Alien 81: Say It Seriously

Alien 80: Just Want To Tell You
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Aggregate 19:36:11

Are you there?

Long XiaoTian 19:36:15

En, just got in.

Aggregate 19:36:20

You’re late today.

Long XiaoTian 19:36:27

Something came up, so it’s late.

Aggregate 19:36:31

Something huh, could it be……(wicked smile)

Long XiaoTian 19:36:40

……you think too much.

Aggregate 19:36:45

I didn’t say anything, you’re the one thinking too much. (eating cucumber)

Long XiaoTian 19:36:48


Aggregate 19:36:56

Right, at noon tomorrow, you with me?

Long XiaoTian 19:37:06

I can’t come, I may have something these days.

Aggregate 19:37:15

Returning home to visit relatives?

Yi Ti: “……” She remembered that Long XiaoTian was currently in Russia. This was why she hated lying. Because to make a lie, she had to make more lies.

Long XiaoTian 19:37:20

No, something on this side.

Aggregate 19:37:26

What a pity, I’m ready to take you to moisturize. (mischievous laugh)

Long XiaoTian 19:37:29


Aggregate 19:37:37

Yeah, you’ve seen too many foreign babes, you had to look at domestic ones to wash your eyes.

Long XiaoTian 19:37:41


Yi Ti thought she really convinced this guy, but at any time, he could distort the topic toward an insignificant aspect. They all said “similar things come together (idiom, like draws like)”, it could be seen why the girls in the group were so crooked!

But thanks to that, her mood seemed a little lighter. Then, she went to the group and chatted with the others for a while. Time unknowingly passed. When she felt it was time to bathe and sleep, it was already ten o’clock in the evening.

Yi Ti yawned, shut down the computer, stood up then turned around. She subconsciously yelled: “Ah! ” Halfway through, she covered her mouth. Her brother was next door. She didn’t want him to come here at night and say things like, “I’ll tuck you in bed.”

And the reason why she made that strange sound, no doubt was because of someone sitting on the bed behind her. Because there were only two people in the room, he restored his blue-haired and blue-eyed appearance.

She lowered her voice and said: “Why are you here? Be careful not to be caught by my brother!” Yes, to “take care (monitor)” of an alien, Yi Shao specially ordered a double room and put him under his eyes, but he did not expect, the boy would run to his sister’s room. If her brother discovered this, don’t know what he would think.

Cecil tilted his head sideways, then also whispered: “He’s still sleeping.”

“……” Is that the problem here? Yi Ti held her forehead. Forget it. Something became clear to her during the day, this guy would never focus on common sense, “When did you come?”

“Half an hour ago.”

Yi Ti was speechless, you’ve been here for that long? If it was a “gangster,” she would’ve been dead! But then again, her vigilance was actually not that bad. The reason she didn’t notice him, one was because Cecil, this guy, didn’t make any noise, so it was hard to detect;Second, she was completely unguarded against this guy, so he easily invaded into “her personal space.”

“Why didn’t you call out to me?”

“Because you look busy.” Although he really wanted to talk to her once he got here, he didn’t want to disturb Xiao Ti.

Yi Ti didn’t know if this guy was considerate or not. Say he’s considerate and he’d always make people want to vomit blood. Say he’s not considerate and he’d be really good at picking her emotions. He never tried to bother her as much as possible——so this guy wouldn’t talk as much as possible!

“How did you come here?”

“Came through the bathroom window.”


Cecil was a bit lost as he said: “I can’t restore my first mimic right now. Otherwise, I can get in from under the door.” And then she’d hold him and put him on her knees……when will the sequelae of “overeating” be lifted?

Thinking carefully about the structure of the room, Yi Ti remembered that the toilet was separated from the toilet in the next room by a wall, but even so——

“Climbing the window is too dangerous!” She looked at him sternly, “What if you fall down? Although this is only the third floor, no one can be sure that accidents will never happen.”

“……sorry.” An alien, who knew he had done a bad thing, said, “But, your brother didn’t allow me to knock on your door.”

“What?” Yi Ti felt the corners of her mouth twitch, “Repeat to me his original words.”

“『Smelly boy, I warn you, never knock on Xiao Ti’s door while I’m asleep, understood? Absolutely.not.allowed! 』, this is his original words.”


She had to say, Cecil’s retelling was very accurate. Even the emphasis on the final words was vividly expressed, but——

“I think you misunderstood.” Yi Ti held her forehead, “My brother meant that you shouldn’t come to me at night.”

The young man blinked, then with a surprised look: “Is……is that what he meant?”

“Yes!” It seemed that her brother didn’t know him that well. You have to be literal with this guy since sometimes, he really wouldn’t understand the subtext.

“That……” Cecil stood up, nodding slightly, “Then I’ll go back.” Since it’s not allowed, isn’t it better to go back? Otherwise, both Xiao Ti and Xiao Ti’s brother would be angry.

Yi Ti looked at the sky, why did she feel disappointed? As if she bullied him, obviously it was him who……

Forget it.

She sighed: “Wait, before you leave, you have to at least tell me why you came?” It’s impossible that he’d come to her on a whim because even in his jelly state, they had no habit of sleeping together. After having his human form, he still stationed himself on the sofa just like before. Anyway, his physique was different from her. As long as he took a short, short break, he could fully recover.

“I came to apologize to you.”


Cecil answered: “En, for the previous thing.”

“……oh, that thing.” Yi Ti lowered her head subconsciously, what apologize? Why apologize? Is it because you said something wrong? ……why did she feel lost? She obviously guessed it would come to this, right? She opened her mouth after a while, saying, “It’s okay. Anyway, I didn’t take it seriously.”

The words just fell when she felt his hands on her shoulders.

She looked up subconsciously to a pair of dreamy blue eyes, which had an injured look but with more urgency and prayer that couldn’t be covered up.

“Xiao Ti, why didn’t you take it seriously?”

“……” Ah? Is she wrong?

Cecil was a little anxious. He was obviously clear in his heart, but why does Xiao Ti not believe it? He explained very seriously: “I really didn’t lie, Xiao Ti, I……”

“Okay okay, how can I not believe you?” Yi Ti stretched out her hands, wanting to hold his shoulders in the same way, but the height gap was too obvious. She could only put her hand on his chest, and soothingly said, “I believe you.”



There was thick joy in his eyes making illusory colors. At the same time, the corner of his mouth unconsciously moved upwards to a smile: “That’s good.”

Yi Ti immediately tilted her head, asking while secretly scolding this guy for being foul: “Then why apologize?”

“I checked.” Cecil answered seriously, “It turned out that my previous behavior was called confession on Earth.”

“……didn’t the people in your plant confess?”

“We don’t say such things when we confess.”

Yi Ti was curious: “Then what do you say?”

With that said, the youth blushed. His eyes drifted left and right as he whispered: “Didn’t you tell it to me once, Xiao Ti?”

Yi Ti stilled for a while, then remembered something and suddenly realized: “That time I said you’d be a good dad?”

The face of an alien turned redder. He nodded shyly: “En.” Then he whispered, “Before adulthood, our race would receive information all at once. Most are local information, and the rest is about the universe. And regarding marriage……that’s what I received.”

Regarding this matter, she had heard him say it once. In short, the minors in their planet were die-hard otakus. Then they were thrown out as an adult, and let them roam around the universe. Anyway, the Sutahnnas were a very powerful race, unlikely to die from normal circumstances, and no one would be willing to offend their powerful planet.

“If they found someone they like, they’d say those words. Once you get approval from the other party, both parties can get married. I think that should be what happened on Earth. But your custom was a little different from ours,” Cecil was a little puzzled, “Confession is not fixed to one phrase. There are many, and, even if you say good words, it didn’t seem to lead to marriage. Even if you get married, you might also separate.”

“……” This guy was blackening her Earth as always! But, she was also curious, “What does your apology have to do with this?”

“I’m too frivolous.” Cecil reviewed himself paradoxically, “It’s easy to say such things without knowing its meaning and without being fully prepared……” It was his fault, he didn’t realize those words were a “confession”, in this case……

Yi Ti: “……” I don’t know why I have a bad feeling about this.

“But I’m ready now——” He held her hands again, four eyes locking into each other, and sincerely said, “Xiao Ti, let’s get married. You will definitely be a good mother.”

Yi Ti: “……” I knew it!

I knew it! ! !

This guy, just said that during the day, then suddenly drilled into her window at night to make trouble! ! !

Liu Xiang (Chinese gold medal hurdler of 2004 Olympics) hadn’t even run when this guy shot past him! ! !


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