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Alien 49: Inspiration Came Suddenly
Alien 51: This Must Be True Love

In the end, not only did Ling Yu fail to take the umbrella, but he also left the bread he bought.

After the bread was split into five in the rain, he stood up, helplessly sighed, turned around and prepared to go back, but then heard a sharp call: “Meow! ! !”

He looked up suddenly and found a big cat standing on the trash can, its eyes looked at him fiercely.

“Mother cat? Wait……” Seeing the mother cat pounce on himself, Ling Yu backed up again and again. He accidentally stepped on a banana peel, and fell on the ground heavily, “Ah!”

When he sat up clutching the back of his head, the scene before him suddenly changed.

Just then, music flowed in along with light colors.

Ling Yu stood up from the lush green meadow, wearing a white priest’s robe and holding a white staff. He took a deep breath of fresh air and looked in four directions.

The scene changed at this time.

Viewed from above, with Ling Yu as the center, you could enjoy the magnificent scenery of the prairie as the music became soothing at this time.


A gust of wind passed by.

They all say “the wind blows grass and you’ll see cattle and sheep”, but what you see here were not cattle and sheep, but monsters. For example, a rabbit that could spit fire, a sheep that could attack with lightning, a cow whose horns could rotate like an electric drill……

The music suddenly became tense at this moment.

All monsters turned their heads at the same time, their eyes turned red as they stared at Ling Yu without blinking, then charged at the same time.

Ling Yu was surprised, but the corner of his mouth suddenly raised to a smile. Holding the staff with both hands, he swept it in front of him like a spear and rushed toward the monsters without hesitation.

The music became intense at this time.

Next was Ling Yu’s dazzling scenes. From time to time, his movements would freeze, like in the comics, showing off the violence of a priest.

But with more and more monsters, Ling Yu gradually became powerless. An iron horned cow rushed forward, and seeing that he was about to be injured……

An arrow arrived like a blast!

The green wave that followed stirred up the grass.

It firmly inserted into the forehead of the iron horned cow. The latter fell to the ground and countless grass splashed.

Ling Yu, rescued from the crisis, suddenly looked back and found a burly “elf” dressed in green leaves and holding a bow and arrow giving him a thumbs up.

Just then, a thin man quickly rushed into the monster group. He was wearing a black cloak and looked just like a thief.

The monsters swooped in one after another.

Just then, he suddenly tore off his cloak and an epee with a width of several tens of centimeters appeared in his hand. After making a sweep, he slammed it to the ground. A terrifying earth fissure instantly appeared in front of him. He grinned, giving Ling Yu a wretched smile as he poked the sword in his hand into the chrysanthemum of the lightning sheep next to him, taking away its last drop of blood.

After an explosion of BGM, the three men cooperated with tacit understanding.

But just then, the music suddenly tensed up.

The monsters stopped, and the trio subconsciously looked to one side. They saw a man in a crimson magic robe standing on a high slope not far away. He held a dark black magic book in his left hand while his right hand held a crimson wand shaped like a flame. The breeze blew, his robe danced, the hood quivered slightly, and a red strand of hair fell, the magician’s face loomed.

Immediately after, he suddenly raised his hands.

A raging fireball appeared at the top of his wand.

The monsters backed slightly while making threatening low growls.

But the trio’s face changed greatly as they turned around and ran without thought.

The next second, a fireball shot out!

It gorgeously bypassed all monsters, and steadily hit——

Ling Yu’s ass!

“Why am I always the one who’s hurt? ? ?”

The man who finally got the opportunity to speak shouted.

The next second, he plunged into the ground face down. The inconspicuous swordsman stood silent with his hands folded. The archer took out three arrows and after lighting it from the fire on his ass, he inserted it to the side, just like incense. The magician who found himself in trouble quickly extinguished it with water magic, but it accidentally rushed toward his two other teammates.

“……you bastards, pull me up! ! !”

Yelling so, the scene changed again.

Ling Yu suddenly opened his eyes and was surprised to find a wet touch on his face.

The music softened at this time.

He sat up, glanced around, and found himself lying under an umbrella. Several kittens crawled back and forth curiously on his body, one on his thigh, three on his chest, and two more on his head.


The female cat squatted next to him, licking the back of his hand and emitting a mild cry, different from before.

At this moment, the rain stopped, the clouds dispersed, and bright daylight shone once again on Earth.

Ling Yu was sitting on the ground, under the “meow meow meow” cries, tender music entered. Squinting softly, he looked up at the sky with a smile.

At last, the name of this online game was printed on the screen.

The violent priest who liked to beat monsters with his staff, the strong archer who ruined the beautiful image of the elves, the low key swordsman who always liked to attack the “critical point” and the offbeat magician who loved to play handsomely but always managed to attack his teammates. And the characters who appeared in the later stage, such as the bloody thief and so on……each one was a “non-mainstream” in their profession, but this group of people named their guild as the “Brave Alliance”. As everyone knew, they have a better-known title, yes, that was——

《Shame of Online Games》!

But, it was this group of guys who brought countless joy to the readers. In their eyes, these people are not shameful, but real heroes.

Once everything was done, Yi Ti was relieved.

Have to say, the audio plugin that Cecil recommended was really powerful. In addition to being able to voice the characters, she could also write music according to her requirements. Of course, there was also a lot of music that had been copyrighted in the universe and some for casual use.

She tried the former this time and the effect was very satisfying.

After watching it several times, she felt like she was a little petty. She touched her face and felt it was really hot. This was probably called burning up from “Pride and Arrogance”.

After exhaling slowly, she saved the film. Looking at the time, it’s already over eight o’clock. Yi Ti saw that the store was almost open at this time and thought about taking Cecil out to buy some clothes. She couldn’t always make him wear other people’s clothes, right? Not to mention it didn’t fit him at all.

Speaking of which, there’s a set of brother’s clothes at home. That should replace Cecil’s clothes first. Anyway, they’re about the same height, about 1.85 meters.

Thinking so, she opened the chat software on her computer. Coincidentally, Formaldehyde happened to be in the three-person chat group.


Formaldehyde (XXOOXXOO) 08:12:21

Anyone here?

Aggregate (XXOOXXOO) 08:12:25

(picks nose)


In normal mornings, Aggregate usually appeared more than eight in the morning, but the time when the three would come together……would be after eleven o’clock. Actually, Yi Ti suspected that he actually had manuscripts, because even if he only showed up at eleven the next day, the updates would be made before twelve. Well, appearing at three in the morning was more certainly this guy’s evil taste.

Of course, this matter has not been confirmed.


Long XiaoTian (XXOOXXOO) 08:12:30

I’m also here.

Aggregate (XXOOXXOO) 08:12:37

Ya, this is rare, I can see you before ten o’clock, this only happened once or twice after I met you, right?

Long XiaoTian (XXOOXXOO) 08:12:45

……I’m also very busy.

Aggregate (XXOOXXOO) 08:12:52

Are you busy sleeping? (smirk)

Long XiaoTian(XXOOXXOO) 08:12:58


Formaldehyde (XXOOXXOO) 08:13:07

Cough, you two, stop developing your relation……wrong, friendship, I have something to say.

Long XiaoTian (XXOOXXOO) 08:13:10


Aggregate (XXOOXXOO) 08:13:17

We don’t need development, it’s already full, right, AoTian……wrong, XiaoTian. (pulls on feet)

Long XiaoTian (XXOOXXOO) 08:13:21

What’s the matter?


Yi Ti held her forehead. Let’s change the topic or else she’d lose her manners in front of these cheeky guys. Thinking back then of how much she respected him, right now……forget it, she couldn’t mention the sadness.

The creatures called authors are really like white lotuses——you could only look from a distance.

Otherwise, the cruel reality would make you muddy your face!

What Formaldehyde said was related to the comics. According to him, the printing was ready to begin and the publisher wanted to print their pictures, so he wanted to ask the two for photos.


Aggregate (XXOOXXOO) 08:14:35

In fact, I already gave it to XiaoTian.

Formaldehyde (XXOOXXOO) 08:14:46

A 2D picture? That’s fine. XiaoTian, when can you make it?

Long XiaoTian (XXOOXXOO) 08:14:55

I already finished drawing.

Formaldehyde (XXOOXXOO) 08:15:03

Oh? Send it to me.


The Aggregate looking at the screen raised his brow. Although he entrusted this matter to the other party, he was actually quite curious about what kind of image he had in the mind of the other party.

“Your picture?” Zhao Mingqi, who was preparing to go to work, looked at the computer from behind him, “How was it?”

Aggregate opened: “Wise, mighty, extraordinary, noble, great, brave, tenacious (500 words omitted)……”

“……you are truly an author.” He said so many words at once without repeating.

“It’s a must!” Thumbs up.

“But, just your virtues?” Zhao Mingqi raised a brow as he looked at someone, “I’ve been meaning to ask, smoking while eating a cucumber, how does it feel?”

“Do you want to try?” Aggregate passed a cigarette butt and a cucumber tail to his friend.

“……no need.”

“Oh. Then help me toss it.”

“Hey!” Zhao Mingqi watched the cigarette butt and cucumber tail stuffed into his hands, a few blue tendons prominent on his forehead. He really wanted to stuff these things into his mouth!

Just then, a picture popped up on the screen.

Zhao Mingqi took a look and was shocked. It wasn’t until the cigarette butt burned his fingers that he recovered. He looked at his friend, but couldn’t tell the expression on his face: “Have you met?”


“That……” How could it be like this? Although the face was completely different, the actions and aura……

Aggregate raised his hands and stretched: “This is true love ah!”


The lazy young man took the cigarette case from the table, tapped the bottom, and popped a piece to his mouth, then ignited it.

After taking a deep breath, he spat out a smoke ring, and started typing——


Aggregate (XXOOXXOO) 08:17:35

How dare you corrupt my image, XiaoTian, what did I do to deserve this wrong? !

Formaldehyde (XXOOXXOO) 08:17:43

Is there corruption? I feel like it’s very much like you.

Long XiaoTian (XXOOXXOO) 08:17:50

The editor is wise!

Formaldehyde (XXOOXXOO) 08:17:55

Right, XiaoTian, what about yours, send it here too?

Aggregate (XXOOXXOO) 08:18:00

Yes, let’s take a look. (raise knife)


Despite such threatening words, his expression was very calm in reality, he didn’t even raise his brow.

Soon after, another image popped out.

After Aggregate took a closer look……

“Cough, cough!”

He spat out the cigarette in his mouth and coughed for a long time. For no reason, this picture was really impactful. If his portrait was still in the human category, then this one……looked like an alien?

A regular pentagonal face, thick eyebrows that grew into the hair, a nose that looked cut out like a knife, only a millimeter thick mouth……

In a sense, this was really the standard Long XiaoTian.


Aggregate (XXOOXXOO) 08:20:15

Thanks, seeing you, I suddenly feel much more handsome.

Long XiaoTian (XXOOXXOO) 08:20:19



“You two have a good relationship.” Zhao Mingqi put on his coat, “I’m going to work.”

Aggregate waved to his back: “That’s right. Bring a roasted chicken when you come back at noon.”

“……as I said, I’m not your nanny!”

“Oh, remember to ask the boss for more sweet sauce.”


A while later, the door slammed.

Sorry, this “abuse” to the poor door was normal, so Aggregate’s eyes didn’t even leave the webchat.

Alien 49: Inspiration Came Suddenly
Alien 51: This Must Be True Love

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