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Alien 56: The World Is So Fair
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For Lu Kong’s encounters, Yi Ti was stunned and said: “……aren’t you going home?” Why would he wander around the city?

“Don’t mention it. With just over seven yuan, I can’t buy any tickets. I originally wanted to take A’Jiang here to ask for a ticket and go back, who knew……”

“You got lost?” She wasn’t surprised at all.

“How could I be lost with A’Jiang,” The young man barely got up then wiped his face, those are men’s tears, “His nose is exceptional.”

When he said so, Yi Ti remembered what she seemed to have forgotten: “Right, what about A’Jiang?”

“Something happened with the old man on the other side so he was temporarily called back using the contract. I thought it was convenient since he can tell things directly to the old guy. But I didn’t expect,” The more he said, the sadder he became, “He was gone forever! He didn’t completely forget about me, right.” TAT

“Probably not……” Yi Ti felt that this was not a good time, but still felt like she should comfort this guy, “Maybe something happened?”

“I hope so,” Lu Kong wiped his face again. He then went on bitterly, “I want to temporarily return to your house and stay in the vicinity. The result……you understand.”

“……” Yes, she fully understood, but, “You’re not too……” She looked at the other carefully. Compared to their last meeting, how he looked right now was really a tragedy——messy hair, glazed eyes, slightly sunk in cheeks, and the gray robe on his body became ordinary sportswear, looking crumpled and a little dirty. The sunny youth in the past became like this……she coughed softly, “Is that so?” He’s too…

Lu Kong covered his face, seemed like his whole person felt sick: “I haven’t found any job for so many days since I had to compete with several people even in the moving bricks industry……can you imagine it? How my life these days are……” TAT

“……” That was really miserable.

“Retribution! This is all retribution!” Lu Kong seemed to have turned on a switch, letting out a continuous stream, “Did you know? After forming a contract with a monster species, there’s a price to pay when summoning it. Like the contract with our family. All immediate family members would summon them in a ceremony, but, each summon requires a certain amount of blood. I used to think it was too wasteful, so I found ways to avoid it from the ancient books at home, then quietly used it during the ceremony.”


“No, it succeeded, or rather, half succeeded.” Lu Kong sighed, “Since then, I don’t need to pay blood for calling A’Jiang, but then I realized that was because I paid everything at once.”

“What do you mean?”

“Since then, my luck has become rather bad.”

“……” It can also be done this way?

“You don’t believe it.” Lu Kong told his own experiences, “Aren’t we classmates in the past, do you remember the rumors about me?”


Cough, that I’m a super invincible lucky man.”

“So to say,” Yi Ti thought for a while then quickly remembered, “Is winning that prize real?”

Lu Kong nodded: “Yes, I just bought a lottery ticket on the way to school and the lucky winner would win 100,000 yuan in our district.” Recalling his past memories undoubtedly made him proud, “In fact, aside from that time, I also won several awards one after another. The total amounts to almost a million.”

Yi Ti’s eyes twitched. She always felt that this guy was pulling hatred. With a touch of jealousy, she not very kindly said: “That’s over now.”

“……” The youth burst into tears in an instant, “Yes, that’s all over!”

So, it’s really necessary to be smart!

Although the word “luck” meant nothing, it’s true that Lu Kong had began his doom after using the methods on the ancient books, so much so that his family was shocked. After learning the truth of this matter, Father Lu first gave him a beating, then locked him up for three months. Immediately after, he destroyed the book that he hadn’t taken seriously before, in case someone went down the same path as him.

According to his elders, the luck of Lu Kong was actually very good, because if the method recorded in the ancient books was really a “one-time payment”, then it’s not impossible to lose his emotions or his life without knowing it, but he just lost that. It was really the last manifestation of his good luck. Of course, because Lu Kong didn’t say anything about the situation at the time, no one knew if he lost his good luck forever. He might have lost it for only a while, all in all——he was now an unlucky guy who could do anything wrong!

“Probably because I gave『luck』during the ceremony to sign a contract with a monster, they might have accepted only part of the price I lost, so when staying with A’Jiang, my luck is not too bad. At least, not so bad as now. As soon as he goes away……” TAT

Yi Ti felt she should comfort this guy at this time, but she really didn’t know what to say. She could only silently reach out like before and pat his shoulder: “……my condolences.”

“As an old classmate and future partner,” Lu Kong looked at Yi Ti with a sad expression, “When I suffered such a mental shock, shouldn’t you give me some substantial comfort?”

“……” Have to say, Yi Ti was quite allergic to the word “comfort”. Although she knew that the other party should have no meaning at all, she was still a little nervous, “What comfort do you want?”

Lu Kong laughed twice: “I……”


Just then, there was a sudden noise in the room.

Yi Ti looked back and found that the electric kettle actually fell to the ground. Hot water was “spurting” from it and Cecil stood aside, looking helpless. He quickly turned around and apologized to her: “I-I’m sorry……” He didn’t want to be like this, listening to Xiao Ti’s conversation with others, but……

“Really,” Yi Ti walked back, “Cecil, you can’t do this next time.”

“……sorry.” The youth bowed his head, depressed in his heart. He didn’t want to offend her and make her hate him, but it always seemed self-defeating. Obviously, no matter what he did, he knew that the inexplicable “unhappiness” in his heart made no sense, but it just existed and he had no way to expel it. At this moment, his mood was extremely complicated as he apologized, “I’ll be careful next time I take it. It will not fall again……”

“I’m not talking about that.”

She interrupted him.


Yi Ti watched someone’s eyes become blank and helplessly sighed: “In the future, your first reaction should be to jump away!” This guy was still not used to being a human, he’s too easy to be spotted. She yanked on Cecil’s legs wet with hot water, took a closer look, and was relieved, “Fortunately it didn’t reach your feet. You might not have that kind of luck next time, you know?”

The young man blinked: “……” Xiao Ti didn’t care about the pot, is she worried about me?

The frustration disappeared just like that. On the contrary, joy burst into full bloom. This emotion made his eyes glow with joy for a moment, looking sparkling. Yi Ti suddenly felt it was a pity. If he wasn’t worried about the existence of Lu Kong and turned his eyes and hair black, the eyes dyed with this beautiful glow should look like a blue ocean covered with silver sand, right?

“Xiao Ti.”

“……don’t look at me like that again.” This guy is too foul!

“Xiao Ti!”


Grab, lift.

An alien who reverted to his old habit when he was in a good mood grabbed Yi Ti with both hands and happily kept holding on.

“Xiao Ti!”

“……what the hell? If you move too fast, I’ll feel dizzy!”

“You are so nice.”

“……” Is it to okay to send good guy cards while doing this?


Yi Ti watched his happy expression, a silly expression to her, and suddenly thought it was okay. She just had to pamper him a little bit.

“I said……”

Someone finally couldn’t stand it.

Lu Kong covered his belly, lied down beside the door and tried to crawl into the house: “Dear, did you forget that there is still a single dog here?” Hateful, really want to burn this heterosexual couple to death! And, one of them was his first love……although it’s a thing of the past. But why didn’t he have a girlfriend? Why? !

Yi Ti: “……” Even to show your anger, do you have to crawl?

Seeming to have guessed what she wanted to say, Lu Kong vomited blood: “You think I want to? I lost my way in the alley near your house for three days and hardly eaten anything. I have no energy to stand up……” Tearfully, “I’m hungry……hungry ah……”

Yi Ti had an epiphany, is this what this guy called “substantial comfort”?

There’s really the rhythm of him eating whenever they met.

Holding her forehead, she helplessly said: “I see, you can eat anything, right?”

“Good person!” Lu Kong showed a moved expression as he struggled to reach out and form a thumbs up, “You’re a good person! I almost fell in love with you again!”

“……” Suddenly want to kick him out.

Yi Ti sighed then picked up the phone: “What do you want to eat?” Looking at him like this, it’s completely impossible to go out to eat.

“Stuffed cabbage roll soup, wonton noodles plus dumplings, shumai (steamed dumpling), fried dumpling and youtiao (deep-fried breadstick), and also……”

Yi Ti: “……” What should she do now?

In this way, someone ate up Yi Ti’s 75 yuan. She was left with an auspicious 80 cents.

Alien 56: The World Is So Fair
Alien 58: You're Her Apprentice

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