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After that, Formaldehyde talked about another matter. Although the comic publishing had been set in stone, before it was officially sold, it’s best to build momentum first. Although the news had been announced on the Wei Feng website and other related websites, he still asked if they had other ideas.


Aggregate (XXOOXXOO) 08:25:31

How about a box of cigarettes come with the comic book during an event?

Formaldehyde (XXOOXXOO) 08:25:40

……please let go of the flowers in your head, thank you!

Aggregate (XXOOXXOO) 08:25:47

How about a lottery on the website?

Formaldehyde (XXOOXXOO) 08:26:03

This can be considered, but it’s not something I can decide.


Formaldehyde told the truth. The larger the site, the less likely it was to make a decision unless this comic showed a corresponding value.


Aggregate (XXOOXXOO) 08:26:15

The girls can send a photo and give me their private contact information. If I recognize them as beautiful, they can get the comics, what do you think about this?

Formaldehyde (XXOOXXOO) 08:26:27

……cough, XiaoTian, do you have any ideas?

Long XiaoTian (XXOOXXOO) 08:26:30


Aggregate (XXOOXXOO) 08:26:31

Don’t ignore me.


Yi Ti took a deep breath, and carefully typed word by word——


Long XiaoTian (XXOOXXOO) 08:27:54

How about using animation?


As soon as these words came out, both Formaldehyde and Aggregate became silent.

After a while, they typed a line each.


Aggregate (XXOOXXOO) 08:29:05

Cough, pretty good.

Formaldehyde (XXOOXXOO) 08:29:06

Although this idea is very good and can even be said to be the best result for every popular comic, it’s a bit difficult to implement.


Formaldehyde spoke gently, but the status quo was actually more severe than what he said.

Even if you don’t understand animation, most people in the industry were still very clear about it. Because there was no special industry chain, the difficulty of adapting a comic into animation was not small. Even if there was a chance, it might not be possible to get good quality ones. And the theme of “online games” was unlikely to pass the review. You have to know, even a toddler’s comic often has a warning——for example, a wolf who played the bad guy was beaten by the wife with a pan.

It was because there’s a “violent tendency”.

Not to mention, online games and Internet addiction was often a landmine topic to parents.


Long XiaoTian (XXOOXXOO) 08:30:40

Actually, I already made a trailer, would you take a look?

Formaldehyde (XXOOXXOO) 08:30:43


Aggregate (XXOOXXOO) 08:30:43



After saying so, it only took a few minutes to upload the video in the group chat.


Long XiaoTian (XXOOXXOO) 08:30:51

If you’re free, can you take a moment to take a look?


They had to say, they were once again shocked by “Long XiaoTian’s” words. If before because of his “whimsical nature”, then now because of how fast he moved.

Let alone Aggregate, Formaldehyde was also emotional——


Formaldehyde (XXOOXXOO) 08:30:57

If this is not love……


Yi Ti: “……” Hey hey, do you need to say this?

Aggregate simply sent a picture of crying while hugging her thighs.

Then, the two disappeared at the same time.

Yi Ti knew they should be watching the video.

What would they say?

She obviously had confidence in the animation, but she was also nervous enough that even her palms were sweating. Since learning cultivation, she hadn’t “sweated” for a long time.

However, the trailer was different from the comic and animation since everything was her own idea. Even the music was modified to her own ideals. Although it might still be terrible, she really worked hard.

The waiting time was not objectively long, but for Yi Ti, it was unspeakable torture.

She looked forward to seeing the other two’s comments, but also afraid of seeing it because if she couldn’t respond to their expectations, she’d be very disappointed……


Formaldehyde (XXOOXXOO) 08:40:23

F*c* F*c* F*c* F*c* F*c* F*c* F*c* F*c* F*c* F*c* F*c* F*c* F*c* F*c* F*c* F*c* F*c* F*c* F*c* F*c*! ! !

Aggregate (XXOOXXOO) 08:40:27

F*c* F*c* F*c* F*c* F*c* F*c* F*c* F*c* F*c* F*c* F*c* F*c* F*c* F*c* F*c* F*c* F*c* F*c* F*c* F*c*! ! !


The two then filled the screen with the word “F*c*”.

Yi Ti: “……” Does that mean they approve?

Her anxiety instantly disappeared.

What else could she say, she was very happy.

Because their attitude should be appreciation for her hard work, right?

With this emotional message, she silently watched the two spam the chat group for a while. A few minutes later, they finally calmed down.


Formaldehyde (XXOOXXOO) 08:45:12

If this is not love……

Aggregate (XXOOXXOO) 08:45:17

Then what is it!

Long XiaoTian (XXOOXXOO) 08:45:23


Aggregate (XXOOXXOO) 08:45:30

Brother XiaoTian, this slave will be yours in the future! (wink flirtatiously)

Long XiaoTian (XXOOXXOO) 08:45:35


Aggregate (XXOOXXOO) 08:45:40

Little buddy, don’t go! (holds thigh)

Formaldehyde (XXOOXXOO) 08:45:42

Jokes aside, this trailer was really amazing. Even a layman like me feels that the quality is very high. It must have taken a long time, right? Did you ever sleep these days?

Long XiaoTian (XXOOXXOO) 08:45:50

I’m fine


At this point, Yi Ti paused for a moment, then continued——


Long XiaoTian (XXOOXXOO) 08:46:00

I made it with my friends.

Formaldehyde (XXOOXXOO) 08:46:05

So it’s like that.


It didn’t cause suspicion so Yi Ti was relieved. Also, it’s not a lie. Without someone inventing the mind converter and without Cecil, it’s absolutely impossible for her to make a trailer smoothly.


Formaldehyde (XXOOXXOO) 08:46:10

Your friends are amazing!

Long XiaoTian (XXOOXXOO) 08:46:17

Yes, we want to make this animation together.


As soon as she spat out this sentence, Formaldehyde and Aggregate went silent for the third time today. But since the number of blows had been enough, this time they recovered quickly.


Formaldehyde (XXOOXXOO) 08:47:19

Are you serious?

Long XiaoTian (XXOOXXOO) 08:47:26

En, in fact, I have a few minutes of animation here, want to see it?


The fourth silence began.


Formaldehyde (XXOOXXOO) 08:47:31

If this is not love……

Aggregate (XXOOXXOO) 08:47:37

then what is it!

Long XiaoTian (XXOOXXOO) 08:47:40

……enough already.


Soon after, Yi Ti sent the previously made animation episode separately. Because it’s only the first chapter, it’s just a few minutes but it’s complete with voice-overs and music.

After watching it, they spammed the screen with “F*c*” again, but because there’s the trailer in front, their mood was much more relaxed this time.


Formaldehyde (XXOOXXOO) 08:55:19

XiaoTian, are you and your friends interested in working with our website?


Although he hadn’t gotten permission from his superior, the trailer and animation had undoubtedly shown their corresponding value. This high level “team” was worthy of it. And he believed, as long as the management had eyes, they would definitely not refuse.

If this cooperation could be reached, then Wei Feng website would open a road to a new theme that few people could take.

This was a very tempting cake.

Whoever ate first would get the most!

But the initiative was obviously not in their hands.


Long XiaoTian (XXOOXXOO) 08:55:40

Sorry, we just want to make Aggregate’s works.


Yi Ti thought for a while and chose to refuse. First, she’s not short of money right now; Second, she’s not ready for this.


Formaldehyde (XXOOXXOO) 08:55:51

Okay, I understand. But, if you have this intention in the future, could you give priority to our website? After all, regarding novels, our website is still very confident.


Formaldehyde knew this matter could not be rushed, otherwise, it’d cause them to lose the other party’s favor. And his last words weren’t false, regarding novels, everyone in the Wei Feng website had this confidence!


Long XiaoTian (XXOOXXOO) 08:55:55



In the end, Formaldehyde sincerely felt——


Formaldehyde (XXOOXXOO) 08:56:06

Aggregate, it’s your luck to meet this true love powder (fans).

Aggregate (XXOOXXOO) 08:56:10

Good character is the key. (thumbs up)


Formaldehyde shook his head and sighed, not taking any of this guy’s words to heart. Except for this, at least he’s not completely lacking. But even so……

He’s sure that if the animation could really come out as promised, then Aggregate and his novels, which were originally niche, would quickly become popular. Compared to online games, the reach of animation was much wider. For young people of today, they could say that they have never played online games, but rarely would they say that they had not seen an animation.

If this animation could maintain this current level, no, even if it’s half the standard, it’s bound to attract a large number of loyal fans.

Until then, it’d be hard not to think of it!

Thinking of this, Formaldehyde was a little proud again. When he signed Aggregate, because this guy insisted on “practicing his promise to the readers” and refused to enter V, he was teased by some colleagues. Now it seemed, this might be one of the most correct decisions he’d ever made and not just that. It might even be the most correct decision in a lifetime!

Aggregate and Long XiaoTian hand in hand, they were all he needed!

He couldn’t help humming the song while copying the trailer and animation from the computer to the U disk. He then got up to find the big boss in the editorial department. Such an important thing must be reviewed, and incidentally, make his face known.

Ai ma, life is really wonderful.

He didn’t know that when he left “dancing”, everyone around him thought he was ill.

Of course, soon after, they would be envious of this guy’s “dog luck”!

Relative to his consideration, what Yi Ti and Aggregate thought was undoubtedly much simpler.


Aggregate 09:00:40

When will you come back, I’ll invite you to dinner.

Long XiaoTian 09:00:45



Yi Ti thought that they’d probably never have such an opportunity——because “Long XiaoTian” never existed.

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