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A/N: It’s for self-satisfaction
It doesn’t matter if it’s not part of the story and should be discarded
But, because there’s the side story where I can put the setting, I’ll be happy if someone read it
Later, it’ll be a three chapter story.

History of Romano Empire

Emperor’s History……The first calendar year is when Almus I was crowned.

Romano Era……Lasted 1200 years after Almus I unified Romano. It refers to the era when the Empire only had the Romano region as it’s territory.

Great Empire Era……Under Endars I, it lasted 200 years after the unification of the West. The era when the Empire is shining.

Dark Era……starting from the year when the Germanis revolted. Corruption of bureaucracy, corruption of the Senate, a decrease in power of the local nobility, weakening of the army, invasion of barbarians, economic stagnation and others. The Empire’s black history. It lasted 200 years.
The King of Kingdoms is ridiculed as the「Sleeping Lion(eternally asleep)」

Golden Era……it refers to the 150 years when Emperor Westoria re-unified the West. (One theory sometimes define the Golden Era when Haruto Asuma was given the title of Honorary Earl)With the domination of Emperor Westoria, politics is stable, and the economy is energized because of the population growth caused by soap. The Empire’s heyday.

Empire’s Three Lords……it refers to the three great names in the history of the Empire

First Lord……Almus I
Title……First Emperor, Living God, Son of the God of Heaven and Earth
Achievement……Founded the Empire. Unification of the Romano region. Organization of Romag language. Established the foundation of witchcraft, magic, and Divine art. Formed the basis of bureaucracy and parliamentary politics. Invented the secret fire serum, and Roman concrete. Established many laws
Evaluation……known by everybody. A favorite Great, sure to enter the top five list of people to be respected. The laws he created are not only for the Empire but also served as a reference around the world. Established the separation of Church and State for the first time in the World.
Remarks……After death, became the guardian angel of the Empire. He seems to have countless blessings

Second Lord……Endars I
Title……Thunder Emperor, Dragon Killer, Invader
Achievements……extended the territory of the Empire to the present. Unified the West. After ascension to the throne, he expanded the territory more than ten times in 30 years. Made the basis of the Empire as a superpower. Developed many war formations, and tactics.
Evaluation……it varies from region to region. Called as an invader by the anti-Empire provinces, and acknowledged as parent Empire among pro-Empire provinces. Careless in politics, all are thrown towards the bureaucrats and Senate, it is said to be the cause of the Dark Era later.
Remarks……After death, became the thunder God that controls war. He seems to have countless blessings

Third Lord……Westoria I
Title……Wise Emperor, First Genius since the Empire was founded, Ancestor who rejuvenated a Dynasty, Tyrant, Dictator
Achievements……re-unified the West. Re-shuffled the infrastructure. Rebuilt the finance. Put a female among bureaucrats, mitigated corruption. Abolished the Senate. Advanced the Romano-ization among the provinces, relaxed the anti-Empire sentiment. Introduced progressive tax system(after death, abolished after 150 years). Started compulsory education. Disclosure of the method of making the secret fire serum. Took an economic emphasis policy, built the golden era.
Evaluation……economic policies and compulsory education, the reunification of the West, technological breakthrough due to the disclosure of the manufacturing process of secret fire serum which is highly appreciated. But the evaluation of politics varies from person to person. Some of the documents from that time regard him as a wise ruler, but there are also documents claiming him as a tyrant. In particular, abolishing the Senate was deemed as tyranny. Moreover, he repressed monotheism, there is a strong critical opinion that doing such is a purge of the rebellious aristocracy. Just that the Senate of that time was utterly corrupt, and with the enthusiastic support of the citizens, Westoria was able to maintain his dictatorship, and there are also voices defending him. The tyranny started by Emperor Westoria continued for a while after his death, causing disorder later.
Remarks……after death, became the God of Business. By starting the first compulsory education, also revered as the God of Learning. Students are allowed to his tomb to pray every year. He seems to have countless blessings

History of the City-State Union

War Period…… city-state police were founded in Southern Kirishia. It gradually spreads to the North. Continued to struggle with each other. Continued until being conquered by Endars I
Pre-Union State Period……Southern Kirishia Alliance was defeated with Alto as the leader, at the time ruled by the Empire. The Northern part developed rapidly. Romano culture enters.
Union Period……In response to Germanis independence, Southern Kirishia, with Alto as the leader, revolted. The Northern part automatically becomes independent. City-State union is established to combat the Kingdom’s military threat. The fight for leadership broke out between Alto and Claris, Alto wins.
After the Union period……Emperor Westoria re-unified the West and split it into North and South. Romano-ization progressed, the fusion of Kirishian and Romano culture advanced.
Actual State of the City-State Union……was not very functional due to the North and South disputes. Since the Empire could not afford to confront the City-State Union in the first place, the military burden in the North bordering the Kingdom is also significant.
For the Emperor Westoria, he refers to it as「The City-State Union is a diamond」. (Although it seems to be strong, it will easily break if you hit it a little stronger)
Remarks……Kirishia had technology equal to the Empire. The bureaucrats of Kirishia are exceptionally competent and was appreciated by Emperor Westoria

History of Germanis Kingdom

Pre-Empire Period……a strong government was present in its own way. Because they learned horse-riding from the Equestrian tribes, they had a strong cavalry and was in peace with neighboring countries. It continues until they were beaten by Endars I.
Pre-Germanis Kingdom Period……fought bravely, didn’t lose. Due to not having much grain, they are neglected by the Empire. They raised a grudge
Kingdom Period……became independent. Because they don’t have much grain, they turn to animal husbandry. Strengthened military power so as not to be left behind by the City State Union and the Empire. Their cavalry was called the strongest.
Post-Germanis State Period……lost to Emperor Westoria, split into East and West. Thorough Romano-ization is done, removing their fangs. It turns out that a lot of iron ore, coal, gold, and silver were buried in their land.

Actual Situation of the Kingdom
Adopted the old feudal system, one or two steps behind the City State Union and the Empire. Destroyed the infrastructures built by the Empire to raise the anti-Empire sentiment, the bad behavior of their leader stands out. Civilians are warrior-oriented, scholars are also neglected, so technology did not advance. They overlooked their abundant resources because of that. But their military power alone was incredible.

History of Claris (Region)
Because there was a decent river(called Abe River), people settled in there. They lived leisurely with agriculture and animal husbandry.

Colonial City under Endars I(now Claris)was constructed, a lot of Romano people flowed in.
After the failure of the expedition to the Far East, it flourished as the cornerstone of the East-West trade, merchants gathered from all over the world. When the merchants gathered, they made a town. Settlers also began to increase, and the population grew. As the population increases……they developed in the flow. On the other hand, an economic disparity spread between the immigrated Romanos and the indigenous Kirishians.
Following the independence of Germanis, they became independent during the confusion. Also, they joined the City-State Union. The autonomy of merchants began.
Alto and political conflict. Defeated, and the sense of solidarity between merchants collapsed.
Became mercantilist. Even when they lost in politics, they won’t fail in economics.
Falling into greed. Although the economy developed, their politics became terrible. In the first place, Claris’ merchants have no motivation for politics, and because merchants are descendants of former immigrants, their patriotism is also thin.
Abolished the conscription system, and made an army made of mercenaries. (They won’t put money in things they didn’t know, but they won’t know what will happen in a decade. They can quickly gather up mercenaries who are somewhat strong. Since they have the financial capability, there is no problem. This is their thoughts at that time)
It was quickly absorbed by the Empire.

Actual Situation of Claris
Claris’ politics is like majority rules. The difference between rich and poor are also great. The institution of second-class citizens is only in Claris. By the way, the second-class citizen system is like this:
「Eh!You don’t have to pay taxes in Claris!I could live in a city without tax!It looks like there’s also a lot of work. I’ve only been in a farm, maybe I’ll migrate. Well, taxes should be paid after the foundation of life has been in place」
The system was made to trap fools like these in Claris and exploited them. There’s a lot of work, but when they thought about the price in Claris, they could barely eat for a day. So the foundation of their lives will not come true forever. And because they’re second-class citizens, they can’t go back to the village.

Religion in the West

The main religion in the Empire, the City-State Union, and the Kingdom is polytheism. The pagan gods in the West are about Creation, Life, and Fertility. The goddess who controls soil and water is the『Goddess of the Earth』while destruction, death, and war, is presided over by the『God of Heaven』who is also the war god that controls fire and wind. They are commonly known as『Two Pillars of the Beginning』centered around them. The other Gods are children and grandchildren of those two Gods. This view of religion is common in the West.

However, the way religion or God is worshipped varies from country to country.
First is the Kingdom, they deem the『God of Heaven』to be higher than the『Goddess of Earth』. Because they’re a military state. And the first King of the Kingdom proclaimed that he was born from the grime that came out when the『God of Heaven』washed his body. In other words, the royal family of the Kingdom is great because they were born from the greatest God among Gods!It means that. By the way, the legitimate descendant of the first King was destroyed by Endars I. So the lineage of the Kingdom at the time of the story is fake.

Next is the City-State Union.
The chief God doesn’t exist in the union. To be precise, their primary god is different depending on the State. For example, Claris believed in the grandchildren of the two pillars,『God of Business and Gold』. Alto believed in the『God of Law and Order』. Since the Union has the idea that it’s not good to have one of the two pillars as their guardian deity, they chose their grandchildren instead, that’s why the grandchildren became the guardian deity of each State.

Lastly, the Empire.
In the mythology of the Empire, there were beasts and hunger. To guide the human race who were frightened by the cold, the two pillars had a child who became the First Emperor, Almus I. In other words, the Emperors of the Empire are all living Gods.
Furthermore, the Empire organizes and controls religion, separated church, and state, and secured priests who can use the sacred art.
First of all, the imperial territory has more than a hundred gods with one Lord God presiding over them, it is the Ministry of Divinities that controls them. And the staff of the Ministry……are the priests who worship the two pillars. Male priests worship the『God of Heaven』. Female priests worship the『Goddess of Earth』. Because most priests worship either one of the Two Pillar Gods, they can control many religious organizations.

To enter the Ministry, they must first pass an exam as a regular bureaucrat, have severe penance and training, and exercise the sacred art. For women, they must be a virgin. If a man, he must meet certain conditions like having decent martial arts. By the way, even though it’s a condition for women to be virgin, the other hole is safe.

By the way, priests do sexual intercourse in the West. There is no problem with having a child. But marriage is out.

Battle Capability of desert people, and snow people(relying on blessing)

Grip strength ※Reference Chimpanzee 300 kg, Gorilla 500 kg

Desert People・Snow People Adult female average……300~400
Desert People・Snow People Adult male average……500~700
Faris, Umal……1000 or less than 2000
Serius(monster)……more than 2000

Foot speed per hour(maximum speed) ※Reference, Cheetah 110 km, Rabit 70 km, Bolt 44 km, Hippo 30 km, Lazy person 0.228 km, Snail 0.010 km

Female average……50
Male average……60
Faris, Umal……90

Sense of smell
Won’t lose to dogs and pigs

Can win against a rabbit


Average 8.0
Top Class 9.0
Serius(monster) 10.0

Character Strength Rankings

Glasses(limited to surprise attacks)≧ Serius >>>>>(the wall that cannot be crossed by normal human beings)>>>>> Faris ≧ Umal > Aisha > Westoria(when equipped with sword)> Cattleya(with magic)>>>(wall without attack oriented blessings)>>> Mercenaries like Pudding >>>(wall of combatants and noncombatants)>>> Haruto(when equipped with crossbow)> slave children >>(wall with those not born with good motor skills)>> Roa

……well, there’s no need for fighting abilities in business(trembling voice)

(If you’re wondering who Faris, Glasses, Cattleya and Umal are, please read Chapter 21)

The background set of characters at the end of the story(not part of the story, I don’t even have to use the Side Story function)

Haruto「I have a little disposition of being a pedophile!」
Roa「Everyone knows」
(Roa is ten years old, Haruto plans to wait until she’s 17, he will quit since he’ll become a criminal if he goes there)

Dennis「I, am actually a virgin……」
Maria「My older brother is the only one who thinks he’s not」
(I want to graduate someday)

Roa「Actually, there’s also masochism……」
Haruto「Oh well, I vaguely knew it」
(That kind of play is too messy)

Pudding「On the contrary, I’m a sadist!」
Eugene「You were the brightest when you were at my place」
(The kind-hearted mercenary is only Rusk)

Kai「My birthplace is unknown because I’m the son of a pirate. He was destroyed by Admiral Hyupia, and I ended up in this place……」
Haruto「So that’s why you don’t know where you came from」
(The setting that you don’t need to know)

Eugene「I have granchildren」
Haruto「Speaking of which, how old are you. I only know you’re acquainted with my father-in-law, Rivas」
(Actually, he’s a grandpa)

Serius「I sometimes practice sumo with war elephants. In the banquets hosted by Prince Pentax, I was made to do that」
Haruto「I can imagine that you can easily lift up an elephant. What kind of rule is that?By the way, did you win?」
Serius「It was one win and one loss. Someday, I’d like to settle it with that guy」
(Maybe such a chance will not come forever)

Roa「I became more unfortunate than the original draft」
Haruto「What do you expect it to be?」
(I’ll leave it to your imagination)

Westoria「I told you I was not a homosexual, I also don’t have a cross-dressing hobby!」(Westoria with makeup and wearing a dress)
Asuka「……」(Being overwhelmed by the fact that he’s more beautiful than her, speechless)
(There was a story where Westoria wearing female clothes and Roa met)

Character Status ※For reference only

F……A level that cannot be possible unless you did something wrong in your past life
E……garbage. tears come out
D……ordinary. Most common level
B……very amazing
S……super amazing

Haruto Asuma

Combat D
Politics A
Negotiation A
Business S
Military D
Inherent technology(Blessing and modern knowledge) SS
Love Affair B
Appearance B
Luck C
Conspiracy A
Fastidious Syndrome SS

Roa Asuma

Combat E
Politics C
Negotiation E
Business SS
Military D
Inherent technology B
Love Affair B
Appearance S
Luck E(needless to say)
Conspiracy D
Knowledge B(there is unevenness in the knowledge)


Combat SS
Politics C
Negotiation B
Business D
Military C
Inherent technology B
Love Affair A
Appearance S
Luck C
Conspiracy D
Clinginess S(broken ribs for those with poor physique)

Reinard Samaras (old man)

Combat D
Politics B
Negotiation A
Business A
Military D
Inherent technology A
Love Affair B
Appearance A
Luck E(overwhelming misfortune that Haruto spread)
Conspiracy SS
The way of Death F(Without problems was sentenced to ripping)

Westoria I

Combat A
Politics(purge) SS
Negotiation(threat) S
Business A
Military D(in fact, weak at chess)
Inherent technology SS
Love Affair SS
Appearance SS
Luck SS(overwhelming luck since Haruto and Asuka transferred and boosted his own policy)
Conspiracy S
In women’s clothing SSS(became the most beautiful girl in creation)

Conditions for getting a fairy’s blessing

Although it appeared that a fairy’s blessing is a cheat ability, of course, there are some conditions to get this protection.

1 Appearance is extremely well-organized, or extremely ugly
2 There is a physical disability irrespective of being congenital or acquired
3 Have excellent ability and knowledge
4 Excellent luck or terrible luck
5 Immediately after birth, they are dictated to live a tumultuous life without his/her will(in other words, life is in tough mode)
6 Have a spectacular goal, dream, ideal, thought and the intention to realize it
7 Ancestor and relatives have received blessings
8 Blessing belongs to their lineage(desert people, snow people, and others)
9 Has extraordinary character, such as being tremendously good-natured or extremely ruthless
10 Perverted hobby, or have a sexual preference
11 Destined to be allied or hostile with other people with blessings
12 Be a transmigrated person

Those are the conditions. Most people with blessings pass these conditions. For example, 3 and 12 apply to Haruto. Roa is 4, 5, 7 and 11. Aisha is 8. Reinard-san is 3, 7 and 9, while Westoria passed everything except 2, 8 and 12.

Though, even if these are true, there is no guarantee that they will always receive a blessing. It’s only that the probability of getting one will increase. Finally, there’s also the fairy’s mood when they give out the blessing.

By the way, the Empire’s Emperors has a very high probability of receiving blessings. Once in a thousand years, a cheat like Westoria is born with a frequency of two people. This, in a sense, is not an exaggeration to say that the fairy’s blessing is on the Empire itself.

Since this setting is provisional only, it may change

DWBS 50: Empire's Book of Greats
DWBS SS1: Making Miso and Soy Sauce

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