Alien 58: You’re Her Apprentice

Alien 57: You're Also A Poor Ghost
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After a full meal, someone leaned on a chair, patting his belly like a pregnant woman, satisfied and sighing, and even burping a couple times. She didn’t even know where he got a toothpick. As he picked his teeth, he happily said: “It’s been twenty days since I ate until full.”

Yi Ti had reached a point where she had nothing to say regarding the luck of this old classmate. After swallowing the last bun, she asked: “What are you going to do next?”

After Lu Kong thought about it, he said: “Keep looking for a place to move bricks, then wait for A’Jiang to come back.” Then he said a little embarrassedly, “Well, can you pick me up from work?”


“I don’t know the way……” After having a full stomach, he finally thought of “saving face”. While coughing awkwardly a few times, he said, “I’m afraid as soon as I go out, I can’t come back.”


Yi Ti was speechless.

There are many roads nearby but it’s not that complicated. Didn’t he see how the students run around every day after school? She hadn’t even heard anyone who got lost here.

She sighed: “Forget it. If you don’t mind, you can stay here first.” She really didn’t want to be his “parent” and always look after him on the streets, right? Of course, she actually preferred to put him in a nearby hotel. The issue was……she currently had no money on hand. So she could only find a way to get the money, then boot him out.

“Can I?” Lu Kong sat upright, surprised but asked gratefully.

“I happen to have an extra room in my house. You can live there, but, only until the day before National Day because after that my brother would come.”


Upon hearing those two words, someone felt unwell all over.

Yi Ti watched the young man who got under the table like a thunderbolt, nodding: “Yes.”

“I-I-I-I’ll go and m-m-move the bricks.” Shake.

“……calm down.” Yi Ti held her forehead, “What did he do to you?”

Lu Kong turned his head, a heavy shadow on his face: “You don’t want to know.”

“……” No, the more that was said, the more she wanted to know.

After a long time, someone finally crawled out from under the table. He struggled back to the chair and rubbed his hands, embarrassingly said: “Right, Yi Ti, there’s one more thing I want to ask you.”

“Say it.”

“Because I was too hungry before, I pawned my robe, sword and magical instruments in a pawnshop for money, can you lend me some money to redeem them?”

Yi Ti: “……”

“Of course, I will definitely pay you back later!”

She sighed, silently took out a handful of coins from her pocket, and slapped them on the table: “This is all my money.”

“One two three four five six……” Lu Kong counted them one by one, “Eight dimes? Why are you such a poor ghost?”

“It was seventy-five and eighty cents, ” Yi Ti, stimulated by the “poor ghost” comment glanced at him, said, “before someone asked for a meal.”

“Sorry!” Someone burst into tears.

Yi Ti sighed, really “poor and lowly people condole each other”.

“Not right ah,” Lu Kong returned to his senses, saying in surprise, “My old man said that Spiritual Plant Cultivators are the super tyrant in our circle, how could you be so poor?”

“Because I haven’t opened yet. I thought you could bring me business, but……” stare.

“I’m really sorry!” Someone burst into tears again.

“Forget it.” Since she figured out “how to make money” last night, Yi Ti was not very concerned about this issue. She looked up and down at Lu Kong, “Would you like to take a bath and change your clothes?”

“Can I?” Starry eyes, a girl’s bathroom, it’s exciting just thinking about it like that!

Yi Ti twitched the corners of her mouth. She always thought that this guy was a bit cumbersome, is it an illusion? But——

“Do you have a change of clothes?”

“……sold it for money.”

“……” I knew it.

Don’t know what he thought, Lu Kong suddenly held his chest with both hands, shouting about his chastity: “Don’t make me wear yours, I would rather die!”

“You think too much.” Yi Ti was shocked by this guy’s brain, “I’m afraid you’ll break my clothes. There are men’s clothes at home, just that……” She measured his height slightly with her eyes, “You seem a bit short.”

Lu Kong vomited three liters of blood.

You are short……



Are only six or seven feet men considered handsome?

Do you think everyone is as good as your brother and boyfriend?

Is it too annoying to make exceptions to the standard or something! ! !

“Speaking of which, your height seems to be about the same as Liang Chen, I’ll try asking him about borrowing clothes.” Saying so, she picked up the phone.

“I don’t want to wear that werewolf’s clothes!” Someone protested.

“Ask Liang Chen or wear Cecil’s who is ten centimeters higher than you,” Yi Ti pointed to Cecil, who was sitting quietly while playing on the internet, then “ruthlessly” said, “You pick one.” Besides, she was quite worried if Liang Chen would even lend his clothes to this guy, after all, their relationship looked very bad.

“……he’s only nine centimeters taller than me!”

“……” Is that the point here?

Just then, Cecil looked up and sincerely said: “It’s 9.34 cm.”

Lu Kong: “……”

Yi Ti coughed softly, innocently stabbing someone was the most terrible. But then again, Cecil’s mimicry was really perfect, Lu Kong didn’t even see any abnormality at all and seemed to treat him as a human.

Finally, after considering it, Lu Kong tearfully chose the former.

Yi Ti called Liang Chen. Although he cursed, he still agreed and said to come over later.

While waiting, Lu Kong obviously wouldn’t make Yi Ti change the subject. He asked again: “Right, you just said I was your first business. Does that mean that after talking to me, you hadn’t taken any business yet?”

“En.” Yi Ti nodded, “Before that, I was not short of money, so I didn’t care.”

“Right, what’s your forum account name, tell me.”

Yi Ti was a little unclear so: “Account……name?”

“Didn’t you know?” Lu Kong looked surprised, “Didn’t the Spiritual Plant Cultivator who took you in tell you anything about the『Hundred Ways Altar』forum?” After leaving here last time, he also inquired a little bit nearby and realized that a hermit lived here. That should have been the Spiritual Plant Cultivator, but she seemed to have died. Calculating the age, she should be a legendary person…… he didn’t expect her to open an ordinary flower shop in such a place and even accepted his old classmate as an apprentice.

“Hundred Forum?” Yi Ti tried out the strange nouns and vaguely felt like she’d heard it somewhere.

“En, it’s a Hundred Ways Altar, not Hundred Forum.” Lu Kong explained, “In fact, this is the base that cultivators set up on the Internet. Almost all my colleagues in the cultivation world gathered there. We use it to exchange messages and conclude transactions. Of course, it’s a hidden site, so even if there’s a URL, the relevant information can’t be browsed at all unless you have an account. And you could only get a verification code from a silver member to register a new account.”

“It sounds very secure.”

“Of course,” Lu Kong proudly said, “This is our home base.”

“Speaking of this……” Yi Ti suddenly turned around, opened a drawer of the counter, pretending to look around, but actually taking a notebook out of the space. After opening it quickly, sure enough, she found a note in it. There was a password that combined a huge Chinese character “橙, chéng, orange” and a line of English numbers. There was also a small line written next to it——You can turn here, just explain that you are a junior spiritual plant cultivator. If you make up your mind to touch this world, just go to the Hundred Ways Altar.

When Yi Ti first saw it, she was crazily refining potions and didn’t know Lu Kong at the time. She did not even think of reaching out to this circle, so she put it aside, then eventually forgot about it.

Now reminded by Lu Kong that there was such a thing, she wanted to cry——master, you forgot to write the URL! ! !

Since the website was hidden, searching for the “Hundred Ways Altar” obviously didn’t show up anything.

She walked to Lu Kong with the note: “Is this right? Master left it behind.”

Lu Kong’s eyes skimmed it, then his hand shook instantly: “Orange? Your master is actually orange? !”

“……” Compared to the young man who seemed to be frightened, Yi Ti felt he was too scared, “Is this account famous?”

“It’s not a matter of being famous. In the realm of cultivation, even fools know about it!”

Yi Ti: “……” So sorry she’s not as good as a fool!

“Cough, that’s not what I mean.” Then someone found out that he said something wrong. He coughed awkwardly then explained, “If this is really your master’s account, then she’s a really great person.”

Soon after, he explained.

The membership level setting of this website was very simple and popular——black iron, bronze, silver, gold and then diamond.

Among them, the number of bronze members was the largest, because the members who just entered were black iron, and they usually upgrade quickly. Of course, this upgrade did not rely on online time and the number of posts, but rather the contribution made, such as the amount of information shared or the number of tasks undertaken.

From bronze to silver was more difficult to upgrade. If you want to complete the upgrade by the number of tasks, it’s simply impossible, because it also had requirements for task difficulty. For example, Lu Kong. Although he had been in the business for several years and his talent was also pretty good, he’s still a little bit away from silver.

If black iron, bronze, and silver could still be reached by ordinary people, then the distance to gold was undoubtedly a natural moat, very difficult to cross. Those who could almost become a gold member were all famous people in reality. For example, the master of Lu Kong’s family was one of them.

There are only seven diamond level characters and all use color as their own name——red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and purple.

Alien 57: You're Also A Poor Ghost
Alien 59: Look for Orange Grape Juice*

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