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Lu Kong felt bullied, but Shi JingLe was actually quite innocent. He did hear it, but he really didn’t understand what it does, so, of course, there’s no way to answer.


He was indeed one. In the books he learned from childhood, the legendary herbs that have disappeared were at least mentioned, but its specific effects were not mentioned at all. What could he do? After all, although his family was mystical, it’s been only about a hundred years. What they accumulated was not enough, and they couldn’t even compete with some schools or families. For example, the Lu family. Herbs that even the Lu family Patriarch didn’t even know (of course, he suspected that the other party didn’t know anything, because the brain can’t remember anything perfectly)not being known was normal.

What he didn’t know was that there was someone in the car who knew its specific effects, and even had this herb on hand. It’s just not possible to take it out openly.

Just then, the car suddenly shook, then stopped.

“What happened?” Lu Kong asked a little nervously.

Xu Bo calmly replied: “It seemed like a flat tire.”

“Hey? ? ?” Lu Kong burst into tears, has my bad luck finally reached this point?

Yi Ti: “……”

“Don’t worry, young master, there’s a spare tire, so I just had to put it on.”

Lu Kong burst into tears: “Xu Bo……” You are my little……wrong, my old angel! TAT

Several people immediately got out of the car.

But then, Yi Ti thought that this matter might not have much to do with Lu Kong, because not far from the bus stop were the two siblings she met on the plane.

Right now, they were still whispering.

“Look, that car’s tire seemed to have burst, it’s all your fault!”


“Is sorry useful?”

“But I seem to have an ominous hunch again.”



When Yi Ti heard this, she suddenly heard a “bang.” Looking down, she found that the jack was broken at such a time.

Her: “……”

“A’Xun, don’t you think those people are familiar?”

“Talk less! They’re already so miserable, just come with me!” Disregarding her brother calling them “familiar,” the woman pulled her brother away using his ponytail, lest he had another “ominous hunch” and hurt other people even more miserably.

Except for a few others who were focusing on the tires, no one noticed the siblings across the road. Because they’re too far away, the only people who heard their conversation was her and Cecil, and he didn’t pay attention to the tires. Instead, he was paying attention to her.

Yi Ti gave him a “speak later” look and the latter nodded thoughtfully.

At this time, Lu Kong shouted: “Xu Bo, are you okay?”

“It’s all right.” Xu Bo took a look at the jack that was obviously no longer useable, sighed, “but it seemed there’s no way to change the tires.”

“Leave it to me!” Lu Kong patted his chest, it’s time to show his muscles! Then, he walked to the car to pose, took a deep breath, bent over and lifted up, “Ah! Yaaaaaaaa! ! !”

This shout made an impressive momentum.

Unfortunately, the car was still motionless.

The others: “……”

Lu Kong: “……” What about my muscles? QAQ

“Young master, I’ll call someone……”

“Trust me, I can do this!” Lift!

“I can do it!” Lift again!

“I……” Teary-eyed.

Yi Ti held her forehead as she stared at him. She approached him, bent down, and gently lifted the car up. She didn’t care if she was found to be “strong.” Anyway, she had decided to enter this circle. Even if she wanted to hide, it’s impossible to hide for a long time.

Cecil didn’t respond. There were so many races in the universe that had Xiao Ti’s strength and he could even throw the car if he wanted to. The others were slightly worse, after all……seeing a soft girl in front of them transform into a female tyrannosaurus, it’s really……

With Yi Ti’s “help”, the tires were quickly changed. This time, several people reached their destination without any hindrance.

Although she knew that this rich second generation Lu Kong’s home would not be ordinary, she didn’t expect it to be such a big villa. Located in the outskirts, the land price was certainly not as expensive as in the city, but it’s still a wide area, ah.

Yi Ti looked out the window, staring at the buildings a few hundred meters away with astonishment.

There was beautiful scenery near the villa and even had a mountain and a river. Even if she’s not good at Feng Shui, Yi Ti still thought this was a treasured land since cultivators were the most sensitive to aura. Although the richness in this villa was not as good as in the DongTian, it’s better than anywhere she’d been to before. Most importantly, this was just outside the villa, she’s sure there must somewhere with higher concentration. At this point, it could be seen that even Shi JingLe was impressed as he took a deep breath and say, “It’s indeed the Lu family.”

From a distance, the high rise villa was mostly built with blue bricks and logs, looking very antique and also divided into several parts. Some buildings were rigorous and simple, some were wild with different styles but all harmoniously integrated into one. Not just the buildings, the same was true between the villa and nature.

If they weren’t the Lu family, afraid it’d be difficult to occupy such a large land and build such a large villa.

After spending some time at the “Hundred Ways Altar,” although Yi Ti was still unclear about many things, she was not a rookie. In the eyes of ordinary people, a “Hidden Clan” like the Lu family who was suspected to have a “Way to Immortality” was undoubtedly very desirable. Even if you don’t hold their thighs, you at least don’t want to offend them. The practitioners also adopted a “respectful” attitude towards politics with tacit understanding. For example, many cultivators and clans do not allow the younger generation to enter this circle. They could provide some help to some people, but they don’t personally visit some people and deliberately influence their judgments on certain things.

Of course, the legendary “dragon group” was not in this category. Yes, “dragon group” really existed and formed by practitioners. However, Yi Ti was not clear on the specific situation. She wanted to find a chance to ask Lu Kong but she always forgot about it.

“Interested?” Seeing Yi Ti returned to her senses, Lu Kong came over and said, “There’s also a garden imitating the south of the river. Right, there’re natural hot springs. Girls like this, right? I’ll arrange a room for you nearby.”

Yi Ti turned to look at him, not saying anything for a long time.

Lu Kong’s scalp tingled: “W-what happened?” He remembered it well, this sister might look soft, but she could crush bricks into powder! Never offend her!

“You’re actually rich……”

“……hey!” What’s with that incredulous expression? Did he have such a poor face? ! ……please don’t tell me even if it is!

Yi Ti certainly didn’t say it, his parents were here, so how could she say such a rude thing.

The vehicle drove along a broad flat mountain road, and soon entered the villa.

Before getting off the car, they saw a middle-aged man who seemed to be in his thirties standing not far away. He was wearing a simple white shirt and black trousers, without a tie, the neckline was slightly loosened. There were several white hairs among the black hair on his head. Although his face had aged with time, one could clearly see his handsome and elegant past. Not only was his atmosphere a bit bookish, but it also added a mature charm, maybe more like a “literary uncle’s charisma.”

“……o-old man?” Lu Kong immediately stammered, “why are you here?”

YI Ti: “……” Old man? Does that mean……that’s Lu Kong’s grandpa? Stop! She’d believe it if that was his father, but a grandpa……

That middle-aged man……wrong, grandpa……wrong, the grandfather that looked like a middle-aged man looked at Lu Kong, then asked: “You still want to come back?”

Lu Kong immediately froze: “If you say so then I’ll go!”

Grandpa Lu smiled: “Can you go out alone?” This smile showed the charm of a mature man, Yi Ti wanted to take a photo and post it on the forum. There’d be a large number of “Uncle-philias” kneeling and licking the screen.

“I……” orz!

After Grandpa Lu “educated” his grandson, his eyes fell on Shi JingLe, nodding and smiling: “Long time no see, your cultivation has improved a lot.”

Facing an old senior, Shi JingLe naturally happily greeted back. Don’t look at this gentleman Lu who looked gentle and elegant like a literature scholar, he knew very well that he must not offend the other party, otherwise……he’d be melted wax!

Immediately after, Lu Kong introduced the two people he brought. Grandpa Lu’s eyes fell on Yi Ti and Cecil. After smiling and nodding at them, he walked to his grandson and whispered: “Who’s your target?”

He was very quiet, but how could Yi Ti, who had a sensitive hearing, not hear?

Lu Kong covered his face and also whispered: “Old man, can we not talk about this?”

“The girl?”


“Then the boy?”

“……I’ve already said why are you old people so adaptable to these new things! What good would your grandson be if I fancied a guy? You’ll have no great-grandson to hold!”

“Looking at you like this, I’ve long been prepared to have no great-grandson.”

“……” This was definitely not his grandpa!

“So neither of them?”

“……en, they’re a couple.”


“I’m so sorry!” Many times, Lu Kong wondered how his father was born from this old man. For no reason, he looked like his dad, but he did not inherit any gene from Grandpa!

“It’s okay, I’ve long been prepared,” Grandpa Lu calmly answered, “If this didn’t work, then make me a great-grandson by scientific means. I’m psychologically prepared, so go for it.”

Lu Kong: “……” Grandpa! What are you prepared for! ! !

He was vomiting blood.

At the same time, Yi Ti, who clearly heard this conversation, felt unwell all over. Cecil silently searched for what “scientific methods” meant just in case. Shi JingLe looked at the sky with a pair of dead fish eyes, don’t know if he heard it or not.

Immediately after, Xu Bo personally arranged the residence of several people. Sure enough, they’re all near the hot spring.

At this time, Lu Kong and his grandfather started a dialogue in the study.

“Did you want to say something to me?” Lu WenRui sat down on the black sofa, adjusted to his most comfortable position, then asked good-naturedly. He would sit in the chair behind the desk when facing unfamiliar foreign guests, but with family and friends, he always preferred this position, “Say it.” As he said so, he picked up jade go pieces next to him, rubbing it lightly.

“How’s your injury?” Lu Kong sat down opposite him, asking directly.

“I won’t die.” Lu WenRui answered, and then waited for the main topic. He was very clear that this was certainly not what his grandson wanted to say.

“Then see if this works.” As Lu Kong said so, he took out the potion that Yi Ti had given him from his pocket and handed it directly.

Lu WenRui grabbed the medicine bottle with his free hand, slightly raising an eyebrow. After throwing the pieces into the chess box without looking, he removed the stopper. The next second, his casual expression became heavier: “This is……”

Lu Kong loved watching his grandfather change faces since childhood because it made him feel fulfilled!

Then, he said quizzically: “En, hmph, it’s from a very talented cultivator! Guess how I got it?” Change your face and show me!

Li WenRui slowly sat up straight, then solemnly said: “You finally became a man?”

“……hey! ! !”

Is this the right thing to say? !

Alien 98: Despised Lu Kong
Alien 100: Meet Strange People

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