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After Cecil left, Yi Ti suddenly remembered that she seemed to have forgotten to ask the most important thing: “Brother, how is your friend?”

Mentioning this, Yi Shao’s relaxed smile slightly sank.

“Is……is it bad?”

“That’s right.” The youth couldn’t help thinking of his old classmate’s hair that had become half white and his pale face. He didn’t look like a young man, but more like an old man. The result of the hospital’s examination was an excessive physical loss. The issue was, he’s always sitting in the office, so how could he lose his physical ability to this point, and it’s even worsening?

“Can I go and see?” Yi Ti was not proud and complacent. She didn’t think spiritual masters were almighty. It’s just that looking at her brother’s low spirits, how could she let it go? Even if there was no cure, at least it’s better than not doing anything.

Yi Shao glanced at her, his face softening again: “En.”

Before this, he found an excuse to leave, but now, time was running out.

Cecil came back with water and respectfully “made his offerings.” “Evil mother-in-law” glanced at “good looking daughter-in-law” and silently added a point in his heart——being stupid is also a point, at least he’s considerate.

Song Yan, who couldn’t be diagnosed properly, lived in an ordinary six-person ward and because he was the last to move in, he slept on the bed next to the door on the right. You can immediately see him after pushing the door.

Yi Shao came in with Yi Ti and Cecil following closely behind.

When the door opened, she saw an old, half white-haired man sitting on the bed. He was eating a mouthful hospital food. If her brother didn’t mention it, she could hardly believe this was his classmate, because it seemed like the age gap was too big. Even calling him uncle was more appropriate. Yi Ti frowned slightly. She vaguely saw something from the other person. If she really couldn’t find a cure, she intuitively felt that he would continue to age like this.

The rest of the patients were eating, but almost all the food was brought by their families. As we all know, hospital food was expensive and unpalatable. The average person would not want to “suffer this torture.” But Yi Ti could understand that people in their early pregnancy really can’t do much.

“Shao-ge, you’re back.” Han Rong turned her head, shouting in surprise.

Song Yan paused eating and looked up at the door.

And so did everyone else in the ward. They seemed to be interested in Yi Shao.

Yi Shao’s face slightly sank. The reason why he couldn’t stay just now was also because of this——this woman is too much.

He remembered that she didn’t do this before.

Almost at this time last year, he came to this city because of a business trip and met his old classmate along the way. Although to some people he was “bad-tempered,” if that was the case, he would have lost his job long ago. After all, he only “run away” when his sister had problems. Compared to him, Song Yan was the type who’s not good at getting along with people. And so, when he learned that he was planning to get married, Yi Shao was also surprised.

After that, Song Yan and his fiancee——now wife, Han Rong, invited Yi Shao to have a meal together.

When they met, Han Rong first called him by name. This was what Yi Shao knew: Han Rong and Song Yan were his college alumni. But unlike the latter who was roommates with him, he had no impression of the other.

His old classmate’s fiancee and alumni. The impression that Han Rong gave him when they first met was that she’s calm and not that beautiful but had good conversation skills. All in all, she seemed to be a good match with Song Yan. So Yi Shao’s attitude toward her was quite mild although certainly not as good as his sister. If Lu Kong could get this treatment, he would have burned incense and worshiped them.

After that, at the end of his business trip, he also left the city.

At first, he didn’t mind it, until Han Rong actually started sending him messages. Initially, Yi Shao would still reply, but he soon found something wrong midway. Although some text messages seemed ordinary, it’s definitely not something to be sent to your husband’s colleague.

Yi Shao thought about it and finally decided on the cold shoulder treatment to kill this ambiguous seedling before it burned him.

First, he didn’t want to affect his friendship with Song Yan because of this, second, he couldn’t say anything about it.

She loved texting and he just let her have her way. Anyway, he never saw or respond to it, deleting it whenever it arrived. Han Rong also noticed and didn’t send any more text that he couldn’t respond to. Of course, she didn’t call to harass him. That’s why Yi Shao did not blacklist her number.

After another five or six months, Song Yan sent an invitation that he’ll get married.

Yi Shao didn’t really want to go, but because Song Yan said “you are my best friend,” he eventually went. At the wedding, Han Rong looked calm when he saw her, and didn’t show any special reaction. Yi Shao observed for a moment, realizing that she really wanted to live with Song Yan at ease, let go of his misgivings, and forgave the previous things.

Who knew that in recent months, Han Rong revived. She kept sending text messages to him, the content more explicit than before, and there was no sign of stopping. After that, he had never been to this city again until he received that call from Han Rong.

Yi Shao was very angry.

Not to mention before, an unmarried man and an unmarried woman, although immoral, at least she hadn’t taken any responsibility. But after marriage, she shouldn’t be extremely excessive. Not to mention, her husband was sick in bed and she had a child in her belly. Even in front of Song Yan, she was waiting diligently. It’s as if she’s afraid that others wouldn’t know that “something was between them.”

Disgusted, he couldn’t talk to Song Yan at all, so he just left for a while. He was planning to talk to his former classmate after she left, but since Xiao Ti wanted to see if she could help, he certainly wouldn’t stop her.

Didn’t expect that she wouldn’t even know how to reflect and repeatedly “destroyed his image” in front of Xiao Ti, he can’t stand it!

So Yi Shao ignored her, taking her sister directly to the bed and saying: “Let me introduce you. Xiao Ti, this is my former classmate, Song Yan. You can call him Song-ge. Song Yan, this is Xiao Ti.” He didn’t say it was his sister, worried that Han Rong would look for Xiao Ti and neither did he want to sever ties with Song Yan. Anyway, no one at university knew he had a sister——if they knew, they’ll be curious. If they’re curious, they’d want to see photos. If they looked……could his sister still be his?

Those beasts who can’t get their mind out of the gutter, where are they eligible to be his brother-in-law!

As siblings, Yi Ti also noticed her brother’s thoughts, so she was not dissatisfied, and shouted politely: “Song-ge.”

Song Yan froze for a moment then a faint smile appeared on his old face: “You guys look a bit like each other. You’re probably a couple.”

Yi Shao: “……” Old classmate, stop it.

Yi Ti: “……” Brother’s old classmate, stop it.

The so-called theory of “couples” looking alike was because when men and women often interact with each other, speak heart to heart, and converge their habits, they’d affect each other so much that their faces would resemble each other. Although Yi Ti and Yi Shao don’t look alike that much, in the end, they’re siblings, so there’d always be commonalities. If coupled with their years of harmonious cohabitation, it’s not surprising to find similarities.

But even so, the siblings still felt astonished, because this kind of praise wasn’t appropriate for siblings. It just made people feel awkward.

“Who is that?” Song Yan turned his head to look at the outstanding Cecil, thinking this person was strange, quiet and conspicuous.

Actually, this was also normal. The reason why he felt he was quiet was because of Cecil’s own aura. And the reason it felt conspicuous was because of his appearance. If someone observed every detail of his mimicry at this moment and compare it to the golden ratio of the Earth, you’d be surprised to find that it almost matched. The appearance of ordinary people couldn’t be 100% symmetrical. For example, one eye might not be the same as the other, there’d be slight differences in the ears and many more. However, Cecil’s shape was really 100% symmetrical. There was no trace of deviation.

There were many differences when observed in detail and it’s because of this that he “looked like a human but actually not.” The equally tall and handsome Yi Shao just made people think “this guy is so handsome” while Cecil was even more outstanding. If he’s in public, it’s estimated that he’d need to wear sunglasses and masks while walking.

Yi Shao waved his hand: “A follower, don’t care about him.”

Cecil: “……” He also wanted to be a couple with Xiao Ti……

Song Yan certainly wouldn’t believe it, but he just smiled, prepared to say something and suddenly realized something was wrong. He turned around and unexpectedly found that his wife was clenching her fists and shivering slightly.


Yi Shao frowned, what’s this woman on to now?

Cecil tilted his head slightly, showing a doubtful look. He didn’t feel right from before, because this Earth human……

Yi Ti felt it was strange. She suddenly saw Han Rong raise her head and stare at her fiercely as if wishing to swallow her alive. It looked terrifying. If it was in the past, she might be afraid, but now, no amount of intimidation would scare her.

“Get out!”

“Get out of here!”

Her sharp voice made the others in the ward frown.

“A’Rong!” Song Yan shouted, reaching out to pull his wife’s hand but it was slapped away.

“I said get out of here! ! !”

Yi Ti, completely disgusted, subconsciously took a step forward.

Just then, a strange thing happened. As she moved forward, Han Rong, who was so imposing and almost brandished a knife, actually took several steps back, a look of fear evident on her face.

Yi Ti, who felt something in her heart, took a few steps forward.

The other side really backed up again.

She was afraid of her.


When they met before, it was obviously not like this. Is there any change from now and before?

Could it be that……

Alien 75: What Are You Doing
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