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Yi Ti was simply speechless. Gritting her teeth, she said: “How cheap do you think am I? !”

Cecil bowed his head, repented then said: “This is the only RMB I have.” Pausing, he looked at her carefully, “is it not enough?”

Yi Ti: “……” Help, who’d dare pose as a president with only a few hundred yuan? You’re just seeking death! No, the problem’s not that. This was not the right approach at all! She felt like she needed to do a personal demonstration for this guy. Then, she took a yuan from her wallet, combined it with the previous ones, then thrust it to his arms, “From today on, you’re mine! Look, I want to say that to you, too……” Aren’t I cool?


“……what did you say?”

Cecil nodded like a chicken pecking rice: “I said okay, I’ll be yours.” This form of contract on Earth was quite convenient. Although one side must be the president, Xiao Ti already had the “Long XiaoTian” name, so there’s definitely no problem.

“……” Such a good self-esteem?

Yi Ti covered her face, what did he watch, and, aren’t their roles completely reversed?

Only now did she understood, “sentimentality” is the greatest enemy of true love. She began to regret saying “there’s something missing in your process” to this guy. Why bother? It’s a good time to say yes. Anyway, she also……cough, at least he made a point. His head won’t break after a night……although he didn’t seem to improve.

Thinking of this, she gave a long sigh and gave herself temporary brain damage.

“Xiao Ti,” Cecil, finding that her mood didn’t seem to be high, whispered, “Don’t you like this type of 『chasing』?”

“Did you prepare other kinds?”

“En.” Nod his head.

Yi Ti: “……” Why do I have no expectations at all?

But a dumb alien obviously wanted to share his “profound knowledge” with his favorite person. Then, he took her hand, cleared his throat, and with that soft, nice voice, he said: “Remember how we met at my most beautiful moment? For this, I have prayed for five hundred years before Buddha, asking him to let us have a connection……”

Have to say, he really worked hard. Apparently, emotions were incorporated into his speech. It didn’t sound that mechanical, but……Yi Ti’s mind naturally rang with a “For you, I became a werewolf. For you, I went crazy……meeting again like this, I begged for thousands of years before Buddha……” dub. She silently imagined a scene where Cecil flicked his tail against the moon, she……felt unwell.

“Is this not good?” Cecil was slightly lost. It seemed like the literary one was also not working, “Then I’ll try another one?”

Yi Ti: “……” Great God, please spare my life!

Just when she was about to stop this guy, she suddenly heard footsteps.

She turned her head subconsciously and found that it was the young man named “Shu Cheng” whom she met yesterday. He looked at her then like looking at a “mythological creature.” That look was still fresh in her memory.

On closer inspection, Yi Ti noticed another thing. The other person was looking at her like that again. Really weird, they obviously didn’t know each other, so why is he looking at me like that?

In doubt, their eyes met.

Immediately after, the words that Cecil whispered in her ear made Yi Ti taken aback: “Xiao Ti, this person had your breath.”

Yi Ti: “……” How can that be?

Maybe it was revealed in her gaze, so the young man stopped near her. After hesitating for a moment, he politely said: “Hello there.”

“Hi.” Yi Ti also replied, “Excuse me……do you know me?”

“No.” The young man unexpectedly shook his head, then stopped talking, “Just……”


“You……” “Shu Cheng” looked at her, then asked word by word, “are that kind of person, right?”

Yi Ti froze.

The other party might be concerned about Cecil’s presence so he was vague, but she was keenly aware, what he wanted to ask was——are you a cultivator?

She thought that she hid her aura well. The practitioners she’d met so far had not been able to recognize her, so how did he find out? And……the “watch” showed that the values for this guy indicated he’s just an ordinary human, and even weaker than normal.

Is he really just an ordinary human?

Or is he so powerful that even tools from the universe couldn’t detect his real body?

Maybe noticing Yi Ti’s doubts, the young man said: “I’m an ordinary person. I figured it out because……” saying that, he paused, seemingly inconvenient to go on.

She looked at the other carefully. If there was anything special about him, it would be——

“Eyes?” Black on white eyes that were so clear that ordinary people can’t reach it.

The young man froze then gave a bitter smile: “Worthy of being a cultivator, to be found out so soon.” He admitted immediately, “Yes, there’s something wrong with my eyes.”

Yi Ti, who was praised so much, was a little embarrassed. She actually didn’t see it. She just relied on her intuition(? ), and found the most distinctive thing about him.

Li ShuCheng was so surprised just now that he just blurted out the word”cultivator,” but when he looked at the ordinary young man standing next to her looking unsurprised, he knew the other party was an informed person. Then, he let go of his previous fears——he heard that man say that many practitioners liked to hide their identity from ordinary people. If you intentionally break it, it’s easy to offend the other.

In a sense, he made a big taboo just now. Fortunately, the other party didn’t care.

Then, after the three were embarrassed for a while, she knew that this young man wasn’t called “Shu Cheng” but rather “Li ShuCheng”. And the reason why Li ShuCheng could see through her real strength was that his eyes could see “qi”. In short, everyone had different qi, and he could see it. This “qi” was not the so-called breath, but something more unreal and mysterious. It’s related to “physiognomy”.

The so-called physiognomy was using a person’s appearance, facial features, bones, complexion, body shape, hand lines, and others to infer a person’s good and bad luck, disaster, and happiness. Regarding this, people in this modern age were familiar with it. Many people had even gone to them. Of course, most of these fortune-tellers were just scams, the real masters were almost always on the road. Most of them don’t set up their business on the street, but, of course, a small part was real. However, it’s not something an ordinary person could come across.

If you think this field was too shallow, it also included——looking at qi.

According to the 《Historical Records‧ Xiang Yu Biography (Xiang Yu the Conqueror, warlord defeated by first Han Emperor)》, Xiang Yu’s advisor, Fan Zeng, once said something to Emperor Xiang——”I had someone look at his qi, it’s in all ways outstanding, and is complete, it’s the qi of an emperor (source),” so Xiang Yu decided to set up a banquet to kill Liu Bang.

Fan Zeng’s mastery of “looking at qi” could also be seen in 《Lao-Tze (Chinese philosopher, founder of Taoism)》, 《Zhuangzi (Daoist author)》, 《Mozi (founder of the Mohist school of the Warring States Period)》 and quite a few ancient works. But, to this day, she rarely heard someone like that. Almost all were about fortune-telling.

Yi Ti guessed that this might be related to the reduction of spiritual aura between heaven and earth, which was not conducive to cultivation. If cultivators couldn’t practice well and could not advance, it’s normal not to master the looking at qi technique. Of course, this was just speculation. Regarding this topic, Li ShuCheng probably thought that “this powerful cultivator must know a lot,” so he didn’t elaborate.

She didn’t ask but still planned to ask Lu Kong afterward.

But, it was a little strange.

Theoretically, people using similar arts should know fortune telling first, but to reach the point of looking at qi, not everyone could do it. It seemed like Li ShuCheng was only in his twenties, how could this be? Even a genius would not be that exaggerated, and his body……could it be that……

“Were you born with it?”

“Yes.” Having said that, Li ShuCheng’s wasn’t arrogant, but instead, depressed. Obviously, this was not a good thing for him.

“Then your body……” Although she didn’t know much, Yi Ti also knew that possessing this talent was not a good thing. If there was not enough aura in his body to support it, it would become a great burden. Let alone a child to grow up into a young man like this, he may not live long. No wonder he looked so weak.

“Yes, it’s all because of this.” Seeing that Yi Ti had guessed it, Li ShuCheng didn’t hide it either. He nodded then said, “When I was young, I met a very powerful practitioner. He wanted to take me as a disciple, but he can’t change my situation, so my ability was sealed.”

“……” Then how could you see my qi?

As if knowing the doubts in her heart, he went on to say: “Once in a while, the seal will loosen, so reinforcing it was needed.”

“I see.” Yi Ti nodded, then asked, “did you stop me to ask for help?”

“No……” The young man shook his head, “I was just scared.”

“Scared? By me?”


“……” Am I that scary?

“No, I didn’t mean it like that,” Li ShuCheng waved his hand, then said, “it’s because your qi is too strong. I’ve had these eyes for many years, and I’ve seen many practitioners, but the 『qi』 in you was comparable to the practitioner who sealed me. And when I saw him, he was already an old man while you are still so young, and so……” So young but have such strong energy. Seeing that, he became really curious, so he paid attention to her.

“I see.” Regarding fortune-telling, Yi Ti was not familiar. Naturally, she’s not clear why her qi was so strong. She thought, did master tell the truth when she said I had a massive talent? Am I really such a super genius?

Absolute nonsense.

Soon after, the two talked for a while. After exchanging numbers, they parted ways.

Yi Ti didn’t want to keep her identity secret in the cultivation world. In fact, this was impossible, so she didn’t mind communicating with others.

And, she finally understood why Cecil said that this guy had her breath. If nothing else, he should be the son of the wealthy businessman described by “TianLi ZhaoZhao.” After ingesting the potion she made, it’d be weird if he didn’t have her breath!

Shortly after, Yi Shao finished the task at hand, and, with Yi Ti and Cecil, started the “National Day Trip”.

What Yi Ti didn’t know was, soon after she left, another person came to the hospital, and went straight to Li ShuCheng’s ward.

Translator’s Notes:

Whenever fortune-telling was mentioned, it’s talking about physiognomy. The word’s too complicated I’d mistype it 9 times out of 10 so I went with the easier route. I did use it according to context, at least I think so.

Alien 82: Something Was Missing
Alien 84: They're Not Friends

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