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After about an hour, the “new clothes” were also purchased. Yi Ti herself……unconsciously bought two more sets. Because of the need for customization, it probably wouldn’t arrive very soon, but she wasn’t in a hurry.

The tragedy was that her good mood suffered a blow shortly thereafter.

Women, once they started shopping, couldn’t stop. Since they already spent money, they might as well buy something else.


Just when she paid!

She painfully found out——no money.

Yes, her card balance only had three yuan and fifty cents.

Yi Ti: “……” Lies!

“Xiao Ti?” Cecil watched helplessly as someone who was full of energy suddenly fell on the computer weakly as if her whole life was gray. He anxiously asked, “Are you okay?”

“How could I be okay……” QAQ

Thinking back, this was to be expected.

Because she had a brother she could rely on, she had little savings before graduating from college. Although her brother objected verbally when she decided to work in this city, he kept on funding her in the first few months. This didn’t stop until her job became stable——he reluctantly agreed after she repeatedly asked him. But every time, her brother would still ask “Do you have enough for living expenses? Shall I give you some?” or something along those lines……

The benefit of being a teacher was that all three meals could be solved at school during class. Even so, it’s still impossible for a newcomer to save too much money.

After moving here and experiencing no “stress”, she unknowingly relaxed to the point that when she returned to her senses, sure enough, she ran out of money. The so-called “flower shop”!

No, more than just not making money, with the utility bill added, isn’t it a loss? Although she really liked the job of raising flowers, she would get hungry if she went on like this.

“Xiao Ti……”

Yi Ti looked up and found that someone was still staring nervously at her. She felt secretly fortunate. Although this guy was also a big spender, fortunately, he didn’t use Earth’s currencies.

“I’m thinking……”


“If I should rob a bank or something.”

Cecil nodded solemnly: “Then I’ll research it.”

Yi Ti: “……Hey! Are you really going to do it?” I was just joking.

“No.” Cecil still answered seriously, “I’m looking for ways to help you get your prison sentence reduced.”

“……” He’s really reliable……

“I’m also kidding.”

“It’s not funny!” She almost started crying, okay? She already unintentionally took him on a path of no return called “online games” but to take the road of crime, wouldn’t she be killed by his mother?

“I know Xiao Ti won’t do such a thing because you are……”

“Please stop with the good guy card.” Yi Ti sat up, looking at someone with one hand on her cheek, “At this time, priority should be given to methods of making money.” She didn’t plan to use the money left by her master since self-reliance was the better choice. However, she also didn’t want to be forced to make money through the mind converter. It seemed unlikely that the flower shop business would improve in a short time, so it’s better to start in other ways.

In other words……

At that moment, her cell phone rang.


“Oh, of course, I remember, this afternoon? En, I have time, what time? Good, I’ll wait for you then.”

“Is anyone coming this afternoon?” Although Cecil’s hearing was sharp and he could clearly hear the call, he usually didn’t listen when she’s on the phone out of respect for her. However, he was also curious. What happened on the phone that made Xiao Ti’s mood suddenly change for the better?

“Yes,” Yi Ti smiled at her little friend, “Somebody sent money.”

The so-called “giver” referred to Xue Ye.

As they agreed just now, at half-past three in the afternoon, he would bring his grandfather to the shop. Yi Ti thought about it then called Liang Chen and told him about it. After all, he’s the one who said to find him.

At three in the afternoon and while complaining “Why do you always cause some trouble!” Liang Chen still came to the shop on time.

After Yi Ti poured him a glass of water, she asked: “Speaking of which, do you know Mr. Xue’s grandpa?”

“I just knew that guy had a grandpa.”

“So it’s like that,” Yi Ti curiously asked, “What kind of person would he be?” Although he sounded detached when he was young, now that he’s older, he shouldn’t be like that, right?

“What good can that bat’s family have?” The werewolf youth scoffed at her positive outlook.

Yi Ti: “……” Almost forgot the hostile relationship between the two, “But then again, the relationship between your two races is really bad.”

“Who said this?”

“……isn’t it?”

“Of course not.” Liang Chen replied with an expression of hatred, “Don’t get me wrong, I just hate Xue Ye, but the relationship between werewolves and the blood clan was actually not bad.”

“……” Is that actually the case?

“You humans just like to make up things and even treat those things as reality.” Liang Chen snorted coldly, “Our two races have been called 『Moonlight Clan』and we have always been in an alliance.”

Yi Ti nodded.

Speaking of which, the legends about these two races had indeed always been related to the moon.

“Now that cooperation is closer.”

“Really?” She was interested.

“Do you know where the blood race is now?”

“……Yes.” Every time this was mentioned, Yi Ti always felt the urge to burst into tears while thinking about her teenage years when she still liked to read novels and comics about this topic. A human teenage girl and a handsome vampire, how fascinating, but what if this vampire became a pig farm manager?


“We werewolves have inherent advantages in smell and taste, so most are engaged in food-related industries.”

“That means……”



“There are people who work in big hotels while some also opened their own stores like me. And for the raw meat ingredients, it is always provided by the blood clan.”

“……” Yi Ti didn’t know what kind of expression to show.

As a girl, she thought that the werewolf and vampire should talk like this——

“Dirty werewolf, you don’t deserve that girl!”

“I should be the one saying that!”

“For my beloved, let’s duel!”

“Ah, just what I want!”

And now it’s like this——

“Hey, blood clan, how much is a pound of pork for wholesale?”

“Werewolf brother, how much do you want? We’ll give you a 20% discount on the wholesale price of more than three hundred catties.”

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, everyone is a partner since you patronize our store. Right, how about beef?”

“I’ll buy that too!”

On this, Yi Ti just wanted to say——

“Return my childhood dreams!”

Although this kind of fantasy might have been gone for a long time, this kind of cruel reality was too shocking, okay?

“What’s with that heaven is falling and earth-shattering expression?” Liang Chen gave Yi Ti a scornful glance, “Don’t let your human fantasies rest on us, after all, who would be so bored to die for a woman? Besides, for our very long-lived race, to fall in love with humans is tantamount to masochism.”

“……” I’m sorry for fantasizing about it.

“Of course, there are also guys who think that playing is fine because a human’s life is much shorter and it will not cause too much trouble.”

“Scum! Wrong, slag wolf!”

“……I didn’t do it!” Liang Chen felt like he was innocently accused.

“Although not now, who knew in the future.” Not just human men these days, even male werewolves were like this, really unbelievable. Sure enough, only her family’s Cecil could barely keep her innocence, although every day he seemed to be moving in a worse direction.


“Right, then why do you and Mr. Xue have a bad relationship?” Yi Ti was even more curious. After asking, she felt it’s inappropriate and quickly waved her hands, “I’m just asking casually, don’t worry about it.” It should be very private.

“There’s nothing to say.”


“We bumped into each other when we first met and he knocked over the soy milk in my hand.”

“……that’s it?”

“That’s it.”

“……” Hey! This kind of hostility for such a trifling matter was ridiculous, right?

“Isn’t it better to tell the truth?” A familiar voice came from the door, “Fortunately, I came a little earlier than the agreed time. Otherwise, I won’t know how you smeared my image in front of a Plant Cultivator.”

“Do people like you need to be discredited when your original personality was already black?”

“Oh, isn’t that better than some people who are covered in dog hair?”

“Are you looking for a fight on purpose?”

“It’s you who’s looking for it.”



Yi Ti: “……” Why was this happening again? And, it’s really embarrassing for two big men to quarrel across glass doors, right?

“Deliberately concealing the most critical points and you claim it’s not slander?” Xue Ye sneered.

“What did I hide?” Liang Chen cracked his fingers, “Words aren’t enough, you give me your life!”

“That time, I was full of your soy milk.” Xue Ye lowered his voice. There was even a faint sound of grinding teeth, “That was the most comfortable outfit I ever wore, limited-edition and handmade. Even if I order it again, it wouldn’t be exactly the same.”

“Isn’t it okay if you just washed it? If it’s a problem, then throw it away!”

“The soy milk is fine, but you also stained it with oil from the fritter, leaving such a distasteful smell. The clothes were touched by that disgusting thing. As soon as I put it on, it reminds me of bad memories.”

“Don’t blame your obsession with cleanliness on me! Do normal people take a bath seven or eight times a day and change clothes every time? No wonder you can’t find a girlfriend!”

“You speak like you have one, normal women can’t even stand your strange temper.”

“Aren’t you also amazing? A bat that throws away his underwear after using it once is neurotic!”

“Haha, you can take out the insoles that had been wet with sweat and dry them for reuse. Werewolf’s dirty behavior can’t make people agree.”



After that, Yi Ti was forced to listen to countless secrets about these two “life and death” enemies. Although……she really didn’t want to know at all. Having said that, on the one hand, they were extremely disgusted with each other, and on the other hand, aren’t they very familiar with the other person?

Alien 52: She's Really Not A Pervert*
Alien 54: Hello Grandfather

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