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When Yi Ti sat at the computer, Cecil naturally didn’t use both accounts.

【Private Chat】【Long XiaoTian】: I’ll change to a computer.

After letting Cecil drop such a sentence, Yi Ti logged on her desktop computer. She also played the role of an archer in《Fantasy World》before. At that time, she played until level 30 before abandoning her account, so she’s still very familiar with the skills around level 20——anyway, for her, it was a one two three four five on the keyboard.

But she and an alien were two people. In those times, she was very frustrated since she set her skills on the 1234567890 keys. Switched with Cecil, it was set to 12345QWERT or something like that……after trying it a bit, Yi Ti had to admit that it’s much easier to use than what she’d done before.

【Private Chat】【Aggregate】: Here?

【Private Chat】【Long XiaoTian】: En.

It’s normal for Aggregate’s level to be low since he needed to write chapters every day. Naturally, it’s impossible to devote himself to the great cause of upgrading. And, according to what she knew online, Yi Ti knew this guy was a super lazy person,

【Private Chat】【Aggregate】: I’ve arrived in Moonlight Forest, where are you?

【Private Chat】【Long XiaoTian】: The entrance to the forest edge copy.

【Private Chat】【Aggregate】: This copy of hell mode is a bit dangerous for just two people, grab some people together?

【Private Chat】【Long XiaoTian】: I have another person here.

【Private Chat】【Aggregate】: What job?

Like the protagonist in his novel, he chose the priest.

【Private Chat】【Long XiaoTian】: Mage.

【Private Chat】【Aggregate】: Girl? (drools

【Private Chat】【Long XiaoTian】: ……

Yi Ti didn’t know how to answer. The character was indeed a girl, but the species……

She turned her head and silently looked at Cecil. She thought, hmph, this guy is so absorbed that he didn’t notice her at all.

She somehow felt like she’d met a “love rival.”

Soon, the three met at the entrance of the copy.

【Private Chat】【Aggregate】: Is this your older brother?

【Private Chat】【Long XiaoTian】: ……hey!

Immediately after, Aggregate and Cecil added each other as friends. The three quickly formed a team. The captain was Yi Ti since she connected the two sides. Although she felt completely unqualified, given the situation, it’s really only her who’s most suitable, so she didn’t object.

【Team】【Aggregate】: Yo, you two are well equipped. Only at level 20 but had orange equipment. Rich man, really worthy of your name. (drool

Yi Ti: “……”

She opened the character bar silently and took a look. It turned out to be true.

At first, she knew that the character was wearing an orange outfit. Of course, as a woman, she might not remember the skills but she never forgot the dress and fashion. Of course, the so-called “orange outfit” referred to the equipment attributes, not the color.

The archer on the screen has light green hair and eyes with a ponytail high behind his head, good looking, and slim. Male and female archers had a similar level 15 orange equipment, all-white clothing, but the women had skirts underneath, while the men wore shorts. Women’s skirts were dotted with light green leaves while the male version wore a handsome black belt around their waist with leaf patterns and it fluttered in the wind.

As for the bow and quivers, they’re exactly the same with no distinction between men and women.

But after using special props, they could make all kinds of beautiful colors appear on the weapon. Only, there would be no gold level——that must be refined to 11 or more.

This was nicknamed as the “local tyrant’s gold.”

“Cecil,” hearing Aggregate, Yi Ti shuddered, “what did you do to the game?!” She thought it was just a simple orange dress, but did not expect this guy to actually level it up to 10. Hadn’t this guy’s obsession disappeared yet?

The named alien quietly shrunk his neck, a little timidly said: “No-nothing.”

“Really?!” Grits teeth.

“Cough,” Cecil’s eyes darted left and right but he didn’t dare to hide, “Just calculated the probability slightly. It’s only until 10.” Once someone’s equipment was upgraded to 11 and above, the game would issue notifications which were too conspicuous. He was afraid that Xiao Ti would be angry.

Yi Ti managed to not vomit blood, only until 10……nothing more, huh? Then what was she who always had equipment exploding on her before level 8?

She silently shed tears.

Can’t tell the truth, this sense of being a local tyrant is too cool!

【Team】【Long AoTian】: I also have a priest outfit here, level 10, for you.

【Team】【Aggregate】: ……

Yi Ti’s eyes twitched, as she asked: “Where did you get so many orange level equipment?”

An alien who accidentally exposed his stuff quietly shrunk his neck again.

“Say it!”

“Cough,” Cecil’s eyes flickered again and again as he answered with even more guilt, “I slightly increased the drop rate.”

“……” Holds forehead, isn’t this guy cheating? Yi Ti was speechless, “Be careful not to be banned!”

“Shouldn’t be.” Cecil replied, “It’s just that at least one orange outfit of this profession and one of any other professions pops out each time. This is not enough to attract attention.” The orange equipment in the game was only available at levels 15, 20, 30, 40, and 50(currently the highest level). Both characters he controlled were only level 20. Of course, what he wore was a level 15 orange suit.

Counting the copy he brushed between the five levels, and he even controlled two characters to a copy, he was as rich as having a small vault.

At the same time, on the other side of the network cable, the Aggregate who controlled the priest “Aggregate” had long become speechless. The ashes of his cigarette dropped on the keyboard.

On the screen, the red-haired sister mage Long AoTian had already offered an exchange to him.

Have to say, this name and this glamorous and unparalleled character was really incompatible and explosive! Especially, the female mage’s sexy costume was second to none in the game. The black robe was not as elegant as the male magician but wrapped tightly around her, showing her good figure and the white skin on her chest and thighs. If female priests were pure and female archers were fresh, then female mages were absolutely “voluptuous,” very suitable to the taste of many men.

【Private Chat】【Aggregate】: It’s better to put it on the exchange and sell it.

【Private Chat】【Long AoTian】: Not really, the highest level now is 40. Level 15 orange equipment is rarely needed.

Aggregate knew that the other person was telling the truth. Except for some beautiful women that loved to collect these things, no one else needed it at all. But the collection obviously didn’t need to be refined, it didn’t even have to be increased until level 10. Not to mention, once the level went up, it’d be easy to get equipment by swiping small copies.

But even so, it was not easy for this man to get several sets at the 20th level.

You have to know, this was a new district. It’s unlikely for there to be no problem from large to small——with the newly opened area, the game company directly increased the level cap from 40 to 50. After 40, it would be difficult to upgrade, so no one was maxed out yet. Who’s free enough to upgrade such things?

【Private Chat】【Long AoTian】: If you don’t want it, I can’t put it in my item box.

【Private Chat】【Aggregate】: Put it in your warehouse.

【Private Chat】【Long AoTian】: Warehouse is also full.

Aggregate: “……” What kind of tyrant did I meet?

【Private Chat】【Aggregate】: Spend money to open an item grid?

Each level up will automatically increase the item grid and warehouse grid. However, the tyrants who couldn’t wait would usually open it directly with RMB. After asking, Aggregate felt stupid. Most likely, this guy had already done that.

【Private Chat】【Long AoTian】: Too wasteful.

A certain alien knew what it meant to be a “thrifty housewife.”

【Private Chat】【Aggregate】: ……

Vomit blood!

Does this guy know what is real waste?!

Fortunately, he didn’t know that an alien’s “full warehouse” was filled with gems of various colors, otherwise, he’d really vomit blood. As we all know, the gems required to strengthen each equipment for each class were different. To satisfy his love for this kind of thing, our great Cecil student, decided to fill his warehouse with groups of less valuable stones, so he could go to Uncle Blacksmith in his spare time. What kind of spirit was this?

Probably because of overtaxing his hand, Aggregate’s hand twitched and he clicked the “transaction” option. Immediately, a level 10 priest outfit appeared in his item box. He opened it, and discovered it’s not only refined, but also enchanted. The effects were quite good.

This was really custom made.

If Long XiaoTian gave it, he could politely refuse, but he wasn’t familiar with this one at all. However, Aggregate was not the kind who’d struggle for this kind of thing for a long time. Anyway, it seemed like the other party played often, so there’s always the chance to reward the other afterward.

【Private Chat】【Aggregate】: Thank you.

【Private Chat】【Long AoTian】: You’re welcome.

Aggregate quickly replaced his equipment. The costume of a male priest was as described in his novel, white robe, and white staff. The character he controlled also had long white hair with the “headgear” appearing as a white pendant on the outside, looking holy and mysterious and very in line with women’s aesthetics. However, he felt it was a bit feminine. Fortunately, the next few sets of orange headgears were hats, crowns, or hoods.

【Team】【Aggregate】: If you want to play hell mode, three people didn’t seem to be enough, add another one?

Generally, the copy was divided into three modes: normal, difficult, and hell, the latter giving the most experience and dropping the orange level equipment the most. He thought that a local tyrant like Long AoTian should be quite interested in the level 20 orange dress.

Yi Ti said she had no opinion. Anyway, she’s just a paddle party.

Cecil’s personality was quite easy to get along with, so he naturally had no opinion.

Team】【Aggregate】: Ah, almost forgot.

Immediately, he sent two guild invitations.

Yi Ti looked and the name of the guild was “Brave Alliance.” It’s the first time she saw a guild with the same name as the district. She had to say, it’s established quite fast. Sure enough, the readers were really powerful!

The only thing that gave her a headache was that after joining the group, the speed of the news spreading was too scary! No doubt, the entry of “Long XiaoTian” and “Long AoTian” had aroused widespread mania.

Yi Ti silently forgot there was a guild channel and a private chat channel. She just focused on the team channel. This is the last pure land on Earth!

Alien 90: Internet Addiction Beckons You
Alien 92: Must Face Things

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