Alien 98: Despised Lu Kong

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Alien 99: Lu Family Patriarch

Facing this situation, Yi Ti also had to cover her face.

She originally thought that Lu Kong’s lost attribute would only show in unfamiliar cities, now it seemed that she was too naive! She silently pulled out her wallet: “Let’s take a taxi.”

Someone in extreme distress looked at her in tears, his expression like “I met a comrade”!

“Provided that……” Yi Ti asked firmly, “you remember your address?”

“Don’t say that!” Lu Kong was angry, “How can I not know where I live? I live in ……hey?” Scratches head, “where is it?”

Yi Ti: “……” I knew it!

Shi JingLe: “……” Is this guy okay?

Cecil: “……” Although I don’t quite understand the situation, it looked terrific.

With two contemptuous and one innocent pair of eyes, Lu Kong’s forehead had cold sweats. He struggled hard: “It’s really not my fault. In the past, A’Jiang led the way, so I didn’t bother remembering it……really! You have to believe me!”

We believe he’s weird!

Just when Lu Kong almost wanted to drill a hole, he suddenly heard this——


A dog squatted beside Lu Kong’s leg. It was white all over, the hair on its body slightly curled, of medium build, and looking at the shape, it’s the most common Chinese rural dog. What’s special about it was those few tufts of hair on its head. It might be ridiculous on humans, but it was cute on a dog.

Yi Ti was not surprised, because she had been spreading her divine sense, so she knew when the white puppy came over. She just didn’t expect that it would actually stop beside Lu Kong and it even seemed familiar with him.

“A’Suan!” Lu Kong saw a “relative” and tears almost burst out. He squatted down and hugged the white dog, “Are you here to fetch me?”

Yi Ti: “……” A’Jiang (ginger), A’Cong (onion), A’Suan (garlic)……what’s with these names!


“You’re a really good friend!”


“When we go back, I’ll steal an elixir from the old man for you!”

“Woof Woof!”

“Rest assured, I will never be found out this time!”


“En, you’re right.”

Yi Ti: “……” So, how exactly do they communicate?

She was speechless, unintentionally turned around, and noticed an alien standing beside her with a serious expression. He watched the two people ……wrong, one person and one dog conversation, nodding from time to time.

“……Cecil, what are you doing?”

“Recording information and working hard to learn another foreign language.” The alien from Suhtanna said emotionally, “This language is really complicated, there’s no pattern at all.”

“……Stop!” This Lu Kong just wanted to show off his “heart communication” skills! And, she didn’t want to hear him say “woof woof woof!”

Aggregate silently turned his dead fish eyes. Sure enough, birds of a feather flock together, none of this group is normal.

Lu Kong communicated with this dog named A’Suan for a long time amidst other people’s “eyes,” then reluctantly stood up. With a grim expression: “A’Suan is here to pick us up, let’s go!”

Except for the kind Cecil, both Yi Ti and Aggregate silently rolled their eyes——to be so happy to be picked up by a dog, he’s a goner!

Probably moved by the other party helping him out of the dilemma, Lu Kong bent down and hugged the white dog A’Suan: “Which side?”

“Woof!” A’Suan raised a paw and pointed to the right.

Lu Kong looked over there and a more moved expression instantly appeared on his face: “Xu Bo!”

Yi Ti looked over. Not far away was a black car that seemed quite low key but with just enough space for them. She had never understood brand and pricing in vehicles, but when she looked at their pictures from time to time, it seemed……expensive?

But then again, few people in this circle were really short of money, uh……except her from before, but she had now successfully lifted herself from poverty!

The old man called “Xu Bo” by Lu Kong was very similar to Xue Ye’s grandfather’s steward John, black suit, black bowtie, black leather shoes, white shirt, white hair, and white beard. To be honest, Old John was the typical Westerner at first glance, while Xu Bo had the typical Oriental face. Also, the former’s expression looked too serious, while the latter was kind.

He was looking at Lu Kong with kind eyes.

Lu Kong rushed over and gave the old man a hug. Then he patted his back and smilingly said: “Xu Bo, you’re still quite strong.”

Xu Bo also patted Lu Kong’s back a few times: “Young master, you too.”

“Woof woof woof!” A’Suan was barking beside the two men.

“Of course!” Lu Kong released the old man, then patted his chest, “I exercised very well during this time!” En, by means of carrying plates!

“That’s good.” Xu Bo nodded again and again, “Master will be very happy to see you like this.”

“……you don’t have to comfort me.” Lu Kong silently turned his head. He’d forgotten the way home after leaving for so long. He even had to be picked up and was called weird. But he did bring a plant cultivator home, so he should be able to fight for leniency? Thinking of this, his scalp tingled, so he decided to forget it for now. He turned to look at the three people who followed him, “Right, let me introduce you, this is Shi JingLe of the Golden Needle Family, he seemed to be invited by the old man?”

“Yes.” Xu Bo said politely, “Mr. Shi, Master specifically asked me to pick you up.”

Aggregate……or rather, Shi JingLe seemed to be lazy, but not proud. He didn’t lack etiquette but was just too lazy to do it, but this was certainly not the case when facing an old man with gray hair.

“Thank you.”

“Wait,” Lu Kong was dumbfounded, “Who’d you say you’re picking up? ? ?”

Xu Bo laughed, his mustache lifting slightly: “Young Master, you forgot to tell me you’ll be back today.”

Lu Kong: “……”

Yi Ti turned her head silently. He didn’t forget to tell them, he simply forgot his phone number at home, right?

“Coincidentally, A’Suan smelled your scent nearby.”


“……so I’m only incidental.” orz! TAT

Xu Bo laughed without saying a word, wisely didn’t answer then turned to Yi Ti and Cecil: “Are you two young master’s friends?”

“Right!” Lu Kong, who had first-class recovery ability, immediately cheered up. A brief introduction was then made. Of course, he didn’t mention anything about Yi Ti being a plant cultivator. The main reason was not that he’s unsure if she wanted others to know, he didn’t distrust Xu Bo, he just didn’t trust this seemingly suspicious man.

After that, the four people who lingered nearby for a long time finally got on the car successfully, and headed toward their destination.

Don’t know if it was an illusion, Yi Ti thought that there’s something in Xu Bo’s eyes. To prevent a misunderstanding, she resolutely held an alien’s hand on her lap. The latter froze slightly, immediately turned his head to look at her, blinked, then a contented smile appeared on his face as he held her hand tightly. Probably because they’re not the only ones in the car, such an action made him a little shy. He lowered his head and looked sideways, two red clouds floating on his face.

Yi Ti suddenly felt like she was “playing with the little daughter-in-law next door.”

But “after this episode”, the frequent looks from Xu Bo through the rearview mirror instantly disappeared, and instead, focused on Lu Kong.

Communication began with just their gazes——

Xu Bo: Little master managed to bring back a girl, but she actually had a man. (It’s a pity

Lu Kong: Don’t say such a thing please, don’t use your eyes to imply such a tragic thing, Xu Bo! (tears

Xu Bo: If you’re that miserable, then go find one. (Looking forward to it

Lu Kong: You think I don’t want to? The problem is finding……cough, my vision is too high, I usually look down on girls! (slightly guilty

Xu Bo: Look down on girls, is it……(looks at Shi JingLe

Lu Kong: ……you’re already so old, how could you accept such a thing so easily? ! (tooth ache

Xu Bo: One way or another, I will support you. (The old man silently raised his thumb

Lu Kong: “……” Vomit blood! Xu Bo was not like this when he was a kid, he must have been broken by the old man!

“Right, A’Suan, how’s A’Jiang?” Lu Kong looked at the white dog lying on the carpet in the car.


“You can speak directly, no one sitting here would be surprised.”

The white dog did speak: “The situation’s not good.” Different from A’Jiang, its voice was immature and slightly husky. A’Suan had a typical clear juvenile tone, but its gender was still unknown, “He hadn’t woken up yet.”

“Isn’t there a plant cultivator at home?”

Shi JingLe, who had been lazily lying on his seat, glanced at A’Suan after hearing this.

“The plant cultivator gave a cure, just that we lacked the herbs.”

“What herb?”

“Golden Snow Patterned Grass.”

“……never heard of it.”

“En, I heard there were no traces since long ago.”

Yi Ti was thoughtful. She remembered that among the herbs left by her master, she seemed to have this herb. But its medicinal effect seemed to be related to the soul, so, A’Jiang’s soul was hurt? This was a really difficult problem. At that time, XuanYuan Yu, the female ghost, had to go through such a complicated ceremony just to have her soul go back, not to mention this.

“Have you heard of this thing?” Lu Kong asked Shi JingLe.

“Have heard it.” The latter nodded.

Lu Kong waited patiently for a moment. It turned out the other party wasn’t thinking about it anymore, so he had to ask again: “And then?”


“It’s characteristics or something!”

“Don’t know.”

“Hey! Didn’t you say you’ve heard of it? How could you not know?” Lu Kong felt mad, feeling like he was being played.

“I’ve heard it just now, how could I know?”

“……” Bam!

Alien 97: He's From The Shi Family
Alien 99: Lu Family Patriarch

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