Alien 64: And So It Was Cherished

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Because of someone’s miserable state, Yi Ti did not get to eat the legendary snakehead in the end, and instead returned home.

Although physically and mentally wounded, Lu Kong had no time to rest, because he still had to “work hard and pay off debts”. Before leaving, he enviously said something like “being a plant cultivator is the best, ah, just moving a finger and money would come,” sour words like that. But to be honest, Yi Ti felt that even if this guy was given a chance to make a lot of money, wouldn’t it disappear with his luck right now?

He was hit by a motorcycle and went through three consecutive flower pot attacks then stepped on three banana peels and dog poop……normal people couldn’t be that unlucky.

In the end, she even asked Lu Kong if he knew a person named “Aggregate” because she deeply doubted whether he was the prototype for the male lead “Ling Yu”.

Unfortunately, Lu Kong denied her guess.

Yi Ti could only feel——reality was sometimes more dramatic than fiction, people could find it if they look for it.

After returning home, Yi Ti filled in the ticket number in the logistics information of the forum. Sure enough, it showed a “TianQiao distributor has received the goods, transporting……” message.

TianLi ZhaoZhao: So fast ah.

Orange Grape Juice: En, it will be tomorrow at the latest.

TianLi ZhaoZhao: OK, I’ll get it tomorrow.

No hurry was his request since under normal circumstances, using the delivery points undoubtedly increased the pressure on internal logistics. So the website manager said, if not necessary, it’s best not to use it easily. Everyone followed this spontaneously. Although Li ShuCheng’s body was poor, it would not be a problem for a few more years.

Orange Grape Juice: The password is red gourd, and the lock is 2439.

TianLi ZhaoZhao: Remembered.

After a few more chats, Xiang TianHua did not disturb the “rich second generation” (what his brain supplemented) anymore.

And then, Yi Ti browsed the mission area a little bit, searching for tasks related to medicine. There were many directly asking for herbs. Relatively speaking, she’s still more interested in missions seeking potions. Unfortunately, however, these missions were at least bronze level, so she couldn’t reach it at the moment.

Anyway, the most basic survival problem was solved, so she was not in a hurry. Moreover, Cecil also promised that “I will help Xiao Ti keep an eye on it”, so she put it down temporarily.

After that, Yi Ti told Cecil to continue playing games while watching the store. She wanted to clean up the rooms and organize their things. The afternoon passed quickly.

At around six o’clock, Lu Kong delivered the dinner, then he went back to his “workplace” vigorously, seemingly dedicated to his professionalism. She felt that he was too unprofessional so she closed the door silently, carrying the lunch box and returning to the house with Cecil.

After eating and washing the dishes, Yi Ti sat on the sofa while covering her belly, sighing happily.

Cough cough, if one was this full, they’d naturally want to see something. So, she turned her head silently, looking at an alien who has recovered his blue hair and blue eyes and was surprised to find that his sitting posture seemed a bit stiff, much like he’s deliberately straightening his back.

She thought for a moment, and came up with an unbelievable possibility: “You……are you hit by a motorcycle?”


“So why……” She looked at him carefully, “are you sitting so strangely? Isn’t it more comfortable to lean back?”

“But,” Cecil embarrassingly said, “If I lean back, it might mess up my hair.”

“……pfft!” Yi Ti couldn’t help it, this guy was actually pretty bad! But what he said next made her hold back——

“Because it was Xiao Ti who helped me comb it.” So I don’t want to mess it up.

“You……” Yi Ti’s words paused for a while, then burst out, “are you a fool?”


“It doesn’t matter if you mess it up, I’ll comb it for you.” This isn’t a big deal.


Obviously the simplest words, but the youth seemed to have received some important promise, his eyes shone with brilliance.

Yi Ti was speechless for a moment.

How to say it? It’s certainly a good thing to be so cherished, but, this guy’s feelings were so straightforward which always made her feel a little shy. And this seemed to happen more and more recently.

She stood up and walked behind Cecil. Because his hair was extremely smooth, just a flick made the rubber band slip down.


The young man carefully took out a delicate silver box to his arms. After opening, he took out a wooden comb from inside, turning to hand it to her, his eyes full of expectations.

Yi Ti remembered very clearly that after combing him before going out this afternoon, she handed the comb to him, saying “use this when combing your hair later”. It’s really just a random action but did not expect this “alien tyrant” to actually store the comb like a treasure. Look at the value of the box, it’s definitely not an ordinary metal. This is like the modern version of “buy a wooden box and return the pearls inside (idiom, to show poor judgment)”.

“You don’t need to do this.” She said in a stunned voice, “This comb is worth at most 20 dollars and when the money arrived, I’ll buy you a better one.” She felt like this comb did not fit his hair. En, I’ll search for one on the Internet.

“No need.” Cecil quickly shook his head then seriously said, “I just want this one, nothing else.” That was the first time she combed his hair, and she used it the most often. Just by holding it, he seemed to feel her temperature and smell, it’s one of a kind.

“If you insist……”

After getting along with each other, Yi Ti was very clear that this stupid alien was not good at lying at all. Even just a bit of a lie would make him dart his eyes left and right, so what he said just now was definitely from the heart.

If he liked it, she certainly would not object.

Also, this expectant look……

Yi Ti reached out her hand, covered his eyes, then turned the youth’s head around: “Don’t look at me.” She seriously considered if she should give him a pair of sunglasses. Thinking about this, she picked up the comb and gently combed his hair.

Maybe there’s no need to comb at all because his hair was incredibly silky smooth.

She suddenly remembered watching a shampoo ad as a child. They’d gently insert the comb into the female model’s hair and it will fall naturally. So when she just inserted the comb into the youth’s hair……

“It slid down!”

Like a bear child who found a new toy, she plugged the comb over and over, watching it slide down again and again, enjoying the view.

She stopped for a while.

“So amazing.” She exclaimed in a good mood, reaching out and stroking the long blue hair with a slight transparency. A faint glow seemed to lighten her palms and intertwined with her fingers, like a fish swimming in the blue ocean.

Touching it, she couldn’t help raising her hand and while someone couldn’t see her, she quietly rubbed her cheeks against it.

Feel so good.

So comfortable.


Cecil suddenly murmured something.

“What happened?”


Yi Ti, who was totally unconvinced, tilted her head and went around the sofa, finding that someone’s face actually turned crimson. She asked with some confusion: “What’s wrong with you?”

“R-really okay……”

“……” His eyes were swimming around and he said he was fine?


Yi Ti suddenly realized something, Cecil’s hair was different from normal hair. It could be transformed into a U disk and could do all kinds of things. Does this mean……his hair was actually tactile?


He knew exactly what I was doing? ? ?

Yi Ti, who realized this, felt unwell. It’s really embarrassing to be caught red-handed! ! !

And if the hair was really tactile, then that meant she was holding and touching him all over……can I be more embarrassed? TAT

Ah……so tired……I can’t love anymore……

“Xiao Ti?”

“Don’t call me.” Yi Ti, covering her face with one hand, only felt very upset, “Don’t talk to me for a moment.” Knowing this guy for a long time, she was also infected with the habit of “hiding as soon as possible”. This was really bad.

An alien obediently didn’t speak, he just reached out and gently pulled on her sleeve.

One moment.

One moment.

Another moment.

Yi Ti finally couldn’t hold back as she asked slightly awkwardly: “What?”

Cecil blinked, pointing at perfect lips, indicating “Can I speak?”


“I……” The young man had a hard time composing his words, and blushed again, “I like what Xiao Ti did to me. It’s okay to do that to me often. I will try to stop making strange noises.” If there was no sound just now, Xiao Ti would still be holding my hair to her face, right? Thinking like that, he started blaming himself unconsciously.

She also blushed and said: “……who would do it often!” It made me sound abnormal.

“……” Cecil said with disappointment, “You won’t do it again?” TAT

“D-depending on the situation.”

“Really?” Those starry eyes reappeared.

“……I said you shouldn’t look at me like that!” Push away.

“Xiao Ti.”

“What now?”

“Let me comb your hair too.”


“Not possible?”

Yi Ti felt that for the first time, this guy Cecil might actually be quite cunning. Because every time he asked, she seemed unable to refuse. She rejoiced again. Fortunately, this guy was picked up by her, otherwise, he might really hurt the people of this planet.

She lightly flipped over the sofa, sat next to him then turned her head: “You can begin.”

His movements were very gentle.

Just like his personality.

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