Alien 7: The Way to Help Him

Alien 6: The Second Encounter
Alien 8: Red Bill Discrimination

In this way, Yi Ti returned to the house with boxed lunches in hand and a variety of nutritional drugs bought at the pharmacy. To her disappointment, the pills turned out to be useless.

Then Cecil fell asleep on the couch as she watched the floating pills in his body move back and forth with some concern in her mind. Besides that, is there any other way?

With such thoughts, she opened the lunch box in her hand and found that in addition to the two dishes she had ordered, he had thrown in an extra hot and sour shredded potato. She had to say, the taste of this shop food was really quite good, and its popularity with the guests was absolutely justified. It was her first time eating their food and it had almost made her a “fan”.

Even rarer is that the rice was delicious. Speaking of which, if she planted rice in the spiritual fields, what would happen…wait!

The chopsticks on Yi Ti’s hands suddenly fell on the table.

Because she suddenly remembered one thing.



She immediately got up, ran to Cecil’s side, and then very decisively went into the cave to dig up two herbs. Almost at the same time, the soft jelly body that looked like melted ice cream quickly opened his eyes.

”You disappeared again,” he said.

”Don’t worry about that,” Yi Ti waved the herbs around him, “Cecil, do you think this can be used?”

”This……” Cecil stretched out two tentacles, wrapped around the herbs her hands, and carefully studied them for a moment. Then he said, “It does contain a type of mysterious energy. Unfortunately, it is not applicable to me.”

”Why is it like this……?”

Yi Ti’s spirit dropped.

In fact, it wasn’t incomprehensible. Earth’s aura and alien energy are two completely different things, right? However, going from no hope, to having hope, to losing that hope, made it difficult to adapt for a moment.

”Right,” she took out a few bottles of the old elixirs left by the elder, “What about this?”

”You’re were gone again.”

”……” How long does he want to get tangled up about this?

Yi Ti decided to explain a little bit of the current situation.

”Dongtian? Space?”


”The information I’ve browsed does have something about such a thing, but it’s classified as a fantasy item on Earth.”

”Is there such a thing in the universe?”

”If it were a space-storage item, I also have one.” Cecil replied. “It can also be tied to an owner in some way. However, the owner can not enter it, and it only has a storage function.“

”Oh?” So, her space is very special even in the universe. She continued, “You also have one? Where?” She didn’t see it at all.

”Other people can’t see it after binding. However,” the jelly alien lowered his head, ”There is a need to consume energy to switch it open.” His body revealed a sense of dejected despair, ”And before I left home, I emptied a vast majority of things in the space, including energy-replenishing items, as required.”

Yi Ti: “……” This was a really sad story.

”The item you got is very special. If possible, please do not easily tell other life forms. It would be very dangerous. According to my planet’s information, in the past three thousand years, 752 planets have been invaded because of a rare item and destroyed.”

”……” That is to say, she will become the sinner who can accidentally destroy the Earth? No pressure there! No, that’s not what she should be thinking right now. Yi Ti decided to re-focus on the elixirs, “Can you use these?”

Cecil checked and replied, “It still didn’t apply.”


”But,” he looked at the description on the vials and continued, “it might really help me gain energy.”

”Oh?” Compared to the feeling of being lost, it’s so wonderful to recover hope again, so Yi Ti rose her spirit, “Really?”

”Definitely,” Cecil replied with certainty.

Yi Ti was still puzzled and asked, “Is this really useful to you?” He isn’t just deliberately comforting her, right? Didn’t he just say that Earth’s aura doesn’t apply to him?

”It’s useless for me, but it can help me exchange for what I need.”

”Really? That’s great!” The good news had undoubtedly made Yi Ti happy, but the amount of elixirs in the space is limited. Before she became a spiritual plant cultivator, she wouldn’t be able to mix any. Wait, did he just say… “Exchange? Who do you exchange with?” Is there a second alien nearby that she didn’t know?

Cecil then said something strange, “Not me, but you.”

”Me?” Yi Ti pointed to herself in surprise. She can do such a thing?

”But before that, you need to have enough energy in your body.”

Meaning she needed to train to become at least a primary spiritual cultivator. Well, she had already decided to train anyway so there was no problem.

A few tentacles suddenly and gently wrapped around her wrists. The jelly alien, who now seems to understand so much about Earth, said, “Earth people have a famous saying——Even if you must eat a thousand meals, it is better to eat.”

”……” Was this to remind her to finish eating her meal first? However, “Pfft! What is this famous saying ah?”

”……” Cecil hid under the sofa and then said, “One can’t function properly on an empty stomach. If you do not eat, what’ll you do if you starve to death.”

Yi Ti listened to him say this in a serious tone, and she simply can’t bear it, “Ha ha ha ha ha……another one, is there anything else?”


After listening to the alien’s “Meal Quotes” and filling her stomach, Yi Ti began to do all kinds of preparatory work.

The elder had been quite clear in her letter about this sort of thing.

The reason why she didn’t do it immediately after reading the letter was that her “heart is not calm enough” and the timing was not right. In short, mindset and timing are quite important. Therefore, the first time to do the breathing exercises should be the most appropriate time, that is——early morning.

When the sun is about to come out is said to be the most aura-filled time of the day.

Of course, if it’s just Aura, then there’s also Aura in the dongtian. So in that special time, with a body that’s been carefully cleaned and a completely calm and quiet mind, she would feel the sun rising and when the new day arrived, welcome the arrival of “change”.

However, her luck is better than the elder. According to her, drinking a mouthful of spiritual spring has the effect of improving physical fitness. When she thought of the “painfulness of cleansing the marrow” described in the novels, Yi Ti felt that it was the right choice to eat first. Otherwise, suffering while hungry is really double abuse.

She didn’t bathe immediately after eating so Yi Ti took out the breathing method and looked at it carefully. If there’s no accident, she estimated that there’s no time to look at it tomorrow morning so it’s better to memorize it in advance.

She carefully read and remembered every word, making sure there is no omission. After Yi Ti and Cecil said good night to each other, she filled the bathtub with slightly hot water and then opened the bottle prepared by the elder for her. She poured a bottle of elixir on it. After doing all this, she didn’t immediately lie in the bathtub, but once again entered the space, took a deep breath, and drank the water in the spiritual spring.

Because its effects will not transfer to the outside, it can only be taken there.

After drinking a few mouthfuls continuously, Yi Ti stopped. After waiting for a while, she only felt a bit drowsy. She knew this was probably the effect of the spiritual spring. Then she went out of the space, took off her clothes and laid in the bathtub. Then, not only did Yi Ti not feel any pain, but she also slept deeply.

When she woke up, more than two hours had passed and the water in the bathtub had turned into pungent black water.

Yi Ti deeply felt that it was a miracle that she had not drowned from the stink. What would they say when the police examined the body? Although she did not know it, the newspapers would have reported——“Why did a young woman who lived alone drown herself in ditch water? Was it for money, benefits, or love? What exactly is that elusive blue jelly? Is it the folk legend of Tai Sui?” That would have been really terrible!

She thought that while standing under the sprinkler to rinse off the foul black water. Then, she cleaned the tub, refilled it with hot water, and poured a bottle of elixir again.

Then she entered the space again……

After repeating this several times, the water in the bathtub finally had no impurities and looked exactly the same as before she laid down which showed that the “marrow cleansing” was successful.

After rinsing her body, drying it and putting on clothes, Yi Ti stretched out her hand to wipe the mist on the mirror. She carefully looked at herself and found there was no exaggerated change like in the novel. People are still people and her face is still her face. Hey, her skin is indeed whiter, and her spirit is a little better. Her subtle freckles and minor acne had disappeared, and she might be a little skinnier? But it was nothing too obvious.

Having said that, that made sense, right?

Cleansing the marrow is not a facelift!

After that, Yi Ti went to the basement.

In the normal sense, of course, you wouldn’t see the sunrise. However, this basement carefully built by the elder had its own unique features.


Tai Sui: 太岁, Tàisuì, God of the year, a nickname for sb who is the most powerful in an area

Alien 6: The Second Encounter
Alien 8: Red Bill Discrimination

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