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It was early in the morning. Most people in the hospital were not yet at work, only leaving some doctors and nurses from the nightshift. There were few people in the corridors leading to the wards, so Liang Chen and Yi Ti reached the vicinity of the ICU without any twists and turns. Of course, this was also thanks to Liang Chen. Although he had a babyface, he’s still tall enough. Otherwise, it’d be really easy to be discovered.

The female ghost didn’t know if she was lucky or not.

If she said she was unlucky?

She was hit by a car, and her body only had minor abrasions.

If she said she was lucky?

It directly knocked her soul out of her body……

That’s why, although unharmed, she remained unconscious and was placed in the ICU.

Yi Ti stood in the corner, secretly peeked, and found two people seated outside.

Wu……Dad……Mom……” Seeing the two made the female ghost cry out again. Fortunately, almost no one could hear her cry in the hospital. Otherwise, it’d be really noisy.

The two people who were called “Dad and Mom” by the female ghost were about 40 years old. They looked a bit bookish, but their faces were inevitably haggard, seeming like they hadn’t rested for a long time. “Dad” bent down deeply, holding his forehead with both hands, and with messy hair; and “Mom” sometimes picked up the handkerchief and wiped the corner of her eyes while looking at the ward from time to time.

Just then, not far away, a teenager came over. He was carrying a plastic bag in his hand as he walked in front of them.

“Pa, Ma, eat something.”

Wu…that stupid guy knew how to buy breakfast for our parents……so sensible……” The female ghost cried even more sadly.

The couple took the plastic bag but just held it in their hands, seeming as if not intending to take a bite.

“Pa, Ma, why don’t you go back first, I’ll stay here. You haven’t rested all night, your body can’t take it any longer.”

Wu……that naughty brat would comfort them……I’m so happy……” The female ghost seemed to be touched.

Although Yi Ti was shocked, she was a bit able to appreciate her thoughts. Because even though the young man looked at most in his senior year, he’s still a high school student. He was extremely handsome with trimmed short hair but definitely dyed——it looked like black, but under the light, it reflected a reddish color. Students could only rely on this to skirt the lines of school rules. And on his right ear, he also wore a glittering red stud. No matter how you look at it, he didn’t look like a sensible child, but more like in rebellion stage with chuunibyou disease.

“I’m not tired.” The middle-aged woman shook her head, “I’m looking out for Xiao Yu here. In case she walks away, she……” Having said that, she covered her mouth and sobbed again in a low voice.

The middle-aged man beside her stretched out his hand, patted his wife’s back, and put her head on his shoulder, silently comforting her.

The teenager didn’t speak and just turned sideways. His arms twitched wildly on his face, seeming to be wiping something.

Wu……I want to go home! I want to go home!” The female ghost cried terribly.

“Shut up.” Liang Chen gave her an intolerable stare, “I won’t care about you if it wasn’t for her.”

The ghost girl quickly covered her mouth, but the tears and snot kept flowing.

“……” Ugly ghost.

After a while, Yi Ti looked at her phone, then whispered: “It’s almost time.” Because she often got up early these days, she knew better than anyone about the sunrise.

“Leave those people to me.”


“Wait a minute, if you’re going to my parents……” The female ghost’s expression became stunned——this was because the werewolf young man had just placed the “sleeping” family members on the bench in a “sitting position”.

Then, he turned his head and made a “come” gesture to Yi Ti.

Yi Ti nodded, walked over with the bag, and directly entered the ICU. For the sake of the patient’s body, they couldn’t come in directly like this. However, she knew very well that this “Xiao Yu” sister, who had even forgotten her name, didn’t have this problem at all, so she was rest assured.

Seeing the sun come out, she quickly moved to take out what was in the bag. First use the glutinous rice around the ward to lock the soul and make sure that during the ceremony, the ritual wouldn’t fail because they left the room.

Immediately after, she took out a few incense sticks, ignited it, and inserted near the head of the bed. This was to lock on the soul.

At last, Yi Ti’s hand trembled slightly as she took out the rooster sealed by Liang Chen with tape. This was the most important part, so she took a deep breath, gritted her teeth, took out a needle and pierced the cockscomb firmly. With the blood flowing out of it, she drew the pattern that Pei Ling said on the phone on “Xiao Yu’s” forehead. Because the chicken was the most important medium, she had to take it with her, and fresh blood was better than stale.

After doing all this, she looked at her phone again, then looked at the female ghost: “Ready?”


“If you feel a suctioning force, never resist it.”

“Got it!”

Yi Ti nodded then suddenly tore the tape from the rooster’s mouth.

At the same time, the sun pierced through the sea of clouds, dedicating its first light to this world.

“Cock-a-doodle-do! ! !” The aggrieved rooster sang loudly at this instant, expanding its throat.

A rooster was calling out!

This was the time when life and death meet!

“Lost one, come before me, enter my mirror.” The moment she said this, Yi Ti picked up the mirror and aimed at the female ghost.

The next moment, the latter was sucked into it.

Without any hesitation, Yi Ti pointed the mirror at the body on the bed. She wondered if it was an illusion, but she suddenly felt like the mirror in her hand weighed a lot, making her hand tremble unconsciously. She worked hard to stabilize it as she shouted: “Go!”


The mirror suddenly cracked.

Immediately after, the cockscomb blood on the female’s forehead glowed a dazzling red light. Under the rooster’s crows, this light became stronger and stronger. In the end, it actually stretched into a red line and went through the mirror.


She lifted her hand, slamming the back of the mirror hard. It clinked before breaking into half, but at the same time, a white light ran along the red line and quickly flew into the woman’s forehead.

At that moment, the light quickly faded.

The blood on “Xiao Yu’s” forehead also strangely faded and eventually erased.

Yi Ti was relieved. Understanding that she succeeded, her hand went soft, and the mirror in her left hand also fell to the ground, creating a crisp sound.

The rooster next to her was startled and shouted even louder.


Oh-oh! ! !”


Oh oh oh oh! ! !”

Yi Ti helplessly held her forehead as she looked toward the woman on the bed, did her eyelashes seemed to flutter?

When she wanted to make sure, the door was suddenly opened.

“What are you doing? Let’s go!” Liang Chen, still dressed as a doctor, rushed in, grabbed her wrist, then pulled her out.

Although the ICU was soundproof, they couldn’t bear it if something unexpected happened.

“Xiao Yi, Uncle, Auntie, what happened to you guys?”

“Wake up!”

“Who? Stop!”

Of course, neither Liang Chen nor Yi Ti thought that at this time, someone would come to visit with the doctor. So when they heard footsteps and voices, the former rushed into the ward and dragged the latter to run all the way.

“Wait a minute!”

A whip suddenly swept over.

Liang Chen lightly said: “Bow down!”

Yi Ti bowed her head subconsciously. Although she escaped the whip’s shadow, the cap on her head was shot down. For the convenience of wearing it, she didn’t tie her hair, so at this moment, her black hair flowed down.

At the same time, she looked back subconsciously at the whiplasher, but suddenly found……

That man was actually the young man in the red shirt she met in Computer City that day. Beside him was the decadent young man who she unconsciously used as the prototype for Aggregate, shaking his wrists toward them, and flying out was……

A long needle used in Chinese medicine?

And it seemed……to have aura?

“Be careful!”

Yi Ti shouted subconsciously and at the same time, pushed the werewolf who was clearly aimed at. She didn’t know how powerful this needle was, but, compared to her who was also a practitioner, the monster Liang Chen should receive more damage.

“……hey!” Liang Chen was caught off guard and was pushed back, eyes widened, “You……”

Seeing that it would inevitably hit her, a blue tentacle flew out of nowhere, and firmly wrapped around the long needle flying in front of her.

With the crisp sound of “ding dang“, Yi Ti had no time to breathe a sigh of relief and thank “Cecil in the bag” when her wrist was caught again, and her whole body was dragged to run away.


In the process of being forced to run, Yi Ti was extremely puzzled because the man who caught her and made her run was obviously not Liang Chen. Who was this man wearing the doctor’s clothes? Why save her? And……what’s with this inexplicable familiarity? It was so much that she didn’t even have the thought of resisting.


Who is he?

In this way, they ran for a long time and only until they reached the woods of a park did the mysterious man stop.

Yi Ti freed her wrist from the other hand and took a few steps back. She didn’t know why she followed him all this way, but once they stopped, her feminine sensibilities made her feel a little more crisis.

“Tha-thank you for helping me.”

Just then, the other party turned around and looked at her.

Yi Ti’s eyes widened suddenly because she found……

Alien 45: Going To The Men's Restroom
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