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This was a young man wearing a white Tang suit, seemingly incompatible with the surroundings. But everyone who saw him all felt that the suit was the best outfit for him.

This was probably because he looked pure and honest like a clear moon, or maybe because he’s just like a pine tree or had a bamboo-like figure, or was it the indifferent aura that spread from him as if not even dust would dare touch him.

If Yi Ti saw him, she’d definitely say——he also had unusual eyes.

Eyes similar to Li ShuCheng.

The two young men who had similar eyes were acquainted.

“You came?”

“I came.”

They’ve known each other for many years.

After the young man in a Tang suit said this greeting, which must be said every year, there was a flash of light in his eyes. After watching Li ShuCheng like this for a moment, he said: “You look a lot better.” Although surprised, his tone was still light.

Li ShuCheng sitting on the bed smiled: “I also feel much better.”

“If this improvement can continue, I might not need to reinforce the seal again this year.”

“I hope so.”

Saying so, the two looked at each other.

They’ve known each other for a long time, but they’re not friends. They might never be friends.

When Li ShuCheng faced this young man called”Yan XiXing,” he felt complicated. Because he was the apprentice of the old man who helped seal him and the only apprentice. Originally……he could also become the other disciple. Unfortunately, that strong cultivator could not give him “life” and”ability” together, so he could only choose one.

After blessing the seal, he could not cultivate, because once he did, it’s possible to break the seal at any time. The seal was also deteriorating. If it broke, afraid he’d die tragically on the spot.

He lamented again and again. Then, the old man finally left with a fortune-telling method for him to study. Unfortunately, Li ShuCheng had no talent for this and made no progress even when he worked hard. God gave him the gift of seeing qi, but didn’t give him the talent to use it, he couldn’t help it.

And he also knew that the practitioner had another apprentice, an apprentice who was quite talented in cultivation and fortune-telling. It was the young man in front of him. He didn’t know when Yan XiXing began to replace the master to strengthen the seal, so every year, they met at least once.

Every time they met, Li ShuCheng’s mood would be as complicated as now.

He thought this was probably because he was jealous of the other. A healthy body, heavenly talent, and could cultivate, unlike him who could only lie in bed, waiting for the day he’d die. But now, things seemed to have changed. Even Yan XiXing noticed, so, shouldn’t his face change accordingly?

“If it’s convenient, could you tell me what changed?” Yan XiXing carefully looked at Li ShuCheng’s face again then asked.

The change in the other party was too strange. He thought his skill was too shallow, so he couldn’t see much information. It’s also impossible to determine whether the other side’s “fortune” was moving towards “good.”

“Can.” Li ShuCheng didn’t object.

After getting his consent and learning the reason, Yan XiXing took out his mobile phone and dialed a number. Looking closely, his phone was actually the touch-tone phone that had almost been eliminated. The model was also very old, afraid it’d be out of stock these days, but well-preserved. However, if he cared about his image, would he come and go wearing a Tang suit? And to be honest, because of his master, everyone thought his dressing style was to be “temperate.” He heard that some people went to buy the same phone model after seeing him, and call it “having a classic atmosphere.”

When Yan XiXing heard about this, his master was holding the new Tangerine 6, having fun, and with no temperament at all.

Soon, the call was connected. There was a full-spirited voice from the phone——


“Master, it’s me.”

“Nonsense, of course I know it’s you, you think I can’t read ah!”


“What is it? Say it, a big wave of zombies is coming.”

Yan XiXing reached out and held his forehead: “Can you press pause first?”

“No, didn’t I teach you? Over and over again, once my momentum stopped, it’ll all go downhill! Scumbag, your learning ability is not good!”

“……” Is that phrase really applicable to this situation?

Although helpless, he knew that arguing with his master for such things would not yield any results. Instead, he might be scolded and be showered with dog blood drama, so he tried to tell what happened here as succinctly as possible.

“What? ? ?”

The sound of ‘Game Over’ came soon after that.

This old man, who was concerned about the game before, now didn’t care about it and just shouted at the phone: “Is that true?”

“Yes. His fortune did change, just that I’m not that good at this, so I still need master……”

“Don’t give me that!” For Yan XiXing’s statement, the old man snorted, “If you’re not good, how many people in this world dare say they’ve studied physiognomy?” His “scolding” revealed his near-arrogant confidence in his apprentice.

Yan XiXing’s heart was slightly warm. As a result, the old man said——

“How else can I push all the work to you?” Having said that, if he couldn’t be assured of his apprentice’s talent, how could he be so relaxed? But the old man would definitely not say this.


“All right, wait for me! I’ll hurry over!”


Almost immediately, the phone was cut off by the old man who had always been fierce. Yan XiXing listened to the busy tone of “du du du,” put the phone back in his pocket, turned his head and said: “Master said he’d come and see for himself.”

Li ShuCheng showed a surprised expression. He obviously didn’t expect such an event could actually make the old man come in person. In shock, he was deeply moved again. There was no discipleship, so Mr. Qin really had no relationship with him. And if his body really improved, does this mean……I finally have the chance to repay his kindness?

Thoughtful Li ShuCheng didn’t expect that the seemingly calm young man was, in fact, not calm.

What he didn’t know was that many years ago, Yan XiXing, who seemed indifferent at this moment, was, in old Qin’s words, “a standard bear child.” It took a lot of effort for the old man to transform him into what he was now, “an expressionless tsundere.” Then he regretted that “this type of facial paralysis was too boring,” a pity it couldn’t be changed.

What’s even more unknown to him was that because of this, Yan XiXing was annoyingly hated by a certain young master of the Lu family. The reason was “Even when you wear a cold face all day, you’re actually more popular than me! Why are women’s tastes so bad? Someone like me is the most handsome! The most handsome!”

Of course, this had nothing to do with Li ShuCheng for the time being.

The point was when he’s jealous of others, afraid others wouldn’t know. He wouldn’t even know when others were jealous of him.

Although Li ShuCheng, who was “outside the circle,” knew this particularity, he didn’t know what his talent truly meant. Regarding physiognomy, Old Qin was considered the National leading scholar on the subject. However, in recent years, he gradually transferred all the work to his disciple, who only just touched the boundary of seeing qi. While others, including Yan XiXing, who had been praised to have “excellent talent,” were still struggling to reach that point.

And what others dreamed of, he had it as soon as he was born.

These years, if it weren’t for Old Qin who had been helping him strengthen the seal and deliberately suppressing it, afraid he’d be dead already.

But even so, Yan XiXing often heard his long-winded master say “it’s such a shame for that child. If not……he’d become a leading figure in this circle.” Although the elderly was just letting out his thoughts, as the only apprentice and heir, how could he not take it to heart?

In short, the two were “each other’s bear child.”

Unfortunately, the funny thing was, both knew nothing about it.

Probably because of this, their relationship had stayed on the “knowing each other” stage for so many years.

After two hours, Old Qin, who flew by plane, hurried over. Under normal circumstances, he didn’t like flying. Because if an accident happened on land or on the sea, he could find a way to live with his ability, but if it’s in the sky……no matter how strong he was, he cannot grow wings! Even more powerful figures would fall from the sky to become a stack of meatloaf! So when he was “going out to work” a few years ago, those who requested for him had to help him book a sleeper train ticket every time, then they’d have to squat and wait for the “great overlord” to arrive slowly. Right now, he actively chose to ride a plane, which just showed the urgency in his heart.

“What about the potion? Take it out and let me see! ! !”

Upon entering the ward, he went straight to the point, his loud voice echoing everywhere in the room.

Li ShuCheng just felt warm. He had only heard this voice on the phone these years. From under his pillow, he took out a wooden box that his father had given him from Uncle Xiang. Inside were five bottles of green liquid. Just watching this green color made people feel good, probably because it’s filled with vitality.

“This is……”

When he saw the potions, a solemn look appeared on the old man’s face. Immediately, he picked up an unused bottle and gently unscrewed the cap. Just at that time, a strong aura arose from the mouth of the bottle. All three subconsciously took a deep breath, no doubt, now that the aura was released, it felt very relaxing.

Immediately after, Qin WuYue poured a drop of liquid on his index finger.

“Master.” Yan XiXing said subconsciously.

The old man glanced at him then the liquid on his fingertips was directly delivered to his mouth. At the same time, he slightly narrowed his eyes.

In the process, the two young men looked at him nervously.

After a while, Qin WuYue opened his eyes, a flash of light appearing, then he smiled: “It’s really that rascal’s recipe.”

“That rascal?”

“Except for 『Orange』 in this world, who else can make such a potion?” Qin WuYue snorted softly, “Otherwise, it was her little apprentice who secretly made it.”

“Can’t it be another Plant Cultivator?”

“It’d be weird if those bunch of wastes can do it!”

Yan XiXing should not have heard this sentence. Although other cultivators were not as powerful as 『Orange』, it’s still a role that ordinary people wouldn’t dare to offend. But then, only his master could say it, or rather, only those on the same level as his master would dare say it.

Qin WuYue glanced at his grimacing apprentice: “What about Orange Grape Juice you’re looking for? Why haven’t you found her yet? !”

Yan XiXing, who had long been accustomed to his master’s character, knew that he was not angry at him. He merely turned to look at Li ShuCheng and asked: “Do you know TianLi ZhaoZhao?”

Alien 83: Sentimentality Led To Tragedy
Alien 85: I Want To Take Care Of Her

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