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It had been morning when they had gone into the basement, but when the two emerged, it was a little after 1:00 pm.

Yi Ti put Cecil on the sofa and watched him for a while. Although he said he was all right, no matter how she looked at it, he wasn’t all right. How on earth could she help him replenish his energy?

Although she didn’t think of this, her own energy was obviously lacking.

Hearing her belly went ”*gu*-” reminded her that she had missed lunch by a long time.

At this point, Yi Ti thought, “Cecil, do you have any special things you want to try?” They had tried electricity and other things, but unfortunately, they had no effect.

The melted jelly trembled, seeming to think, and then named several energy supplements.

”According to the information I got online, they all seemed to be full of energy.”


”The product description was written like this——Full of all the energy needed for life, just eat one piece, and you have enough energy to live for three days.” Cecil repeated the passionate statement in a monotone.

Yi Ti: “……” That’s a haw fruit ad, right? Anyway, this ad is too unreliable! But “I’ll buy it for you.” What if it’s useful? She stood up and said, “I’ll just go buy lunch.” Anyway, she wasn’t in the mood to cook.

After that, she ran back to her bedroom to change out of her pajamas, put on a white dress, brushed her hair into a ponytail, grabbed her wallet, and started to leave. However, she saw her alien roommate trying very hard to burrow into the Spongebob doll.

”What are you doing?” Yi Ti quickly went over and put Cecil back on the sofa. “You’re already like this, just take a rest.”

The blue jelly trembled, and then looked at her, puzzled and a little aggrieved, he said: “……you aren’t taking me with you?”

”……” What to do? She really wanted to pinch him! No, restrain yourself, make sure to control yourself! To not engage in rude behavior, Yi Ti coughed and said, “If I take out such a large doll on a hot day, I’ll be treated as a weirdo, and your condition is not suitable for going out. Besides, I will come back later. Can you stay and help me look after the house?”

Cecil gently nodded his head.

”Good.” She patted his head.

She still couldn’t restrain herself, such a cheap hand…Well, needless to say, she seemed to have acquired the “owner” feeling.

”…” Hot, hot, hot…

Yi Ti: “……” She looked helplessly at the alien who started to drill under the sofa again. Well, it’s her fault.

”Then I’m leaving.”

Cecil did not answer, only a blue transparent tentacle stuck out from under the sofa. Yi Ti smiled, stretched out a finger to poke the tip of the tentacle. It wrapped around her fingers and gently rubbed against it.

After bidding farewell to the “shy little animal”, Yi Ti went out.

The house had only one exit, the door to the store. In regards to insulation and other aspects to consider, there are two glass doors inside the roller door and a small door at the center that can be opened separately. When she first came, she was very interested and looked at it for a long time. Although she’d seen similar pictures before, it’s the first time she’d seen this kind of setup with her own eyes.

However, there is no doubt that such a door will be much more convenient. Constantly having to lift and close the roller door every day……she would soon look like a muscular female warrior.

Although this street itself wasn’t lively, as long as you walked a hundred meters, you would be transferred to a noisy street. Because of the proximity to a high school, there are a lot of stationery stores, jewelry stores, and restaurants on this street. The taste of the latter is especially good, after all, if it is not delicious, there’s no way it could attract the majority of the students.

The day she arrived, Yi Ti noticed a restaurant called “Very Tasty Fried Food Shop” has particularly good business. Although the name was a bit tacky, the customers are eating the food, not the sign, besides…its actually a good name for a restaurant.

Never mind that even though it’s summer vacation and after 1:00 in the afternoon, there are still some customers in that shop. Yi Ti opened the door, felt the air-conditioning and aroma of the food, and her body seemed to have come alive. She looked around and found that although the restaurant was small, it was fully equipped. Also, the place was spotless and tidy, giving off a strong sense of reassurance. So, she found an empty table, sat down, and looked down at the menu on the table.

”What can I get you?”

After a little while, a waiter came to the table and asked.

Yi Ti raised her head and replied: “The Minced Meat Eggplant and Mapo Tofu, I want it packed……”

Then, the two froze at the same time.

For no reason, they had met again.

Yes, it was not someone else who waited on her, it was that brown-haired teenager who went to the flower shop that day. Today, he was wearing a green and white striped T-shirt and brown shorts with a pair of black slippers on his feet and a white apron with “Very Delicious” printed on it. The apron had a big pocket on the chest, which held a white towel and he was holding a pen and paper which he probably took from that pocket too.

The first one to respond was the other person. He lifted her chin and said with an ugly face, “What are you doing here?”

Yi Ti: “……” She came to a restaurant, of course, to eat ah! However, after being so obviously “rejected”, she really didn’t want to stay any longer. Anyway, the street had so many restaurants, she could easily find another one. So she stood up, walked around him, and went out from the other side.

”Hey, you……” Looking at her movements, the teenager opened his mouth and was about to say something when suddenly, there was a shout from the kitchen——

”Liang Chen, come over for a minute!”

”Got it!” The boy answered, then told Yi Ti, “You wait here!” And then he turned and ran towards the kitchen.

Yi Ti froze.

Liang Chen?

No way, right?

This man is that Liang Chen that the elder’s letter said she could turn to for help?

Although she knew that he and the elder certainly knew each other, she thought of their conversation that day……

You really can’t judge a person by appearance ah.

Surprised by the situation, the purse in her hand accidentally slipped.

Yi Ti quickly bent down to pick it up, but someone else’s hand beat her to it and picked it up.

It was clearly a hand belonging to a man, but it was very beautiful—— with slender fingers, clear knuckles, and a fair complexion, it looked like a work of art made from carving jade.

She looked at the hand and at her own, and the feeling of “inferiority” came to her.


”Ah,” Yi Ti recovered from her self-pitying, took the purse, stood up straight, and thanked him, “Thank you.”

”You’re welcome,” said a young black-haired youth about 25 or 26 years old. He had a handsome face very much in line with his hand, wearing a purple short-sleeved shirt and black trousers. Yi Ti thought it was a slightly dull color to wear, but on his body, it looked good. Rather, with the other’s looks and body, any clothes would look good.

While speaking, his handsome face has a friendly smile, then he continued, “It’s a gentleman’s duty to serve a lady.”


Yi Ti felt a deep sense of violation.

How to say it?

The other side seemed to be very particular about the details, whether it’s the hair, cuffs, buttons, or trouser folds, every detail was taken care of to perfection. She could even smell a faint fragrance coming from him. Of course, the scent matched him as well. But still, such a manner of speech and action was just like the people in some opera. Standing in a restaurant full of the smell of food, it didn’t seem right.

It’s like not putting Cecil in the fridge, but putting it in the washing machine……No, this analogy seems a bit……

Hesitantly, the other party once again spoke, “This lady, may I have the honor to know your name?”

”Me?” Yi Ti was preparing to answer when a rude voice interrupted——

”What are you doing here?”

The teenager, named Liang Chen, was back. She didn’t even realize he had returned as he rudely turned to the young man and said, “You are not welcome here, get out!”

Yi Ti, “……” It looked like they not only knew each other, but they also seemed to have a bad relationship.

Faced with this statement, the youth did not get angry, just raised his hands and made an “I lost” gesture: “Don’t be so excited, look, you scared the young lady.” Then, he smiled at Yi Ti while saying, “Well, see you next time.”

After that, he simply turned and left.

However, with the unknown young man leaving, the terrible atmosphere that seemed about to explode gradually dissipated. Yi Ti was relieved until the juvenile snappily said, “Are all women so frivolous now? Just talking to a strange man, as long as he looks good, do you let any man be so casual with you?”

”Ha?” Yi Ti was angry. What is he talking about? Compared to the face, temper is the key!

”Whatever, but next time, I won’t save you.”

”Who wants you to……”

Before Yi Ti could finish, he shoved a plastic bag into her hand. “Here!” Then directly pushed her out the door, “This is the last time I’m going to remind you, if you want to live longer, stay away from suspicious guys like that one.”

Before she could react, she was already standing outside the shop.

She looked down at the bag in her hands and found a few disposable lunch boxes with apparently packed meals. Yi Ti quickly opened the door, and shouted at him, “Hey! This……” Although she got her food, she still hadn’t paid ah.

The teenager turned his head and gave her a look, then waved his hand, “Those are leftovers. Eat it, or don’t.”

Yi Ti: “…”

At that point, another male waiter wearing the same apron smiled: “Did you just give out leftovers? Liang Chen, you’re really a waste.”

”Shut up!” The teenager kicked the other waiter’s legs, “Get back to work, don’t you see the guests waiting?”

”I don’t know who took the guests’ food……”


Yi Ti closed the door, staring at the lunch in her hands. She completely didn’t understand what kind of person that teenager named Liang Chen was. It’s just that, although his temper is a little bad and he had a rude mouth, but it seems…like he isn’t such a bad guy.

Alien 5: Spiritual Plant Cultivator's Inheritance
Alien 7: The Way to Help Him

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