Alien 93: On The Brink Of Life And Death

Alien 92: Must Face Things
Alien 94: New Changes

“My adult journey is not over yet, I must continue it.” Cecil then went on, “The star map made in advance had many planets I’ve never been to and there are many things I haven’t tried.”


“Although it’s an accident to land on Earth, this is really a very, very nice place.” He said with certainty, “The aboriginal people here are interesting, of course, the most important is……”

He used to think the crash of the spacecraft was a disaster.

But now he felt that this might be the so-called “guidance of destiny.”

Because if it wasn’t like that, he wouldn’t……

“I met you here.”

Yi Ti raised her head, staring at the merry gleam in Cecil’s eyes. She could feel that he was really happy. But at the same time realized that she was a bit unable to understand him, why can this guy face the difference so frankly?

She was so sad just thinking about it, but he only had full expectations.

“After leaving Earth, the first stop I want to go to was Farrell Star. It’s very close to here, and, there are so many……” after Cecil introduced a long stream of names, he paused. He once again sensed that the atmosphere was a bit wrong. He blinked then carefully asked, “Xiao Ti, don’t you like it? Should we go somewhere else? What do you think about Luokeliya Star?”

Yi Ti: “……” Ah?

She shook away the mixed emotions that almost drowned her, then understood what was going on. Probably because of being muddle-headed, it took a long time to react as she then disbelievingly pointed at her nose and said: “You mean……together with me?”

“Of course.” Every piece of Cecil’s hair was saying “taken for granted,” “We are getting married, of course, we have to be together.”

“……” She found that it’s really impossible to face this guy with complicated thinking, because this guy had always been extremely simple. But……

“I want to take you to see the beauty of the universe, I want to take you to my planet, to meet my parents, and also……”

So happy!

She reached out her hands without hesitation, hugging the alien who was counting on his fingers.

Very tightly.

“X-Xiao Ti?” Cecil, who was good at sudden attacks, was a bit embarrassed by Yi Ti’s sudden counterattack. Come to think of it, in his human mimic, Xiao Ti very rarely hugged him so actively, and especially……so tightly.

He blushed silently, lifted his hands up, and for a while didn’t know what to do.

After a while, he later realized that he seemed to have forgotten to consult with her: “Will you go with me?”

Yi Ti, who buried her head in his chest, nodded strongly.

Cecil just smiled contentedly then he saw her look up and say: “But with the permission of my brother.” She wouldn’t slight her brother!

“……” This was slightly more difficult. But one alien, who didn’t want to give up, still said very strongly, “I will try to get his approval.” Although it’s more likely I’d die…

The young man, who was still struggling to think of a way to survive, could only feel a slightly wet touch on his chin. When he looked down, he saw her blushing and lowering and her head. He just felt the blood on his body seemed to be rushing toward his face, then……

“Hu Xiu Hu Xiu——”

Yi Ti: “……”

She realized with almost shock, Cecil, who was holding her, suddenly turned into a pool of blue liquid again, and silently drilled underneath the sofa. After a while, she reacted too late. If he hadn’t digested all the previous energy blocks, why would he make her buy a new one?

But, knowing was one thing, watching someone become liquid was another matter.

She raised her head in silence then looked down at the clothes scattered on the sofa, especially the faintly visible cartoon patterned underwear……those ‘what the hell’ pants. She once again thought that her taste might be really heavy.

Because, although she saw this scene and had some experience, he felt even more cute. She even had the urge to lift the sofa with one hand and grab him for a rubbing.

Endure endure!

She leaned to one side, lied down on the sofa, then said underneath: “Cecil.”

A blue tentacle came out, entangling her fingers.

Yi Ti moved her finger, whispering: “Then make an appointment, I’ll wait for you to take me to see the universe.”


After that, Yi Ti still took Cecil’s advice and bought an intermediate genetic modification potion. This potion can further stimulate the potential of the human body and let her body develop further. In a sense, she didn’t go beyond humans, she just went further than other humans in mining their potential. Of course, the so-called “mining” didn’t mean using an excavator, and also not to use physical means, but instead use potions.

The reason she decided to buy it was not because of this. Listening to Cecil, the conditions in some parts of the universe were difficult and there were dangers in some places. If she wanted to travel with him, she must have a healthy body and self-protection ability, right? She can’t expect everything to be done by him. Although he would definitely not complain, this was not in her character.

And as it turned out, this was a “magical” decision.

She didn’t expect what would happen next. She entered DongTian and did her routine, and incidentally used a potion she made.

But soon, she noticed something——I touched that barrier!

It seemed to exist in her Dantian.

When Yi Ti noticed this, things seemed a little out of control. In the past, after absorbing qi and filling up her dantian, she would stop immediately. But now……she can’t stop!

The speed became faster and faster and more aura continued to flow into her body, squeezing together and making a mess.

And these aura crowding together was painful. To solve the problem, it actually started ramming into her dantian.


At this moment, Yi Ti felt severe pain.

At the same time, she seemed to hear something crack. There seemed to be a gap in her dantian and had the possibility of collapse at any time.

Yi Ti was very clear, this was a moment of life and death. As a practitioner, if her dantian was broken, even if she didn’t die, she’d also be destined to be unable to cultivate.

However, she didn’t know what to do since no one taught her.

She didn’t even know what was happening right now!

She couldn’t even move. Her whole body had stiffened and she could only watch as the situation rapidly deteriorated, but nothing could be done.


With a moan, a spray of blood spilled out of Yi Ti’s closed mouth. Immediately after, she continued spitting blood and her dantian’s cracks gradually increased. Everything seemed irreparable.

Her body shook and she could no longer maintain her meditation posture, falling straight to her side.

Coincidentally, the spiritual spring happened to be on Yi Ti’s side. This means she fell straight in.

Everything seemed like a tragedy.

Even if she wouldn’t die because of her dantian cracking, she would drown.

Even Yi Ti, who had never given up, couldn’t help but despair. She remembered what her brother said before leaving, “You have to be good……” There was a strong sense of guilt.

——brother, sorry.


Just then.

A change suddenly emerged!

The originally transparent and colorless spiritual spring suddenly glowed with white light. The light actually “stabbed” Yi Ti’s body and directly into her dantian.

Yi Ti was surprised to find that under this white light, the cracks in her dantian actually gradually narrowed and disappeared. At the same time, her body seemed to move. She was clear that now was the crucial moment. She endured the strange feeling of itching and pain, and once again did the five hearts pointed to heaven posture.

Her dantian gradually healed.

The flow of aura was getting faster and faster. In the absence of a way out, it finally changed——coming together into a liquid.

Liquid aura!

Twelve hours later.

Yi Ti opened her eyes then exhaled for a long time. This time was really dangerous. Fortunately, she successfully passed. The cracks in her dantian had completely disappeared under the nourishment of the white light, and it seemed to be stronger than before.

I don’t know what this spiritual spring is……

Thinking so, she was suddenly surprised to find that the spring had actually changed. There’s not as much aura as before, on the contrary, it felt a bit listless.

Yi Ti crawled out of the spring with some worry and watched it carefully. Watering the herbs could be replaced with the liquid aura she made since it ceased to be effective when it saved her life. She felt very guilty about this.

Anyway, what was that situation just now?

The aura in her body completely turned into liquid.

Yi Ti spread her palm and a drop of green liquid appeared, exuding a strong wave of aura. It’s a deeper color than the ones she made before and the two were quite different. Almost at the same time as it appeared, she heard a strong desire from the plants, as if saying, “Give me! Give me! I want it!” Her mind only moved slightly and the green liquid in her hand turned into a very large drop. At the same time, her dantian spontaneously emptied, then absorbed the outside aura to supplement.

The amount of aura in her body, her control of it and everything else all seemed to have improved to a new level.

It’s much stronger than in the past.

She was very clear, this was most likely a blessing amidst misfortune, however……

With this thought, she wanted to find a plant to try and looked around but then found another thing in amazement——

There’s an even stranger thing.

Alien 92: Must Face Things
Alien 94: New Changes

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