Alien 72: A Little Jealousy

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Having said that, Yi Ti still obediently packed up her things. Cough cough, this was probably the legendary “don’t talk, just let your body be honest” type of thing. However, she didn’t know how long it would take. She had to find someone to take care of the house. She’s not afraid of thieves, but more worried about the flowers at home withering with the lack of care. The succulents were fine since it’s drought-resistant, but the general flowers and plants were obviously not.

And the best candidate was no doubt, Liang Chen.

After all……he’s a rich man who often despised her, so he’s not interested in her business at all. And, since her master could entrust everything to him, this proved that this guy was very credible.

Then, after packing up, Yi Ti decided to go to Liang Chen and talk about it.

Unexpectedly, her brother followed. His reason was—— “I want to talk to this group of people who have been with you, Xiao Ti”.

When they arrived at the restaurant, coincidentally, the guys who started the drama before……including Lu Kong, who slipped away in advance, was there with no one missing. Yi Ti stared at the smile on her brother’s mouth and suddenly had an ominous hunch. Is this the legendary “hornet’s nest”?

Immediately, except for little Hong Ye, Yi Shao had a cordial and friendly conversation with the werewolf, vampire, vampire grandfather, and Taoist priest.(Yi Shao introduced himself afterward.) Yi Ti certainly didn’t know what they talked about, because this was another “talk between men”. Although curious, she could only accompany little Hong Ye and Cecil.

This child seemed to like Cecil in particular. Even if the latter was temporarily in human form, the child directly climbed into his arms and sat down, even holding his hair with both hands and playing with it. She was a bit jealous looking at that.

Probably because her expression was too obvious, an alien silently shoved his long hair into her hands: “Xiao Ti, give you.”

“……” TAT Little angel!

After about an hour, the conversation was over.

Her elder brother walked out of the private room without any damage. On the contrary, other people’s aura seemed to be……strange?

Yi Ti stared at the four men then at her brother, not clear about what exactly happened. She always felt that even if her brother was strong, at the very least, he could only bully the good-tempered Cecil or that dunce Lu Kong. In front of a stranger who might be many times stronger, he’d obviously be in the weaker position. So if it was Lu Kong who was stayed with him in that room, she wouldn’t worry at all.

But now this situation was a little weird.

“Xiao Ti, let’s go back.”

“Uh……” Yi Ti looked at the others, “is it okay?”

“En, I already talked to them.” Yi Shao’s phoenix eyes glanced at the people behind him, “Right?”

Lu Kong was smart: “Yes!”

Xue Ye followed closely behind: “Yes!”

Angus trembled at the waist: “Yes!”

Liang Chen was stunned, and got carried away: “……yes.”

Yi Ti: “……” What’s this sense of seeing a successful taming? Brother, what have you done?

“They’ll take care of the house for you, right?”





Yi Ti: “……” Hey, hey, aren’t they repeating each other?

Although really puzzled by this situation, it was obviously impossible to ask in front of her brother. After she gave the keys to Liang Chen, she was regretfully dragged away. Of course, before she left, she didn’t forget to take Cecil, “who was still lacking in existence until this day,” with her. After that, several people carried their packed luggage and intended to go directly to the station——Yi Shao booked a ticket for the three before leaving——in fact, he really wanted to leave the jockey boy, pity that his baby sister didn’t agree.

And when the few people left.

The old vampire Angus first hugged his knees that almost broke again and exclaimed: “A’Ye, who’s than human imp? !” T-t-t-t-terrible! He’d lived for so many years and met countless terrible opponents, but this was the first time he’d met someone like that human——there was a strong sense of oppression as if I was unable to use my power at all.

Xue Ye smiled bitterly and shook his head: “If only I knew.” He had to say, it’s really painful to have such a grandfather. He told him not to offend that man, but he actually pranked him. Look at this tragedy.

“Human imp, do you know?” Angus looked at Lu Kong, who was holding his head in both hands.

“Don’t mention him, I’ve already forgotten! ! !”

“……” Is it fine to hypnotize yourself like this?

“What about you, werewolf kid?”

“……hmph.” Liang Chen turned around, “Isn’t it just personal grudges, what’s the big deal?” In fact, he was secretly glad——fortunately, he didn’t do anything because he was her brother, otherwise……he’d be as shameful as the old bat.

“I never knew that when you’re so scared you’d『woof』pathetically.” Xue Ye sneered.

“Dead bat, what did you say? !” Liang Chen was already agitated. When provoked like that, he became furious——it was okay to be shameful in front of her relative since he misunderstood. The issue was, that man was human no matter how many times he smelled him but strangely made him feel like he couldn’t resist. This completely unreasonable thing made him quite disturbed.


“Do you want to die? !”


Yi Ti didn’t know what kind of “aftermath” her brother brought. Shortly after, she successfully got on the bus to city Y in province S. Yes, very coincidently, Yi Shao’s province, was Hidden Point.

This coincidence made her feel that maybe there’s a subtle relationship between herself and that place.

Because it’s not too far away, there were several direct buses every day between the two cities. This was what the three of them were riding on. In fact, it’s more convenient to take the plane or train, unfortunately, National Day was coming, so neither had any available.

That’s why Yi Shao told Yi Ti, “Xiao Ti, you don’t have to go otherwise”. Regarding his sister’s motion sickness, he knew better than anyone. But in her insistence, he could only compromise. One way or another, “My sister is so sticky” (Yi Ti: Is there such a thing at all! )was a very pleasant thing.

Coincidentally, the three people row bought tickets for the last row.

To be frank, Yi Ti liked to sit in the last row. Although a bit shakier, many buses only have movable windows in the last row, which could be opened for breathability. Without any opposition, she sat by the window. Yi Shao sat beside her, so Cecil could only be pushed to the other side.

“It’s time to buy sunglasses and masks for this kid.” He’s a bit too eye-catching which was bad for security.

Then, without Cecil knowing, he was badly rated.

“Brother……” Yi Ti was helpless. Recently, various stations have been martialized for some reason. Not to mention tomorrow was National Day, isn’t it suspicious to dress like that?

As soon as the bus moved, Yi Ti became dizzy.

Lu Kong was right, motion sickness didn’t matter in cultivation.

Quickly, she changed from a young tender cabbage to a dehydrated vegetable. She leaned on her brother’s shoulder, closed her eyes, and yawned. At the same time, tears kept flowing from the corner of her eyes——not because she was uncomfortable, but rather, too much yawning made her spontaneously shed tears.

Yi Shao was no doubt accustomed to such a thing. He skillfully stroked his sister’s back, then helped her wipe her face with a handkerchief.

Cecil stared blankly: Xiao Ti looked uncomfortable. I want to comfort her too, but……

Yi Shao: = =+ Scumbag, seen enough? Look away right now, you’re too early! My sister is mine, mine! ! !

Yi Ti shuddered: Where did the cold wind come from, an illusion?

At this moment, her fingertips suddenly felt itchy. Looking down, she found a strand of long hair “floating” behind Yi Shao and curling around her fingers.

The corner of her mouth twitched as she wrapped it on her little finger. Once done, she held it in her palm, then comfortably closed her eyes.

Unfortunately, this silence did not last long.

“Hey, handsome brother, do you eat oranges?”

Cecil glanced around and found a young woman sitting to his right seemed to be calling out to him: “……are you talking to me?”

The prettily dressed woman nodded, passed an orange to him, then smiled heartily and said: “Of course, want to eat?”

He waved his hand: “……no need, thank you.” Is it okay to answer like this? He was originally quite confident in communicating with Earth people, but the more he stayed on Earth, the less confident he was. In Xiao Ti’s words——the gap in their thought processes was too big. He looked at her subconsciously but found that the other was tightly closing her eyes, not looking at him. He couldn’t help but feel lost.

“My name is An Li, what’s your name?”


The woman said in surprise: “Ai? Are you a foreigner?”

“……” To be precise, an alien.

“But depending on how you look, you’re really not like a pure Chinese, which country?”


It seemed that Yi Ti, who was sleeping, suddenly felt a little unhappy: As soon as we got on the bus, he was happily chatting with other people. Hmph……wait!

She immediately came to her senses. She shouldn’t feel this way. Cecil was her friend, not her “belonging”. This unreasonable possessiveness was really shameful, so she shouldn’t feel like this——because she had no right to interfere with his personal freedom.

She pursed her lips slightly and closed her eyes even harder, trying to make herself fall asleep to ignore some outdated “flights of fancy”.

Probably because of “guilty conscience”, she unconsciously let go.

Yi Shao glanced at his sister’s “movements”, his face darkening: It seemed she cared about the kid more than I thought. What’s so good with this silly fool?!

At this moment, Cecil suddenly looked sideways. There was doubt, tension and even more lost in his eyes: Xiao Ti’s hand loosened……

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