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Alien 72: A Little Jealousy
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At this moment, Yi Shao felt like a mother-in-law.

She’s obviously full of vinegar but pretended to be the “weaver (weaving girl of folk tales)”. From time to time, he’d glance at this “cowherd boy (from the folk tale cowherd and weaving maid)”‘s face fully expressing “I want to come over”. He didn’t know when this kid became so annoying.


He sighed. As an older brother, how could he bear to see his sister sad?

Forbearing the unhappiness in his heart, he glanced at the alien: “Boy, change position with me.”

Cecil stilled: “Ah?”

Yi Shao felt his eyes twitch: “Then forget it.” He also didn’t want to switch.

“I want to!”

The youth quickly stood up in front of Yi Shao, silently expressing, “I’m ready, you can go now” on his face. The latter wanted to throw him out the window.

The handover ceremony was quickly completed.

Slightly awkward Yi Ti sat upright, leaning on the seat with eyes closed, fully expressing an “I’m going to sleep, no one talk to me” pose.

Cecil was a bit lost, but he also knew that he couldn’t bother Xiao Ti at this time, so he just sat upright and looked at her from time to time.

Yi Shao looked at the two’s actions and was dissatisfied: What’s this sweet and sour sentimental feeling? It’s so annoying!

“Isn’t that your girlfriend?” The girl named An Li whispered curiously.

Yi Shao glanced at her then answered: “That’s my sister.”

“You brother and sister don’t look alike.” Though the sister also looked good, she’s obviously a lot worse than her brother.

“Girls are certainly much cuter.” A silly brother said with confidence.

“……” That’s not the problem here, right? ! An Li determined that these two were real siblings. Only siblings could have such confidence! She wanted to keep asking but found that the young man had closed his eyes. She could only shrug her shoulders, and shut up. It’s just that she’s lonely and wanted to find someone to talk to, but she didn’t mean to be offensive.

In silence, the vehicle continued to its destination.

And along with the shaking, Yi Ti gradually fell asleep.

As we all know, sleeping in a car rarely made you stay in place, especially in the last row. Although she inclined toward the window before going to sleep, after bumping into a hard object multiple times, she started falling to the other side.

At this second, Cecil felt his shoulders sink. He turned his head and was met with a sleeping face.

He held his breath subconsciously. Learning from Yi Shao, he raised his hand a little bit and held her to fix her position. Feeling a sense of stability, she slightly moved her body to a more comfortable position. But just this action made the young man feel his heart almost stop. He……was a little scared that she’d wake up. Although he’s unclear about many things, Cecil felt that if Yi Ti woke up, she would move away just like before and continue being uncomfortable.

He never wanted to see her uncomfortable.

Being so near, the friction of her hair on his skin made a slight tingle, very weak.

Cecil enjoyed this feeling very seriously. He liked it and wanted more. But he couldn’t because he didn’t want to wake up Xiao Ti. She slept differently in the car and seemed very disturbed, frowning slightly and with a really tired face.

He quietly reached out a finger and carefully touched her eyebrows, trying to gently smooth that little wrinkle and make her more comfortable, even just a little bit.

Yi Shao: = =+ This kid is so innocent!

It wasn’t quiet on the bus, but there was a strange calm in a certain part.

In this delicate atmosphere, Cecil felt the warm and even breathing of the person in his arms and suddenly thought: Why do I care so much about Xiao Ti? Just because she’s my most important friend? It seemed like this, but also not. Because he clearly noticed, different emotions were swirling in his chest, it’s just that the name he called it was wrong.


what is it?


Yi Ti fell asleep.

Sleeping in a car always made her feel uncomfortable. Only after leaning on her brother would she feel peaceful. Unfortunately, after graduating from high school, she rarely had the opportunity to enjoy this treatment. She can’t exactly go to college with her brother, right?

But today she experienced such a rare sense of happiness for a long time, almost forgetting she’s still inside a vehicle.

And when she opened her eyes, she unexpectedly found her entire face buried in someone’s neck. Don’t know if it’s because the skin was so close or something else, the “harmed” alien had large swaths of red on his face and neck. She didn’t know how long she had stayed in that position. Obviously, at such times, normal people would wake her up……but sometimes this guy was too good-natured.

Probably because it’s too embarrassing, her face was also slightly hot. Don’t know if it’s better to close her eyes and change her posture, or open her eyes and sit up like she just woke up.

“Xiao Ti, we’ve arrived.”

Just then, her brother’s voice was like a lifesaver.

Yi Ti answered, sitting up, and looking out the window: “So we’re already in the station.”

“En, get your stuff, and get ready to get off.”


Several people got off the bus immediately. Because the people they had to visit was admitted to the hospital and one was pregnant, no one could pick them up. They could only rush to their destination, the City Central Hospital by themselves.

“Hungry? Want to find somewhere to eat first?”

After being shaken around, it’s already afternoon. They missed lunch because of the ride.

“No need.” Yi Ti shook her head then said, “Go to the hospital first.” Compared to her, her brother, who came to her in the morning from Y city, was obviously more tired.

Yi Shao did not insist. He knew immediately after he got the call that his condition was bad. Even if his relationship with Song Yan was not that of best friends, it’s not that bad.

So the three took a taxi. It’s quite abusive since they just got off a bus. Fortunately, today’s road conditions were okay. There was almost no traffic, so they reached their destination in ten minutes. Soon after, they took the elevator.

With the crisp sound of “ding dong”, the elevator doors opened.

Three people came out, turned right, and had not taken a few steps when the door of one ward just opened. A woman wearing a shawl came out, holding the doorknob with one hand and stroking her belly with the other, face full of anxiety.

Because she heard footsteps, she subconsciously looked.

With a glance, joy overflowed her face.

And then, she ran over.

Yi Ti was stunned.

First, this “woman throwing herself at their group” was obviously aiming for her brother;Second, through various details, it’s not hard to guess that this woman was the pregnant wife of her brother’s former classmate——and so, was it really okay to run like this? Moreover, it’s not that she couldn’t understand the excitement of “meeting help in a difficult situation”, but……under normal circumstances, when you see a friend, would the first reaction be to jump up and hug them?

She always felt it was strange.

The other party was fast, but Yi Shao was faster.

Doing what he said before, he pushed a certain alien, who was quietly following them, in front of him and inhumanly using him as a shield.

Yi Ti: “……” Hey!

Cecil: “……” W-what’s going on?

Our alien classmate, who wasn’t used to being in close contact with other humans except for Xiao Ti, subconsciously raised his hands in a gesture of resistance. He successfully made the woman awkwardly stop in front of him. But immediately, she looked at Yi Shao again, saying with a trembling voice: “Shao-ge, you finally came.”

“How is Song Yan?” Yi Shao asked directly.

The woman’s voice faded: “The situation is not good.”

Yi Shao’s face also sank: “I’ll see him.” After that, he passed by the woman and walked straight to the door of the ward, pushing inward.

Yi Ti followed closely, then found herself being watched.

She followed the gaze and found that the person looking at her was Han Rong. She asked meaningfully: “Is there a problem?”

“No,” Han Rong smiled, looking at her inquisitively, “I’ve known Shao-ge for so long, but I rarely saw any woman around him. You are……”

Yi Ti was stunned, then answered: “I’m his……”

Yi Shao suddenly turned around, put one hand around his sister’s shoulder then politely said: “Does this matter to you?”

“……” Han Rong’s face turned white. Under the cold eyes of the other person, she couldn’t say anything.

Yi Ti glanced around, always feeling like the atmosphere was a bit sinister and abnormal.

“Xiao Ti,” The young man turned his head, his eyes warming, “I’m a bit hungry, can you buy me some food?”

Yi Ti felt the temperature coming from her shoulder and subconsciously nodded. In front of outsiders, she’d never contradicted her brother. And she could definitely ask him afterward, so she’s not in a hurry一this matter can be directly related to “principle”, so even her elder brother should explain it!

“This is an unfamiliar place, so take that kid with you and be careful.”


“Be careful not to get lost. Call me if you have any questions.”

“……I just got to the door, I won’t get lost.” How mentally retarded am I in your heart……

“Do you have money?”


After a long time of mothering, Yi Shao finally reluctantly let go of his younger sister and watched her leave with a “that pretty boy is reliable” remark.

After taking a few steps, Yi Ti heard a sorrowful cry from behind——

“It’s the first time I’ve seen you be so gentle to a woman.”

“……” What’s with this deep sense of sadness?

Yi Ti subconsciously rubbed her arms, expressing the silent emotion in her heart. Then, she felt something warm on her shoulders. She turned her head and found a pair of eyes, always filled with purity and peace, watching her. And its owner was putting the coat she took off on the road back to her shoulders, even uneasily tightening it.

“Are you warm?”

He looked at her with concern.


She nodded, also watching him, then unconsciously smiled.


Alien 72: A Little Jealousy
Alien 74: What Is It, Little Master

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