STB Chapter 102: Confrontation

STB Chapter 101: Rescue
STB Chapter 103: Night Talk

The giant worm died very painfully. It slowly died, and in the end, the body shrunk into a golden skin that shimmered a golden sheen.

A group of people squatted near the tunnel. They looked at the giant worm, then turned around to look at the Corgi.

The wind ruffled the corgi’s fur and sand stuck to it. He shook his body, he was like a fat oatmeal bread sprinkled with sesame seeds, then sat down next to Jian Hua.

Jian Hua quietly climbed out of the tunnels.

Just now, the dog’s face was magnified as if he slobbered all over him, the impact is enormous.

Jian Hua hadn’t raised his hands yet when Li Fei has appeared to wipe the corgi’s saliva off Jian Hua’s cheek.

The crowd was stunned for half a day, and the skinny man Zhao Wen finally remembered the origin of this corgi. He was more on running missions in the field and rarely stayed at the base. He even infrequently read the internal documents of Red Dragon. If not for “there is another A-level ability holder” listed under crucial information, where Red Dragon automatically sent people to check, Zhao Wen would be the same as these special forces.

“This, it has an ability……”

Zhao Wen introduced the corgi dog again.

The Special Forces team continued to be disoriented, Li Fei has no expression, and Jian Hua also pretends that he does not know the origin of the corgi at all.

Because the mycelium has a “heroic battle” with the giant worm, the corgi considered it to be an “ally”.

No one knows what the dog wanted. The corgi’s initiative to be friendly with Jian Hua, Li Fei and the others can only analyze it as being “comrades by fighting together”. Who says the flame and ice abilities has no room to play?

After corgi rushed towards the wall of sand, it directly went to the Abandoned World. The people who were meant to be “rescued” spent half an hour on the road but in the real world, it was only a second.

The void disappeared, the giant worm died, the strange wind disappeared, and they came out of the Abandoned World.

When Major Zhang looked towards the end of the highway, they are already coming his way. By the time the satellite captured their image and informed Zhang YaoJin, the wretched people still have the mood to wave their hands toward the sky.

Corgi twisted its hips, floating towards its owner.

“TuanTuan so amazing, this is a reward!” The little girl brought out a pet-only canned food from the helicopter.

A Red Dragon member is responsible for opening the can.

This is the military’s favorite dog, although the corgi’s body size is a little far from their usual partners……

“Albatross has returned!” Zhao Wen salutes Zhang YaoJin.

The mission report can be done later. The military doctors and nurses brought by Major Zhang met the people who look like they’ve been through a disaster. They recleaned and bandaged their wounds, handed over salt water, glucose, nutritional vitamin agents and others, and finally gave each man some clothes. They’ve been in the tunnels for so long that they look like mud monkeys.

“Letting the two of you be at risk this time is because our intelligence network is not enough.” Zhang YaoJin walked in front of Li Fei.

Li Fei didn’t say anything because he found that Jian Hua’s mental state is not good.

After the giant worm died, the mushrooms instantly covered both sides of the road——this can be seen in the Abandoned World.

If the mushrooms were flowers, this kind of scene would be called beautiful, but all these mushrooms made people scared in their hearts. Jian Hua half closed his eyes, walked with deep and shallow steps, and almost hit Li Fei several times.

Li Fei stayed close to Jian Hua. If there is something wrong, he will go to help.

Zhang YaoJin didn’t think too much because the others are also exhausted in varying degrees.

“We will fly to the Red Dragon branch in Ganzhou immediately, there you’ll be able to rest and heal your wounds.” Zhang YaoJin told Li Fei that if the two of them want to go back to Huai City, it will be arranged as soon as possible.

Shortly after the helicopter took off, Jian Hua closed his eyes and fell asleep.

He dreamed of darkness, there was nothing at all.

He floated in a quiet world. Jian Hua felt like he’d become a kite, blown too far by the wind, and he can’t find the way back.

Only the faint burning energy slowly seeping into his soul is the kite line where he was tied, told Jian Hua that this dead world is just an illusion, and he is not alone.


Jian Hua woke up. He almost thought that he’s still in a dream.

It’s dark in the room, with no lights, but the familiar smell of Li Fei lingered in his nose.

Soon, spotlights swept by the window, reflecting the old curtain’s color. Jian Hua also saw the furnishings in the room: Two iron framed single beds, a low table, and two chairs. The walls have pictorials of modern construction, and there are an enamel cylinder and a brush on the table. There is also a table lamp with a green shade.

Li Fei is sitting on a chair by the bed, head down and sleeping.

A few spotlights passed by again. Jian Hua can see Li Fei’s drooping eyelids and a face that is obviously thinner from a few days ago. There are dark circles under his eyes, and he had a faint shadow.

This appearance of Li Fei has never appeared in front of a camera.

Artists must pay attention to their image. There is no natural handsome men and beautiful women on Earth. Even people like Li Fei who has excellent innate conditions, with his every move full of charm, with every angle look good, it’s all due to hard training, as if they’re always in front of a camera.

Knowing how to look their best, and showcasing it to the fullest is a celebrity’s professional accomplishment.

Li Fei is the best person who did this among the entertainment people that Jian Hua had met.

He has been with Li Fei for a long time, and this is the first to find this other side of Li Fei. Even though most of the time, Li Fei is always perfect like he’s in front of a camera.

Before, Jian Hua didn’t know why. He thought it was occupational disease and habit of the Movie Emperor, later——

Facing the person you like, it’s harder than working for a living!

Even now with Li Fei’s awkward position on the chair while sleeping at an angle, if you take in Jian Hua’s view as a camera lens, Li Fei definitely picked the best position. This is not what he deliberately did, it’s most probably on instinct.

Like a peacock that shows off its feathers.

Jian Hua found it a little funny. He moved from his pillow, trying to see Li Fei from different angles.

The more proud the peacock is, the more it loves to show its gorgeous feathers, and the more people want to see what’s behind it. For example, its bare buttocks……

Observing for ten minutes, Jian Hua finally found an angle. Because of the shadows caused by the lights, Li Fei’s cheekbones deepened. At the same time, there’s something at the corner of his mouth. This made a significant change on his appearance, his mouth became smaller by half, and his cheeks bulged as if angry. Since there is no “correction” in height because he’s sitting in a chair, he can dress up to play in a youthful campus drama.

Jian Hua found it a novelty. After all, not everyone has several faces, and his temperament changed due to his ability.

The movement he did is too big, so Li Fei woke up.

The eyes are still not open when one hand caught Jian Hua. After confirming that the person is here, Li Fei’s dazed eyes became clear. he was relieved, “You’re awake?”

“This is……Red Dragon base?”

Jian Hua was startled by his own voice, it sounded languid and lacked strength.

Li Fei’s eyebrow raised. He somewhat unnaturally overlapped his legs and changed his sitting position.

“After the giant worm died, you’ve been lethargic. You slept for a full 30 hours. It’s now late at night. If you don’t wake up, I can only agree with the advice of Red Dragon, and let the doctor come and treat you.”

Jian Hua has a normal heartbeat when he’s asleep, regular breathing, and also regular facial expressions. Also, there are too many secrets in them, so of course, they can’t let military doctors touch them.

“I don’t feel good.”

It was okay when he was lying down, but now that Jian Hua talked, he found himself just saying a few words and it was already tough.

“What happened?” Li Fei immediately tensed up.

Jian Hua can’t describe this feeling, but with Li Fei’s inquiring eyes, he can only bite the bullet and explain, “I just don’t want to move. I’m not tired……” it’s just hard to eat.

On the highway, his eyelids became too heavy. After digesting for thirty hours, he still doesn’t want to move now.

Jian Hua moved his finger. Fine white silk bounced off, and their aggressive momentum shocked Li Fei. After a few breaths, the whole room is covered except for the bed and chair. The outside light can’t come in, and the pictorial on the wall is also pasted with white hyphae.

With no lights, Li Fei’s body also relaxes.

——the voice of Jian Hua when he just talked, let Li Fei remember what they did in the bathroom last time. When they were washing at the end, Jian Hua also has this voice.

As if content from the taste, and also hoarse from exhaustion.

Now that the mushrooms blocked the light coming from the windows, Li Fei knows that Jian Hua can’t see in the dark, so he relaxed, and his back bowed down. As a result, his whole body relaxed, but only a particular part did not!

Not only did it not relax, but it also became more exaggerated and showed itself.

Li Fei refrained himself from thinking about Jian Hua’s moaning voice, the crimson texture on his skin during an emotional moment and being washed by hot water. There is also a slight twitching response to the movements……

“No one’s outside. What did Major Zhang say about this matter?”

“Zhao Wen reported everything……” Li Fei strived to maintain a normal tone. His brain is in a mess, and the only thought is that Jian Hua is too foul to talk about business when having this kind of voice! Is he (JH) confident on his (LF) self-control?

Compared to those young people who know how to eat, he just took the meat in his mouth once. Is there a man who doesn’t want to roll in the sheets with his lover after being together day and night! After all, feelings are the most important, and the flesh is only one element to love, it’s absolutely not……

No! It’s still the flesh!

——his rationality momentarily breaks. What kind of experience is this?

“Even if the void is solved, Red Dragon will still pay attention to the words ‘give up abilities’ because the void can’t just appear in China. Even if the corgi can do it again, Zhang YaoJin can’t take it around the world to save it.”

Who cares about that dog!

“You’re right. The hyphae penetrated into the void. I don’t know if Zhao Wen saw it, but if the devouring abilities were found out to be able to penetrate unstable space, we have a problem.” Li Fei analyzed with his only remaining rationality.

“Did you figure out the source of the strange wind?”

“The latest report shows that it’s caused by the void. Red Dragon found that when the Corgi realized that the Abandoned World is unstable, he broke into the area by himself and ejected the abnormality.” Li Fei had to secretly take a breath. He endured the pain of his nerves burning and continued to speak, “They let us know that when Abandoned World is unstable to a certain level, it may coincide with reality, and even ordinary people without abilities can also fall in. ”

When such voids appear in tens or hundreds……no wonder they’ll say that the world will collapse.

“How about your abilities?”

“The idea is correct. After a powerful monster dies, ability holders who are near the corpse can get certain energy. It can’t improve my abilities, but……”

Li Fei suddenly drew a mouthful of air, because Jian Hua’s hand stretched over.

He may not see in the dark. After brushing his chest, he touched a hot place.

——he was suddenly seized by force.

Li Fei desperately held himself back from pleasuring himself using Jian Hua’s hand. It’s hard to say a few words, and the result is that he heard Jian Hua’s doubts.

“How did you do that? It’s already so hard, but your voice still shows no clue. I almost thought that you just changed your posture, I guess I was wrong.”


Was it exposed at that time?

“I’m going for a cold shower!” Li Fei used extreme perseverance. He opened Jian Hua’s hand, and haven’t put it down yet when he was attacked again.

“No need, my powers have upgraded. It’s not interested in you. ”

Jian Hua just finished, when Li Fei suddenly turned around and held the other man down.

“Are you inviting me?” The deep voice whispered beside Jian Hua’s ear.

There’s no obstacle due to the integration of the “field”. The flame beast cast a fierce gaze at the opposite side, while the dark behemoth laid down in its lair, sleeping. How can it be tempted by an enemy attack? It moved its paws at most and occasionally lifted its eyelids to look at the flame beast.

Delicious atmosphere.

Pity, it can only smell it since its full, but just smelling is also pleasant!

The flame beast boldly held down its opponent’s body, going step by step closer.

Jian Hua’s relaxed state greatly helped Li Fei. He opened up more easily because this time the two are not nervous. Even more, they don’t need to pay attention to the severe consequences of their “fields” colliding. With this relaxed attitude, and being not eager to move, they have plenty of time to feel each other and gently whispered to each other.

Even when gentle, he can still feel that pain again. Jian Hua frowned.

Li Fei sees his reaction and reacted. He rubbed Jian Hua’s waist taut from the pain, then kissed his neck, his lips, the tip of his tongue touching the upper palate. A vague moan came out of clenched teeth.

The dark beast is under an uncomfortable pressure. It glanced at the flame beast arrogantly lying on its body, raised its paw and since it was too lazy, put it down. Being full and sleepy, who wants to fight this guy, this reserve grain……uh-huh.

The flame beast excitedly grinds its claws. Its body moved, satisfying its innate desire for conquest.

Biting, wrestling, and being covered in wounds, this is the thrill of a fight.

T/N: Uhm, you know the drill. Just consider that fight to be a metaphor for sex.

STB Chapter 101: Rescue
STB Chapter 103: Night Talk

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