Alien 94: New Changes

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The DongTian left by her master changed.

Not only was it almost three times larger than before, but the aura inside also became more intense.

Yi Ti’s perception of aura was much stronger than before. However, she found that there was a special aura at the moment. She stood up and found that there’s a “new border” to the dongtian, a jade monument stood there.

The stele made of white jade was smooth and round. No matter how you look at it, it warmly glowed without any words carved into it. Actually, it’s not so much as a monument, but better called a regular jade block.

Yi Ti felt a strong aura from it. After hesitating, she tentatively put her hand on it.

“! ! !”

The next moment, she fully realized what Cecil meant by “being washed away by the information flow.”

A long time seemed to have passed, but it was only a short while.

She wanted to step back, but her body remained still, hand still on the jade tablet. No more information came, because it’s already all in her mind. No need to teach since Yi Ti instinctively knew them.

After a little while, she exhaled a long breath.

“This is so……”

This dongtian being so suitable for spiritual plant cultivators was because it’s originally left by an advanced spiritual plant cultivator. No, according to this senior’s era, he’s not called a plant cultivator, but rather a Nascent Soul wood spiritual root cultivator.

Thinking of this, Yi Ti felt it was a little funny. The novel description that she fantasized about was actually true——Qi Condensation, Foundation Establishment, Core Formation, Nascent Soul, Immortal Ascension……

The description of spiritual roots was also not bad.

If she guessed right, the stone ball she once touched was an item to detect if she had the wood spiritual root. If yes, the stone ball will glow. The more pure, the stronger the light. So when her master saw the light, she said she was suitable to become a plant cultivator.

After the Tang Dynasty, countless powers mysteriously disappeared. The aura between heaven and earth gradually dried up. Unable to cultivate, the spiritual land and spiritual water also gradually dried up.

The remaining cultivators couldn’t beat the time and as time passed, they died. And right now, afraid it’s not possible for modern cultivators to reach a higher realm. Although talented people were born, they might never know they’re suitable for cultivation, and even if they could practice, there’s an insufficient aura and other things. With these factors, it’s obviously not possible to reach a higher realm, so throughout their lives, afraid they could only linger in the Qi Condensation stage.

As their cultivation was blocked, countless methods have also disappeared in historical occasions.

In the ancient books left by her master, the description of “primary, intermediate, and advanced spiritual plant cultivators” was just the integration of the times. In fact, there’s no such orthodox classification.

Yi Ti looked at the jade monument then sighed, feeling sorry for her master who missed this. If she’s still alive……

But there were so many “ifs” in the world. Thinking of that, she sat down cross-legged, excluded all distractions, closed her eyes and practiced again.

After another two hours, she stood up, flicked her finger, and a large ball of green aura appeared before her. With just a thought, it turned to countless drops and soon fell on the medical field. The scene seemed like it was raining.

The herbs stretched out its bodies as if dancing for joy.

Immediately, Yi Ti stepped out of the space.

As soon as she went out, she realized that someone broke in, reaching out and even circling her bedroom. The long and almost elusive blue hair danced around the room, seemingly looking for something.


She was preparing to ask what happened when she was hugged.

“? ? ?”

Yi Ti was stunned by this sudden attack and took a long time to react.

At the same time, Cecil, who seemed to have finally “calmed down” breathed a sigh of relief. With hands on her shoulders, he gently pushed her away, paced back and forth then watched her up and down: “Are you okay?”

“Me?” Yi Ti was surprised, why did he ask such a question? And even if she stayed in the space for so long, it would only be a short time from the outside. She wouldn’t be “missing” at all, what the hell is……

Cecil saw that she wasn’t in any trouble and finally let go. Just now, he suddenly felt a strong palpitation. He didn’t know where this feeling came from, but he subconsciously rushed in. After realizing she entered the space, he worked hard to find the disappeared breath in the room.

“I just suddenly felt upset.” He hugged her again.

“……” Yi Ti was stunned, then laughed. She reached out and patted his back, “Aren’t I fine?”


Cecil’s words hadn’t finished when Yi Ti’s phone suddenly rang. She looked down and her scalp instantly tingled, the caller was——brother!

She remembered that there’s another genuine “telepathic” person near her. So with these two guys around, she couldn’t secretly die even if she wanted to! Cough, of course, she didn’t want to die at all.

After painstakingly fooling her brother with “having nightmares” as the reason, Yi Ti wiped her sweat. She didn’t mean to deceive her brother, it’s just that, such things would only make him worry. Plus, it had already passed, it shouldn’t happen again, so it didn’t matter.

But this incident also taught her a lesson——no matter what you do, you must lay the foundation, this was especially true for cultivation.

Although it turned out to be a blessing in misfortune, making her jump from Qi Condensation to Foundation Establishment. But if not for the spiritual spring, she’d probably die.

Yes, she advanced.

At first glance, no one would believe it. Because even in ancient times and even with the dongtian’s assistance with different time flows, this practicing speed could be said to be shocking. But this was not because of how powerful Yi Ti was. Her talent was very good, but she embarked on the wrong path.

The Qi Condensation Stage was polishing the body with aura and consolidating it into her dantian little by little so that it could withstand it transforming into “aura liquid.” Then, after cultivating to this point, advance to Foundation Establishment.

The genetic modification potion greatly enhanced Yi Ti’s body strength, which had improved her root bones. This was indeed a good thing. However, at the same time, because of inexperience, she only cared about raising her root bones and continuously absorbing aura but didn’t know how to polish her dantian. That means, her body and cultivation didn’t match at all.

And this weakness completely broke out today.

With her level of physical fitness, it increased her absorbance of aura and this aura gathered in a large amount in her dantian. Originally, the quantitative change would not cause qualitative changes immediately. But when she used the intermediate genetic potion again, her root bones were strengthened again, and everything “flared up.”

Fortunately, she was lucky. When she fell, she fell into the spiritual spring.

According to the records of the jade stele, this spring was called “Profound Spirit Spring.” It has a good effect on washing the bone marrows, gathering aura and strengthening dantian, that’s why it saved her life at a critical moment. Unfortunately after this time, it almost exhausted its energy, and it’d take a long time to recover.

That’s why, she couldn’t tell Cecil about it, even if he looked a little unhappy.

It’s better than making him sad.

After all, it was he who offered to buy her genetic modification potions. If he knew it almost cost her life, don’t know how guilty he’d feel.

In the end, this thing couldn’t be blamed on Cecil.

Because for all the races in the universe, this potion only brought benefits! With 100% probability!

Who knew she’d break this legend.

Don’t know if it’s good or bad, or rather……am I affected by Lu Kong’s bad luck? It seemed she should stay away from him.

Then, someone far away received another arrow to his knee.

But this can’t be blamed on Yi Ti, since the “end of cultivation era” came, almost all related texts have disappeared. Most of the surviving pieces were also just fragments. For example, the breathing exercises practiced by Yi Ti. Although it’s subtle, it was similar to the practice method the jade stele passed on in some way, but only for cultivators in the Qi Condensation stage. There’s not even a description of the stages of cultivation. That’s why, Yi Ti didn’t even realize that her foundation was unstable, shocking her when she reached the Foundation Establishment.

Anyway, if not for the genetically modified potion, afraid there’d be no tragedy because her dantian would be polished for many years, making it quite sturdy, which was the root cause of the problem in her ascension.

According to the information given to her by the jade stele, root bones in the early stages of cultivation, especially before the Core Formation stage, were very important. It directly affects the possibility of advancement.

But now, Yi Ti need not worry about this issue, because in the message left by the jade stele, there’s a set of special wood-based practice methods. If she used genetic potions while practicing it, she could achieve more effects while doing less. That’s why she’s sorry for her master. If she’d reached the Foundation Establishment before she died, and then get this set of exercises, she wouldn’t be……

Thinking of this, she couldn’t help but sigh again.

She enjoyed the benefits of the hard work of her predecessors.

“Xiao Ti, are you uncomfortable anywhere?”

She has many thoughts, and someone was scared by her changing expressions.

Yi Ti looked at him, then a smile appeared: “En, I think I should buy some medicine.”


“I’m just joking, don’t worry.” Yi Ti jumped up, hooked his neck with one hand, then directly opened the trader, “My space is several times bigger, so many more things can be planted in it! Let’s buy some intermediate herb seeds!”

This was also information from the jade stele. If she advanced again later, the scope of the space would further expand, and the aura would also become more intense.

However, Yi Ti felt lucky enough to reach her current Foundation Establishment stage. The legendary existence of Core Formation would be unlikely, so she wasn’t hoping for it at all.

Besides, for her, there was enough space for now.

“But, I have no prescription here.” Cecil asked a very realistic question.

Yi Ti answered with certainty: “This shouldn’t matter.”

There’s also a part of the jade stele about refining potions. If she could learn it all, she no longer had to worry about clicking on herb pictures, and instead, she could dispense them as needed. Not to mention, there were more prescriptions in ancient records. When the time comes to compare the medicinal properties, formulating intermediate potions should not be a problem. Anyway, as long as the herbs in the universe were used, she surely won’t be doubted. At best, they’d believe that a pharmacist had developed a “new prescription.”

Thinking of it this way, she finally……finally……

Got out of the dilemma of making ends meet!

Yi Ti, aware of this, was almost moved to tears.

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