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After an hour.

She could say that they’re a really tenacious race. Even after such a long verbal confrontation, neither of them showed fatigue at all. Instead, Yi Ti, who was watching, transitioned from happily watching to boringly yawning at the end. She began to regret having Cecil stay in his room (This was because she believed in Liang Chen, not the blood clan). Even talking to him would have been fine.

Wait, didn’t Xue Ye take his grandfather to see her?

Where’s the grandfather?

Yi Ti glanced at the vampire who unknowingly entered the room and had the intention to fight before walking to the door. Looking outside, she was not surprised to see a black car parked in the street.

And almost the moment she looked, the window fell down and an old face was revealed. He looked kind.

Is he the driver? Driving even in his old age, this seemed to be Xue Ye’s grandfather.

Soon after, the door opened. The first thing to appear was a shiny black leather shoe, immediately followed by ironed black trousers……Yi Ti was not surprised to find that the old man was wearing a black tuxedo (It can be seen from Xue Ye that the blood clan seemed to prefer this type of clothing). Inside were a white shirt and a black bow tie. The short hair that had completely turned silver was meticulously combed and made him look rigorous and solemn. He’s an amazingly trustworthy old man.

Yi Ti couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. When she heard his stories as a young man, she was simply shocked. Not to mention curing his problem, she was also worried about getting along, but that didn’t seem to be an issue now……

Thinking so, she opened the glass door and was preparing to say something when she suddenly saw the back door open and a boy in the same suit jumped down. He seemed about seven or eight years old and had a very beautiful and soft black hair. Even more amazing was that he actually had a pair of cat-like pupils——the left eye was blue and the right eye was red.

Although they’re wearing the same black suit, the colors on his were undoubtedly richer. Inside was a blue shirt with a white bow tie at the neckline. There was also a brooch studded with red stones, red as blood, flashing bright colors. His lower body had very age-appropriate half pants and horse riding boots, making the whole person look handsome and lively.

All in all, for Yi Ti, this was a rather lovely looking young boy.


She subconsciously glanced at the “watch” she was wearing and the resulting data indicated that this boy obviously didn’t belong to the human category. He’s a vampire.

Another descendant of Xue Ye’s grandfather?

“Grandfather.” Not knowing when the quarrel stopped, Xue Ye quickly walked over with an awkward look on his face, “Sorry, I was absent-minded.”

Yi Ti: “……” Isn’t it more than a matter of misdemeanor?

“Let me introduce you,” Xue Ye said, “This is Miss Yi, the legendary Plant Cultivator. This is my grandfather and another offspring he recently transformed.”

Yi Ti thought, ‘I knew it, ah, but it’s embarrassing to be called “legendary”.’

“Please come in.” She said as she got out of the way, smiling like the perfect host, “I have sweets over here, would you like some?” Since he’s only recently converted, isn’t he too young? Also, because little Hong Ye occasionally comes with Liang Chen, she always had candy on her person.

Glancing at Yi Ti, the boy turned around and asked Xue Ye: “Can I bite her?”

Yi Ti: “……” Must have a good temper!

Xue Ye: “……” After a while, he coughed softly then whispered, “Miss Yi, did you get it wrong?”

“? ”

“This,” he made a gesture, “is my grandfather.”

Yi Ti felt unwell.

This little boy was Xue Ye’s grandpa, are you kidding me? !

Not to mention anything else, he……is he even fully developed!

Maybe it was her skeptical gaze that touched a fragile nerve on the “young boy” that made him ask again: “A’Ye, can I bite her?”

Xue Ye had several blue tendons on his forehead: “……grandfather, if you do this, you will be chased and killed even by practitioners in China. You don’t want your kneecap to be broken here, right?”

“That sounds really troublesome.” Touching his chin, “but she smells really good.”

“You can’t just eat even if it smells good!”

Yi Ti: “……” Is this a normal conversation between grandfather and grandson?

Just then, Liang Chen laughed out loud: “How stupid are you?”

“……ah? ”

Xue Ye connected the words: “Miss Yi, sorry, I forgot to tell you in advance, the kinship relationship between vampires is not the same as humans.”

Immediately after, Yi Ti experienced a biology lecture once again.

In short, while humans often adjust fertility policies, the blood clan had been worrying about fertility issues. Because from the early days, very few vampires were born normally from their parents. Even if there was, after the child was born, the probability of the mother dying was also high. With one life and one death, their population as a whole had not increased, not to mention a tragedy where the child didn’t survive.

And so, normal fertility was far less convenient than “blood-giving”.

Of course, this was not as evil as described in novels or TV series where humans were randomly bitten to become a blood slave or something. If that was the case, their race would have ruled the world, and just raise humans as pigs.

First of all, the number of times a blood clan could transform someone was limited. The targets were generally humans because the bloodline of other races are likely to conflict with theirs, so there’s a high chance of failure;

Second, even if the success rate of transforming humans were relatively high, it’s only relative. In fact, it’s still quite low;

Normally, the stronger the bloodline, the higher the chance of a successful conversion. But even so, after running out of conversions, the result would be a failed vampire which, unfortunately, was not in the minority.

Last, every conversion, whether it succeeded or not required a fair amount of blood. In short, the blood race’s strength would decrease and they might even sleep for eternity;

That’s why, generally, the blood clan was not willing to perform the conversion ritual since it’s too much trouble.

Of course, the result of the failed conversion was actually not as bad as described in the novels. Rather, it’s the opposite——this human will slightly be stronger than normal people but the direction was uncertain. It might be speed, power or maybe something else. Of course, there might be situations that they’re not afraid, but hate sunlight like the blood race do, and it’d be regarded as “sequelae”. But compared to the power they obtained, what’s wrong with this symptom?

Therefore, many humans were very willing to accept conversion.

Unfortunately, this opportunity “cannot be met”.

Xue Ye called the “shota” grandfather because the people who converted him hundreds of years ago was transformed earlier by this ancient vampire. The elderly man wearing the tuxedo was also a blood race transformed by the “shota”, so Xue Ye had to call him “uncle”. In terms of “blood relationships”, they do come from the same vein since the blood flowing in their body had a common origin.

And as the “parent”, the “shota” also had a degree of control over his offspring.

It’s also because of this special inheritance method of the blood race that made Yi Ti become a joke.

Even so, Yi Ti couldn’t make herself call the boy “Grandpa Xue”, although she knew that he’s indeed a super super super super old man from the age point of view.

Fortunately, the “main character” was introduced immediately after. This old vampire was named Angus‧(omitting more than twenty words)‧Sorostel. The original name of the old man was very ordinary——John ST. Of course, now the suffix “Sorostel” had been added. He was originally a housekeeper. Later, because the always adventurous blood prince suddenly felt that he needed a dedicated steward when he passed by, he bit him. Don’t know if he’s lucky or unlucky, he had served this lord until this day.

By the way, Xue Ye’s so-called “recent” also meant for hundreds of years.

Yi Ti decided not to believe in the “age concept” of the blood race anymore, it’s so unbelievable! ! !

“You can call me Angus,” The “shota” took a spot and sat down familiarly while saying, “Of course, it would be even better if you could remember my full name. I like to hear people call me that, it reminds me of some wonderful experiences.”

Yi Ti agreed, that experience must not have been wonderful for others.

And after a few pleasantries, the treatment started.

Because everyone here was in the know, Angus showed his knees in front of everyone. Yi Ti, who was sitting opposite him, noticed that the apparently pale as snow but actually hard as a stone skin really had a scar on it. It’s not too deep and looked like it was just made as a bit of blood leaked out.

“Because the wound contains divine power, it can’t heal.” He waved it off and said in a heroic tone inconsistent with his body, “The old Pope was too stingy. That is what his head looked like, why would he be embarrassed to show it?”

Yi Ti: “……” No, isn’t this completely your fault?

“Because of this, since they can’t beat me or do anything else, those losers actually formed an alliance and hunted me all day. It was really troublesome.”

Yi Ti: “……” What did he do afterward?

“But here is China. Those bunch of fools also didn’t dare come over easily to kill me.” Angus laughed proudly, “But if they foolishly come here, it should be fun to beat them up again.”

Yi Ti: “……” This guy didn’t want my help to heal him at all, right?

“Grandfather,” sensibly aware of Yi Ti’s mood, Xue Ye coughed, “Please calm down.”

Angus glanced at the youth with those rare heterochromatic eyes, then pursed his lips: “Boring grandson, men should have their blood boil anytime, anywhere, so you don’t waste your life.”

“Our blood clan is inherently cold. Also, our lives are long. I think a little waste should be fine.” Xue Ye looked at Yi Ti, “Miss Yi, you can completely ignore his words.”

“Unfilial son!”

“I am your grandson. Also, Miss Yi, you can ignore the nagging of the elderly, you can start treatment at any time.” Smile.

Yi Ti: “……” This grandparent and grandchild relationship was unexpectedly good.

However, this was obviously not the time to think about this.

She took a deep breath, reached out a finger and put it on the “shota’s” knee. At the same time, mobilizing a little bit of her body’s aura……

Alien 53: Refreshed Three Views Again
Alien 55: Goodbye Grandfather

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