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Alien 93: On The Brink Of Life And Death

As one of the two “gang leaders” of the guild, there’s no doubt that when Aggregate made an announcement asking for a teammate, a “terrible battle” began especially when he mentioned that the other two members were the “two brothers of the President.”

Finally, the girl who won was named “Not A Chicken, It’s A Rabbit.”

Yes, although the name was confusing, this was indeed a girl!

After winning, the girl quickly ran to the copy entrance through a teleportation array and joined the team. When Yi Ti looked, she found it very coincident that this girl was also a mage. But unlike “Long AoTian,” this girl had ice blue hair and also wore a suit that was decorated with snowflakes, looking like an ice attribute mage.

【Team】【Aggregate】: Chicken, are you ice-attribute?

【Team】【Not A Chicken, It’s A Rabbit】: Not a chicken, it’s a rabbit! Yes, I’m of ice-attribute.

【Team】【Not A Chicken, It’s A Rabbit】: XiaoTian is an archer, super handsome. (drools

【Team】【Not A Chicken, It’s A Rabbit】: AoTian is fire attribute?

【Team】【Long AoTian】: En, main fire, and auxiliary ice.

Fire magic has better output while ice magic was better in field control. Before the transfer, few people abandoned one of them completely. And even if they changed jobs, some basic and practical skills could still be shared, such as fireball, ice blade and the like.

【Team】【Not A Chicken, It’s A Rabbit】: Oh oh.

Aggregate, seeing that all the people were gathered, announced their advancement to the copy and directly selected hell mode. A few people were not newbies, and even Yi Ti gave up at level 30, so they cut melons and chopped vegetables all the way, advancing very smoothly. Not to mention, the equipment of all four was very good. The chicken girl was also in an orange suit, all leveled up to 7 or 8.

The process need not be repeated.

Anyway, the two masters were the main output, the priest seriously took care of the others, and Yi Ti was seriously……paddling.

She wanted to work hard, but no matter how many arrows she shot, the strange thing was that the enemies ignored the others and just followed her, totally illogical! Finally, Aggregate had to sigh. She’s truly a natural aggro pulling force, so let’s follow up secretly, don’t try to carry the main output flag anymore.

【Team】【Aggregate】: Chinese men who stink at technology is really hard to find.

Yi Ti: “……” TAT

Feeling despised was really unpleasant, but she couldn’t dispute it.

【Team】【Aggregate】: By the way, those who’re as technology savvy as your brother is really rare.

As the saying goes, “gold always shines.” After cooperating in the copy for a while, the similarly good in technology Aggregate was keenly aware that Long AoTian’s skills were very good, even better than his. This vaguely stimulated his desire to win. If Zhao MingQi was here, he’d be surprised at finding his friend looking at the computer very seriously, and not the usual dead fisheyes.

In this way, several people surged, and the scene of the tragic boss being mowed down repeated over and over again until the number of copies ran out.

【Team】【Aggregate】: XiaoTian, though you always pull aggro, you have good luck and always managed a good explosion.

【Team】【Not A Chicken, It’s A Rabbit】: XiaoTian is a really great mascot!

Yi Ti silently turned her head: I’m so sorry, I didn’t want to be the mascot at all!

But how could she tell the sad truth?

It was almost noon when they finished the copy. Several people said goodbye as they went to have lunch.

Then again, this was her first experience in online games playing with other people. It’s really different from playing alone.

Yi Ti, thinking of this, looked at Cecil, who manipulated his character to the blacksmith. She helplessly thought, how much does this guy like to upgrade equipment?

Several days passed in the blink of an eye.

Although Yi Ti didn’t stop cultivating and refining potions during this period, her store’s business was still devastating. Anyway, she wouldn’t starve to death, so she pretended not to know about it. It follows that there might be some reasons why the store was not prominent here and the biggest reason was——the boss was a ghost, no one knew when she’ll appear!

On the way, Yi Ti incidentally gave the finished animation to Formaldehyde. After watching it, he praised the music and went to work with the higher-ups to decide the official broadcast time.

Everything was proceeding in an orderly way until this day when Cecil suddenly said to Yi Ti, who was watching TV——

“Xiao Ti, can you buy some more energy blocks for me?”

This made Yi Ti surprised. It seemed that she hadn’t opened her trader for a long time and it’d been a long time since the last potion was posted——there were actually no more primary potions to post. She was stuck at the bottleneck and had to advance or retreat. Even if she had the heart, she didn’t have the means.

“Of course I can.” The purpose of the trader itself was to help Cecil gain energy, why would she be unhappy? After removing it directly from the space, Yi Ti asked, “still intermediate?”


“I can’t afford advanced……” Yi Ti had to admit such a sad fact.

What she didn’t know was that on the other side of the distant universe, a group of people couldn’t breathe and was scratching the floors and walls because of her. Their whole bodies felt unwell.

The reason was simple, the great pharmacist hadn’t posted a new potion for a long time. Although the association bought all the previous works, little progress had been made in the research. A group of pharmacists could only go out and shake countless planets to brainstorm ideas. There were indeed many possibilities, but, they were all rejected in the end.

A large group of people was stunned.

All those who knew made sure that when they go out, never to pass near the Pharmacist Association. The “drug lunatics” inside were driving themselves crazy. One by one not eating, not drinking and not even bathing. The reason for all this was the stagnation of the research. Some of these older guys were getting more irritable. If you happen to meet their eyes, they’d likely be angry.

And that would be really fun!

After all, when they realized that they couldn’t make a breakthrough at all, these pharmacists looked forward to the arrival of “external forces.” In short, buying other potions from that miraculous pharmacist.

If one bottle didn’t work then two. If not two, then three. If not three, then four bottles……after researching so much, would there be no results?

But the problem is!

The pharmacist disappeared!

And mysteriously disappeared so silently!

Regarding the reason, not only within the pharmacist society, but a large group of insiders also have different opinions, and roughly divided into these types——

First, the pharmacist is retreating to purify intermediate potions;

This was the happiest thing for everyone.

Because if it succeeded, it would benefit everyone.

Second, the pharmacist could only purify primary potions;

This made them a bit tangled.

But even so, he’d still be considered a “godly” figure.

The issue was, everyone thought: If you can’t do it all the time, better point out the problem, everyone would solve it together!

Anyway, no one dared to usurp the results of such a pharmacist. Even if someone wanted to do this, they’d be shot by the others.

Third, the pharmacist had an accident during the experiment and had no way to continue research for the time being;

This made them even more tangled.

Pharmacist, where are you, great pharmacist?

Just say an address, we’re here to help!

Fourth, the pharmacist had died.

This answer made them too sad, so much so that……anyone who recommended that would have every pharmacist hit them until their own mothers didn’t recognize them!

What does death mean?

It means that this godly purification technique had disappeared.

No one can stand this kind of thing!!!

Some people were even gambling about this.

Of course, at this moment, Yi Ti didn’t realize that what she did at home almost messed up the universe. If so, she’d be……tangled.

When she bought the energy block, she remembered something——Cecil stayed on Earth because of insufficient energy. Then, after his energy was replenished, will he leave?

It’s not that she hadn’t thought about it, just that she deliberately ignored it. This was how she grew up, not thinking about things she didn’t want to think about and waiting until it really came.

But now, she found herself unable to avoid the problem.

Instead, she wanted to force him to stay, but how could she say that? Playing tricks to force him to stay, how could she do that? On the far shore of the starry skies, there was his family and friends on that planet, she couldn’t be so selfish.

“Xiao Ti, you can also buy a bottle of intermediate genetic modification potion.”

“Xiao Ti?”

“Xiao Ti?” Cecil looked strangely at Yi Ti, who suddenly looked a little downcast.

“Ah, sorry, I was daydreaming.” Yi Ti smiled reluctantly then said, “the points are not enough, it’s better to save a bit for emergencies. Otherwise, it’s not enough to buy your energy blocks.” Saying so, she moved her finger and decisively brushed a set of energy blocks.

“……” Cecil stumbled, pursed his lips, then shouted again, “Xiao Ti.”


He stretched out his hands, held her shoulders, then seriously said: “You told me before that if I don’t say the words, you wouldn’t understand. Well, I’m the same. If you don’t say it, I can’t guess it and this is making me very worried.” Although he didn’t understand what happened to her, he was keenly aware of the seriousness of the matter. If he didn’t make it clear right now, it might have serious consequences that he absolutely didn’t want to see.

Yi Ti was stunned, looked down for a moment, then asked softly: “After recovering your energy, will you leave Earth?”

“Of course!” Cecil answered decisively.


Alien 91: Damn Tyrant, Quickly Go Away
Alien 93: On The Brink Of Life And Death

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