STB Chapter 103: Night Talk

STB Chapter 102: Confrontation
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Zhang YaoJin paced in a room.

There is Zhao Wen’s report on his desk. The ashtray is filled with cigarette butts, and because the smoke concentration is too high that it almost touched the fire alarm, the window is now open. The cold wind blew inside, making Zhang YaoJin’s drowsy head gradually clear.

What happened this time is too big.

Regarding the Abandoned World’s instability, voids appearing, leading to the collapse of the world……no book transmigrators actually mentioned it, and this phenomenon is very unusual!

Everyone thinks differently, with a difference in purpose, and different views on the “plot”. It’s strange for two strangers to tacitly conceal the truth. The last words of the earth ability holder also removed the possibility that “the book transmigrators want to say it but were not able to say it”. In truth, it’s just that these “outside visitors” refuse to talk about it, and there are no signs of invisible bondage.

With this possibility in front of Zhang YaoJin, there is only one last left……

“*Ring ring*. ”

The old-fashioned landline phone on the table rang. Zhang YaoJin picked it up.

“Reporting to Major Zhang, the overnight investigation by Haicheng division has produced results. After we removed the ones that don’t remember the plot, seven people are unwilling to cooperate, and three people implicitly revealed that the void is related to the ending of the Devourer in the plot.”

Zhang YaoJin’s breathing became heavier. He asked quietly, “What are their reactions to the topic of giving up their power?”

“Very shocked. They were not acting. This part should not be in the plot, but they have the same idea as the Ganzhou highway victim. They thought that doing so would avoid the disappearance of voids and the collapse of the world.”

The report heard from the phone is from Major Zhang’s capable men, a staff member engaged in intelligence analysis.

Zhang YaoJin wanted to find out the truth, but he was in the Northwest. This is not his jurisdiction, so he can only call back urgently to instruct Haicheng Military Region Red Dragon base to start an investigation.

“Following the Major’s order, the investigation was done with a person specializing in psychology and behavioral science within Red Dragon. The conclusion is outrageous. The insiders had the same choice to conceal it, and the reasons may vary, but it was mainly because they didn’t take this matter to heart. The void crisis doesn’t threaten their lives, and the sacrifice would not be made by them, so everything has nothing to do with them.”

“Game player perspective?”

“Not exactly……”

Red Dragon has a dedicated team analyzing the psychology of the book transmigrators. This is not surprising. Just like criminal psychology, it’s research about understanding special groups to be able to avoid tragedy and respond to unexpected events.

The term “game player perspective” refers to a kind of indifference that is common to book transmigrators. Mild symptoms are not being concerned about the family and friends of the “body they are occupying”. They are only interested in the plot, and ignore or lack moral ethics; Severe symptoms are the unbridled violation of the law, treating the harm in others as 《Survival Guides》 and putting them into action.

“The report says that this attitude is probably the same as reading a game data sheet……”

“What?” In his younger years before Zhang YaoJin joined the military, he only played arcade, so telling him these online game terms, he can’t react for a while.

“I deliberately went to check. It probably means that a big event happened in the background of the game, a game map renovation that accelerated the world process before the end of the story. It has the meaning of opening a new chapter in the plot.”


“Even if there’s a landslide in the datasheet where it was littered with corpses of others, that is only in the background, and it can’t be stopped as a gamer. It also won’t threaten their safety. They might be sad for the dead plot character and contradict the plot, but most people don’t care. They only care about how they gain strength in the next stage, and adapt to the change……”

“All right!” Zhang YaoJin could not help it. He really wants to suggest the research department to make their reports a little shallower, since the leaders from Central may not understand.

Major Zhang composed himself.

——don’t they care about Jian Hua’s life and death? Then go find someone you care about!

Lu Zhao worked so hard for so long in the form of “emotional investment”. He should have a different idea from the regular book transmigrator and want to have Jian Hua’s backing. Don’t they ever think about how to go back once the Devourer dies?

“Draft a new plan, and don’t take the initiative to talk to Lu Zhao. Let him know that Red Dragon is looking into this, and let ‘cuckoo’ pay attention to his reaction.” Cuckoo is a fake book transmigrator arranged by Red Dragon.

After he hung up the phone, Zhang YaoJin picks up the report.

The last page suggests increased communication with the Devourer to increase their monitoring level.

Jian Hua is very wary of others, and his personality cold. He won’t take the initiative to give up his abilities. If his “fate” made him resentful, it’d be hard to say what kind of choice he’ll make.

“*Ring ring*. ”

Zhang YaoJin looked at the phone that rang again. He just picked it up when he heard an embarrassed voice, “Major, they, they……are they in that kind of relationship?”


A few minutes later, the skinny man Zhao Wen yawned. He dazedly looked at Zhang YaoJin who broke into his room and dragged him.

Zhang YaoJin’s face is hard to describe. A blushing and stammering Red Dragon member who was placed on the sixth-floor corridor where the room Li Fei and Jian Hua are resting in. Then he heard vague, discordant sounds.

“The door is stuck with no lights at all, and the sounds are very vague.” The young man at the Red Dragon Northwest Branch who never thought anything can happen between the two men had a tangled expression. It was embarrassing. He initially thought it was a physiological need of masturbating, but it turns out that the movements are obviously wrong. Occasionally, two or three words leaked out, telling the truth of the matter.

According to reason, the two are still “foreign aids” that the Red Dragon invited, so the Secret Service department also doesn’t control the private lives of others.

“Is this true?” Zhang YaoJin stares at the skinny man.


“Why didn’t you report it?”

The emotional problems of dangerous people must also be filed ah!

Zhao Wen scratched his head, and sincerely said, “I wanted to continue observing them for two days to make a confirmation!”

Major Zhang pointed his finger at Zhao Wen as he made a tired face. The question about the trust between Li Fei and Jian Hua in the Red Dragon data must be changed because the two S-class ability holders will undoubtedly have a difference in opinion. Regarding how it impacts the Abandoned World and the national situation, this is first-hand information.

“Is there no woman in this world?”

“Data shows that Li Fei’s sexual orientation is originally male.” The skinny man reminded Zhang YaoJin.

Major Zhang immediately changed his words, “……is there no other men? Does he have to be together with the Devourer!”

Zhao Wen thought about it but still closed his mouth. He didn’t remind Zhang YaoJin of the messy information provided by “the book transmigrators” again. As long as the book named a high-order ability holder, they would likely have a relationship with Li Fei. Aside from ability holders, even ordinary people are involved.

B-class spatial ability holder Guan Ling, the human scum Red Scorpion, serial killer Dr. Mad, Europe’s S-level ability holder Poseidon, the protagonist Johnson Brown……there’s also Li Fei’s bodyguard, Li Fei’s Film Company CEO, a fellow actor Xiao YaQin, and the behind the scenes boss of Black Abyss Jian Hua.

People who survived among the senior level of Black Abyss, probably only Old Cheng……but that man is old.

The reason for this situation, an expert in psychology and sociology has analyzed it, is that the plot didn’t give a detailed description of their appearance. It only described Li Fei as the Movie Emperor and an “outstanding public figure”.

In the American hero comic story from many years ago, when the TV screen is mainstream, is doped with sexy elements. It’s easy to stimulate people’s associations with certain aspects, and appreciate it.

《Outcast》 is only in text form so it can’t hinder some readers from divergent thinking.

Thus, because of the occupational reasons, Li Fei became the most popular CP object.

——of course the concept of CP, Zhang YaoJin only learned after being aware of it.

“Feelings are the most unstable factor. Two people can be friends for many years, strive for a common cause for many years, but a pair of lovers in love, how long can their good relationship last? How many couples in this world never quarrel? How many couples break up peacefully? How many couples can be friends after breaking up?”

Zhang YaoJin has a headache. He has no discrimination against same-sex couples. Even if Jian Hua and Li Fei are a man and a woman, he will also oppose.

“Major, this matter can’t be changed by us.” Zhao Wen voiced out dryly. He touched his nose and says, “And no one can interfere.”


“Besides it’s Jian Hua, it’s better than Red Scorpion or someone else!”

Zhang YaoJin was so choked by this consolation that he can’t speak.

“I have reported this matter so I won’t bother writing it down. I’ll trouble Major Zhang to explain this situation to Central.” The skinny man sympathetically looked at Zhang YaoJin.

“The country will not give them a big wedding……”

China does not allow same-sex marriage. Even if approved, there is also the freedom of divorce. Trying to tie two men together and make them have no conflict, not even a nine dollar certificate can do it.

Red Dragon Major Zhang feels that this is ridiculous.

He and the country have to worry about the harmony between these two men!

The skinny man found that Zhang YaoJin still has a troubled expression, so to get people out of here and since he really wanted to sleep, he had no choice but to continue guiding Major Zhang, “Maybe they have a relationship in the original book!”

“Wh-what?” Major Zhang’s three views this night are broken. He was not able to counter, so he glared at Zhao Wen, “That is nonsense. The transmigrators confirmed that Li Fei has no emotional relationships during the story.”

“Then why do I remember that there’s a 《secret lover hidden in Li Fei’s life》 in the documents?”


The skinny man is talking about a document included in the Red Dragon database. From the reader’s QQ group, there are many sentences from the book quoted inside. Although the content and conclusion in that document is all crap for Zhang YaoJin, the “book summary” is crucial, so it was saved as a file.

There are also some so-called experts in the country who read the original book and took it as far-fetched. This hint of the author that has long been forgotten and the conclusion in this document is almost the same.

STB Chapter 102: Confrontation
STB Chapter 104: Water Delivery

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