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This man was like her, wearing a mask, so Yi Ti couldn’t see his face, but even so……

Those eyes!

She was shocked to find that this man actually had a pair of light blue eyes. Not like normal blue eyes. This color was light, even having some kind of transparent texture, looking like clear water. And when you look closely, it seemed to flash a little light, like a starry sea.

This was by no means eyes that humans could have.

With such eyes, she had only seen it on one person.

“Cecil……” She murmured, subconsciously touching the bag around her waist through the white coat. Unexpectedly or not……it was flat.

At the same time, the man in front of her yelled: “Xiao Ti.”

This voice……was also familiar to her.

Saying so, he gently removed his cap and mask, revealing a softly contoured young face. And the most eye-catching was the long blue hair that slipped with his movement. Not blue in the ordinary sense, it was much like his eyes——light blue and almost transparent……like a shimmer of fireflies in the summer night.

The morning breeze struck, wilfully disturbing the man’s long hair that reached his waist.

He looked as if he was glowing.

“This is……” Yi Ti reached out her hand subconsciously, grabbed a long strand of hair, then became even more determined. This was not an illusion, but something that really existed in reality.

The next second, the long hair in her hand slid down flexibly and entangled with her fingers.

Ordinary people’s hair can’t do this.

“Cecil.” She was sure, “It’s really you.”

“En, it’s me.” The handsome man with a soft appearance nodded seriously.

“……” Even so, you should still have some common sense, okay? Although she knew that Cecil’s gender was “male” and that he could become human one day, knowing and seeing it were completely different things. Because the gap was really too big——one was a soft jelly while the other was a tall young man……more importantly, “How did you suddenly become like this?” Didn’t he say that he needed to absorb two more sets of energy blocks?

With that said, she noticed that the other person’s eyes flickered.

This gave Yi Ti a bad hunch. She thought about it, then became wide-eyed: “Don’t tell me, you ate them all in one go.”

“……” Bows head.

“You really did ah!” Yi Ti almost wanted to vomit blood. She’s not distressed about the money, but rather… this guy clearly said that absorbing energy too quickly would not help his physical recovery, “Why do this?” It’s not good for him to do it so quickly, right?

“……” Looked down even more.


Even if he became human, the jelly alien’s personality had not changed. He whispered: “I also want to help Xiao Ti.”

“……” Yi Ti remembered their conversation yesterday and couldn’t wait to hit herself. If she was more concerned about Cecil that time, it wouldn’t turn out like this, right? But at the same time, she was also touched. He did this, just to help her, right?

This fool!

She took a deep breath, preparing to say something, but then suddenly felt something was not right. Looking down, the strand of hair wrapped around her fingers was shaking gently, as if wanting to pull her hand down.

His pathetic voice then came: “Xiao Ti, don’t be angry, I was wrong.”

“……it doesn’t help even if you say『you’re wrong』this time, okay?” Yi Ti held her forehead. He obviously transformed from a cute slime to a tall man, but he still managed to sell meng, so most of her anger was lost, “What are the side effects of you doing this?”

“After digesting all the absorbed energy, no new energy can be absorbed.”

“Anything else?”

“Digestion will slow down, by how much is unknown.”

“Anything else?”

“……physical coordination ability deteriorates, and I can only use this mimic for the time being.”

“Anything else?”


“Really?” Yi Ti grabbed his hair and lightly tugged, “Look into my eyes and say it.”

Cecil looked up and looked at her sincerely: “Really.”

He seemed to be telling the truth.

Yi Ti was relieved. Alright, there was no serious side effects. But she still asked a little uneasily: “Is there any damage to the body itself?”

“No.” Cecil shook his head, “It’s like how humans overeat and get a bit of indigestion. I just can’t eat anymore, but it’s okay to digest it.”

“……” He really wouldn’t be comfortable if he didn’t blacken Earth.

“When did you eat the energy block? Last night?”


“No wonder you looked strange this morning. When did you get out of my bag?”

“At the men’s restroom.”

“……you really had great timing.” That time, because of the rush to change clothes, she didn’t notice it at all.

The man lowered his head again, whispering: “At that time I felt like I was going to change form and I’m afraid to cause you trouble.”

Yi Ti thought about it. If a big man popped out of her bag, indeed……cough, she couldn’t just justify it with “abracadabra, transform to a living person”! She sighed: “In the future, don’t hide from me anymore, do you understand?” If this happened a few times, she wouldn’t be at ease.

“Sorry, I made you worry.”

“Then show me that you’ve learned your lesson!”

“En.” Nod.

Because of his “good attitude of admitting his wrongs”, Yi Ti decided to let him go. Then she realized, they’ve talked for so long but she didn’t even remove her mask. No wonder she always felt like she wasn’t speaking loud enough. But then again, fortunately, she was wearing a mask. Otherwise, her appearance would be exposed at that time.

Those two people……

Who were they?

The long needle thrown by the decadent man obviously contained aura. Is he also a cultivator? Even that person who held the whip?

After opening a brain hole and finally reaching the conclusion of “not understanding at all”, Yi Ti returned to her senses and found that her ability to walk away was getting stronger and stronger. What made her helpless was that someone was staring at her without blinking. It seemed like the amount of time she was gone was equal to how long he stared.

Yi Ti took off her mask: “What do you think I’m doing?”

“Xiao Ti.” He looked at her carefully, “Are you no longer angry at me?”

“You guess?”

“……” I can’t guess ah. QAQ

Yi Ti was amused by his “instant grief” expression. Although his shape had changed, Cecil was Cecil. As long as he looked at her with such eyes, how could she get angry? This guy, sure enough, was born with a foul appearance.

She reached out her hand, subconsciously wanting to rub the alien’s head, but “sadly” found out——not tall enough!

So, why did the originally small slime suddenly become more than 1.8 meters tall after becoming a human? Even taller than her, this was too unscientific! ! !

The tangled Yi Ti had completely forgotten that she had already been insulated from “science” long ago.

She helplessly retreated but he took a step, reached out and grabbed her hand.

The youth’s hand was a bit cold. Yi Ti’s fingers subconsciously curled up, then she remembered, his temperature seemed to have always been this way. It’s just that he’d been a slime and then a sphere so she didn’t feel anything. However, his human figure felt a little cold.

He carefully held her hand with both hands, as if holding some treasure, then, slowly squatted down and put her hand on his head. He then let go of her hand, raised his head like a puppy and looked at her as if saying——this way, you can touch me.

“……” want me to pat you, right? Rather than a pat, this time, she would like to grab him and smash!

Cecil blinked, looking at Yi Ti who was slow to react, and hesitantly said: “Xiao Ti, why won’t you touch me?” Was she still angry?

Cough, cough!” Yi Ti almost choked. It’s obviously a normal sentence, but why does he make it sound so abnormal?


“……” She quickly patted his head twice, then withdrew her hand, “All right!” Saying so, she unconsciously put her hands behind her back and rubbed her fingers gently——Cecil’s hair felt so good, almost like silk.

Cecil felt a bit lost. The time it took Xiao Ti to touch his head was significantly shorter than before……did she like the other form better? Really a pity that he couldn’t turn back temporarily.

“Speaking of which, your appearance is too conspicuous.” Yi Ti, who forced her shame to ran away, bent down and pulled on Cecil’s hair, “Walking on the road like this would definitely attract attention.” Should she buy him a wig or a hat?

The next moment, she was surprised to find that his hair turned from this dreamy blue to the most common dark black of the sky along with his eyes.

“Although I can’t change my appearance, these details can be adjusted slightly.” Cecil said, “Do you also want to turn my skin color to black?”

“Stop!” Yi Ti quickly stopped him, that would be terrible, “It’s fine.” This guy’s humanoid skin was really too good, fair and delicate with no flaws. Anyway, this was taken for granted because he’s a slime. Although there were men with such good skin, it’s not in the range that ordinary people couldn’t accept, so it’d be a pity to remove it.

The young man, who almost turned himself into a double black person, nodded seriously: “I like it too, it looked a lot like Xiao Ti.”

“……” This guy’s way of expressing his affection to his friends was really straightforward, sometimes to the point of embarassment.

One way or another, after this modification, her alien friend finally looked like a human on Earth. Although 80% of people walking on the street would still look, he wouldn’t be kidnapped.

“How?” Cecil stood up, looking eagerly at Yi Ti.

“Turn around for me to see.” Cecil dressed as a doctor……

“……” Although a bit shy, Cecil turned around obediently, then asked nervously, “how is it?” He really cared about what she thought.

“Not as good as it was just now.” Although he looked very handsome, after the adjustments, he now seemed ordinary.

“……” TAT

Yi Ti quickly comforted him: “It’s okay, you’re so handsome now, so much that you can make a living out of it.” She coughed twice, then honestly said, “And I don’t care about appearance.”

“Xiao Ti……” Touched, so touched, so so touched……

“Right, at home, you can change back to your original one.”

“……Xiao Ti!” Didn’t she say she didn’t care about appearance? That touched feeling was gone!

Alien 46: Who Is This Man
Alien 48: Something's Very Wrong With This

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