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Alien 90: Internet Addiction Beckons You

From the “lively and cute” tone of Formaldehyde, one would know he’s proud of this match and proud of his vision!

So both Yi Ti and Aggregate decided to ignore this rotten guy and let him “dance” on one side as they chatted in private.

Yi Ti also very decisively dumped two episodes of semi-finished products. Using the time before watching it, Aggregate asked a question.

Aggregate 09:20:01

Many people in the group leveled up to more than 40 in the game, when are you coming?

Long XiaoTian 09:20:08

……level forty in just seven days?

Aggregate 09:20:14

Double experience package discount during National Day, you missed it. (wicked smile)

Long XiaoTian 09:20:17


Aggregate 09:20:21

Say hello when you come in, I’ll carry you.

Long XiaoTian 09:20:24

En, good.

Aggregate 09:20:28

Don’t go in the wrong zone, it’s called the Brave Alliance. Remember, Brave. Alliance!

Yi Ti: “……” Just how much of a noob am I in your mind?

Probably because he knew that “Long XiaoTian has something to do,” Aggregate, contrary to his nature, dived after a few more words. Yi Ti kept her hand on her chin.

Just then, a glass of freshly squeezed apple juice was put in her hand.

“Cecil!” Yi Ti patted the table.

“……” The young man who secretly put the cup while she was in a daze was startled, then quickly said, “If you don’t like it, I’ll take it.” He found an instant juicer in the kitchen which Xiao Ti almost never used.

“Ah? I didn’t mean that.” Yi Ti blinked, looking at the cup in her hand, then remembered that when they went to a restaurant for dinner during the National Day, she seemed to have drunk two glasses of freshly squeezed juice. Is that why he made it for me? This guy is really……she blushed slightly then coughed softly, “Don’t take it away, I like it very much.”

Cecil was relieved: “Do you want to try it?”

“Okay.” Yi Ti raised the cup, first took a careful sip, then her eyes brightened, “Gulu Gulu” sipping loudly. In the blink of an eye, the cup was emptied, then she banged it onto the table, “another glass!”

An alien instantly smiled.

When Yi Ti drank the third cup, she found out belatedly: Not right ah, I didn’t intend to tell him this, but……right!

She put down the cup and stood up. Tiptoeing to raise her height, she put her hands on his shoulders, then seriously said: “Comrade Cecil, the time for the organization to test you has come!”

Yi Ti was trying to say the next sentence when she heard the other person answer with the same seriousness——

“I’ll serve the people wholeheartedly!”

“Pfft!” She couldn’t hold back, and almost sprayed on his face——this was an exaggerated statement, because she didn’t seem to be tall enough.

Cecil tilted his head: “? ? ?” Is there something wrong with my line?

Cough cough cough……” Yi Ti coughed several times, and just barely spoke her words, “It’s not that. Remember when I told you about the game opening a new area?”

“Game?” Mentioning this, Cecil’s eyes lit up too.

Yi Ti watched his suspected “internet addiction” performance and began to doubt whether her decision was correct or incorrect. Just that, he’s not a student, so playing games would not affect his learning. He’s also not a working adult, so playing games would not starve him……besides, wasn’t she still raising him? What’s there to worry about?

She thought so passionately and completely forgot that a certain alien didn’t actually need to eat. She then waved her hand like a sugar mama: “Help me set off a wave!” After thinking about it, she again said, “Do it yourself. This way, I could just copy you.” If one person isn’t enough, two people should be fine, right?

“What kind of job does Yi Ti want?”

“Well,” Yi Ti thought about it carefully, “Easy to operate, no brain is needed, the best skills are not difficult to remember, not easy to die……” In short, I can do as I wished!


“What’s with that expression?”

Cecil sincerely said: “Because I find it difficult to find a job that meets your criteria.”

“Hey!” Yi Ti sulked in dissatisfaction, “then help me practice an archer, a male archer.”


Yi Ti said bluntly: “Because their clothes and fashion are always the most beautiful!” Look, this reason was more honorable, almost to the point its irrefutable. Cough cough, of course, this was completely understandable.

Although a female archer’s clothes were also very beautiful, who made her pretend to be a man? She could only bear with it.


After giving a notebook to Cecil, and instructing him to “upgrade well and improve every day,” Yi Ti returned to the bedroom and started working on the animation soundtrack. The middle soundtrack was the simplest since a lot of music in the previous trailer could be used here. Even if it didn’t work, it’s not too difficult to think up a few more.

The real difficulty was——intro and epilogue.

Yi Ti, who knew nothing about composing music, scratched her head. For a moment there, she didn’t know where to start. Afraid she couldn’t do it by herself, she decided to turn to the “Open Music Library.”

She’s not worried about revealing anything. Anyway, Cecil said that some alien tyrants loved to play “gifting things.” They’d buy many high civilization products, then cast it to low civilization planets. This would feel like a “release activity” in China, although the patterns were quite different. So as an Earthling, even if she picked up a mind converter from the universe and use it (although Cecil said that depending on where Earth is, this probability was about equal to being hit by a meteorite, but it’s completely without probability! ), it’s not that incredible. As long as no one knew that she’s the “Godly Pharmacist.”

Not to mention, even on Earth, she also did not reveal her identity at all.

Regardless of the past, present, and future, that’s all.

She had Cecil here, so she was rest assured.

After setting a keyword search for a while, Yi Ti locked on a song called 《Whenever I Think Of You》 translated version. Although it sounded a bit romantic, it’s actually a song about sports. The introduction said it’s a theme song for a movie about the growth of young athletes on a planet. It was all the rage that year but since the copyright period has passed, it was included in the public music library. The software’s own translation system also made the lyrics rhyme.

She carefully listened to the song over and over again, and as it played, she patched up the details to make it into the intro, then began to use converters for production.

It began with a lively tune. Yi Ti decided to let the main character appear here one by one. The scene was divided into two parts, one of their real self and the other the game character they control. And the last one to appear was, of course, the protagonist, Ling Yu.

He put his hands on his pockets and grinned widely. The priest standing behind him held up a staff in his hand and spread a white glow.

Soon after, the picture shattered like glass.

The animation title was revealed accordingly.

Then with an intro that’s slightly soothing but still full of rhythm, the lead vocalist also followed.

【Busy street, 】

【Dense crowd, 】

【Endless chatter, 】


The scene also followed the song, showing traffic.

Countless pedestrians and vehicles came and went. Just then, the picture froze on the railing by the street. The protagonist Ling Yu was sitting on it, one leg curled up, supporting one cheek with one hand, and showing a bored expression.

The music and singing continued.

Ling Yu suddenly showed a surprised expression.

Even without it, everything in front of him stilled, everything turned gray, and in this lonely world, the only person with vivid colors——was only himself.

【Dazed mind, 】

【Pale words, 】

【Only fog is within reach. 】


Ling Yu stood in the gray world, seemingly small and sad.

The next second, the camera began to close up on his slowly clenched fist.

Just then, the climax of the music came!

The music suddenly became high and intense, the same was true of the lead singer’s voice!

【Every time, 】

【Always remember】

【Whenever I think of you who don’t care about anything! 】


In this heated tune, Ling Yu suddenly raised his hand, and smashed out fiercely!

Smashing into this gray world!

His skin was ruptured.

Blood was shed.

But he didn’t stop.

【Every time, 】

【Always remember, 】

【Whenever I think of you who love to say 『but even so』! 】


With the second appearance of the climax, Ling Yu finally smashed the gray barrier. A hole appeared in front of him.

He froze slightly. Just then, the cracks became bigger and bigger, and the wall suddenly broke apart.

A hand appeared before his eyes.

Soon after, several hands reached out, their owners having big smiles on their faces.

Those were his partners.

Ling Yu grinned, reaching out and holding one of them, and leaping forward!

Letting himself be led by them from this gray world and “victoriously flee” to the wonderful world on the other side of the barrier.

At this point, the climax of the music was over and the music was fading out.

A sloppy Ling Yu rolled on the ground. The friends who just showed their friendship just sat on his back as they struggled to pose for the “camera lens.” Ling Yu was furious, desperately toppled these guys to the ground, and chased them one by one.

The picture froze constantly.

These scenes changed to “photos.”

And in the last one, several people who fell to the ground were sitting side by side and laughing together.

At this point, the title track was officially completed.

Yi Ti thought about it and tried to tune the lead singer’s voice to Ling Yu’s, but after comparison, she always felt like it’s lacking something and had to give up.

After adjusting a few more details, she set her eyes on the ending song.

Alien 88: Trailer Release Reaction
Alien 90: Internet Addiction Beckons You

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