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Shoved halfway, a piece of paper fell from Lu Kong’s arms.

Yi Ti lowered her head for a look and found it was a hand-drawn map. The content was the route from the restaurant to her home.

She was speechless.

And the shameless guy suddenly became embarrassed all at once. He then grabbed the map and ran away.


Yi Ti thought that Lu Kong was such a wonderful person. Every appearance seemed to help her open the door to a new world. But, she didn’t hate this feeling of constantly moving from “unknown” to “known” and rather look forward to it.

At three in the afternoon, the business craze for Liang Chen’s restaurant had receded, so Lu Kong also took the time to have a break.

Yi Ti and Cecil were waiting for him at the alley. She had previously asked Lu Kong if she could bring Cecil and the answer from the youth was “may bring, but since you took him, you must be responsible for everything about him”. In short, if the express delivery channel was damaged because of Cecil in the future, she would also be punished accordingly. However, she didn’t think she needed to worry about such things, because……the alien was a hateful tyrant, how could he be interested in this planet he had blackened over and over again——this was really sad.

So the three of them set off in full spirit. By the way, she was very fortunate to have a bus card, otherwise without a car, they could only rely on their legs.

When they just got on the bus, Yi Ti felt that they were being watched. The reason, of course, was because Cecil was too conspicuous, whether it’s the face or hair. When they went out, she helped Cecil tie his hair, but it didn’t seem to have much effect. Funnily enough, this guy who seemed to be almighty couldn’t even comb his hair. He stood in front of the mirror with a comb, then turned his head into a henhouse after a while.

After that, Yi Ti always thought there was something wrong, but she couldn’t remember it, until……she was stifled for a full two hours inside the bus.

Even if she’s not relatively car sick in the bus, it’s still uncomfortable to stay inside for so long. She was almost completely slumped in her seat by now as she asked weakly: “I say……how long will it take?” And, what’s the point of going around the city in circles? !

“It’s supposed to be a horse, it’s coming around soon.” Lu Kong wiped his sweat, “Strange, how come pinghu isn’t here?”

Yi Ti: “……”

“W-what happened?” The young man swallowed sharply, suddenly feeling the atmosphere become dangerous.

“What happened?” Yi Ti could not help but reach out and grab someone’s collar, “Didn’t we just sit on the wrong bus! ! ! ! ! ! !” No wonder they’ve gone back and forth without getting off! It turned out they couldn’t find it at all! How bad was this guy’s inability to recognize the road! She decided not to believe in this guy anymore, “Get off, then give me the address!”

The but stopped just now and she stood up immediately, but because she’d been in the car for too long, her knees were weak.

“Xiao Ti.” Cecil, who stood up first, reached out his hands to catch her, “Are you okay?”

Yi Ti wanted to say that she’s “okay”, but this moron, because of excessive tension, actually hugged her like a child, even patting her back while “oh oh oh”-ing to coax.

She covered her face, feeling unable to look directly into the eyes of some people, even if the eyes were almost all well-intentioned.

“I beg you! Don’t just let down a bomb so suddenly, okay?” Lu Kong was furious, “I’m wrong, I’m really wrong, stop stimulating me anymore ahhhhh! ! !”

Yi Ti: “……” Idiot, you yelled so much, aren’t there even more people watching? !

So the three fled out of the car.

After taking a deep breath to ease her car sickness, Yi Ti said: “I’m already a practitioner, why am I still car sick.”

“It’s possible,” Lu Kong replied, “I’ve also heard someone become dizzy while riding a flying sword.”

“……a what?”

“In the end, the man could only sit on a huge frisbee type instrument, and strap himself to the plate. It’s said that because the straps were too strong and tied too tightly, he ended up in an accident where someone was killed by the plate, very pitiful.”


“Unfortunately, few people can use flying swords now and even if it’s available, it’s very troublesome to use.” The young man rubbed his chin and said, “It wouldn’t be good if they collided with an airplane or be seen by a passenger.”

Yi Ti felt that this guy’s brain divergence ability was beyond her reach, shouldn’t his focus right now be——

“Give me the address!”

“Ah, yes.”

Lu Kong gave the address under Yi Ti’s doubtful eyes. She confirmed it several times and barely believed that this guy remembered. But——

“This address is near my house.”

“Is it?”

“En, it’s about a half-hour walk.”

“What are we waiting for, let’s go.”

“I said——it’s near my house,” It’s okay not to mention it, but once mentioned, Yi Ti was really on fire, “Where are we right now? !”

“Uh……” Someone guiltily stared at the sky.

Yi Ti looked at the sky in pain. She was wrong, she should not have believed this unreliable guy from the beginning. But this already happened and it’s useless to blame someone else. She took a deep breath, went to the bench next to the bus stop and sat down: “While I take a break, you wait for the bus.”

A guilty Lu Kong anxiously said: “Cough, are you thirsty? Can I buy you some water?”

“Do you have money?” Stare.

“Uh……then let me borrow first?”

Yi Ti: “……”

“Ah, forget it, you only have 80 cents.”

“……” What a pot calling the kettle black! Although she’s about to become rich, she’s still a hundred percent poor right now!

“For the money……” Cecil suddenly said, pulling out a coin from his pants pocket, “Is this okay?”

“Yes!” Lu Kong took it, then gleefully ran away.

The remaining Yi Ti asked a little nervously: “Where did the money come from?”

“Xiao Ti, after you usually buy things, you’ll put loose change everywhere, and I just collected them.” Cecil blinked as he seriously explained, “You want to go out today, so I brought it.”

Yi Ti was almost moved to tears, this guy was definitely my little angel!

Under her “excited” eyes, the youth shyly bowed his head: “Did I help you, Xiao Ti?”

“En, you helped.”

“That’s good.” He looked up, revealing a contented smile.

He helped her. Even if it’s just a trivial matter, he’s still very happy.

“I said I had enough ahhh……” The unpleasant voice came again, “How long did I leave? You are like this again. If I knew I would buy a torch!”

Yi Ti twitched the corners of her mouth, where’s the store selling torches? She turned her head, but was surprised by Lu Kong’s state: “What happened to your waist and legs?”

“Don’t mention it.” The young man put two bottles of mineral water into their hands, “Just that I saw some money on the ground. When I bent down to pick it up, there was a motorcycle coming from behind. It just hit me on the waist.”

“……are you okay? Want to go to the hospital?” Yi Ti quickly stood up, asking a little nervously.

Lu Kong waved his hand: “It’s okay, I encountered this kind of thing three times. I’m already used to it.”

“……” Hey hey, can you get used to this sort of thing?

“A truck driver once hit me on the waist before. I haven’t done anything yet, but he almost cried. Hahaha, then he gave me two thousand as hush money. It’s a pity there’s a hole in my pocket, so as soon as I turned around, I dropped 1800.”

“……” Why do you have to be so proud when saying such things?

“The best thing was that time I was hit by a tank,” Lu Kong reminisced for a while, “It was really serious that time and I had back pain for three days.”

“……” What did this guy go through?

“Don’t show me that look,” Lu Kong finished drinking the mineral water and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, “According to my old man, my luck right now is at the point where even if I sit at home, there’ll be meteorites falling from the sky. Anyway, such is all bad luck, if you can’t resist it, you can only enjoy it.”

Yi Ti stared blankly. Although this guy seemed to say “enjoy”, suddenly going from Luck S to Luck Z, it should be unbearable for normal people. Although this guy laughed cheerfully, in fact, he might not be so happy.

She sighed, opened the bag around her waist, pretended to rummage through it, took a medicine bottle out, then handed it to the person in front.

“This is?” Lu Kong took the bottle and looked at it curiously.

“For treatment.” Yi Ti gave him a small rejuvenation potion. It was used by Hong Ye before, so the quality was absolutely guaranteed.

Lu Kong opened the bottle without hesitation and took a sip. There was a strange glow in his eyes as he immediately closed the bottle and asked: “Is it okay to give me such a precious potion?” He had heard that Plant Cultivators also had various rules.

“If it’s just a bottle, it’s no big deal.”

Although plant cultivators could easily affect the balance, this was based on reaching a “certain amount”. If they couldn’t even help their friends, why else would they become a practitioner?

“Righteous enough!” Lu Kong made a thumbs up then carefully put away the remaining potion, “When I’m so poor that I can’t live, I’ll just sell it.”

“……” Hey, what about our friendship?

After a short rest, the three boarded the bus again.

Because Yi Ti was leading this time, several people quickly reached the platform near their destination as they walked toward the address given by Lu Kong. However, after walking and walking, there was a strange sense of familiarity in her mind.

Not that she’d been here, but that the street names were familiar.

Until she saw the shop and finally confirmed it.

But at the same time——

“This is it.”


Yi Ti was shocked and for a good reason. The place Lu Kong referred to was “YuanLaiXuan”, the magic store opened by the sisters Pei Ling and Pei Xue. The reason it was familiar was naturally that elder sister Pei gave her a business card.

“You’ve been here before?”


Yi Ti opened her mouth but she hadn’t said anything yet when a voice already spoke from behind.

“Miss Yi?”

Alien 61: You're A Master
Alien 63: So You're Afraid Of This

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