Alien 86: Come, Take It Off

Alien 85: I Want To Take Care Of Her
Alien 87: Promised Kiss

When they reached their destination, the sun was already setting.

With the arrival of October, the days were getting shorter and shorter, and it’s getting darker earlier and earlier.

In just a blink of an eye, the sky changed from the original glow to bleakness.

Yi Ti walked out of the station with shaking legs. By the way, she also sent an “I’ve arrived” message to her older brother who was still on the bus. After every long car ride, she had the illusion that “her legs weren’t her own” and that “the ground was shaking.” Even when she slept at night, she felt the bed shaking and it wouldn’t come off until the next day. But, for her, this situation was already very good. At least she didn’t vomit, right?

Of course, this was inseparable from someone who had always taken good care of her.

Thinking of this, Yi Ti subconsciously looked at Cecil. The latter was also watching her, his eyes worried.

“Xiao Ti, are you okay?”

Yi Ti felt a “she looks really bad” expression from him which made her very happy, so she made a joke: “Do you want to hear the truth or the lie?”


“……” Okay, in terms of jokes, an alien who was always serious seemed to lack this talent. Yi Ti then said honestly, “Not good, but it’s not that bad.” However, “To get home from the station, we need to ride another bus……can we walk back?” TAT


“Stop it, I’m very tired!” If she could walk, of course, she’d do it. The problem was that it’s obviously impossible, because……”Hey? What are you doing?”

She was surprised to find Cecil in front of her and squatting down.

When she asked, he turned his head and said this: “Then I’ll carry you.”


“C-can’t I?” He looked at her still standing, then whispered.

Yi Ti secretly supported her forehead, being watched like this, how could she say “can’t!”

The next second, she fell on his back.

The young man smiled contentedly, then stood up, and walked steadily forward.

The street lights lit up one by one, illuminating the road ahead. Their shadows were faintly revealed on the asphalt on the right, their figures seemingly inseparable.

Yi Ti hooked Cecil’s neck with her hands, putting her head beside his neck and the side of her face feeling his smooth hair, very comfortable.

She asked softly: “Cecil, am I heavy?”

“Forty-six kilograms are not heavy for me.”

Yi Ti: “……” At this time, you can simply answer “not heavy!” What about romance? Why take the trouble to mention her actual weight!

She silently tilted her head with tears on her face, having the sad premonition that “maybe I’ll never experience any romantic events again.”

This side was silently sad, while the other side had questions——

“Xiao Ti, are you happy?”

Because of the “attack” just now, Yi Ti, who was actually very happy, answered awkwardly: “So so.” I would have been happier if you didn’t mention my weight!

“……failed again then.” Look down.


“The information clearly states that this method of chasing people works.”

Yi Ti: “……can’t you just give up!” Didn’t she ban that already! This guy was so disobedient for the first time!

Thinking of this, she slightly tugged at this guy’s hair.

Maybe discovering Yi Ti’s “displeasure,” Cecil whispered: “I don’t want to give up.”

“Then why are you so determined?” She felt it was really incomprehensible.

“Because……” Cecil gently lifted Yi Ti up, his footsteps still steady. He did not lie, Yi Ti’s weight was really nothing to him, “If I don’t『chase』, there’s no way to confess. If I don’t confess, there’s no way to fall in love with Xiao Ti. If we’re not in love, there’s no way to marry Xiao Ti. So if I want to marry you, I can’t give up.”

Yi Ti subconsciously tightened her arms, burying her face in the space between his shoulder and his neck.

“Xiao Ti?”

“Such words shouldn’t be casually spoken.”

Cecil blinked, immediately feeling that someone’s temperature was higher than usual. He blinked again, then laughed: “Xiao Ti, are you shy?”

“No!” Pulls hair!

“But the temperature on your face is high.”

“You’re wrong!” Pull pull pull!


“Don’t mention this anymore!”

“……oh.” Someone obediently did as she said.

As the sky became darker, the pedestrians on the road came and went. The cars driving on the streets all had bright lights and from a distance, it seemed like a rushing river of light.

The pace of all this was fast.

But their pace was slow.

In the end, Yi Ti didn’t want to let a guy walk all the way while carrying her and decided to take the bus. Don’t know if it’s because of her good mood when jumping off his back, she magically felt that she was back to normal.

After thirty minutes, the two finally stood inside their home again.

After washing up first, Yi Ti sat on her sofa in her pink pajamas and took in a long, comfortable breath: “It’s good to be home.” Saying so, she looked at Cecil, and found him staring at a corner, “What happened?”

“There’s something here.”

“Something?” Yi Ti stiffened. It wouldn’t be something strange again, right?

She hurried over, took a glance, and was relieved: “What the hell, isn’t this just a parcel?” There was also Liang Chen’s message above. It turned out he helped collect it. She took the box and looked at the shop name above, and suddenly realized, isn’t this that thing? It’s finally here!

“Cecil, go and take a bath!”


Because he could only use this mimic for the time being, and although Cecil still didn’t need to eat and required almost no rest, he still needed to bath like ordinary humans. Quickly, he pulled out clean pajamas from the vacant grid in the wardrobe of Yi Ti’s room (because he sleeps on the sofa, so he didn’t put anything in the closet of the guest room), and headed towards the bathroom.

Because of the parcel, Yi Ti suddenly remembered one thing: “Right, Cecil.”


“How come I’ve never seen you wear that one before?”

“That one?”

“You know, that.” Yi Ti scratched her hair, “the one printed with my image.”

Yes, the custom made clothes arrived a long time ago and Yi Ti and Cecil each had two. Each person got a shirt with an avatar of the other person and a shirt with a group photo. Those clothes were like “black history” for Yi Ti. She bought it on a whim, but after receiving it, she had no courage to wear it. It’s too……cough cough cough cough, let’s just collect it!

But then, it’s normal for her not to wear it and for Cecil not to wear it was abnormal. You have to know, he’s the one who insisted on it.

Yi Ti secretly swore, if this guy dared to despise her, she’ll suffocate him on the sofa!

“Because I’m not willing.”


“If I wear it, I’ll wash it. If I wash it, it’ll become old.”

“……” She had to say, it’s really a Cecil-like answer. Looking at his sad expression, Yi Ti didn’t hold back, and said, “It’s okay, I’ll buy another one for you if it gets old.” Such a rich and powerful way of speaking, she wanted to beat herself up after saying it. Didn’t she dislike wearing those kind of clothes?

“Really?” Starry eyes.

“……en, really.” She burst into tears, truly an annoying goblin.

“Great.” Cecil was really happy, “If I collect seven shirts printed with Xiao Ti’s photos, can I summon a dragon?”

“Where did you get that false information! Isn’t that obviously impossible? !”

“……is it?”


Cecil bowed his head, slightly depressed, and then asked: “Right, why aren’t you wearing it, Xiao Ti?”

“Uh……I’m afraid of that too, cough cough, it’ll become worn out.” Yi Ti’s eyes darted left and right, slightly guilty, “okay okay, go and take a shower.”


“Go go!”


Looking at the back of the youth, she quietly wiped her sweat. Then grabbed a pair of scissors and happily ran to a box to squat, quickly dismantling it.

When Cecil, in blue checkered pajamas, returned to the living room, he realized that a woman was staring at him with a “strange” expression. Her eyes shone brightly. He didn’t know why but his mind suddenly filled with the ancient Chinese text he had read——sharpen one’s knife towards pigs and sheep.

But, Xiao Ti didn’t have a knife in her hand, so he should be……rest assured?

“Cecil, come here.”


“Don’t hesitate, come on.” Yi Ti said, picking up a shirt in a hurry, “Come and try!”

Cecil breathed a sigh of relief and walked quickly. He looked curiously at the clothes in her hands, remembering the experience of being “tortured” with a measuring tape for a long time: “Are these the clothes you bought before?”

“En en.”

Yes, when she bought clothes, Yi Ti accidentally found a discount on one item, so she bought four sets very boldly. Each person had two sets, although there were few opportunities to wear it——and this was wasteful behavior, making her bankrupt earlier. It took a while to customize the clothes, so it wasn’t delivered until yesterday, and then signed by Liang Chen.

If she was still poor, seeing this package would most likely make her burst into tears. But the problem was that she had successfully gotten rid of her poverty status, so there was only the joy of unboxing in her heart. Although that shop was a bit expensive, the evaluation was the best since it’s often recommended in forums. She had to say, it’s really a good return on investment.

“Hey hey hey, come, obediently take off your clothes……”

Probably because of too much excitement, Yi Ti unconsciously said those words……cough, that’s irrelevant.

Alien 85: I Want To Take Care Of Her
Alien 87: Promised Kiss

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