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A crisis will occur in areas beyond the reach of national weapons.

It was an excellent opportunity to drive a wedge between the two S-class ability holders.

Should he provoke them or should he tell the truth? 

Zhang YaoJin hesitated for a second: “We are looking for a person named Jian Hua. The only clue that we have is that he may be related to Li Fei.”

It was a bit convoluted, but Jian Hua immediately understood. He wondered in his mind: It was neither the surveillance records nor Li Fei exposing him. Then when was his name on the blacklist of the National Secret Services?

Wait, if there was no Pearl Hotel incident, wouldn’t he be the one to expose Li Fei?

The black pot was turned back in a second, making Jian Hua speechless.

Major Zhang could actually avoid answering and let Jian Hua misunderstand Li Fei, which could also fan the flames and distort the facts.

The investigations showed that Jian Hua was just a stuntman that just signed up with the actor Li Fei the day before yesterday. There was no connection, but there were many things in the world that didn’t look the same on the surface. In front of a new acquaintance, it’s unwise to discredit their relationship with another person——how could he be sure that they’re really unfamiliar with each other?

Zhang YaoJin didn’t come here to provoke Jian Hua.

In fact, Major Zhang was not allowed to make any mistakes during this conversation.

Zhang YaoJin took out two card-sized white papers and pushed it in front of Jian Hua.

One of them was full of words with Li Fei’s age, birthdate, the awards he won, the products he represented, blood type, zodiac sign, hobbies, and so on. The data was similar to the information from the fans’ official support groups.

The other one was considerably empty. Except for the name “Jian Hua,” there were only two lines of words with question marks: Maybe know Li Fei? Lives in Huai City?

Jian Hua scanned the card and calmly asked, “What is this?”

“The two people who will affect China in the future.”

“……” Jian Hua was surprised by this shocking news and started to suspect the other party’s identity.

Zhang YaoJin looked like a tough military man. Even with his tired face, he still had a straight back when sitting, and his eyes were full of deterrence. He was accustomed to giving orders and was just short of putting a stamp of an iron-blooded elite on his face.

If he was acting, someone who could perform so well would be counted with two hands in the entertainment industry, so there’s no reason for him to lie.

Jian Hua could only frown, “Major Zhang, are you joking with me?”

“I don’t want to believe it either.” Zhang YaoJin took a deep breath. When he took people to arrest Li Fei, he was still suspicious of the content in the chat group records. Anyway, if he had doubts regarding the Pearl Hotel surveillance records, he could ask Li Fei to “cooperate with the investigation”, but the tiny energy detector that died next to Li Fei really hurt Major Zhang’s eyes.

Misfortunes didn’t come singly as strange things happened in Huai City: The suspects in the detention center violently destroyed their cell and tried to escape——these all happened in that strange time——one of the police cars was damaged and the suspect fled a long way in handcuffs. Fortunately, he was eventually arrested and did not cause more panic.

Major Zhang hurried back to Huai City to clean up the mess.

The facts of the case had already been secretly reported, but the reply had not yet arrived. Major Zhang faced the name “Jian Hua” in the latest investigation progress and was caught in a dilemma.

To rashly contact the person was to take a significant risk.

But not communicating…..who could guarantee that Jian Hua wouldn’t embark on that dark road? It would be too late when that happened.

“You’re an ability holder. You know more about the recent changes than me.” Zhang YaoJin tried his best not to be overbearing. He couldn’t adapt to this gentle way of talking.

Pushing the two card-sized white papers on the coffee table aside, Jian Hua leaned on the sofa and spread out his hands, “I don’t want to beat around the bush. How can you confirm that the Jian Hua you’re looking for is me?”

Countless people in China were called this name.

Inside the circle, they could be an assistant, a makeup artist, a stage lighting director, and many others. Chances were, you’d find four or five Jian Hua in a set. Even in Huai City, entering these two words into the household registration system would yield several pages of search results.

Searching in a country with billions of people and millions of permanent residents——don’t even mention it.

“Today at around 13:00, Huai City’s Geological Bureau has monitored that there had been large-scale energy fluctuations in this position.” Major Zhang took out a third card from his pocket, which only contained longitude and latitude values.

Jian Hua had a premonition.

Zhang YaoJin gave the standard answer, “Your home.”


“Of course, that’s only my inference. The satellite map shows that it was on the southeast corner of this district. As for the other evidence, I believe I could find it by carefully examining your most recent travel.”

Zhang YaoJin did not forget that Jian Hua mentioned a “surveillance record” earlier, but for security reasons, he didn’t want to force Jian Hua. He then changed the subject and put on a sincere expression, “On behalf of ‘Red Dragon,’ I took over Huai City’s Pearl Hotel explosion case. Arresting the suspects is not my ultimate goal, it’s to safeguard the country’s peace and to maintain social order. You and Li Fei have no criminal record, and you are no different from the thousands of people living in this city. For the troubles that you may encounter, I will help as appropriate.”

This was the first time that Jian Hua heard his name and Li Fei mentioned at the same time.

He was stunned for two seconds and almost refuted Zhang YaoJin. The movie emperor is far from my life, how could I compare?

Guessing his thoughts, Major Zhang’s next words were——

“Li Fei encountered a lot of trouble. The amount of energy from his body is too scary that alarms will be triggered when he passes through security gates.”

As a car owner, Jian Hua, fortunately, did not take the subway these days. But thinking again, he also couldn’t pass through security checks. That meant he couldn’t travel by plane or train, so how would he travel to the North to film?

“You arrested Li Fei?”

“He’s cooperating with the investigation.” Major Zhang corrected it.

“Meaning,” Jian Hua didn’t want to discuss semantics and directly asked, “You do not intend to release him?”

“We will detain him just for 24 hours.” Zhang YaoJin glanced at his watch and nodded while answering, “A few hours later, he can leave.”


Jian Hua’s eyes made Zhang YaoJin feel strange: Is he looking forward to Li Fei being released?

“Then how do you intend to solve the security problem?” Jian Hua asked faintly.

——Normally, if Li Fei had to work somewhere, he must follow.

“You may need ‘Red Dragon’s assistance to take a special channel.” Zhang YaoJin circled back to the topic, feeling strange. The thing that could move Jian Hua was not coming personally to show his sincerity, nor was it taking the initiative to tell the secret. It’s because Jian Hua still wanted to live in this country and that he was unfortunate enough to have no savings, making him continue to work contractually.

Thinking of this, Zhang YaoJin decided to swallow that fact and not speak for the time being.

Jian Hua’s ability was very different from Li Fei’s. When Major Zhang stood in front of Li Fei, the sense of crisis was sharper than a blade. But here on Jian Hua’s side, except for those pair of vigilant and hostile eyes that made Zhang YaoJin feel suffocated, nothing else was unusual.

This did not make Major Zhang feel relaxed, on the contrary, his nerves stretched tighter.

When he was young, he was part of an anti-drugs operation in the jungles of the South, strayed into a snake cave but came out unscathed in the end——the python later attacked the villagers and was then killed. According to the guess of an experienced hunter, the python had just eaten at that time, letting Zhang YaoJin escape——in that dark, damp and suffocating cave, something vaguely pressed on his uneasy nerves, but he couldn’t find anything.

The miniature energy detector on Zhang YaoJin’s pocket was quiet with no vibrations.

Zhang YaoJin was worried. He understood the setting that the “true leader” of the Black Abyss organization, from the beginning of the story to the end, had been hidden for 10 years with no one discovering it.

If it weren’t for the Pearl Hotel bombing incident, it wouldn’t attract the attention of the local government and be classified and reported as a terrorist attack. Only then did the “Red Dragon” stationed in Haicheng receive an order to come and investigate——these ability holders that awakened silently also knew how to destroy surveillance records, so it’s strange not to be found!

When Jian Hua realized what his abilities were and fully control it, he would be like a drop of water that sunk into the river. There would be no way to find him.

“You just mentioned that I will affect the country……what do you mean?” Jian Hua thought that Zhang YaoJin still hid a lot of secrets.

“I want you to join Red Dragon’s newly established ability holder team. You can live your life, you deserve that right. No one will force you to cooperate with the national research, I promise!”

Jian Hua’s eyes flashed, his expression couldn’t help becoming ironic, “Do you represent them with your personal guarantee?”

Zhang YaoJin solemnly nodded, “Although it is my personal assurance, I believe that this guarantee will be effectively implemented! Because in the near future, something big is going to happen worldwide!”


Jian Hua went silent again because he felt that his brain cells were not enough. He felt that Major Zhang was implying that Li Fei and himself would become secret weapons, an ace card more powerful than the national weapons. Is that even possible?

A thought came to him, and Jian Hua blurted it out, “You are saying——”

“Abandoned World, meaning the world where time is stagnant, will have a major crisis!” Zhang YaoJin was expressionless. This was the main reason why he’s eager to visit today.

The chat group’s records were absurd and ridiculous. The only thing that could be validated was Li Fei’s circumstances. There were many more mysterious events that couldn’t be explained by the surveillance cameras. However, this impending disaster was truly believed to happen, though it didn’t have credibility.

In the Abandoned World, a group bombed Pearl Hotel, and when reality returned, all traces of destruction remained.

Imagine that a person living in a high-rise building suddenly fell to their death. Or a person driving on the freeway would find themselves in the bottom of a pit without a car, or while eating a meal, one would suddenly get caught in flames……what kind of trouble was this?

Nobody wanted to blink and see the city in ruins by the next time they opened their eyes.

This was a crisis that had taken place beyond the scope of nuclear weapons!

Only those with abilities could enter the Abandoned World, and only those with S-class abilities like Li Fei and Jian Hua could control the crisis.

“I hate to say it, but the facts are obvious. If you want to continue your life and live until tomorrow unharmed, you must face them.” Zhang YaoJin said with a sullen face, “The presence of the ability holders is worldwide. Before the war broke out among the ability holders from various countries, monsters will appear first in the Abandoned World, countless of them.”

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This is machine translated and all copyrights belong to the author. Please note that the translator might take creative liberties for better readability. Thank you for reading.

STB Chapter 16: A Visit
STB Chapter 18: Relationship

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