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Yi Ti looked back and found Pei Ling standing behind her. She was wearing a light yellow dress today with a thin white shawl on her shoulders. Her light brown hair curled loosely behind her head and a few strands slipped to her temples, swaying gently with the wind. The whole picture looked gentle and moving.

“It really is you, Miss Yi.” Pei Ling ran and greeted them, “I thought I mistook you for someone.”

Yi Ti was preparing to answer when she felt uncomfortable at the waist. A glance revealed that someone was poking her desperately.

“What are you doing?” She whispered at the shameful man.

“You know that beauty with at least D cup.”

“……yes.” Isn’t it rude to call out their attribute like that?

Cough, help introduce me.”

“……” This guy’s been out of the loop all the time.

Yi Ti helplessly turned her head, not knowing how to speak.

Pei Ling looked at her in confusion: “Miss Yi, what can I do for you today? Is it because of your friend? If it’s like this, I may be able to introduce you to someone.”

“No,” Yi Ti waved her hand, “That had been resolved. Actually, I came today……for shipment.”

“Shipment?” Pei Ling tilted her head with a doubtful expression, “I don’t do express delivery here.”

Cough!” Someone who wanted to brush their sense of presence coughed slightly, “This lady, are you the one in charge of the TianQiao point?”


Yi Ti was surprised to find that Pei Ling’s eyes suddenly sharpened, but soon returned to her usual gentleness, saying with a slight surprise: “It turns out that Miss Yi and this gentleman are also fellow people, please come in.”

Immediately, she stepped forward to guide the way.

“Miss Pei, let me help you hold your things.” Come on.

Pei Ling covered her mouth and embarrassingly said: “I’m sorry about this.”

“It’s okay, this is the duty of every gentleman.” Flicks hair.

Yi Ti covered her mouth, whispering to Cecil to the side: “What to do? I feel a little sick.” He wanted to look charming, right? Then where is he staring!

Cecil, after listening, silently pulled out a plastic bag: “Use this.”

Yi Ti vomit blood: “Why would you bring this kind of thing on your body?” Is this guy determined to be Doraemon V2?

“Because Xiao Ti has motion sickness.” Using China’s idiom ‘preparedness averts peril (idiom, to be prepared, just in case)’, “I also brought plum and ginger, which one do you want?”


Helpless, she seemed to see two white wings open behind his back——he’s so sweet!

At the same time, Lu Kong was upset.

Unfortunately, even if he found a way to be close to the shopkeeper sister and when he wanted to find his “comrades” for a buff, the two threw out flash bombs without care about the others. Too abominable! Hmph, when I have a girlfriend……

“Miss Pei, what’s in your bag?” Worming one’s way into being friends.



Opening the store, Pei Ling turned her head and said with a smile: “Snake.”

“Ah! ! ! ! ! !”

Yi Ti, who was talking to Cecil, was frightened by a scream. She just turned around when she saw Lu Kong, who was originally sticking close to elder sister Pei, directly threw away the plastic bag in his hand, then rolled and crawled behind her, shivering.

Her: “……” What the hell happened at that moment? And no matter what happened, isn’t it the opposite?

“S-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-she ah! ! !”

Lu Kong’s miserable cry made everyone fully appreciate his fear of something.

Yi Ti was confused when she saw a few bright, poisonous snakes crawling out of the black plastic bag on the ground. She subconsciously stepped back, preparing to find a brick or something else when she saw Pei Ling bent down, cleanly held the seven-inch snake, and flicked gently. It successfully lost consciousness and then it was shoved in the plastic bag.

Yi Ti: “……” Girl, I respect you for being manly!

“Sorry, it scared you.” Pei Ling explained softly, “Some instruments use snake venom and snake blood, so I bought it specifically.”

“It’s okay.” Yi Ti shook her head, “And it’s obvious it’s this guy’s fault for throwing the plastic bag away.”

“Knowing that there’s a snake in it, how could I carry it calmly!” Lu Kong squatted behind her, holding his head with both hands and caging his face in shadows. He looked completely unwell, “Every time I see those things, I would remember my experience of being swallowed by a python when I was a child. If not for my luck, I’m already……”

Yi Ti: “……” So, what magnificent life experience have you experienced?

“Ah, could it be that you’re the young master of the Lu family?” Pei Ling looked surprised.

Yi Ti asked: “You know him?”

“No,” Pei Ling shook her head then replied, “But I heard mom talk about him, it made an impression.”

“Oh?” When Lu Kong heard this, he actually became spirited, “What, what?” Standing up and flicking his hair, “What did you hear that impressed you?”

Yi Ti: “……” Isn’t this guy too quick in regaining his spirit?

“The part where you were swallowed by a snake.”


“When my sister and I are not obedient, mom always used this as negative teaching material to educate us.” Pei Ling said with a smile, her beautiful face full of memories, “Saying that if we’re not obedient, we’ll be swallowed by the snake. Because of this, I practiced snake catching since I was young.”

Lu Kong: “……” Squat, hold your head.

Yi Ti, faced point blank with those words, really didn’t know what to say. But, was the saying “airheads cuts people cleanly” true? They just met for the first time, but Miss Pei Ling, who had innocent intentions, damaged brother Lu Kong physically and mentally. His soul almost floated out of his mouth. This level of hardship was comparable to Wang Feng but would never make the headlines.

Immediately, several people entered the store.

Yi Ti found that from the outside, this was really an ordinary magic store. There were a lot of shelves, so much that it made the shop look a little crowded. And each shelf has one thing like cinnabar, yellow paper, buddha, gourd, peach sword, and feng shui mirror. All were wiped cleanly. There was no dust at all.

And in the glass cabinet by the counter was the pouches that Pei Ling gave her and Liang Chen. Hanging by it was a “For sale, one for each person, costs 8888, no bargain” sign.

“This pouch costs more than 8,000?”

“En.” Pei Ling nodded, “Most of them are paid to the ones who opened the light.”

“Do many people buy it?”

“A lot, the supply is often in short supply.”

“……” I don’t understand the mood of the local tyrants.

“Wait a minute, I’ll put the snake away.”

“Oh, oh, go ahead.”

“Please feel free to look around. If you fancy something, I’ll give you 50% off.”

After that, Pei Ling opened the curtain and walked toward the back. The three immediately wandered around the shop.

After Lu Kong looked around, he said boringly: “Most of them are ordinary goods. The good thing is that they’re all of the best quality.” Then he explained, “But it’s no wonder, how can real magic instruments be placed in the shop at will.”

Yi Ti was not a normal practitioner so she was only curious about these, so her interest was lacking.

Rather, it was Cecil who looked around with a little bit of interest since it was his first contact with the “Antiquities from China”. He poked for a long time on the shelves. Yi Ti looked at him and had the urge to “spend money on the spot and buy everything he wanted”. Unfortunately, she’s a poor ghost right now, but……can I order in advance?

She suddenly felt that she might be able to understand a CEO’s feelings.

Wait, she didn’t want to become Long XiaoTian!

After a short while, Pei Ling walked back. She asked after reaching the counter: “Miss Yi, how big is the box you need.”

“The smallest one is fine.” Because Yi Ti did not understand the rules, Lu Kong answered on her behalf, “and it’s fragile.”

“Okay.” Pei Ling stooped down then brought a tan wooden box under the counter. It was engraved with quite delicate patterns such as auspicious clouds, and the word “True Pass” was carved on top. It even used the seal script (Chinese calligraphic style). “Please put the things inside.”

Yi Ti opened the box and found it had thick cushions and a red ribbon to fix the potion bottle inside. She took the pre-diluted Pei Yuan potion from her bag (actually from the space), put it in the box and immediately closed it as she said: “Done.”

Pei Ling took out an ancient digital lock that looked to be iron and passed it to Yi Ti: “Please set your password.” After that, she tilted her head.

Lu Kong also consciously turned away.

Yi Ti looked and found that the lock was a lot heavier than normal iron products. The small thing weighed about three or four pounds. She thought about it then set 2439 as the password, locked it, and disordered the numbers.

“That’s it, right?”

“Please give me another password.”

“Another password?”

“The other party needs a password when picking up the goods and another password to open the box.” Lu Kong helped explain.

“That……” Yi Ti glanced around, her gaze falling to the shelf on the side, “Red gourd?”

Pei Ling laughed lightly: “Well, that’s it.” Then she asked again, “Where is it going?”

“Hidden point.”

The woman nodded and quickly wrote something on a piece of yellow rune paper that nobody could understand. She then put it on the wooden box and immediately after, grabbed a rope on the wall behind her, lightly pulled and a passage appeared on the wall. Pei Ling put the box in one of them and slipped the package down.

“Good, your shipment has been sent. Because it’s not an express item, it will arrive at the delivery point at your destination tomorrow at the latest.”

“Sorry to bother you.”

“You’re welcome.”

No one on both sides mentioned the money, because it’s completely unnecessary.

This delivery point has an inseparable relationship with the Hundred Ways Altar. For every deal made in the forum, the manager in charge would get a small commission——it’s usually paid through forum points from both parties which were very conventional. And then, the management would also pay the staff at each delivery point, also with forum points that could be easily exchanged for various items or RMB.

That’s why, poor Yi Ti, who only had coins left, could come over and deliver her package without hesitation because there was no need to spend money!

Speaking of which, if every delivery point relied solely on performance for pay, some of the more remote cities with few practitioners might not be willing to open delivery points at all. That must be a tragedy. Of course, even if the performance was not very important, there would definitely be an extra bonus for doing more work. For example, in cities with many practitioners, the courier who did more work would understandably get more points.

One way or another, after the goods were sent, Yi Ti was relieved.

“This is the delivery number, please remember it well.”

“En.” Yi Ti took it and put it in the bag. She just had to go back and fill in the logistics information on the forum.

“Right,” Pei Ling patted her hands, “Do you want to stay for dinner and eat snakehead? It’s very fragrant.”


“Don’t let me hear those words!” Someone held his head, “Ahhhhhh, take it off, take it off, take it off! ! !”


Alien 62: Believe You're A Fool
Alien 64: And So It Was Cherished

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