If she didn’t buy a computer with him, there would be no chance to meet Pei Ling and Pei Xue. Then she would have no one to discuss or inquire about what happened today, and she’d be really thrown off balance.


“When we go to the hospital tomorrow, if we want to get into the ward, I guess I have to rely on him for help.” Although she knew that the other party would be really reluctant.


“Cecil?” Yi Ti finally realized that the jelly alien in her arms seemed a little strange. She picked him up, and saw both eyes seemed red, “What happened? Are you sick?”

“I……couldn’t help you.” Dejected.

“Don’t say that. You helped me a lot.” She shook her head and answered seriously, “If I was alone, I would be scared. But you were by my side, so I’m not scared at all.”


“Really! Believe me, it’s the truth!”

“Okay.” But then, whenever she goes out……except for staying with her in the bag, and occasionally talking to her outside, he couldn’t do anything. However, this was a matter of course. After all, the alien couldn’t appear in the public eye.

Early the next morning, Yi Ti got up very early on a rare occasion  (with Cecil’s help). Not only that, the domesticated jelly alien even prepared her breakfast. But what worried her a bit was that Cecil looked strange. Don’t know if it was an illusion, but she always felt that his body was a little bit shaky. After asking, he said he was fine as he obediently turned into a ball and crawled into her bag.

Very concerned, Yi Ti decided to deal with the ghost in white first, then make sure what was going on.

4:30, Liang Chen came on time with a female ghost on his left and a black rooster on his right.

“You actually found it?” Yi Ti’s hand was holding a mirror and glutinous rice found at home as she said in surprise.

“Noisy, let’s go.” Saying so, the young man turned away.

“……” Yi Ti found that on the other’s hair, there’s actually……feathers! She felt like she found out the truth, “You won’t happen to be……did you not sleep last night to catch the chicken?”

“Ho-How could I do such a thing! Don’t overthink it!” Someone’s hair exploded.

“……” Did she really think too much? But Yi Ti knew, if they continued talking, someone was bound to be angry. If he became annoyed, she couldn’t do it alone. Then, she coughed softly, “Alright.” Saying so, she walked toward him and pointed a finger to his hair, “There’s a gray thing on your head.”

Liang Chen reached out and patted his head, managing to pluck a feather.

Him: “……” Turned around, he found that someone was gone and was relieved. With the ghost and the chicken, he followed. Scolding in his heart, the chicken farm run by a vampire is really not a good place, the chickens are too hard to catch! Xue Ye was definitely looking out for him!

Soon after, the two arrived at the hospital, but didn’t enter through the main entrance……

“Climbing the window?”

“Shh!” The baby faced young man gave her a bad look then said, “Do you want to be captured by the surveillance camera?”

Yi Ti: “……” After entering the ward, the critically ill patient suddenly recovered or something……forget it!

It looked like Liang Chen seemed to have come here last night. This made her feel a bit moved. Speaking of which, this guy had always been a tsundere.

“Don’t look at me with that disgusting expression!”

“……” Correction, his mouth is disgusting.

Under Liang Chen’s guidance, Yi Ti carefully climbed the window of the men’s toilet on the first floor. Why was it the men’s toilet? Will Liang Chen go to the women’s restroom? Obviously impossible! So Yi Ti could only be sacrificed.

However, their luck was not too good. They just came in but after a few steps, they heard water flushing in the stall beside them, then the door opened. However, before being discovered, they successfully hid in the stall next to it.

“What should we do now?” Yi Ti mouthed.

“Wait for that person to go out, then we’ll go.”

“……so smelly.”

Liang Chen burst a vein on his forehead: “You think I don’t know? !” As a werewolf, how could he not smell that stink especially when inside the stall?

“Shh!” Yi Ti was helpless, can’t this guy stop acting like his tail was being trampled every time?

Fortunately, this was the men’s restroom. Even if they heard someone’s voice, others wouldn’t find it strange. At most, they’d think of it as someone’s phone call.

When the next stall became empty, Liang Chen covered his nose, walked out with Yi Ti, opened the water tank, and removed a plastic bag from inside. Yi Ti found that it actually contained two sets of doctor’s uniform.

“Where did it came from?”

“I brought it.”

“……” Sure enough, it’s “stolen”. However, this guy was really unexpectedly prepared.

“Less talk, quickly change!” Saying so, Liang Chen pushed one of the white coats toward her, then put on a doctor’s cap and mask.

Yi Ti did the same.

And the two who quickly changed clothes didn’t notice that a blue jelly alien secretly crawled out of the bag, hid in the water tank with a gap, and then covered it quietly.

Alien 44: Don't Look Back At Night
Alien 46: Who Is This Man

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