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Alien 78: Sly Black Shadow

Yi Ti moved her mind slightly. Immediately, she took out the beads and jade sword from her pocket.

“Ahh! ! ! ! ! !”

Han Rong made a particularly sharp cry. Everyone couldn’t help but frown and cover their ears. She turned slightly as if she lost her mind and jumped out of the window. Fortunately, she was caught by the person beside the window. This was the seventh floor, where can she still have a life?

Struggling, she kept shouting “get out, get out, get out,” then, probably because of excessive excitement or exhaustion, rolled her eyes, and suddenly passed out.

In this second, Yi Ti seemed to see something black inside her escape through the window, bringing a gust of wind and rolling up the curtains.

There were no more empty beds in the ward, so the person who helped stop her sent Han Rong back to Song Yan. The latter quickly packed up his meal, then took his wife and put her beside him, covering her carefully with a quilt.

“Xiao Song, is your wife evil?” Just then, an old man said that.

Although they couldn’t see the black gas, they saw the scene just now and felt the sudden wind.

Seeing that someone took the lead, the others also expressed their suspicions.

“Yes, that little girl is holding beads in her hand.”

“I heard that the hospital was very strange at night……”

“That wind was also very evil right now.”

“She saw the beads and were so afraid that she became like that, not by……” Not finishing, he was smacked by his wife beside him. What the old man couldn’t say just now was not appropriate for a younger audience.

Song Yan looked at Yi Shao: “Yi Shao, this……”

Yi Shao glanced at his sister then answered: “Xiao Ti’s rosary was indeed given by a master.” Since everyone recognized the beads, he wouldn’t mention the jade sword. He also deliberately blurred the age of the “master.” After all, for most people, young people were less reliable than adults.

“That……” Song Yan pleadingly looked at Yi Ti, his meaning self-explanatory.

During this time, Yi Ti scanned Han Rong’s body with the “watch.” She was indeed human. But……

“Cecil, what do you think?”

After the young man carefully observed again, he concisely expressed his views: “She does have a strange breath.”

Comparing their perception of breath, Yi Ti considered herself not the alien’s opponent. It’s also not comparable to other cultivators or monsters. This was probably a common problem of plant cultivators, because even her master left the “beat them up” tactic for identification, showing their helplessness in this matter. Fortunately, she could make up for this deficiency with Cecil. Since he said there was a strange breath, then there must be.

When Song Yan heard that, his old face became more worried. He anxiously looked at his wife who had a noticeable swell to her belly then looked at the three people again: “So what can you do?”

“I’ll call and ask.” Yi Ti said, “I happen to know someone who understands this.”

“Please, thank you very much!”

“You’re welcome.” Yi Ti waved her hand, looked at Yi Shao and Cecil, then whispered, “I’ll leave it to you here.” If the same thing happened again, according to Song Yan’s current physique, he might not be able to stop Han Rong.

Having said that, she passed the rosary to Cecil, then quietly stuffed the jade sword into her brother’s hands.

Then, Yi Ti walked out of the ward and called Lu Kong in the corridor. Although she could ask Pei Ling, she’s still more inclined to Lu Kong. After all, she’s more familiar with him and was always asking these questions. Also……she didn’t feel any guilt even if he scolded her. Besides, for her brother’s sake, he’d be afraid to talk nonsense.

Although the poor ghost didn’t seem to have a phone, the restaurant phone was always on——Yi Ti had a strong hunch that he’s probably still there.

As expected, as soon as the phone was connected, she received a cry from someone.

In short, not long after she left, he was so proud of preparing to “move to his new home” that he lost his money. Instantly changing from a middle-class peasant to a poor peasant forced him to continue working in Liang Chen’s restaurant to survive and accept the oppression of a werewolf. Anyone who heard it would be sad and tear up.

But Yi Ti was obviously not in the mood to listen to his tragic experience as she told him what happened on her side.

“Buddhist prayer beads? Jade sword? Impossible……dang, just how lucky are you! Share it with me!” TAT

“……what do you mean?”

“Ding Yuan, that little monk’s beads. His master and my father knew each other. His master’s a pig who especially loves to eat and drink. If I learned his tricks, I will never starve to death.”

“……” He’s just excited about this!

“The boy who gave you the jade sword should be someone from the SanXuGuan (三虛觀, Three Void Monastery). I heard that each disciple was given a jade sword as a token. Do you know his name?”

Yi Ti remembered what she heard on the street and answered: “It seemed to be Jing Yuan.”

“Oh, who?” Lu Kong suddenly realized, “I remember he’s only been practicing on the mountain, why did he suddenly go down? Forget it, let’s not mention this. It’s a good thing to get a token from these two people. Many people can’t even have it even if they hoped for it, so you should share your luck!” He pretended to be understanding, but Yi Ti suspected that he’s treating her like a lucky charm since she was very lucky. Look, he was about to starve to death, but after she met him, he ate and ate and lived in her house. He also got a job and even got money (though he borrowed it), but just as she left……look at what he encountered! ! !

If at this moment she replaced his voice with a song, it’d undoubtedly be——Come back quickly, I can’t bear it alone~~~Come back quickly, but don’t bring your brother back~~~

Yi Ti: “……” Why did the topic go here again? She helped him remember, repeating word by word, “I’m asking right now, what should I do about this?”

“Oh, oh, right, I almost forgot if you didn’t mention it.”

“……” Hey! Could this guy be more unreliable?

Fortunately, although this guy had a split personality, he was still experienced in such things. This was probably because he often takes over such business to stay off poverty.

According to Lu Kong, Han Rong was probably not only a medium to evil, but also possessed. It was the black thing that just flew away. Also, Song Yan’s strange disease was probably related to this matter. However, since that thing escaped as soon as it met the beads and the jade sword, its strength should not be too strong, so he was very confident about Yi Ti, who could crumble bricks with her bare hands.

After that, he gave a brief summary.

Such a weak and evil thing generally didn’t have a substance. That means it’s most likely attached to an item. It’s impossible to leave its body without cultivating to a certain level, so she could just destroy the item.

After Yi Ti listened to the method, under someone’s sorrowful “Please come back and lend me money!” she inhumanely hung up, then turned, preparing to return to the ward.

At this moment——


A voice came from the side.

She looked back subconsciously and found a young man in patient clothes standing not far away. He was staring at her with a look like “watching pokemon” in real life. Their eyes met. His lips opened, seemingly wanting to say something, but he remained silent.

“Can I help you?” Yi Ti stared at him doubtfully.

The youth was pale and extremely thin. At first glance, it was caused by chronic illness, but his spirit seemed pretty good. Since becoming a plant cultivator, she became more aware of such things. For example, what she saw in Song Yan was deterioration, and what she saw in this young man was a healing image. And, his eyes were extremely divine. In the past, Yi Ti read books describing the human eye as “like limpid autumn waters, like a cold star, like a jewel, like two black mercury in white water.” She didn’t feel anything in those times, but only when she saw the young man did she understood the meaning of those words.

He had good eyes.

“ShuCheng, why did you come out?”

Another voice came.

Two men in their 40s or 50s came to his side. After looking at the youth in concern, they turned to Yi Ti, asking in doubt: “You are……?” my son’s friend? ShuCheng was sick since elementary school, but children often came to see him. As time passed, few people were left. And this little girl in front of him was obviously the first time they met.

Yi Ti replied: “I’m here to visit the doctor.” After that, she greeted them politely, turned around then left.

Li ShuCheng looked at her back with a frown, obviously in a daze, and it’s unknown what he was thinking.

Li PengBin looked at his son’s expression then looked at the girl again, an incredulous look on his face: My son has grown up!

Xiang TianHua also secretly gave his friend’s son a thumbs-up: Looking for a girlfriend as soon as his condition became better, indeed a young man, very aggressive!

Of course, if both parties knew what the two old guys were thinking, they’d most likely shout at the same time: You’re thinking too much!

Although the young man named “ShuCheng” was strangely looking at her, Yi Ti left it behind. Anyway, he didn’t seem to be malicious, and the most important thing right now was not that.

After returning to the ward and faced with Song Yan’s worried and anticipating gaze, Yi Ti asked if she could go to his home and take a look around. According to Lu Kong, for that weak thing, attaching to the human body could not be achieved by once or twice of contact. Long-term contact was required. And, it must build its presence on the gaps of the human heart, unlike “he who never wrongs others does not fear the knock in the night. (rest with a clear conscience)”

If everyone was so easily possessed by these strange things, the world would have long become messy.

Song Yan certainly had no opinion on this, giving her the keys very happily.

“Go with Xiao Ti.” Yi Shao unpleasantly said to Cecil, pointing with his chin. In all fairness, he certainly wanted to accompany his sister in person, but considering the force in values, he hated it but chose to give up——yes, the older brother who just came in contact with this world had no idea of how bullish he is. He thought that the reason those guys were willing to be cleaned up by him was because of his sister and this kid.

Yi Ti certainly had no opinion on this. Her brother was worried about her and her feelings were the same. Of course, she didn’t want him to follow her in dangerous places. After handing the beads to Yi Shao, she was relieved to leave with Cecil.

They just arrived in the lobby when she found Cecil’s face once again show that “stupid” smile and was somewhat speechless: “You seem happy?”

“En.” An alien was always honest, “Because I can be alone with Xiao Ti.” Just thinking about it made him extremely happy.



Alien 76: Very Angry Yi Shao
Alien 78: Sly Black Shadow

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