Alien 78: Sly Black Shadow

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Yi Ti thought this guy was really frank, but——

“Why do you feel happy being alone with me?”

There was a confused look on Cecil’s eyes. He then shook his head: “Don’t know, I’m just happy.” He thought that the answer to this question would come when he realized the answer to the other question. It should be solved together.

“You’re really……” Sometimes, she’s really speechless.

“Isn’t Xiao Ti happy being alone with me?”

“……” This……

In his clear eyes, she felt condemned if she lied. Yi Ti tilted her head awkwardly: “Y-yes.” She’s actually quite happy, but, wouldn’t her brother be sad if she said that?

Although new to this city, with the address in hand, how could they get lost? Taking the taxi again was a bit painful for Yi Ti, but it’s obviously better than walking. She can’t make Cecil run with her all the way, right? Not to mention, if she made this request, it’s estimated that he’d really do it. Cough cough, although she anticipated it a bit, there would definitely be onlookers!

Song Yan’s home was not far from the hospital, about ten minutes by taxi.

“Fifth building, 303, over here!”

Soon after, the two found the spot. Just as Yi Ti took a deep breath and was about to open the door, Cecil grabbed her wrist.

“What happened?”

“Let me open the door.”

Although it seemed unlikely that an “open the door and you’ll be killed” situation would happen, she felt the worry in his eyes almost overflowing, so she nodded, handed the keys, then obediently stood behind him.

With a soft “click”, the door opened.

The moment when inside and outside were connected, a cool breeze followed.

Yi Ti tightened her coat around herself. Although the corridor was always cooler than the outside, the air in the room was too cold. Rather, it’s uncomfortably “cold.”

The two walked in one after the other.

They could see that since Song Yan became ill, although Han Rong often returned, she really had no intention of cleaning it, so the room was a bit messy. Things were thrown everywhere, and dust had also accumulated in some places.

“It should be here.” Even without deliberate perception, she could still notice the “ominous” breath, “Do you know where?”

Cecil glanced around, then stretched a finger toward a room: “It should be there.”

The door was not closed. They could clearly see that this was Song Yan’s bedroom. This was the largest room in the house, and to the south, daylight poured in. Although it’s almost evening, there’s still sunshine in the house. In theory, it should make people feel warm, but those strands of orange rays brought a little chill to people for no reason.

The bed was untidy and above that was the wedding photo of the couple. The Song Yan in the photo was different from what she saw today. He was a young man who seemed quite handsome though not that much. Staring at his partner, his eyes and the corners of his mouth showed irresistible joy and looking at Han Rong, she was also smiling happily.

Yi Ti inexplicably thought that when Han Rong married Song Yan, she shouldn’t have forced herself. She once heard a saying——the mirror could deceive itself, you could deceive yourself, but photos don’t. Because when people self-beautify their images when they looked in the mirror, this beautification was often inadvertent. This was why some people feel that the photos they took were not like themselves. However, in fact, that was their true self. Of course, bad photos such as ID cards must be excluded.

And in the photo, Han Rong’s smile was very real, without the slightest reluctance or impatience. It could be seen that the marriage was done with the corresponding awareness. It’s only been a few months. If they weren’t affected, it would never be like now.

Probably because the “ominous aura” was too obvious, there was no need for Cecil to speak. She naturally set her gaze on the nightstand.

Yi Ti subconsciously walked toward it but a long black hair stopped her and opened the drawer of the cabinet. Almost at the same time, a red bracelet on top of a notebook caught their eyes.

The bracelet appeared to have a red agate texture, the colors were so bright it wasn’t normal, and the black aura was constantly emerging from it, much like what she saw at the hospital.

“It should be this, right?”

“Xiao Ti, what next?”

“Smash it.”

Almost as soon as she finished speaking, that strand of hair immediately rolled up the bracelet and fiercely slammed it down.

“Ah! ! !”

The two seemed to hear a human scream. Immediately after, strips of black aura spilled from the broken bracelet and quickly dissipated in the air.

“Is that it?”

Things went too smoothly, making Yi Ti feel like “she punched the air.” After waiting for a while, she elbowed Cecil. The latter understood. A piece of the bracelet was wrapped in hair and brought back. He didn’t immediately hand it to Yi Ti but observed it first, even smelled it, before passing it confidently.

After Yi Ti took over it, she touched it a bit and found that there was still a bit of coldness, but it didn’t seem to be a big deal. It seemed like what Lu Kong said was true, this thing was very weak.

She had planned to leave immediately, but after thinking about it, she still came to the nightstand, taking out the pouch that Pei Ling gave her from the space, and planning to put it on the top of the notebook. This house had been affected by such things for so long that it’s harmful to ordinary people. Although the aura would soon dissipate, who knew if it’d attract other shadows in the process of scattering? Putting a “suppressor” with aura was no doubt better.

Song Yan was her brother’s friend. If anything happened to him, her brother would be sad.

The moment she put down the pouch on the notebook, there was an abrupt change!

Another black aura suddenly emerged from it, directly going toward the window, seemingly wanting to escape!


No need for Yi Ti to speak, his hair already flew. The black gas was intercepted and directly entangled. Normal people couldn’t touch such things with their hands, but Cecil was different. The physique of their Sutahnna was very similar to an energy body, so touching and capturing this black ball of energy was not a problem.

Yi Ti didn’t know what to do with that shadow and just subconsciously agitated the aura in her body, gathered it in her palm, then threw it to the black gas like throwing a tennis ball.

Because her master left her almost only ancient books related to refining medicine, her fighting skills were very bad. Fortunately, “the move might not be not new but it works!”

After another harsh scream, the black gas dissipated into the air once again.

At the same time, the notebook that was quietly lying in the drawer, as if hit by something, exploded in pieces.

“Xiao Ti.” Cecil held Yi Ti in his arms without thinking. Dark long hair winded around her automatically, instantly breaking the hairband and quickly danced around their bodies, blocking all foreign bodies around them. Only until he realized there was no real danger did he stop moving.

Confetti was flying around.

Falling slowly, scattering to the floor, and to their hair and clothing.

Some were blank, and some were full of handwriting.

At this moment, Yi Ti felt like she saw a certain memory——the diary owner’s memory.

Han Rong did seem to like her brother, or rather, she crushed on him in her college days. Pity that she didn’t have the chance to confess. After graduation, she met Song Yan while working. The two naturally fell in love and discussed marriage. Don’t know if they’re lucky or unfortunate, at this time, she met Yi Shao again. The heart that had calmed down, like a lake blown by the wind, once again had waves.

At first, she just wanted to be friends with him, but unknowingly, she wanted more. But this mood was keenly perceived by the other party, and their connection was broken. Aware of this, Han Rong’s distress was abnormal. She felt shameful and also felt sorry for Song Yan, so she broke up with him. Song Yan was silent at that time. He didn’t ask anything and just said: “If you think this is better, then let’s break up.”

Han Rong felt that this silent man might not like her at all until shortly afterward, she had an acute illness. Song Yan rushed to her for the first time and took care of her for two months. He came quietly and wanted to leave quietly. She asked him if he still liked her, he said yes;She asked why he easily agreed to break up, he said because it was her choice;She was silent for a moment, then asked if he still wanted to be with her, he was silent for a moment. When she felt it was just her “wishful thinking”, he very seriously said, “I want to take care of you, let’s get married.”

She teared up on the spot, then said——


The howling wind passed, her heart lake once again restored peace.

Their life after marriage was calm. Although Song Yan was quiet, with average interpersonal relationships, he was good to her.

Han Rong also felt very satisfied. Until one day, she bought a red agate bracelet.

Just like Lu Kong said, something called a “shadow” living in it would usually take advantage of weaknesses in their heart, then amplify this emotion, tricking them into doing things they would never do under normal circumstances.

And what amplified was Han Rong’s “like of Yi Shao” hidden deep in her heart. After all, this emotion was not so easy to completely let go. Once the void in their mind was occupied, malice was quick to take root. At first, Han Rong was not affected, but unconsciously, through long term contact, she was gradually controlled by the shadows. Song Yan’s vitality was also absorbed by it. Han Rong struggled because of this, but she was not its opponent and was quickly suppressed.

The shadow hinted to her——If Song Yan was sick, you can see Yi Shao.

What happened after was obvious.

Its body was not carried by Han Rong, so Yi Ti didn’t find the abnormality at first and even Cecil felt only a tiny bit because the breath it put on Han Rong’s body was too weak, and they’re really novices in this regard. The “watch” became useless because the physical quality of Han Rong hadn’t changed much since it was attached.

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