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It’s impossible to stop inspiration.

After about an hour, Yi Ti got everything done and added the two songs to the settings. When each subsequent episode was produced, both were added automatically. Each episode also had music added on its own, but this part might need to be fine-tuned at that time. Generally speaking, the problem was not that big.

After doing everything, she took off the mind converter, then stood up and stretched.

The feeling of “putting down” her heart after each episode was no doubt very pleasant.

But, she didn’t pass them to Formaldehyde immediately. She had to wait a few more days. She just had to wait until then and give it.

Seeing that noon was coming, Yi Ti thought about it and simply entered DongTian.

Going out these days, except for the first day, she hadn’t practiced her medicinal skills even though she cultivated every day. She just so happened to feel like doing it now, so she decided to do it.

And in her recent cultivation, she felt more and more able to touch that faint “barrier.” She just couldn’t figure out what it was, so she’s not sure how to break it. She didn’t even know who to ask about it. She would love to communicate with people in the profession, but according to Lu Kong, almost all existing spiritual plant cultivators were young. The oldest one was in their early thirties, and they’re still at the primary level.

Although they were well protected by their faction, when a “peer” come, would they block her?

But, Yi Ti was not in a hurry to do this. She decided to wait and see since she wanted to explore it herself.

Seeing that the herbs she used to make the potions regained their spirits, she extracted the essence from it again and several more bottles were made. And then, as usual, fed it with qi from her body.

Flicking a finger, the large drop of qi was scattered like a raindrop in the herbal field.

Compared to before, Yi Ti clearly noticed that there’s a lot more aura in her body.

Feeling the gratitude and happiness of the plants, Yi Ti smiled, picked a few ripe red berries from a few herbs, ate it and got out of the space. The fruits and plants were different. Over time, it will fall off or even rot by itself, so if she didn’t plan to use it for pharmaceuticals, it’s only right to solve it in time. Of course……cough, it tasted good too.

But, if other spiritual plant cultivators saw her eating this as a snack, don’t know who would hit her first.

The garden full of flowers was extremely lush because she watered it from time to time with diluted qi. Even the rose who was called “medicine jar” by its flower friends never had worms. All was ridiculously robust and some had vines crawl curiously down the wall toward other homes.

The flowers in the store were also well taken care of by Liang Chen, so he’s really a “not talking, but body is honest” type of guy. He’s obviously very reluctant but he did it more seriously than anyone else.

When Yi Ti returned to the store, someone was “working hard.”

She put one hand on his shoulder, and while continuing to eat the fruits, she said: “How was it?”

“Both are at level 20.”

“……so fast.” Yi Ti wiped her sweat, and randomly asked, “You opened two accounts?”

“En, slightly modified……”

“Don’t talk.” She quickly stopped him, “I won’t understand no matter what you say, but you didn’t cheat, right?”

“No, upgrading before level 15 was very fast.”

Yi Ti thought back, that really seemed to be the case. The first 15 levels were all in the novice village and the tasks there alone could fill up the experience, then you could leave it and officially enter the “big city.” This also helped the players understand the background and operations. But even so, it’s also a good thing to double play games and upgrade at the same time on a computer, should I admire his spirit of playing?

Not only using both hands, but he also didn’t even let go of his hair. The keyboard was “pa pa” -ing, and he was fully concentrating.

One way or another, this guy was also working for her, so Yi Ti decided to praise him.

So she thumped twice on his head with her hand, and passed a berry to his mouth: “Want to eat?” Of course, she was just being polite, anyway, this guy didn’t need……hey?

Opens mouth, bite.

Yi Ti: “……aren’t you unable to eat?”

“It’s not impossible to eat, just can’t digest it.” Cecil looked intently as he manipulated the characters with his hands and hair to attack the newly added boss while explaining, “But I can digest part of this energy-containing item. It just didn’t help me much.”

“Then why did you eat?”

“Because Xiao Ti gave it to me.”

“……if I gave you a piece of iron, would you eat it?” What’s called reason, ah.

“I will.” Anyway, it would flow out by itself, just that his body would slightly be heavier.


Yi Ti held her forehead because she knew, this guy was serious.

Although a bit helpless, there’s more joy in her heart. There’s no way for such a person to refuse any of her requests, isn’t that a good thing?

Having said that, she suddenly remembered something so she asked: “Right, what’s your account name?” Saying so, she looked down at the screen and suddenly felt unwell.

For no reason, this guy controlled two characters.

One was called Long XiaoTian.

The other was Long AoTian.

Yi Ti endured and endured, but in the end, she couldn’t hold back the blood in her throat.

What kind of ghost name is this! ! !

“Xiao Ti, do you like it?”

Yi Ti vomited blood again: “What……makes you think……that I’d like it?” After struggling to ask this, she felt her whole body feel unwell.

At this point, the two characters were doing the same thing. Cecil retracted his hands and hair. He turned his head slightly, blushed and said: “Doesn’t Xiao Ti think the two names were similar?”

“……it’s very similar.” It’s simply the idiot brother of President Long!

“I checked,” Cecil lowered his head as he whispered, “The names being similar meant their relationship is very close.” He saw two people as soon as he entered the game. One was “Smash the glass when I miss you” and the other was “Smash ceramic glass when I miss you.” These two did not go to a copy and instead chatted on the public channels. Looking at the tone, Cecil concluded that they should be in love. Once again, he found that that they’re called a “couple,” so he……

Yi Ti understood, but then burst into tears, no, this is definitely not a couple!

Definitely not!

No one would think so when they looked at it, okay?


The most important thing is!

“Why is your『Long AoTian』a girl?”

“Because Xiao Ti, your ID is male.”

Yi Ti nodded. Indeed, the gender of her ID named “Long XiaoTian” was male, but, “what has that to do with this?”

“Same-sex marriage is not allowed in this game.” Cecil quickly looked up at her, blushing and especially embarrassed to answer, “The opposite sex is fine. And after marriage, you can have children and raise them as adults. I think we might be able to accumulate a little experience.”

“……” Can accumulate what experience!

The so-called “child” was just a personal pet, even one with less ability. Take it out and if it died, you also need an item called “Return to Soul Scroll” to revive it, but the level would go down. In short, a typical game product.

“You’re thinking too much.” Yi Ti really had nothing to say about this, but, “anything else?” Just looking at this guy’s guilty expression, he must not have finished speaking. This guy, although he hadn’t learned how to lie, he still knew how to hide the key points, he was really broken by Lu Kong!

Then, the distant Lu Kong received an arrow to his knee.

When Cecil, who was not good at lying, heard this, his body went stiff, then he stuttered out his careful thoughts: “I saw married couples in other districts, they call each other intimate names.”


“En.” The youth bowed his head even more, his voice as small as a mosquito, “Husband and wife……” Hearing Xiao Ti call him this in reality, didn’t know how long it will be, so even if it’s in the game……

Yi Ti blushed, then coughed several times.

“S-stupid!” What are you thinking all day long!


“……” It’s useless to look at her with that pitiful look, in some “matter of principles,” she was already very tolerant! She couldn’t shout that kind of shameful title!

With some chest tightness and shortness of breath, Yi Ti fiercely pushed his face away: “Don’t look at me, go and play your game!”

“Oh.” Cecil nodded obediently, didn’t hold back and asked, “that name thing……”

“Say this later! ! !”

Watching him turn around, she breathed a sigh of relief.

This guy was really good at making surprise attacks. If it weren’t for her youth and good health, estimated she’d be “at home forever.” After that, she finished eating the berries she picked, picked up a rag and wiped a few flowerpots that accidentally got dirtied. To be honest, the look of the flowers in her store was first-rate and not expensive, but why was there no business? This was a really sad thing.

Thinking so, Cecil called out suddenly.

“Xiao Ti.”

“What happened again?”

“Someone requested you as a friend.”




She walked over, finding it was true, so Cecil immediately added him. Quickly, a message came.

【Private Chat】【Aggregate】: When did you come?

【Private Chat】【Aggregate】: You’re 20 already? Fast enough, I happen to be 21, let’s do a copy together?

Yi Ti glanced at the empty shop, looked again at the computer that was exuding strong temptation, then waved her hand like a big shot: “Go, close the shop and go to the bedroom to play the game!”

After this, she also entered the “internet addiction” gang.

Alien 89: The Organization Is Testing You
Alien 91: Damn Tyrant, Quickly Go Away

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