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CEO: I am innocent.

At six o’clock in the morning, Haicheng was filled with heavy fog while a jeep pulled out of the military district.

Li Fei supported his forehead and was in a daze. With the car’s back seat wholly sealed from the driver’s seat, the radio was their only point of communication. Next to him was a young military officer, who seemed to be “escorting” him more than “guarding”, as he asked where he wanted to go.

“Major Zhang promised that if you cooperated with the investigation, it would not attract public attention.”

This stiff explanation made Li Fei intrigued. He remembered that this young military officer was standing behind Zhang YaoJin and the look in his eyes always made him feel strange.

Li Fei casually said, “My house, you must know where it is.”

The young military officer picked up the radio and reported the address to the driver.

After being detained for less than 24 hours, no one announced the result of the investigation and just released them. Compared to Li Fei’s casual stance, Geng Tian seemed uneasy.

“This is a report of your current situation. If you want to go to the hospital for a comprehensive physical examination, we can arrange it.” The young military officer opened a folder and pulled out a stack of paper for Li Fei.

“You said you’d be responsible for the security issues, right?” Li Fei was too sleepy to open his eyes.

There was only a chair in that office building. It’s also too cold, and he had to deal with it for one night.

“For specific circumstances, Major Zhang will find time to contact you.”

“Haa……something is happening somewhere else, is it?” Li Fei lazily said.

That Major didn’t show up for more than 10 hours and only those expressionless soldiers who came to test him with an instrument blankly told him of his situation.

He couldn’t fly by plane and couldn’t pass through security checks which were the real problem.

As for joining Red Dragon’s newly formed ability holders team……

Li Fei refused without blinking. The conditions sounded rich and carefree but there must be other circumstances behind it. (He didn’t know yet that monsters will appear in the Abandoned World.)

Li Fei had always been very patient in negotiations. He couldn’t see the other person’s ace cards, so it’s not easy to decide.

The young military officer looked at Li Fei’s fearless appearance and suddenly smiled.

Geng Tian’s eyelids jumped. He wanted to remind Li Fei, but he didn’t know what to say. The other side showed no malice but seemed to be watching a joke.

Li Fei’s house belonged to the high-end villa area outside the city.

The jeep arrived in half an hour but did not enter the gate of the well-secured villa area. Li Fei took out his cell phone and made a call. Not long after, a black Bentley drove out of the gates and stopped near the curb.

Thick mist filled the air, and the shadow of a person or a tree couldn’t be seen after a few meters.

Li Fei got out of the car with a calm expression. The young military officer’s eyes fell on the document that Li Fei hadn’t read. Geng Tian silently picked it up and then followed.

“Out already?” The Bentley’s windows rolled down and Star Entertainment CEO’s face appeared with black circles in his eyes.

Li Fei watched the jeep drove back into the fog before he reached out to open the door on the other side. He then sat in the back of the Bentley and asked with a sleepy expression, “Why are you here?”

“Your broker Chen Chen almost got a heart attack because of you and is now fidgeting at your house. I’m afraid that your broker will suddenly die in the Movie Emperor’s mansion. The front page of the news will show the picture of the Movie Emperor Behind Bars version. Then the company stock price will hit rock bottom——”

An accident happened to the company’s biggest cash cow which made Liang Jun’s heart feel stuffed all night.

Geng Tian got into the front passenger seat and found the broker black-faced.

“Let’s talk, what happened?” Liang Jun lit a cigarette. He had seen lots of ups and downs over the years. Of course, he’d seen artists involved in some investigations, but trouble like Li Fei was unheard of.

Li Fei glanced at the CEO of his company and pointed out a critical point, “I never thought that the President’s son is a Major in the National Secret Services, and he hid it deep enough.”

Geng Tian thought in his mind: Miss Zhang is the President’s daughter and hid deeper within the company.

Keke!” Liang Jun uncomfortably said, “The older brother is much older than the younger sister. When I got married, little Dan was still in elementary school while her brother is already in the army. I’m not familiar with that kid.”

Geng Tian silently calculated that the major being in his early thirties was very rare in the Army. He had to have made several first-class merits and won enough medals that his hands couldn’t carry them. He’s afraid that even if they knew that Red Dragon’s Major Zhang served the country, his closest family members might not know what he’s doing.

“If I don’t go to the movie that will start a few days later, how much liquidated damages will I have to pay?”

Squeal!” The broker slammed on the brakes, hit the steering wheel, and almost caused the Bentley to hit a roadside tree.

Liang Jun scolded, “Little Chen, what are you doing! You’ve experienced many things for so many years, and yet you’re still flustered with this. Come down and let Li Fei’s bodyguard drive!”

The broker was in shock, “No, it’s not like that! I just saw something!”

He stared at the thick fog ahead with wide eyes. Before seven o’clock, the villa area was quiet with no other sounds from other people.

“You probably stayed up all night that you’re seeing things.” The broker rubbed his eyes.

He clearly saw a dark figure rushing past the car, maybe as large as a pet, like the cats and dogs owned by the families on these high-end villas. Their prices were too expensive, enough to scare people. If something went wrong, just losing money was better than facing the other party’s angry retaliation.

The broker got off and changed seats with Geng Tian. After confirming that there was nothing under the wheels, he breathed a sigh of relief.

Getting in the car again, the broker had a headache thinking about the news that Li Fei had just thrown out, “Dean, we already did the early promotions for the movie. If you want to back out now, I can’t say that you have internal injuries from the Pearl Hotel explosion since it’s already been three days! Did you lose your mind? Refusing to work now, do you want the producers and directors to blacklist you?”

Liang Jun was also waiting for Li Fei to give an explanation.

“I’m afraid I won’t be able to go to the North.” Li Fei gave a rare wry smile.

At this time, Geng Tian stepped on the accelerator twice but found that the car wasn’t moving.

“Huh?” Geng Tian thought something was wrong with the car and started checking.

Liang Jun smoked a cigarette and depressingly asked, “Li Fei, the company hasn’t treated you badly these years, what the hell is going on? Please tell me and we’ll figure it out.”

What should he say? That he stayed in the hotel for a night and became someone with an ability? That he witnessed the group destroying the Pearl Hotel, and the result of their escape was catching the attention of relevant state authorities?

Li Fei sighed. If Zhang YaoJin contacted him again, he couldn’t hide it. Just as he was about to find a plausible statement, the broker in the passenger seat screamed.

“Little Chen?”

The broker stared at the papers in his hand dumbfoundedly.

This was what the young military officer on the Jeep gave to Li Fei. The movie emperor glanced at it but ignored it when he got off the vehicle. When Geng Tian brought it, he placed it on the front dashboard.

They were taken away by heavily armed military and police and brought this stack of paper when they were released. Of course, the broker noticed. Now that he had the opportunity, he picked it up and flipped through it. The first piece of paper was a graph of peak energy data with a bunch of academic terms that he didn’t understand. The second page was Li Fei’s personal information which he was familiar with, but what’s on the third page?

“Persons who had a close relationship with Li Fei: Liang Jun, CEO of Star Entertainment Media, unspoken rules.”


As Li Fei’s broker, he’d seen all kinds of romantic matches given to Li Fei by fans,  forcibly cut into ambiguous MVs and all kinds of weird Weibo posts. But this report that looked like an official document mentioned Li Fei having an unspoken rules relationship with the CEO of his own company? What’s this? Why didn’t he, as the broker, know?!

With the suspicious and dissatisfied eyes of the two people in the backseat, the broker’s hand shook as he handed the papers over.

After reading the contents of the paper, Li Fei was a little dazed.

Liang Jun’s smoking hand shook, the soot falling on his suit pants. His reaction was unexpected, however. There was no rage, but he pointed to the line below his name that said “Black Abyss’ Jian Hua, an affectionate relationship between subordinate and superior” and asked to gossip, “Who is this Jian Hua?”


Li Fei, who wasn’t addicted to smoking, felt like he needed one to calm himself.
The broker, who didn’t see the following content, blankly replied, “Jian Hua? Dean signed on a new exclusive stuntman named Jian Hua.”

Tut!” Liang Jun picked up the piece of paper and looked up at Li Fei, “What is Black Abyss?”

“I don’t know.” Li Fei really didn’t know.

“There’s also a Johnson Brown after that. It said love at first sight with different positions.”

Li Fei had a headache; he’d never heard of the name.

Liang Jun scanned all the names on this piece of paper. Probably many Red Dragon members who were responsible for typing it also thought it’s nonsense, so they only retained the names and didn’t write more exotic words such as love or murder.

It’s just that these names were abnormal. There were no surnames on some and looked more like code names.

What Poseidon, Doctor Mad, Red Scorpion……the scariest thing was that the nationality followed after the names. With a rough look, there were British, French, German, American, and Russian; it was spectacular.

“Where did this came from?” Liang Jun recalled that when he got off the Jeep, he didn’t see the document, but if Geng Tian had them——


The CEO choked while smoking and threw the papers away.

Even if the information was from the military, Zhang YaoJin wouldn’t know what’s on this right?

Liang Jun felt a little dizzy. If rumors about him having unspoken rules with his company’s artists spread, what would his stepson think when he saw it?

If Jian Hua’s name was not on the paper, Li Fei would have thrown the papers on the garbage can, but here’s the problem! Jian Hua was an unknown stuntman. Jian Hua was not there when the Pearl Hotel exploded so why would the military look for Jian Hua?

The scariest thing was that they thought Li Fei was attracted to him. How could others know about it?

He thought that his bodyguard might have leaked it a little bit——did Geng Tian betray him? No, would the National Secret Services, who investigated the hotel terrorist attack, still care about the latest gossip?

Li Fei steadied his mind and then realized something was wrong.

“Geng Tian?”

The Bentley wouldn’t start so Geng Tian got off to check and there hadn’t been any sounds until now.

The broker also recovered. He opened the door and looked at the dense fog, “Geng Tian, where are you?”

It was empty around the vehicle; no one was around at all. The shadows of the distant villas immersed in a thick fog looked like floating islands.

Li Fei’s drowsiness disappeared. Liang Jun pinched the cigarette butt and looked around in surprise. The broker trembled as he called the villa area’s security guards. Soon, someone led a dog and searched the perimeter.

They didn’t find Geng Tian.

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This is machine translated and all copyrights belong to the author. Please note that the translator might take creative liberties for better readability. Thank you for reading.

STB Chapter 17: Spoiler
STB Chapter 19: Fog

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