Alien 48: Something’s Very Wrong With This

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Facing Cecil’s “complaint”, Yi Ti turned her head guiltily: “Everyone loves beauty, so don’t mind it.”


“Speaking of which, Cecil, isn’t your clothes a bit short?” She noticed it a little earlier, but now it’s more obvious when she took a closer look, “Can’t you simulate it to be longer?”

Cecil’s eyes flew suspiciously again: “……the clothes are not mine.”


“I can only change the shape of my body, it doesn’t include clothing.”

“So,” Yi Ti widened her eyes, “That time you were in the toilet……” Is that true? She covered her mouth, and can’t help but “pfft!”. Although she knew that it’s a bit unkind to laugh at this time……she couldn’t help it ahh!

“……” TAT Xiao Ti is too much……

Cough, cough,” she coughed several times before barely converging it into a smile then asking again, “Where did your clothes come from?” She remembered that Liang Chen only hid two sets of clothes, so……

“At that time someone came in, and so……”

“You took off his clothes, and put it on yourself?” Yi Ti looked at the shirt, trousers, and a white coat on the man. With the underwear and socks left, that poor doctor wouldn’t be considered streaking, right?

Cecil bowed his head sincerely: “……I’m sorry, I was wrong.”

Yi Ti: “……” He’d been on Earth for so long but this guy just got worse. However, this good attitude of admitting his mistake……

“But before he saw my face, I knocked him out.”

Yi Ti: “……” Hey! Are you really admitting your mistake?

Also, why did this guy have an “I really worked hard, praise me” expression?

“Next time, don’t do this.” Helpless.


“Moreover, if you knocked someone and left them in the toilet, they’d catch a cold.”

“I don’t think so,” Cecil shook his head, then said, “I put him on the toilet and even found a quilt to put on him.” According to the current weather, he wouldn’t catch a cold anyway.

Yi Ti: “……” S-sleeping in the toilet? That will make others treat him as a pervert! And, “Since you had time to get the quilt, why didn’t you just walk out?”

“But……” The young man answered with entanglement, “If the camera captures a naked man walking out of the toilet, he’ll be treated as a pervert.”

Yi Ti: “……” Why would you care about this kind of thing!

She’s very lucky right now. She just picked up this jelly alien and let him wander the Earth for a while but he then turned into a “newspaper devil” almost immediately. After all, such a sight would cause that much destruction, which was okay?

“All right, let’s go home first.” Yi Ti felt that the safest choice was to take this guy home.

“En.” The young man nodded, approached her, reached out and grabbed her bag then froze.

“What were you about to do?”

“Can’t get in……” QAQ

“That’s a matter of course, right?” Yi Ti was helpless while tugging at his long hair, “Let go.”

In this way, they took off their white coats in the woods and went straight home. Yi Ti didn’t throw away the camouflage supplies and instead put it in the space. She planned to go back and dispose of it. Although the other party didn’t seem to chase them, it’s always right to be careful.

Speaking of which……

Did she forget about something?

Right, Liang Chen!

Yi Ti finally remembered. Since leaving the hospital, she had never seen the werewolf youth again. She pulled out her phone subconsciously, then remembered that unlucky guy blasted his phone again last night. He shouldn’t be able to buy a new one right away. Is he back, or still……

As they walked out of the park, she heard a “gu——” sound. Yi Ti covered her belly. Too much exercise this morning made her hungry. This happened in front of Cecil, so she’s not shy at all, because after staying together for so long, he’d seen her embarrassing side, again and again, so this trivial matter was perfectly fine.

Cecil glanced around. His eyes suddenly lit up as he said: “There are buns on the opposite side, want to eat?”


“I’ll buy it then.”

“En, go.”


Yi Ti looked at the awkward Cecil then asked strangely: “What happened?”

“I don’t have Earth currency……”

“You speak as if you have other currencies.”

“……” Don’t dismantle people. TAT

Yi Ti can’t help but think of him as an extraterrestrial tyrant. Is this his first time to taste being poor? Cough, gloating is shameful.

She opened her wallet, took out a banknote and put it in his hand: “Okay, you can go now.”

Cecil took the money very solemnly and folded it on his palm: “I will use it well.” That solemn attitude made her feel ashamed.

“Be careful when crossing the road.”

“Got it.”

This way, Yi Ti stared at his back while her thoughts went to Liang Chen.


Yi Ti was relieved at hearing that cranky voice: “Are you okay?”

“What can I do?” Liang Chen gave her a scornful look, “Take a look at yourself first before you say that.” In fact, after fleeing separately, he was indeed chased by the man with the whip, but he got away in the end, then he sniffed her smell and ran here.

“……” She didn’t say anything.

“If you encounter that situation next time, don’t be so nosy. That weapon won’t hurt me at all.”


“If you are injured, I will just leave you, I’ll never carry you!”


“Did you hear me? !”

“I heard you.” Yi Ti responded very perfunctorily. He obviously wanted to thank her, but this guy was so nasty, he can’t be saved. Let alone the opposite sex, even the same gender would be insulated.

“……take me seriously!”



Yi Ti said she was serious when she took it seriously, so she said very seriously: “This time, I really bothered you. Liang Chen, thank you.” This incident was because of her. It had nothing to do with him, but he stayed up late to help make all the preparations. They also encountered someone dangerous and was almost injured. Anyway, she should be grateful.

When she got serious, he instead turned his head away to avoid looking at her: “……even if you say so, I will definitely not help next time!”

“Right.” Yi Ti put her hand into the bag (actually in the space). She originally wanted to take out a few bottles of potions for gathering aura. This was refined a few days ago and she just kept forgetting to give it to him. But the moment she took it out, she hesitated. Considering this guy’s sensitive personality, taking it out now would make him feel insulted, right? For example, if she said “I want to give you something” or the like, he’d say “I didn’t help you for this kind of thing” or something like that……

She always thought it would be very troublesome. Forget it, she’ll give it a few days later.


“No, it’s nothing.”

The young man snorted: “Stop the chatter.” Then he pointed with his chin, “Go back.”

“Wait a minute.”

“Still have something?”

“En, waiting for Cecil.”

Liang Chen slightly raised an eyebrow: “You brought that weird thing out too?”

Except for Yi Ti, only Liang Chen and little Hong Ye knew that Cecil existed (no, they’re not people!). Of course, they didn’t know that Cecil was actually an alien and only regarded him as a monster that signed a contract with Yi Ti. After all, there are many kinds of monsters. Even old monsters who have lived for hundreds or thousands of years dare not say that they know all species of monsters.

And, compared to “alien”, isn’t a monster more acceptable?

“Don’t be surprised when Cecil comes.”

Liang Chen laughed out loud: “Why would I be……” He did not finish talking, because he showed a surprised expression at seeing the man approaching them——he smelled exactly like that strange monster.


“Xiao Ti, I bought something.” Cecil, who went on a self-service shopping on Earth for the first time, was obviously a bit excited. He raised the bag in both hands and showed it to Yi Ti, “There are vegetable buns, meat buns, shumai, and soy milk.”

“……how can there be so many?” Can you buy two big bags for that little money? It’s just enough for one bag, right?

Cecil explained: “I only bought one bag, but I read my archives and learned that……when you buy things here, there are often gifts, so I asked the boss if there were any gifts, and she gave me another bag.”

Yi Ti: “……” He’s swiping his face.

She looked at Liang Chen: “Let’s eat together.”

Someone grunted: “Who wants to……” Before he finished, they heard a “gu——” sound from somewhere.

Yi Ti: “……” She seemed to hear his face crack.

But she also knew, she couldn’t laugh this time, because Liang Chen was not as good-tempered as Cecil.

At this moment——

“Give you.” Cecil raised a bag and handed it to the werewolf, “Aren’t you hungry? Please eat.”


His expression was gentle and innocent, his eyes filled with sincerity that even the grumpy werewolf can’t find any points to be mad at and only feel that kindness.

After a moment of silence, Liang Chen reached out for the bag: “Thank you.”

Yi Ti was surprised. After all, for the first time, she heard this guy say thank you and felt it was incredible.

Cecil narrowed his eyes and with a gentle smile: “You’re welcome.”

“……” Don’t go overboard.

Yi Ti touched her chin. Could it be that the proud Liang Chen can’t handle a person who frankly displayed their goodwill? If so, that would be fun.

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