STB Chapter 152: Important

STB Chapter 151: Disparity
STB Chapter 153: Mission

The young man didn’t give up and circled around the guards, his eyes looking everywhere.

His attention was all focused on those few ability holders, his eyes sparkling in excitement and yearning. He greeted them enthusiastically with a few words but found that no one talked to him, making his expression ugly.

“Don’t stir up trouble, it’s already so messy out there right now……” The middle-aged woman in a plaid coat angrily said, “I really shouldn’t have listened to you. What Haicheng travel off-season special? Now that something bad happened, no one even came to deliver water or food.”

“Mom, this is a special case, and you can’t even connect to our house phone!” The young man said impatiently.

“I can’t even find a shadow of the tour guide. Once we go back, I’ll complain!”

The middle-aged woman angrily nagged. At the same time, her eyes can’t help but drift to the side.

Stones floated, and it’s incredible how these things filled up the pavement. When they were hiding in the car, they saw an ability holder skip through the ground using wind, moving even faster than a car.

——where there are no large-scale casualties, no heinous crimes happened.

This road had paddy fields on both sides and a service station two kilometers away. Because it’s not far from Haicheng, even if they’re stuck in traffic and their cellphone network signal interrupted, they aren’t too panicked. Their agitation came from the fact that they’ve been delayed here for almost a day, and it wasn’t until the evening that the army came to build roads.

Some people went to protest and made a racket, but was soon shocked by the rescue team’s abilities.

This group was led by a second lieutenant and used a satellite phone to report the situation on this side to Red Dragon base. The highway will be finished soon, so it’s okay to let these people into Haicheng. However, Haicheng also had a lot of people that wanted to escape. Once it caused panic, the order would be hard to maintain.

“Understood! We’ll direct them to the outskirts of the suburbs where there are vacant houses.”

After hanging up the phone, someone immediately informed the drivers, and that they must follow the instructions. Regardless of their destination, they must all go to a safe place.

This is like bombing a hornet’s nest. They’ve been delayed on the road for a long time with a belly full of complaints, and now they were told this. All of a sudden, they clamored about being called to important meetings, or that they have a flight tomorrow……

“Buildings also collapsed in downtown, and it’s still in the midst of a tense recovery. All flights are out of service, while factories are shut down and schools are closed.” Leaving such a sentence behind made everyone dumbfounded, and their heart became even more disturbed.

The mother and son are still blaming each other as their eyes occasionally swept over to the side. They looked at those military men and ability holders wearing camouflage uniforms. But next to Li Fei, those people are like background noise, so they looked a few times before moving.

When the middle-aged woman left, her heart vaguely remembered something. She tried hard to remember, however, the one who made her look back and feel a little familiar is not there anymore.

That face made her think about things from 30 years ago. When she was young, she almost ran away with a man, and their outlines are somewhat similar. The middle-aged woman frowned, why would she think about that bastard? He’s just a guy with a good looking face, but why did he look like that “soldier” by the roadside.

Her son’s full attention is on those ability holders. If there were a beautiful woman, he’d be even more interested, otherwise, why else would he look at a man?

Watching the vehicles slowly move away, Jian Hua’s mood is somewhat subtle.

Although the mother and son had trouble recognizing Li Fei, this incident passed by without any twists and turns. There was no reaction at all, making Jian Hua almost feel that its unfair for Li Fei.

He looked up and saw that Li Fei was much calmer than him. He was busily explaining something to Geng Tian and had no lost look on his face, he didn’t even look at the passing cars.

Jian Hua really understood what he meant when Li Fei said that “having or not having makes no difference”. Not having at this stage, meant they’re only strangers, so it’s not worth being angry at all. Thinking of those people would just take up brain cells.


Jian Hua suddenly found that Li Fei, the movie star with many fans, actually had no close friends.

——Liang Jun is considered his talent scout, Lin Xiao his assistant, and Geng Tian his bodyguard, while Li Fei’s remaining life is spent on his career.

Jian Hua, who thought about this “particularity”, had complicated eyes.

“Woof?” The corgi turned its head with vigilance. It felt like those two powerful guys are going to fight as a fierce and dangerous breath came out.

Corgi ran over with its short legs, and Jian Hua recovered his senses, silently moving his eyes away.

Just now, his eyes fell on Li Fei’s neck, moving to his back, his waist, and down to his legs. Because of its familiarity, he can trace the position of his muscles with his fingers, knowing each curve when it tightened.

Such a scorching sight made Li Fei, who is used to being seen by countless people, instantly aware of it.

The existence of the dark behemoth is too strong and it’s on the move. Who does it want to swallow? The other party felt like he fell into a refrigerator as chills instantly erupted all over his body.

Geng Tian almost drew his gun after being affected by the atmosphere.

Li Fei also felt the danger, but these nerve signals triggered another reaction——he’s used to this feeling, he knew who is watching him, and understood its intent——this ambiguous hint made his body quickly recall those wonderful nights. The flame beast completely conquered the dark behemoth who was played at random under its claws.

Li Fei is angry but also felt it was funny.

He could only “soothe” Jian Hua, and murmured, “We’re on the road, wait till we get back at night.”

“……” It’s really just a casual look, nothing else.

Jian Hua found it hard to explain.

Old Cheng’s eyes subtly passed through Li Fei’s body, and also fell on Jian Hua. Who gave him such a unique ability, that he heard these two men’s faster heartbeat and surging blood, telling Old Cheng the obvious truth.

He gave a dry cough.

In fact, Old Cheng had already guessed the relationship between the two of them, but he won’t manage these youngsters’ matter. After all, he’s not Jian Hua’s elder. Even if he wanted to persuade them, he’s in no position to do so.

“I’ll go back to Huai City, you watch out for yourselves.” Old Cheng remembered his family and didn’t want to wait for even a moment.

The cars were divided into two ways, and the rescue team rushed to their next mission location.

It looked normal on both sides of the road, but sometimes, strange huge footprints would appear and even a deep mark made by a giant python. The trail was filled with fallen trees and broken stones, making it a mess.

The vehicles often stopped as the passengers corrected the street signs on both sides of the road.

Between spring and summer, it’s when there’s a lot of rain, so several mushrooms grew on a few decaying wooden boards. Jian Hua poked it with his finger, but it didn’t automatically turn into mycelium, not like the one at home.

When he turned around, mycelium climbed up the edges of the board, and unceremoniously took up the mushrooms’ place.

The ability holders looked at the sky with an expression similar to greed: The clouds change, the sun rises and sets, and there are people’s voices. They almost forgot all about it. Living for so long in that stagnated world made them not see any inkling of hope. People who haven’t experienced it would not understand.

“I thought you would follow Old Cheng back to Huai City.”

Li Fei really thought so. It’s a mushroom nest over there so nobody would make trouble.

“Should I bring it with me?” Jian Hua helplessly looked at the corgi.

The expulsion ability might break down the safety field built by the mushrooms.

“Besides, we can’t hide, and then hide again. Maybe I’ll go wait for the Abandoned World and go live with the mushrooms.” Jian Hua wanted to let Li Fei go back to Huai City, after all, Li Fei didn’t have a sword hanging over his head. However, Li Fei won’t agree to this.

“I can’t return home, and we can’t go to your home, either……”

Li Fei talked to himself with a rare melancholy in his eyes.

Although Li Fei’s villa address is supposed to be a secret, too many people had been to Li Fei’s home. Some are celebrities, and some are those employed by Star Entertainment Media to clean the house.

“In this world, the feeling of homelessness is not too bad.” Li Fei was half serious and half joking as he held Jian Hua’s hand and exerted force, “Because there’s you around.”

Jian Hua withdrew his hand and lightly said, “We can live in Red Dragon base, Major Zhang won’t drive us out.”


When you’re giving words of love and your lover isn’t giving you an opportunity, not looking impressed, and even continued to rationally discuss the issue.

Li Fei couldn’t help but raise an objection, “Although Red Dragon won’t charge any rent, it’s not a good place to live in, or have you decided to believe in Colonel Lu? The miniature energy director is only on its experimental stages, what if you fall into the Abandoned World? Can I only count on this corgi to save you?”

“You probably have to count on the mushrooms. The holes above the Earth are not all closed, and there are also giant worms fighting over it. The longer the time dragged on, the more the number of holes. If you make good use of these holes, even if you’re dragged in the Abandoned World, I can still pull you back.”

Li Fei felt his breathing stop for a few seconds, then he asked, “How certain are you?”

Jian Hua went silent.

The joy that Li Fei just had evaporated as he rubbed his aching forehead.

After walking around Haicheng for a day, they returned to Red Dragon base in the evening. The tents that initially crowded the entrance was dismantled and sent to the city to relieve those who lost their homes. A truck filled with mineral water and easily packed food also headed to the city.

The inspection at the base’s entrance is ten times stricter than in the Abandoned World. In Jian Hua’s impression, the ability holders in this Red Dragon base didn’t even reach three digits, but back in the real world, Major Zhang certainly have no shortage of people. A sentry was present every few steps, and because there were people aside from ability holders around Major Zhang, the base was noisy. During the inspection, those soldiers were stiff, not giving those ability holders a good look.

Corgi’s treatment is different.

It strolled around leisurely, no need to check wherever it went. Sometimes, it even crouched at the guard’s feet, like a pair of thick boots, looking impatiently at the people who needed to be examined.

After they finally entered the base and saw the cafeteria building, the corgi left Jian Hua and excitedly rushed inside.

Jian Hua approached and found that the owner of the corgi was talking to Johnson. The little girl learned English for several years, but can barely say a few simple words to make conversation. They used gestures to supplement, and they looked very happy.


Corgi rushed between the two people, pushing the girl with its round fat body.

——such a dangerous person, how can it let him talk to the master.

“TuanTuan, are you hungry or tired? Today there are very tasty canned pork ribs!” The girl saw her pet come back, and immediately thought that since the end of the Abandoned World, corgi can’t be wronged by continuing to eat monster meat.

She greeted her new friend and held the short-legged corgi to the place with the most appetizing smell.

Johnson subconsciously touched his belly.

When he saw Jian Hua and Li Fei come over, the protagonist immediately put his hand down, pretending to look like nothing happened.

STB Chapter 151: Disparity
STB Chapter 153: Mission

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