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A helicopter hovered over the roadblocks on the road.

Sand flew from the wind made by the blades and hit Zhang YaoJin’s face. He didn’t care and just looked at the end of the road.

“Major!” A soldier’s face tangled up as he reported, “The little girl is trying to get off the chopper.”

“Making trouble at this time. Tell her the wind here is too strong!” Zhang YaoJin is worried. The strange wind’s radius expanded again.

Based on satellite observations, Jian Hua and Li Fei should have entered the Abandoned World along with the car, but if nothing happened, it should reappear in the next second. As a result, even the people has been missing for more than 10 hours.

Synchronous military satellites have checked this road, nothing.

They calculated how far they can travel in a 10-hour drive, and extended the search to all the surrounding areas. Still, there was no record of any military vehicle driven by the skinny man Zhao Wen, and they didn’t even find three people with similar figures.

Although not willing to admit it, Red Dragon can only make an emergency report: Something big has happened!

Two S-level ability holders have gone missing!

The danger level of Ganzhou highway disappearances has been escalated. The higher-ups from Central instructed Red Dragon to hold an emergency meeting. They must come up with a plan immediately, and they’re allowed to use any resources of the country and to call on all the brilliant minds in the country.

The swamped and busy Major Zhang YaoJin has also been called.

It was also because he, the Devourer, and the Flame Demon have a “good relationship”. Even without Colonel Lu’s reminder, Zhang YaoJin himself is anxious and in a hurry. China only has these two S-level ability holders. The consequences of the two of them meeting an accident are unthinkable, especially when he’s the one who suggested for Li Fei to go.

After handing over his work to his subordinates temporarily, Zhang YaoJin desperately thought about Red Dragon’s ability holders’ data. The conventional method of rescue is not enough, and a powerful ability holder is also not right. It’s best to have a person who can detect danger……

Finally, Zhang YaoJin’s eyes fell on a particular data file.

On the photo is a girl with a yellow-haired Corgi in her arms.

The origin of this information is the girl’s parents calling the police. The girl was at the hospital’s gastroenterology department at that time. Her condition is not dangerous, she just overate cold food.

The parents felt that their daughter was in a strange condition. The child has three meals at home, how can she eat a lot of cold food? The girl’s father remembered that yesterday when her daughter went out with her dog, her clothes were tattered, and her whole body is dirty. Even when they asked the child, she would not talk. With the lab report and the doctor’s judgment, the girl ate cold food from freshwater fishes for a few days……if it’s an adult, it’ll cause just some discomfort, but a child’s spleen and stomach is weak, so they need to be hospitalized.

The parents insisted that their daughter was being eyed by bad guys.

This kind of case with no evidence and no cause, although the situation is weird, there is no reason for the police to handle it. The parents urged them to check, and just caught Red Dragon who are screening all suspicious cases——especially the kind where the family or loved ones called the police, situations where they suspected their loved ones are acting strangely.

They also focused on those who suffer from indigestion due to eating raw food, and cases of acute enteritis hospitalization. It doesn’t have to be in major hospitals. Now that all hospitals are connected, Red Dragon can access it online using privileges.

The little girl’s case does not belong to the former, her situation is the latter one.

Red Dragon immediately sent people over. Initially, it was just for “ability holder data entry”. As a result of the parents suspecting that their daughter has been abducted outside, she was repeatedly interrogated, and it triggered the girl’s rebelliousness. When strangers that claimed to be police investigators came, the girl refused to answer. The corgi won’t even let the investigators come near the door towards its owner, just take a step, and you’ll be blocked.

They didn’t initially suspect the dog and thought it was the girl’s ability.

Her parents experienced this “magic air wall” event and finally realized that the problem is not what they think it to be. They quickly apologized to the child, and used various persuasion methods, anxiously wanting to know what happened.

Because of the unique nature of this ability, the incident was immediately reported and dispatched the B-level spatial ability holder Guan Ling.

——as a result, Guan Ling failed to go in.

Fortunately, she brought an energy detector and analyzed the results.

It was an incredible result, the energy index is at A-level, but the fluctuations are different from any other ability holder.

To compare, Jian Hua is the convergence of power so his test results in front of an energy detector will indicate that he has no abilities! The index is a measure, but not absolute.

An A-level ability holder!

In the entire Red Dragon, there is only one, Zhang YaoJin!!

According to the book, it is said that there are two A-level in Black Abyss. One of them is Geng Tian, the other one is called “Old Cheng”. He was not very young, and his ability is through sound, but the lethality is equally massive. However, even though Old Cheng is part of the Black Abyss organization, he’s rarely involved in the activities of Black Abyss, and he has no kill record.

Because it was translated from English, they didn’t know if it’s “Old Cheng”, “Old Chen” or “Old Zhang”……

Another characteristic of Old Cheng is that he knows medicine, and did emergency treatment on some people.

China has entered an era of advancing technology. Even if Chen or Zhang is the most common surname, finding someone whom they don’t know the face, don’t know the specific name, who has a profession as a doctor and an elderly (maybe even retired) is very difficult.

After three months of preliminary screening, they haven’t found the answer.

However, the Red Dragon member who’d been tracking Jian Hua reported a suspect. There is a private clinic not far from Jian Hua’s residential area. The doctor is called Old Cheng and has met Jian Hua.

He was elderly and did old people’s routines. He is not someone who eat for free, did not act like those hot-tempered youngsters, and has no abnormal behavior. Occasionally, he would go to the supermarket and parks. Of course, he wouldn’t be exposed through the screening. If not for several Red Dragon members being careful, they would have probably disregarded him, but when they checked with an energy detector, he really is!

Contact with Old Cheng is not very successful. The old man enjoys his peaceful life. There are currently no signs of joining Black Abyss. Of course, he also did not agree to enter the Red Dragon.

Apart from Geng Tian, Old Cheng doesn’t talk to anyone. They now discovered that China has a fourth A-level ability holder, so this news immediately alerted the higher-ups of the country.

After the things that happened in Haicheng, Zhang YaoJin became responsible for it.

——although he was depressed at that time. Why are all known high-order ability holders in China, if not in Haicheng, it’s in Huai City? It’s always in his jurisdiction!

Fortunately, the girl is young, only ten years old.

With sound reasoning, the girl understood.

In the process of communication, Guan Ling discovered another explosive truth——the girl hugged corgi when she’s afraid, the corgi also guards its owner, and energy detector can’t detect anything in the room, not even in close-range. When the girl’s attitude eased, the corgi, also because of the parents’ (who are also its owners) attitude, recovered its abilities and allowed them to enter——the energy detector displayed that there are two ability holders. Before, they overlapped. One of them is relatively weaker, so it was not discovered. The girl has the weaker energy feedback!

There is only the girl and the dog in the room!

No one even suspected the Corgi!

Misled by the girl’s parents’ report, everyone thought that this A-level ability holder has stealth capability, and harbored evil designs! Imagine an ability holder hiding in a 10-year-old girl’s room, ordinary people would think of a pervert or something.

Guan Ling did not dare show anything on her face when she discovered it, she’s afraid to alarm the suspect.

Zhang YaoJin arrived at the girl’s home at this time. He arranged special forces and brought more equipment. Just as he prepared to face an “A-level ability holder with mysterious powers, in case the little girl is taken hostage” scenario, a detailed report from the equipment came out. The energy map displayed on the screen is a dog!

All the Red Dragon crew are stunned.

Major Zhang didn’t want to recall his dumbfounded face at that time.

After a while of hurried retreat, the plan was canceled, and redone! Let the Red Dragon exclusive psychological counselor without any abilities in. The expert began to talk with the girl, and also didn’t forget to work with the girl’s parents.

Such a young ability holder, how did she survive in the Abandoned World? This is the most concerning question, and there was an answer, the hero is no doubt the dog.

The parents don’t want their daughter to get involved with danger, but when Abandoned World comes, there is no notice. They will not be treated differently because of their young age, so a family of three along with a dog, participated in a separate special Abandoned World Survival Training under Red Dragon. As the owner of the corgi and as parents, they had to understand the grim truth to deal with the changes on their daughter and pet properly.

Fortunately, this pair of parents is reasonable and not stubborn. They love their child very much, and also has deep feelings for their pet.

In other parts of China, there is a child who has an ability. The result is being sent to an irregular mental health care facility by the parents. Although he was rescued in time, even after the parents are warned, they continued the beat the child at home. They thought that no matter what the problem is, it’s not that bad. As long as the child died, then the things at home wouldn’t be destroyed that often.

Red Dragon forcibly intervened. The follow-up event is that the parents left their child in the hospital, unwilling to pay for treatment. They refused the military people’s mediation, called the child a monster, and did not bother with them anymore.

The Red Dragon in charge of that region waved his hand and sued the parents for child abandonment and domestic violence. With medical records as evidence, along with the arrears in hospital fees and many more, they would be fined, not to mention jail time. The court also decided to change the guardian for the child.

As for this lucky corgi named TuanTuan, his master, the girl’s parents provided Red Dragon with an abnormal reaction after being stunned for a while. He didn’t walk and acted like a newborn puppy. He can’t eat normally, and not enthusiastic about the owner. Then one day, he suddenly changed back, and its act of going after frisbees has been restored. Red Dragon is experienced, like with Li Fei, they immediately judged that someone transmigrated into the corgi’s body.

After military experts observed the domesticated dog, they concluded that this corgi is really a dog, with no other soul.

Its IQ far exceeds its peers, probably about the same as a seven-year-old, first class reflex, sensitive nose, outstanding quality, and even if he became a drug detector, there would be no problem.

In the Red Dragon base, the military ability holders who followed to protect the girl, saw the corgi’s power effect with their own eyes. They summed it up as “expulsion”. The corgi is familiar with several military dogs because he was smart and sold meng. He also had a good relationship with the people who took care of the military dogs.

Corgi is an expert in discerning book transmigrators. It barks at people whose body is out of sync with their souls. When a transmigrator got too close with the corgi, in severe cases, they went into a coma on the spot and would sleep for a few days and nights.

Lu Zhao, unfortunately, became one of the experimental products, his life is in dire straits.

Zhang YaoJin concluded in his report, in addition to an instinct to detect “foreign objects”, it’s more on protecting its owner. Expelling the book transmigrator from himself is a special case. Unless there’s a book transmigrator who is adverse to the girl, it is otherwise difficult to directly “expel” the souls of these book transmigrators. Animals are more sensitive than humans, and it’s totally not recommended to use the corgi’s feelings for its owner.

Major Zhang also added the most critical piece of advice: Even if the transmigrator’s soul is expelled, the original owner coming back is not guaranteed. The corgi got rid of its own transmigrator, but other people do not have this condition. The most dangerous possibility is that when the transmigrator’s soul left, the bodies they occupied will immediately die.

Liu Shan’s parents and elders, because of this comment, endured the idea of borrowing corgi. They thought, wait until Red Dragon knows more about the abilities and until the National Academy of Sciences has a more thorough study of the soul attachment of book transmigrators before they can consider it again later.

The report was handed over after half a month ago. Jian Hua and Li Fei lost contact in the Northwest Ganzhou highway. Major Zhang struggled to turn the report over, hesitated for half an hour between Old Cheng and Corgi, and thought that taking the corgi would lead to better odds!

The rescue mission was not originally based on the Corgi. In Major Zhang’s plans, the corgi is his trump card, a danger detector.

The Red Dragon’s plane arrived at the Northwest base, then transferred to a military helicopter. The result is that they’re still in the sky, a few kilometers from the incident site when the corgi started barking and continued to fuss. The helicopter landed beside the roadblock. They just opened the door, when the corgi rushed out like lightning. No one can stop it.

Zhang YaoJin is overwhelmed. He looked at where the road ended with complicated feelings, turned around and coaxed the worried girl who is about to cry.

“TuanTuan, he must have found something dangerous. Last time we encountered a spider, it’s also like this,” The girl cried without sound, kneeling in a corner while pulling on her clothes, her eyes requesting to get off the chopper.

Zhang YaoJin also felt that he let the dog get away. It’s too much. He asked someone to carry the equipment and put it on the highway while he prepared for people to enter.

The process had not finished yet when at the end of the wind and sand, the dog’s barking was heard.

The radio also sounded at this time: “Satellite image shows eight people on the road……five members of the special forces team who went missing yesterday, and also Albatross who lost contact 10 hours ago……”

Jian Hua and Li Fei’s figure appeared in the image.

“Cancel action, rescue completed.”

Zhang YaoJin is in a complicated mood. He came out with great fanfare, and all he did was open the doors and let the corgi out. (T/N: Is anyone else reminded of the lyrics, ‘who let the dogs out’?)

All right, dogs in the army are also able to receive medals. As the person in charge of this rescue mission, he wants to apply in the report.

After half an hour, listening to the report of the skinny man Zhao Wen made Major Zhang stunned.

——so anxious, what kind of medal has enough gold?

STB Chapter 100: Hero
STB Chapter 102: Confrontation

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