Alien 80: Just Want To Tell You

Alien 79: This Is Probably Love
Alien 81: Say It Seriously

The wind blew, flicking the hair of the young man and woman.

They were facing each other.

The young man’s complexion was unnaturally rosy, his face had a smile and cheerful eyes, staring at the woman opposite him without blinking;the latter had an “excessively startled” expression, blinking eyes, opened mouth, and trembling lips.

After a long time, Yi Ti returned from her shock, her face red. She also stuttered: “Y-y-y-y-you, w-what are you talking about!”

“I said I think I love……”

“Don’t talk nonsense! ! !”

“I didn’t talk nonsense.” Cecil was aggrieved because of her disbelief, “You said it was love, so I really think I love you.”

“W-what? What did I say? Stop looking at me! ! !” Yi Ti was at a loss for a moment, putting out both hands to cover someone’s face, but even if she blocked his eyes like this, her sudden rapid heartbeat seemed unable to calm down immediately. Instead, the hands in contact with his skin became too hot, making her feel uncomfortable.

“If one day,” Cecil grabbed Yi Ti’s hand, gently tore it off his face, then said with a face full of sincerity, “Xiao Ti, if you want to take my life……”

“……why would I do such a thing!” Am I such a person?

“I still want to stay with you, it doesn’t matter if you killed me.”

Yi Ti, who was embarrassed by someone “babbling nonsense,” choked. She didn’t expect Cecil to say such a thing. She had to admit, those words deeply shocked her.

He was talking about it so seriously.

So much so that……

For a moment, she didn’t know how to answer, or rather, with this deep trust that he’s willing to entrust his life to her, any answer would pale in comparison. And when she calmed down, she was scared to discover that, deep in her heart, there’s a hidden emotion——joy.

She was overjoyed by what Cecil said before.

The atmosphere froze for a moment.

In the silence, the young man unknowingly tilted his head, asking her softly: “If it’s not the love like you said, then what is it?”

“……” Yi Ti didn’t know how to answer. After being tangled for a while, she said, “I just mentioned love according to the situation, it might not be the correct explanation.”

“The Chinese dictionary explains that love is an emotion from the heart; to be good to someone or something and the sustained process of these positive emotions is love.” Cecil read out the information he had queried, “Isn’t this the correct explanation?”

“It should……be right?”

When Cecil heard this, his pleasant smile once again lit his whole face: “So that means I love Xiao Ti!”


“Because I want to be good to you.”

He spoke so brightly, without a hint of hesitation, that Yi Ti’s whole……body……

“Saying something like this, just what do you want me to do about it? !” She was so embarrassed that she finally broke down. She pulled her hands out of the other’s palms, lifted the collar of an alien, and yelled.

What kind of trouble is this guy trying to make? !

To make such a surprise attack, does he want to kill me? !

She’s dying from her heart beating so fast! ! !

Cecil innocently replied: “……I didn’t want you to do anything, I just want to tell you about it.”


“I just want to tell you, is it wrong?” After he figured out the answer, he was very happy, so he wanted Xiao Ti to share this happiness, is……is it wrong?

Saying so, his eyes were so pure that Yi Ti almost vomited three liters of blood. In a sense, this was true, but……she was scared, okay! ! !

She finally figured it out, this super handsome guy who didn’t have any common sense didn’t think that deeply. He really just wanted to tell her about it, like saying “I want to go out with you”.

This guy……


Yi Ti didn’t know what to say. There should be a limit to not having common sense. This almost reached the level of nuclear weapons. She was bombed to oblivion!

“Xiao Ti?”

“You……” She took a deep breath, trying to calm herself down, “Don’t say that so casually in the future.”

“I didn’t say it casually.” Cecil felt a little wronged again. He said it very seriously, why did Xiao Ti not believe him?

“That’s not the point!” Yi Ti took a deep breath once again, then went on, “Listen, saying this on Earth means——you want to get a response. So it’s not that easy to say it, do you understand? ! ! !” She shouted the last sentence.


“Yes, response!”

“I also want to get Xiao Ti’s response.”


Cecil seized Yi Ti’s hands once again, saying with expectations: “Can Xiao Ti also love me?”

“……” How could this make me answer!

“Is it not good?” Disappointed look.

“……” As I said, don’t look at me with that look!

Yi Ti felt like she had to take a stand. En, make a solid bottom line. She must not be easily fooled by an alien who didn’t understand common sense. But……

“Brat, let go of Xiao Ti’s hand!”

An angry voice came from not far away.

The intruder was undoubtedly Yi Shao. After pitifully managing his friend’s deep “marriage problem,” he looked for his sister for some comfort. It turned out that, that seemingly dull jockey boy dared to hook up with his sister while he was away, and even dared to hold Xiao Ti’s small hands! Unforgivable! ! !

After Yi Ti stiffened, she jumped up with relief, and ran directly in front of her brother, almost moved to tears: “Brother!”

Yi Shao: “……” This reaction is not right! He frowned then became murderous, “He bullied you?” Good boy, how dare you show up in front of me? Doing that behind my back, you’re seeking death!


“Say it, what did he do to you?” Uncuff cufflinks.

“Nothing!” Yi Ti quickly stopped him.

“Really?” Squint.

Yi Ti nodded repeatedly: “Really, really.”

Under her gag, Yi Shao finally didn’t pursue his questioning like “why did jockey boy grab your hand?” After that, the three went out for a meal and found a hotel nearby.

After being cautioned by her brother “not to open the door for anyone else” three hundred times, she tiredly said goodnight to her brother that was becoming more and more like a granny. After falling directly on the bed and tossing about back and forth, she finally returned to the lying on her stomach position, hands folded and hiding her face.

Cecil’s an idiot!

This is giving me insomnia!


Yi Ti covered her hot face. If her brother didn’t come at that time, afraid she’s already……what kind of answer would I make then?

After rolling back and forth a few more times, Yi Ti scratched her long hair then simply jumped up and sat down on the table. She took out her laptop, connected to the network cable in the room and decided to distract herself with other things.

As soon as she opened QQ, the notification bell for the discussion group and group messages sounded at the same time.

Yi Ti opened it and looked at the discussion group first.

Formaldehyde(XXOOXXOO) 19:26:03

Are you all here?

Aggregate(XXOOXXOO) 19:26:15

I crawled out. (picks nose)

Formaldehyde(XXOOXXOO) 19:26:20

There’s only Aggregate, is XiaoTian here?

Aggregate(XXOOXXOO) 19:26:25

Haven’t seen him today, comics hadn’t been updated, don’t know where he went.

Seeing these words, Yi Ti almost burst into tears. In a sense, she went to play with a “ghost”. And only then did she remember, she had been so busy since she saw her brother in the morning that she forgot to update. She quickly opened the backstage of the Wei Feng website. Sure enough, many readers had been mourning in the comment area.

【Great God, please come back, don’t leave us alone! 】

【Master, where have you been? We need spiritual food! 】

【Great XiaoTian, do you have the heart to leave our group of ill-treated readers? 】

【President, did you go bankrupt? 】


Yi Ti wiped her sweat, these guys were exaggerating too much.

Aggregate(XXOOXXOO) 19:26:36

What’s the matter, Formaldehyde?

Formaldehyde(XXOOXXOO) 19:26:50

Two things, one is that the trailer will be launched by our website tomorrow. When you update, remember to help publicize it. Don’t say it explicitly, you have to leave some room for surprise. XiaoTian should do the same when you see the chat history.

Aggregate(XXOOXXOO) 19:27:01

(OK sign)Anything else?

Formaldehyde(XXOOXXOO) 19:27:11

There’s also good news. After watching the animation, the game company decided to rename the eleven newly opened districts as the “Brave Alliance”.

Aggregate(XXOOXXOO) 19:27:15

Is that news reliable?

Formaldehyde(XXOOXXOO) 19:27:20

First-hand news, absolutely reliable.

Yi Ti was shot with chicken blood, Brave Alliance! The name of the guild of the protagonist in the novel had now become the name of the new district. How could she not be excited? There was almost no point in focusing on the chat. She opened the group chat again and took a look, finding that Uncle Le, who engaged in game-related industries, had already spoken about this in the group. This aroused some heated discussion. But soon after, a group of girls pulled the topic away, changing it to how to build their character then makeup.

When the topic discussed what profession and what armors were good looking and worth collecting, she wiped her sweat. This group of girls was still going strong!

Thinking about this, she merged this morning and this evening’s updates into the website, incidentally making an announcement of “There will be a surprise tomorrow”.

She just finished uploading when a message flew over.

Alien 79: This Is Probably Love
Alien 81: Say It Seriously

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